Bumper dent remains to be one of the most common repairs. No matter how careful you are, it is not possible to account for wrongly thrown footballs, runaway shopping carts, and any other real-life annoyances. That being said, once you realize that there is a dent in the bumper of your car, you start wondering how to get rid of it. We have compiled a list of 5 amazing, yet simple ways to fix a bumper dent at home, which will save you a trip to your mechanic and a hefty sum of the amount as well.

1. Boiling Water

Difficulty level ★☆☆☆☆

Yes, that is correct. The dent on the bumper can be repaired with a pot full of hot water. This technique works really well if the bumper is made of plastic. Pouring hot water on plastic makes it softer and malleable. After pouring the hot water on the dent, you need to reach behind the bumper immediately and try to pop the dent back in. Because of the heat of the water, the plastic will become more flexible and it will lot easier to put it back into place.

Since the heat won't last for a long period of time, you need to perform the activity as quickly as possible. If the bumper dent is not completely out, keep pouring hot water onto it and continue until it comes back into shape. In case after a few attempts, if the bumper doesn't get back into shape, try the next method listed below.


2. Hair Dryers

Difficulty level ★★☆☆☆

Another commonly used method to get the dent repaired is by using hair dryers and compressed air. Both of these tools are available in almost every household and can work amazingly well. By heating the dented plastic bumper with a hair dryer at its maximum temperature, the plastic will expand. When you feel that the bumper is hot enough, grab a can of compressed air, swing it upside down and start spraying it on the dented area.

This cold air will cause the plastic to contract and hopefully, the dent will be popped out to its original shape. This method is quite easy and can be done with the tools which are already available in your house.

3. Dry Ice

Difficulty level ★★★☆☆

Not only hot or boiling water, but even dry ice can be used to repair small bumper dents. The dent removal tools for the dry ice method is simply dry ice and protective gloves. Dry ice is generally used as a cooling agent. Hold onto a piece of dry ice in your protective gloves and rub the ice around the dented bumper area until you hear the sound of dent popping back into its original shape.

Apply and use the dry ice method as many times as you need, and it will eventually get repaired if the dent is not too deep. You can also try to heat up the dent with a hair dryer and then apply dry ice to it. Just like boiling water, this method is also relatively easy and works great for small bumper dents.


4. Vacuum Cleaner and Pot

Difficulty level ★★★★☆

Sucking out the dent and bringing the bumper back to its original shape is one of the most efficient methods. However, finding the right amount of power to pull it out can be difficult. Perhaps, you can build one by yourself. All you need to have is a vacuum cleaner and a pot, with some tape to wrap it up.

This method is efficient because it solves the problem almost every time in no time. Start by making a hole beneath the pot and tape around the dent. Now, you need the place the vacuum cleaners hose under the pot, through the hole and start the vacuum. In case, if the dent is too shallow, the suction created with the vacuum cleaner must pop the bumper dent out. This method is efficient and difficult at the same time. It can do more damage to your vehicle's bumper than good, if not done correctly.

5. Hot Glue, Wooden Dowels, and Screws

Difficulty level ★★★★★

When you attempt to fix a dent by yourself, there is always the fear of screwing up the bumper paint or damaging it even more. However, to avoid this and to provide a safer method for dent repairs, you can use a number of wooden dowels, a few screws and a hot glue gun. With this tools in hand, you need to place two screws at each end of the wooden dowels and then apply some glue at the bottom of the dowels.

Now place the dowels with the glue side on the dented area and repeat the same procedure to cover the entire dented surface. Once you have placed and covered the dented surface completely with dowels, let them dry out. After, pull the dowels out one by one, until the dent is completely out. With this method, ensure to have a lot of glue, as you might need to repeat the procedure more than once.


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