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The white pristine snowflakes can be a delight. However, the same isn't the truth for car owners. The morning after the heavy night snowfall means tedious and tasking job for car owners. For the cars, which are not parked under the sheds, usually gets covered with the white bed of snow. And when that happens, do not simply jam on the gas and wish all will resolve by it. Sometimes you can jam on the gas for hours and yet there will be no improvement. Instead, you should follow this small simple tips, which will definitely help you to get your car out of the covered snow.

Be Prepared Before the Storm Hits

Come the season of winter and finding your car stuck in the middle of a big pile of snow can be a common occurrence. It is always good if you take a few precautionary measures as you as know that the winter is coming. There are two different things which you must do to get your cars on the road again after a huge amount of snow.

1. Having the right car tires

For people who are living in the area where it snows largely and can bring about a foot or two of snow in one night, then you must definitely use winter tires. As soon as the winter arrives, it is important to get air pressure checked. They must be inflated to the proper level. Also, ensure that the tires treads are in right condition.

2. Have a snow shovel in your car

Snow shovel helps you to gain more traction by digging the snow and mud away from the front and back tires. Not only the snow shovel will come in handy for your car, but you can help others as well, who did not prepare themselves for the car stuck in a big pile of snow. Create a clear path for a car stuck, so that the tires can move forward and backward a few feet.

9 Easy Ways for “How to Get a Car Unstuck from Snow”

Once you have cleared out some snow out from the wheels, the best way to gain traction and get the wheels out from the snow is as follows.

1. Clear the Tailpipe

This is really crucial from a safety point of view. If the car's tailpipe is covered with snow and ice, then the exhaust has nowhere to go. This would mean that it would filter it back into the cabin. And the last thing you want to be in the same cabin as that of the fatal cloud of carbon monoxide. Do not start the engine until, unless you have cleared out the tailpipe. Many have lost their lives due to the carbon monoxide buildup inside the cabin, only because they were unaware that the tailpipe was blocked.

Tailpipe snow

2. Move Forward and Backward

To achieve the best traction, always try to straighten your wheels from your cars parking situations. Start the car and put it in the lowest gear. Now move a little forward and then slowly back it up. Now, again put the wheels in forward but with a little more gas. This will loosen up the snow around the car and might just provide enough traction to get it of snow. Always have an eye and ear on the wheels. If you feel that the tires are spinning, immediately take your foot off the gas.

3. Apply Brakes

If you feel that the tires are spinning and not moving forward or backward, you might want to consider using brakes. Applying the brakes at the same time while putting in some gas, will decrease the tire spinning and will provide more power to the tires. You can also try to move the front wheel a little, to see if it provides some traction. Apply the brakes carefully. Do not do it for more than a few seconds, otherwise, it will heat up the braking system. This will have a negative effect on your brakes. And might compromise it.

4. Get Some External Help

Asking someone to help push the vehicle more often than not does the tricks. But you need to be careful about it. If you are using the forward gear, ask them to push it from behind and vice versa. If you don't have the right gear in place, it could result in fatal injuries for the helpers. Slowly apply the gas and try to be always in control of it. Do not put unnecessary gas, it can turn into a lot of damage for you and others.

5. Use Floor Mats to Gain Traction

Getting all of the snow and ice from underneath tires won't be possible all of the time. Even after using snow shovels, there will be a considerable amount of snow left beneath the tires. In such instances, use your car floor mats to gain more traction. Try putting the Oedro all weather floor mats underneath the wheels and that might just give you enough grip, to pull the car out from the snow and mud. These car floor mats are durable enough for this method and can be easily clean after driving over.

floor mats

6. Use Salt to Melt Snow and Ice

Salt is a great substitute to melt snow and ice. If you have access to rock salt, use it, or table salt will also work just fine. Let the salt do its work and then you will be able to get your car out of the snow easily. This is an efficient way to unstuck your car from the big pile of overnight snow. It will definitely work.

Salt snow

7. Use the Rocking Technique

When moving back and forth, if you find that the vehicle isn't moving backward, but moving forward, try the rocking technique. Try rocking back and forth in between the forward and reverse gears. Put some extra gas when the car is moving in the forward from the reverse. This might give the car enough momentum to drive it out from the snow. This can, however, increase the overload on transmission, which can result in heavy maintenance. So only try doing it a couple of times and if it doesn't work, shift to the other methods.

8. Start the Car in Second Gear

If your car has the manual transmission, put the car directly into second gear before trying to take it out from the snow. This will slow down the tires, giving it more chance to eat through the snow and ice, on the ground.

9. Let go some of the Air

If none of the above options works, then you might want to consider this option as your last resort. Let a little air out of the tires, so that they look just a little lower visibly. However, only do this if you can quickly fill in the compromised air, nearby. Underinflated tires will allow more rubber to get in touch with the ground, meaning more traction for the car to get out. Once you get out, quickly fill in the air again, as driving with low air will damage the condition of your car tires.

Once the car is unstuck, let the car drive for some distance. Drive to the point where you see less snow and your car won't get stuck in the snow or mud again. Put the car in the lowest gear and slowly accelerate to get past the zone where your car was stuck.

Air wheel

Wrapping Up

Out of all the described options, try to use the best way to solve your problem. However, always be precautious when you are using any method to get out of snow. Followings are also extremely important, once you get the car out:

1. If you have let some air out, get it filled immediately after the car is out from the snow.

2. If you find the steering wheel is vibrating a little bit, check if there is any snowpack in the wheels. If it is, pull over and knock the snow out from the wheels with the help of a shovel.

3. And more importantly, before trying any out of the above options, always check if the tailpipe is blocked or not. If it is blocked, the first thing to do is to clear it out. Do not let yourself get into harm's way.

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