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Keeping the interior of your car clean is simply more than a matter of pride. Dirt contains gravel and grit which can eat away the surface area of your car's interior over time. Cleaning and polishing the interior of your car isn't as difficult as it seems. Speaking of which, we have a set of simple tips and tricks which will help you polish the interior of your car without any hassle:


Sitting in a car which is coated with grime, stickiness, and dust is the worst thing possible. The dirty interior is not only unappealing but also serve as the haven for germs and bugs to make us sick. As dashboard remains to the focal point of the interior of your car, it is important to make sure it is clean all the time.


Following are the steps to clean your car's dashboard:

  • In a bowl filled with water, add a little mild soap and then dampen the cloth with this water. Run the cloth across the dashboard and center console. This will remove heavy particles of grime and dust off the dashboard.

  • If the dashboard is filled with layers of dirt and grime, it is important to perform an intensive and deep cleaning procedure. For this, make use of interior cleaner. Spray a small amount of cleaner on the cloth and then rub the dashboard and center console with the cloth.

  • A microfiber cloth will not be able to clean the dashboard knobs. Make use of a dashboard brush and gently run it over knobs, hand brakes, radio, gear shift and any other crevices where grime and dust might have slipped into.

  • Once the dashboard has been fully cleaned, you can apply a little polish to provide shine and to get a brand new car appearance. Simply pour a small amount of polish on a microfiber cloth and rub it against the dashboard to make it glow.

Car Seat

Spilled juice, sticky fingers, crumbs are the most definite things that anyone do not likes. The seats in the car take a lot of abuse and thus must be cleaned regularly. Different seat covers require different cleaning process. Thus always check the car's manual before cleaning the seats. Also, the products you use for seat cleaning have additional information on their label, which speaks about how and what type of seat covers must be cleaned with it.

Car seat

Following are the steps to clean your car's seat.

  • First and foremost, you must perform a spot test. Test the cleaning product on a small portion of your car upholstery first, just to be sure that no damage will be caused. If it seems the product isn't good for cleaning, change it immediately.

  • Before you begin the cleaning process, vacuum the entire seat area either with your household vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment. This will remove any debris from the seat and other areas of the car's interior.

  • Now prepare the liquid to clean the interior of your car based on the instructions given on the product's label. Once you have the liquid, soak the sponge into the hot water and scrub through the seats. Do not soak the seat fabric too much. Because the drying process is tedious and difficult.

  • Once the seats are clean and evenly moistened, soak a towel in cold water to scrub off any excess dirt and grime. You can also use a car seat cover to protect your car seat, and also to make the cleaning process much easier.


Flooring the carpet area of your car is completely necessary for the simple reasons – to keep it clean and to protect your vehicle. There are several benefits of flooring the carpet area of your car.

Floor mats for rams

Among these benefits, the two most crucial advantages are as follows.

  • Preventing – Flooring the car not only prevents the car's interior from stones, dirt, and other debris but also increases the resale value of your car. Floor mats and liners consist of grooves which catch the debris and prevents it from lying on top of it and against the shoes. It also provides durable grip, which prevents any slippage.

  • Cleaning – Since floor mats and liners play an important part in maintaining the interior of your car nice and clean, it is equally important to clean these floor mats and liners regularly. Oedro floor mats are easy to clean and install, provides an all-weather guard and durability. Learn more information of Oedro floor mats.


The air inside the car can turn funky really quickly. With all the mud and dirt, spilled beverages and drinks, regular cigarette smoking inside the car - the odor can become completely irresistible. These peculiar smells are known to ruin the family long drives and completely acts like a fun spoiler. Thus it becomes quite essential to make use of air freshener to spread positive energy around in the car and to get rid of those peculiar smells. These fresheners are available in a wide variety of scents and fragrances, choose the one you and your family love.


Some people are really motivated to decorate the interior of their car. Some want their car to be aesthetically pleasing and some want their car to reflect who they are. Either way, people simply love the idea of decorating their car as much as they want to decorate their homes.

Car interior

Following is the list of decoration tip to decorate the interior of your car.

  • Install steering wheel covers to make your car separate from the rest. You can go for the classic leather black or something that has a cartoon character on it. Whatever it may be, try to make sure that it reflects your own personality.

  • You can also decorate your car's dashboard by doubling taping the bobblehead doll or a character of your choosing to ride along with you.
  • You can also place some cushion on the front and rear seat of your car to make your ride more comfortable and fun.

Most people tend to overlook the interior of their car. However, it is one of the most important things to be careful about, if you want to have a pleasing ride and at the same time to maintain a good value of your car. Our guide of how to clean and polish the interior of your car, provides you all the information you need, to maintain your car in a good shape.

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