Selection of Headlights

As drivers, one of the best decisions we can take is selecting the appropriate headlights for our car. Headlights not only increases the safety of your driving but also provides a better view to fellow drivers against the conventional Halogens. They illuminate the views of the road enabling a safe travel in low and extremely dark conditions. There are a variety of headlights in the market such as Halogens, HID Xenons and LED Headlights.

Halogen headlights have been the standard for most vehicles where it heats a filament which glows and reacts with gasses to produce that off-white light. But they are very inefficient in terms of lighting and energy. 80% of the energy of the halogen bulbs are wasted as excess heat.

HID Xenon headlights are an improvement to the halogens which produce less heat but more light for the same energy used. A ray of xenon gas is passed over electricity which produces a light. But they are fragile and fails frequently compared to LEDs.

LED headlights are undoubtedly the best solution for lighting up your headlights in the current scenario. They are extremely reliable, durable and energy efficient. The fact is that these LEDs last up to 11 years and they produce 80% light efficiency from the same amount of energy compared to halogens. Their solid-state design which minimises the number of individual components.

oEdRo 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs Super Bright White

This model of Oedro LED Headlights has a unique fan less design which comprises of a compact heat sink. They have an advanced heat dissipation cooling system that makes the same reflection angle as the original bulbs. No faulty fans mean no noise and a smoother operation.

They operate in the voltage ranges 12-36 V. These LEDs are dark spot free and produce no scattered beams, because of which it produces an efficient and bright lighting. Installation time is less than 15 minutes. Also, this conversion kit is CAN bus ready and can be used on most vehicle's computer system without error. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Cars such as BMW, Dodge, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo and Mini, Chrysler, Jeep 2009 year and up, may require installation of a decoder to avoid the error code or blinking.

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YITAMOTOR H11 LED Headlight Bulb

Yitamotor produces the best LED headlights that can easily replace your existing halogen bulbs. These bulbs can operate in the voltage range from 8 to 48 V. It has a unique design which enables longer lighting distances, thus making it suitable for high-speed driving.

Yitamotor headlights come with a Warranty. Yitamotor LEDs are durable and offer a duty cycle of up to 50,000 hours. The mini turbo fans inside run at 12,000 revolutions per minute to cool down the heat dissipated inside the headlights. Also, it comes with Waterproof IP 68 technology and provides uniform heat dissipation. Yitamotor lights are CAN Bus compatible and warns you of problems in your dashboard.

The material used for the headlights are Aluminum alloy and can be easily installed at home. The electronic drive used in this system is waterproof. The operation of Yitamotor headlights produce no short or scattered beams. The headlight assembly offers the best irradiation effect.

Auxbeam 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

Auxbeam series of LED Headlights are made of aircraft grade Aluminum 6063 and are equipped with three Bridgelux COB chip light sources per headlight. They don’t have dark spots and reflect the road signs in efficient manner to enhance safe driving conditions.

A high-speed fan rotating 12,000 revs per minute provides faster cooling rates. The headlight assembly has 360-degree heat radiating pattern and dissipates heat equally in all directions. The LED headlight produces a solid beam pattern without any scatterings. The lifetime of Auxbeam is set at 30000 hours. They can be fit in 12 and 24V vehicles.

These LED lights are also less blinding and or warmer, than HIDs and considerate of other road users. Also, they are durable and very energy efficient. LEDs are one-time purchase accessories as they last for a lifetime.