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The car is an asset whose value starts to depreciate immediately after you started driving it off the dealership a lot.

Depreciation is the biggest expense one needs to think about when owning a car.

And it is something which cannot be avoided.

That is just the rule of law and no one can do anything about it.

With so many years' of use, naturally there will be wear and tear and mileage accumulation and thus the value will not remain the same as from the time you bought it.

how to improve car resale valueEvery car owner has to live with the depreciating asset in the form of their beloved car.

However, how much your cars' value depreciate while you own the car is often a byproduct of how you cared for it.

And if you desire to hold onto as much resale value as possible - when the time comes, you would want to follow certain steps and procedures to ensure a higher resale value of your car. So let's get into it!

Firstly, you will wish you watched this video before your car's value depreciate too much:
how to improve car resale value

Besides those ways from the above video, there are several other important tips that can help you maintain the best resale value cars so that you can claim a higher asking price when you finally decide to sell them off.

1. Keep it Clean

how to improve car resale value

It is easy to judge how we handle our car with the look and condition of it.

If you own a car which is smelly on the inside and dirty on the outside, it speaks volume about your love with the car, with prospective buyers'.

Cars' in such condition have a very less probability of getting a good resale value.

Keeping the car neat and clean before you show it to your prospective buyer, helps you to increase its resale value.

Everyone loves the aesthetic nature of their car.

And with not so expensive car accessories these days, it is not much difficult to attain a pleasing nature of your car from all the angles.

Accessories like floor mats, seat covers and bumpers provide a lot of protection to your car from the harshest of conditions.

Regular usage of air fresheners inside the car keeps the unpleasant smell away and provides a pleasing environment.

Avoid eating and smoking inside the car as much as possible.

Avoid anything and everything that will leave a stain and smell behind.

how to improve car resale value
Oedro floor mats catches the dirt and debris and are also easy to clean.

Get the tips to clean your floor liners withinout any hussle.

2. Regular Maintenance

regular maintenance

The most prominent way to increase and protect the car resale value is ensuring regular maintenance of it, starting from day one.

Apart from mechanical repairs and damages, it is essential to keep up with small little things before they accumulate.

It is normal, minor things can go wrong in your car and little would you do anything about it.

Things like window regulator burning out, small trim pieces cracking, drying and breaking off, rock chip in the windscreen and a center gap of your wheel flying off mid-drive.

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Yes, you can drive your car leaving them as it is, but when the time comes to sell it off – it can give a bad impression to your prospective buyers.

This in return reduces your car resale value.

So when the next time you visit your mechanic, tell him that the window regulator has gone out, so they can do something about it.

These minor issues don't affect your driving experience much, but they certainly play a big part in bringing your cars' resale value down.

3. Sheltered Parking

how to improve car resale value

Extreme weather conditions leave a slow but lasting impression on your car.

Hot weather conditions can wear out the paint, giving it a more faded look.

As we protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun, it is equally important to protect the car from the same rays.

how to improve car resale value
And just like the hot weather, cold weather can cause disruptions to your cars' engine.

Hence, it is in the best interest of your car to park it under the shade or in the garage, when at home.

There might be cases, when the broken branch of trees might fall on your car, creating a dent or unwanted scratch.

4. Maintaining Paperwork

how to improve car resale value

Every piece of paper that you have in relation to your car must be maintained properly.

Keep them organized and in a binder file.

Always have at least two copies of each document for your car.

Documents like purchase receipts, finance documents, service records, owner manuals and anything else.

Just have it documented properly.

Keep all the service records and receipts for exterior and interior auto parts replacements, in chronological order.

These records allow the prospective buyer to know, what all service and part change your car went through.

It allows to build up a trustworthy business between the two parties involved.

Doing this will add value to your car and will show how nicely you have maintained and taken care of it.

5. Drive the Car Safely

how to improve car resale value

Do not have reckless driving habits.

This is the best preventive measure anyone can take to keep the car is the best possible shape.

Not only this will reduce the probability of accidents, but it also ensures a higher car resale value.

Driving the car beyond the limit will result in more fuel consumptions, oil will burn at a rapid rate and engine parts will become prone to failure.

And all such instances are not good for your cars' resale value.

Moreover, if your car meets with an unfortunate accident, it might get damaged which can be beyond reparable – in addition to the loss of life, if any.

Thus, you do not want to find yourself in such a scenario, where not only your car is at risk but even your own life.

So drive safe.

Click here if you are looking for ways to drive safe in dark.

6. Repair Small Scratches and Dents

how to improve car resale value

If there are any scratches and dents on your car, it is important that you do something about it.

No matter how small the scratch is, you need to take care of it.

Car paint acts as a protective layer, which protects the body of your car.

Even a small scratch can let in oxygen and water, which can cause rust.

And with minor dents, they too depreciate your cars' resale value.

Get the dents repaired with your mechanic, whereas, for minor scratches, you can always you high-quality wax product in the market.

7. Make use of Wax and Wash the Car Regularly

how to improve car resale value

Using wax on your car is a great way to add an extra layer of safety to the car.

Wax helps to prevent scratches and also avoids the color fading.

It gives your car an appeasing look and feel.

Observe the sheen after applying wax on your car.

It makes it look ageless.

That is the beauty of waxing your car regularly.

In addition to wax, it also important to wash your car every now and then.

It doesn't mean that you have to do it quite regularly, but then don't avoid it completely.

You don't want to be driving a car with a birds' poop on it.

Washing and cleaning it with a clean cloth and water, does makes a lot of difference in the way your car looks and feel.

In addition to these, always keep your cars' tyre clean.

It helps to give an impression of new tyres.

Wrapping Up

Cars are an expensive asset to own and are something which is depreciating with time.

Depreciation and resale value of the car depend upon the way you handle and take care of your car.

Everyone wants to get a good resale value when they ultimately decide to sell it off.

Best resale value cars are the one whose owners spend a lot of time taking care of their car and spending a little amount on accessories - which help to protect the interior and exterior of the car.

Regardless of where you want to sell your car, that is at the dealership or directly, the state of your car is the only thing which will help you to attain a good resale value.

Our guide provides you with all the information that you need to have in order to get a good return from your car.

If you follow all these simple and basic steps, you will be good at maintaining your car and increasing its resale value.

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