A long road trip in a car is always fun. But it comes under one condition and it involves daylight. Driving in the dark has a lot of disadvantages and can involve fatal accidents if due care is not taken during driving. Also, usage of proper accessories can reduce the possibility of accidents.

We recommend drivers to follow the below mentioned tips to avoid accidents in the dark.

  • Headlights play a prominent role during driving. Nearly, all major accidents that occur in the dark are due to bad headlights. Brighter headlights eliminate even minor error in judgements of the driver. We at Oedro provide the brightest headlight available in the market. Upgraded CSP LED Chips give you brighter and farther light beam patterns which are 150% brighter than the conventional ones. This in turn makes the road signs and patterns clear even during extreme dark conditions. Our Oedro headlights are waterproof, EMC qualified and can be easily installed. These headlights last over 50,000 hours and are the most reliable ones in the market.

  • Dashboard lights are illuminated to provide better and clear vision to drivers inside the cabin. But these lights can be dimmed to reduce reflections. As a result, this makes sure drivers are provided with a clear vision of the road.

  • Car cleaning should be made regularly to avoid dirt and dust sediments on the glass windows. This enables the driver to focus on driving rather than concentrating on glares from windows. Also, clean windows reduce the formation of condensation.

Make sure you follow these recommendations for safer driving in dark conditions. Headlights are the most important among these and it makes your life a tad easier.