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Do you own a truck? Are you concerned that it is not fully protected?

For many, owning a truck is a matter of pride and most of them want to protect it in all manner possible. The accessories which are best recommended for truck bed protection is Tonneau cover.

If you are a truck owner and if you don't have one Tonneau cover for your truck yet, then you must certainly be considered installing one for your truck. There are numerous benefits to getting your truck bed covered, among which following are the most important one for the new truck owner, looking to protect his/her truck.

1. Security

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The Tonneau cover is an excellent truck bed protection accessory that provides the greatest value in safeguarding your personal items, which otherwise would might have left in the open.

For you as a truck owner, using the truck as a hauling tool is an important part of your ownership. Though, leaving the personal items in the truck in open will leave you vulnerable to theft. The exposed material, equipment, toolboxes or any other valuable item can be taken away from your truck.

This is where Tonneau covers come in handy.

You can eliminate the threat of theft if you protect the truck bed with Tonneau covers. They are even with locks as an added layer of security and protects the item from falling all over the place inside the truck bed and prevents a mess. The locks help any items from spilling off and eventually saving you a lot of time and effort in cleaning up the entire truck bed.

2. Shut out Undesirable Debris

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Change in weather is inevitable and so is the need for truck bed protection. Weather protection is one of the most important concerns that many truck owners like you have.

The potential damage which can be caused by elements like Rain, Snow, Dust, Leaf, and Hail is extensive and can create a havoc for the bed itself.

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The Tonneau cover is the perfect partner for your truck in order to protect it from all of these elements. It also protects all of your personal belonging that you are hauling from these elements.

In addition to this, it also prevents the truck bed from rust, increasing its lifespan and reducing the damage that the rust can cause.

3. Appearance

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For you as a truck owner, deciding on which additions, accessories, and customizations for your truck is an important decision to be made. However, it is also important to keep the truck bed in mind, while selecting the accessories for your truck.

The Tonneau cover is sleek and elegant, thanks to their low profile. Installing them gives a sense of tidiness and appearance, even though its basic function is to hide and protect your belongings from the world. It also gives your vehicle the much needed elegant and robust look, making it look more pleasing and aesthetic to the eye.

Installing any Tonneau cover will give your truck the much needed finished look. In order to get a custom look for your truck, you can also paint the Tonneau cover to match the color of your pickup truck. The aesthetic nature that the covered bed brings in, should not be ignored at any cost.

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4. Maintain Resale Value

In addition to the benefits listed above, tonneau cover also adds an additional value to your pickup truck. Because of the benefits discussed above, the resale value of your truck will be maintained throughout your ownership.

Tonneau cover also helps you to keep the dust and rust away from the truck bed, thus reducing any potential damage to the truck bed.

Each of these aspects helps the truck owner to sustain its resale value over a longer period of time. And thus making Tonneau covers one of the most profitable investment for any truck owner to have.

tonneau cover

Truck resale value is a huge asset for you, and we have many other tips for you to help protect your truck resale value except for installing tonneau cover on your truck bed. Slower your truck depreciation speed and protect your property with our useful tips!

5. Save $300/year on gas money!

The added benefit of having installed Tonneau covers on your truck is that you can improve gas mileage.

Tonneau covers gives a more streamline aerodynamic structure to the vehicle. It provides the reduction in air drag as you drive, thus increasing the gas mileage.

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According to the research, you can save more than 10% of gas with Tonneau covers.

Let’s do a quick math. Assuming that you drive 1,250 miles/month (15,000 miles a year) and the MPG is to be 15 at $3 per gallon, you can save at least $300 each year if you have Tonneau covers installed!

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Think about the money that you can save in, in up to 10 years of time. Isn't that a great return on your investment? It goes without saying that, Tonneau covers are the must-have accessories for any new or old truck owners – simply from the cost efficiency point of view, let alone the other benefits discussed above.

Fortunately, Oedro has the right tonneau cover specially designed for your truck!

Oedro has been a specialist in the truck accessories sector and we know exactly what arouses customer purchase intention and what is that the customer is looking forward to having in their accessories for their trucks.

Oedro is known to provide the premium quality accessories for your vehicle and Oedro Tonneau Covers are no different.

Below are the few reasons, which will explain why your truck needs an Oedro Tonneau cover:

1.Tailgate Lock Included

Oedro Tonneau cover not only protects your personal belongings from the outer world, but it also comes with a tailgate lock included, converting your truck bed in a completely secure and unbreakable trunk. No one can really have access to any item inside the trunk, apart for you.

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2.High Quality Material

Oedro Tonneau cover is made of a premium quality material, which makes it the perfect fit for any truck bed. It is made of double layer PVC and has good tensile properties. It features the UV coated top that provides maximum protection against everyday wear and the sun.

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3.Alternative Style

Oedro offers two different types of Tonneau covers to its customers: roll up tonneau cover and tri-fold tonneau cover.

The roll up design gives you more space if you want to haul big items. And the tri-fold design provides multiple access point to the cargo. It is easy to open & close, and can be installed easily without the need for any tools.

4.Perfect Fit

Oedro Tonneau covers are custom designed for specific truck models such as Ram, Silverado, Colorado, Sierra, Canyon, F-150, Tundra, Tacoma. It offers perfect fit, sleek design and a seamless look to your new or old truck, giving your vehicle the much deserved robust look.

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5.Increase 12% Gas Mileage

Oedro Tonneau covers increase the mileage efficiency of your truck up to 12%. Since the covers reduce the air drag as you drive, a considerable amount of gas can be saved over time, making tonneau covers one of the best accessory investment to have. Imagine the amount you can save over a long period of time. Let alone the sustained resale value of the truck due to these covers.

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6.Easy to Install

Oedro Tonneau covers are easy to install and does not need any extra toolkit for its installation. Most of the time, the owner won't even have to drill. The installation process is simple, smooth and will be provided in the instruction manual for the owners.

Check out the video below and watch how to install:

tonneau cover

7.Water Resistant

It will keep most of the water away and from getting inside the truck, unless or until is installed incorrectly. But do rememer this, no tonneau covers available in the market are 100% waterproof.

tonneau cover

8. Cost Efficient

Oedro Tonneau covers are the most cost-efficient. Yes, there are plenty of options available in the market, but at Oedro it will only cost you about $200 and is relatively cheap as compared to other brands.

Moreover, as stated above, you can save up to $300 per year on mileage alone, making it a great investment.

You can now purchase Oedro Tonneau cover on Amazon with a 10% off code! Code: oedrocover

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The demand for Tonneau cover has seen a sudden spike and interest among truck owners.

It shouldn't come as a price because of the many added benefits and functionality of these covers. They only provide your personal belongings from the outer world but provides a much secure environment for hauling.

In addition to this, it keeps away all of the debris and keeps your vehicle protected in all weather conditions.

The Tonneau covers are known for their ability to enhance your vehicles look and also maintains its resale value over long periods of time.

Tonneau covers works as a great substitute for saving gas money (up to $300 per year) and for increasing the gas mileage performance.

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