Father's day

It is that time of the year when just about every family is bedeviled by a single question. What is the right gift for your Dad on Father's Day? You might have already spent hours and hours thinking about the perfect gift which goes beyond the predictable wallet, the tie and a bottle of cologne. And yet, you find yourself scratching your head thinking for that perfect gift.

Indeed, Father's Day is perfectly timed. The holiday approaches at the onset of summer, wherein the days get longer, barbeques are stocked in the backyard and long drives becomes a frequent norm. What gift on earth is the best for a car-loving Dad? The answer must be aesthetic accessories, which not only enhance the overall look of your Dad's car, but also upgrade its protection level.

We have got you covered with a curated list of 4 great car accessories that serve as the best Father's Day gift for your Dad:

No. 4 Running Boards

Running boards Jeep Wrangler

Running Boards are the flat boards that are positioned at the bottom of vehicle and normally runs through the entire length of car. Apart from giving an aesthetic and aggressive look to a vehicle, running boards serve a variety of purposes.

Running boards can protect the vehicle from a variety of road debris. As the vehicle moves fast, the wheels throw up all form of debris like dirt, rocks and other destructive things which can damage the doors and side panels. And if your Dad is someone who treats his car like a child, not having a running board in place, is definitely not in the best of his interest. Thus, make running boards one of the best Father's Day gift for your Dad.

It also protects the vehicles floor mats from debris. Running boards act as a doormat to wipe the dirt and clean your shoes before the debris gets inside the car. And with Oedro Running Boards, you also get a rust proof layer between the steel and water paint, making it less prone to rusting and increasing the board's life.

No. 3 Bumper

Bumper Jeep Wrangler

The bumper is a shield that absorbs shocks from car accidents. Bumpers are usually made of steel, rubber or plastic. There is a common notion, wherein people believe that bumpers are used to prevent or lessen injury severity in a car crash. However, bumpers are not intended for occupants' safety at all. This accessory is designed to prevent and reduce physical damage to the rear and front end of the vehicle during crashes.

Bumpers are becoming a popular accessory for parked vehicles. With the shortage of parking space, it means that the vehicles are parked close to each other. This makes entering and exiting the parking space much more difficult. And you won't want someone to damage your Dad's car, knowingly and unknowingly. Due to all these reasons, car bumpers serve as yet another essential and fantastic gift for your Dad on Father's Day.

Oedro Bumper comes with two extra light on top and with a rust proof layer between the steel and water paint, making it less prone to rusting and increasing the board's life.

No. 2 Floor Mats

Floor mats

Car maintenance is a tedious and expensive task. Carpet area of the car gets a continuous beating from your feet and with incessant dirt and coffee spills and stains, it can get prone to wear and tear quickly.

Floor Mats serves as the perfect add-ons for protecting the interior of cars. It consists of a groove which catches stones, dirt and other debris protecting the carpet space from rusting. In addition to the aesthetics, floor mats also increase the resale value of your car. And choosing the right color of print and style will also add a flair and style to your Dad's personality. Gift your Dad this multi-purpose accessory and help him in maintaining and preening his car.

Oedro Floor Mats focus on Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, and Ford F150. They are easy to clean and cover the entire floor space of your car. It is tough and durable and provides protection in all-weather condition.

N0. 1 LED Headlights

Headlights Jeep Wrangler

When it comes to the accessory and add-ons for cars, headlights serve as the most indispensable part of your car. However, people often tend to overlook the importance of headlights and avoid them. Imagine your Dad driving at night through a lean road with fading headlights. And with the darkness around, you don't want your Dad to be in a position, where he cannot see anything in front of him.

So if you're really concerned about your Dad's safety, replacing the Halogens, HID or aged headlights of your Dad's car with LEDs is the first thing you should do. LED headlights will provide better, stronger and piercing quality of light in all weather conditions. They are more energy efficient and long-lasting as compared to halogen headlights. LED headlights not only save your Dad from danger but also helps him to save a lot of money. Please your Dad and show him your filial piety with the best gifts from you ever!

Oedro LED headlights for Jeep Wrangler and other vehicle models are not expensive and provide the best driving experience in dessert, smoggy and rainy weather condition. These headlights have superior lighting performance and also provides an aesthetic feel to your Dad's car.

Wrapping Up

Oedro knows the importance of Father's Day and the role they play in our life. It is indeed true, without our Dads we wouldn't be what we are today. And with all these factors into consideration, Oedro has put together a list of gifts that will be the perfect preening partner for your Dad and his car. However, make sure you order them earlier so that they can arrive on time. No matter what you get for your Dad, be sure to show your Dad how important he is in your life and how life was a pleasure to live, only because he was there to fight all troubles and battles alongside you.

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