Jeep Wrangler LED headlights

Looking for a great LED headlight upgrade for your Jeep Wrangler? Selecting the right kind of lighting solution for your off-roader requires a bit of planning and thorough research, saving you from wasting money on a bad lighting product that consumes too much power and provides little visibility in rough driving conditions. LED headlights compared to halogens and HIDs offer a more efficient and convenient way to light up the path in front of your Jeep Wrangler with optimized brightness and brilliant combination of beam spread and length. Oedro is happy to share some of the key considerations that you should follow while buying headlights for your Wrangler.

Do Your Research

The very first thing to is to research for the right LED lighting solution that best matches your Wrangler model and illumination requirements. Always select the most reliable and authentic vendor for Wrangler parts that is experienced and has a strong command over delivering high-quality auto parts. If you’re searching the best LED headlights for 1997-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK / TJ / LJ, then Oedro LED headlights should be your top pick. Gather basic information about the lighting requirements of your Wrangler and get the best LED headlight from Oedro.

Generally, the 7-inch stock headlights on your Jeep Wrangler are sealed beam headlights which means you can’t purchase a new bulb if your headlight goes out. You have to head out to a manufacturer to buy a completely new headlight assembly. As we see a new Wrangler model each year, it’s highly likely that you may require an upgrade for your headlight. An LED headlight is the best replacement for an outdated stock headlight or an old halogen bulb. A typical stock headlight is rather cheap, usually costing around $15-$20 only providing low-quality output, especially during night driving.

LED vs Halogens

While doing your research it’s important to understand how high performance LED headlight bulbs to perform better compared to the typical halogen bulbs and other lighting products. LEDs offer numerous benefits over a normal halogen setup. An LED headlight with high efficacy is designed with much sharper cut-off patterns that help enhance driver’s visibility by better illuminating the road ahead while not blurring the vision of oncoming vehicles through extreme brightness.

Jeep Wrangler LED headlights

High quality OEDRO headlights for Jeep Wranglers offer better lighting output and come equipped with a panoptic headlight housing that is elaborately designed for the high performance of an LED bulb. Most of these solutions come along with a free decoder for removing any anti-flicker. Most Jeep Wrangler models now come equipped with LED bulbs but if you’re looking for an upgrade it’s best to go for products that deliver high performance and offer a good value for money.

Compared to halogens, LED headlights are more efficient, consume less power, entail low production costs, and provide great illumination in the long run. Owing to their amazing performance and cost-effectiveness, LED headlights might soon replace the halogen bulbs and other lighting solutions. One reason why LED bulbs perform better than halogens is that they are crafted using polycarbonate lenses that are perfect for off-roading making the headlight more durable. It means that the LED won’t crack due to a branch snapping off a tree while you’re driving in the middle of the road. Contrary to halogens that are manufactured using glass, the polycarbonates in LEDs make them stronger and a viable option for off-road vehicles.

‘Lumen’ Basics

When looking for the best LED headlights for your Jeep Wrangler, an important consideration is the lumen number for perfect illumination. Generally, lumen (lm) is a global standardized unit of measurement that provides details on the amount of total light emitted by an LED headlight or any other type of lighting product. It’s also an important measure of the luminous flux that makes use of two vital metrics: candela and steradian. Using these two measurements, the lumen is calculated with the following formula:

1 lumen = 1 candela * 1 steradian

*where 1 steradian is 1/12.566th of a sphere and candela is the amount of light intensity

Your LED headlight should conform to defined and recommended lumen ratings for your vehicle. For example, it is 90W, a 7400-lumen high beam for most Jeep Wranglers. Anything different from the standard ratings for lumen would affect the visibility on road including the brightness and output. At times, vendors offer OTF (Out The Front Lumens) that are manufacturer-defined lumen output ratings based on emitter or bulb ratings as opposed to defined standards. It’s important that you steer clear of such products and buy LED bulbs with standard lumen ratings.

Keep A Check On ‘LUX’

It’s useful to have a fair understanding of the amount of luminous flux over a unit of area as depicted by the metric, LUX (lx). This unit of measurement is defined as:

1 lx = 1 lm per square meter

Lux provides you with an idea of the spread or distribution of light intensity and measurements are typically gathered using the center of the beam. Lux values can prove beneficial in situations when you’re making comparisons of LEDs or light sources with similar lumen values. In such scenarios, make sure you understand high and low lux ratings. For instance, a high lux value is a portent of spot illumination while a low lux value often indicates flood illumination.

LED Headlight Conversion Kits

While upgrading the lighting for your vehicle, a good idea is to buy LED headlight conversion kits that come equipped with additional accessories for the bulb housing. Most of these have plug-n-play design, 2 to 3 years full warranty, 6000K color temperature, easy replacement features for conventional H13 bulbs and support for Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018 models. The LED bulbs in these kits are a high-performance light emitting devices that are designed to provide almost 6000-7400k light over 100,000 hours for high off-road visibility with little power consumption per lumen output.

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