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The main purpose of vehicle floor mat is to protect your vehicle floors and reduce slips and falls. There are various types of floor mats in the market. That is: rubber, plastic, cotton and all weather floor mats. Proper selection and usage of floor mats has reduced the tracked in dirt by 82% hence it helps the owner to save hundreds of dollars that would be used for maintenance and repairing the vehicle.

Aspects to consider before selecting and using floor mats

  • Location - Such as at the car’s front, trunk, etc.

  • Application -This requires an understanding of where the mat will be used. Such as: Will the mat track oil, dirt, water, rocks, dust etc.

  • Surface - This requires understanding on whether the surface will be flat or will have contours.

This article will help you understand the common mistakes that people make when selecting and using floor mats and the best ways to avoid them.

Common Mistakes:

  • Poor placement – Majority of people believe that covering your entire vehicle floor with mats is an effective way of protecting your vehicle from dust, dirt and fluids from the shoes of the users. The truth is too many floor mats can lead to hazards such as slipping. Therefore it is important for the vehicle owners to do a need analysis to determine where specifically the mat will be used and the number of mats required.

  • Buying cheap floor mats - Buying floor mats simply because they are cheap will lead to one purchasing low quality mats. Such mats will not offer good protection to your vehicle as required. Low quality mats are very hard to clean and wash since they may require special fabric cleaners to clean. Also the fluid absorption of these mats are quite poor and will lead to fluids getting all over in your vehicle. So when you’re selecting mats for the car, you should not be deceived by the low cost of the item. Cconsider mats that are effective in catching dust, absorbing fluids and dirt.

  • Using OEM floor mats and not purchasing custom floor mats – OEM or original equipment from manufacturer is used to designate the producer of automobile parts that will then be purchased by for final placement by the destination user company. In Most cases the OEM floor mats are limited to the most current model of the vehicle which means that you cannot use the OEM mats on older versions of vehicles hence economical. They are also very expensive to buy. Buyers should consider buying custom floor mats because they are customized to your needs and there is no vehicle that that can’t be protected by floor mats that take a customized approach.

  • Using the wrong floor mat for the wrong application – people commonly misuse mats when it comes to application. While a walk mat work well in office, it does not work well or provide sufficient protection in your car. Hence vehicle users should stop misusing mats by using mats that are used in other places such in the office or houses as car mats. That’s why most manufacturers recommends a walk mat in a shop environment and a car mats in a car environment because the walk mat will not work in a car environment and vice versa.

  • Skimping on floor mat coverage to save cost – Skimping of floor mat coverage means to use less floor mat in your car in an attempt to economize. Floor mats should perfectly fit your car but should not block important features such as brake and clutch pedal. Floor mats should be designed in a way that allows them to fit the space in your car more securely. However most car owners buy mats that do not fit perfectly in the car in order to save cost. Some even leave important areas that require a mat without one in order to save cost. Mats that do not fit well in your car do not have the capacity to protect your car properly and will allow the dust, dirt and fluids from the muddy shoes to ruin the floor of your vehicle. This means that the cost of floor replacement or potential deterioration of the car outweighs the cost of an extra floor mat.

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