Regardless of what vehicle you own, and whatever purpose you use it for, it is definitely a big investment that needs to be protected. The interior should be well-maintained, and a floor mat is the best way to keep it that way.

Why use floor mats?
Here are the top 5 reasons to use floor mats in your car:

Safe for Driving

Floor mats are structured to achieve a snug fit, while lining the interior carpet perfectly. They lock into position and match the contours of the car, so it won’t move or shift under any circumstances. Thus they ensure a safe drive by keeping your feet steady.

Easy to Clean

Inferior quality floor mats will need vacuuming and scrubbing for hours while cleaning, but with premium grade mats, you can say goodbye to all of that trouble. Just remove the mat, wipe off, dry for a bit, and put it back. It is totally hassle-free and you don’t have to use extra cleaning products.

Interior Protection

It is very annoying when someone spills soda or food in your car, or the weather suddenly turns rainy and you need to drive in muddy shoes. Using floor mats can keep water, mud, messes and spills off the carpet. High perimeter ridges trap spills and debris, effectively preventing buildups and stains. Your feet are also free from the water mud and dirt. Since the mats are highly durable, they can withstand considerable wear and tear.

Slip Resistance

The grooves on the mat adhere firmly to the floor and hold it firmly in place and enhancing the ability to protect the floorboards and carpet of your vehicle. They are incorporated with anti-slip technology that prevents water, mud, dirt and debris from getting underneath.


Driving is smoother and more enjoyable if your feet are kept comfy. Thanks to floor mats that come with a thick carpeted heel, you will have a pleasant driving experience whether you commute to work or while going on road trips.

Looking for a top quality floor mat? The Oedro floor mat is apt for 2014-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door Unlimited models. Designed using laser precision, the mat is an excellent fit in your vehicle, while protecting the interior from food spills, mud, dirt, and other contaminants. It has a long shelf life, comes with built-in anti-slip technology, and includes weather protection features as well. What more could you want? Go ahead and buy now!