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Floor mats are important to your vehicle because they prevent stains, odours, and rust from forming in your car. Hence it is important to buy floor mats that are tough and custom fitted to your vehicle. All cars are usually bought with fitted carpets but the car floor mats are the driver’s friend when it comes to the issue of protecting them and guarding them against wear, grime and spills. Hence, floor mats make it easier to clean out the car when it gets dirty since they are removable. Research has shown that the floor mats are a sure way of protecting your cars value when it reaches the time of selling the car. However, there are so many floor mats on the market that sometimes it’s confusing for you to choose a proper floor mat that really suits your car.

To let you have a clearer idea on selecting the best quality floor mats for your beloved car, Oedro would like to share some tips on how to distinguish genuine products:

1. Materials & Weather

There are different types of materials used for floor mats and each material has different functions. Some materials are suited to a rainy seasons while others are fit for sunny days.

Rubber Mat - It is liquid proof and stay in place very securely. However, it may dry and crack when exposed to extremely hot and sunny conditions. So this type of floor mats are for regions that often rain.

Carpet Mat - It is softer and provides a stylish look for your car. The main disadvantage with carpet mat is that water, slush, and mud can easily damage this material if the carpet remains soiled and wet for a long time. Thus they should be vacuumed or dry-cleaned. They are best suited for dry areas.

All Weather Mat - It is more durable than any other floor mats. They protect the car and stay in place more securely and don’t slip when the weather gets nasty and the possibility of the floor getting muddy are lessened. They are made of durable pliable synthetic materials. The main advantage of all-weather floor mat is that they provide protection to your vehicle throughout the year regardless the weather. Oedro floor mats are all weather and helps protect the front back and sides of your vehicle’s footwell. Oedro all-weather floor mats feature a system of surface channels that are designed to carry fluids and debris to a low reservoir to minimize fluid movement while driving. Our all-weather floor mats fit precisely in your vehicle and offer more coverage which means more protection.

2. Ease of cleaning

High quality mats should be very easy to clean. Cleanable mats are best for the types of work that make the boots or the shoes to get dirty Ease of cleaning depends on the kind of material used. For instance mats made of rubber and high twist nylon (HTN) are easy to clean and wash since they do not require any special fabric cleaners to clean.

Click here for more details on floor mats cleaning tips.

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3. Liquid Absorption

High quality mats are viewed as mats that absorb liquids, provide a slip resistant working and anti-fatigue properties. So when you’re selecting mats for this purpose one should consider liquid absorption characteristics. Mats with cotton are effective in catching dirt, absorbing fluids and dirt. These cotton mats have excellent fluid absorbing properties.

4.Slip Resistance

These high quality mats should have surfaces which are slip resistant since they are useful in areas where there is grease and oils. These mats provides plenty of friction to help prevent slips and falls and it is designed to allow liquid to drain leaving the surface dry. An anti-slip mat provides a slip-resistance surface for working in areas where the risk of slipping is real. These mats feature walking surfaces that are designed to provide slip resistance even when wet or coated with greasy or oily substances. Some mats feature raised pebbled surfaces which are made from materials with additives which provide high levels of grip and traction. Choose Oedro’s anti-slipping floor mats which have a slip-resistant surface.

5. Aesthetic Details

Even though the aesthetics of a floor mat wont impact the effectiveness of your car, for many these details are valued enough to indicate the quality of the mat. For some branded mats, designer mats and sports theme mats that feature logos and designs related to a specific product, brand, team or other interests are viewed as of high quality. For others, coloured mats are of high quality since they tend to be both practically and visually appealing.

6. Fitness

High quality floor mats should perfectly fit your car without blocking important features such as brake and clutch pedal. The dimensions of a good quality floor mats are designed in a way that allows them to fit the space in your car more securely.

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From the discussion, getting high quality floor mats that suit your car is very important. That’s why getting custom-designed digital fit floor mats from Oedro is a smart investment. Our company has the right mat for your vehicle and your lifestyle. Oedro floor mats are a terrific combination of good looks and everyday utility. We manufacture floor mats for Jeep Wrangler, Silverado, F150 and Ram. Oedro floor mats are a good choice especially if you are planning to keep them for a long time, because our floor mats are best known for their durability besides offering protection to your vehicle. With a pocket friendly price they offer fit coverage and protection to your car. We not only provide mats that looks good but also provide mats that perform the way you expect them to. Our mats are designed to hold an exceptional amount of dirt and water. By picking the right car mat from Oedro and cleaning the mat regularly, your mat will offer a long term service if well cared for. No matter the reason you want to install a floor mat, whether you are looking for a bit of a personal touch in your car or you are trying to get rid of spills, stains or mud, we have floor mats that will provide you with the perfect solution. Whichever reason you choose, we want you to be satisfied with the choice. Visit our Oedro website to browse through our varied selection of floor mats. We have the perfect mats to match your car’s personal style and needs. We are available to answer any inquires in our Oedro website.

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