Jeep wave

Do you wave to other Jeep drivers?

Or have you ever encountered the awkward situation wherein other Jeep drivers don't wave back at you?

Don’t worry if you’ve suffered this.

In this article, you'll know exactly what to do and additionally have a deeper understanding of Jeep Wave.

Jeep wave

Here's the general view of what you're going to learn about:

1. How did the Jeep Wave start?
2. Why do Jeep drivers want to wave?
3. What is the benefit of Jeep Wave?
4. Different types of Jeep Wave
5. How to do an official Jeep Wave?
6. Jeep Wave rules
7. What should you do if Jeep drivers don't wave back?
8. Why don't all Jeep drivers wave?
9. Do drivers of other vehicle have a wave?

1. How did the Jeep Wave Start?

The tradition of Jeep Wave has been around for a long, long time.

And before presume anything about it –

It is time for you to know a few things on how it all started.

● Explanation Ⅰ

It was during the Second World War, when the Jeep was always on the move, going back and forth to deliver supplies, bringing reinforcement, carrying wounded soldiers and to deliver urgent messages.

Jeep wave

It is to be believed that Jeep Wave started during the same time as a way to differentiate between the friend and foe and to acknowledge a high ranking officer without the salute as it may alert enemies.

It was the sign of respect and camaraderie between soldiers during the dark and dangerous times.

● Explanation Ⅱ

Another thought is that Jeep Wave started after the war and when the soldiers came back to their homes.

Jeep wave

Jeep by know had earned a special place in all soldiers heart and everyone wanted to have one for themselves.

Thus, whenever they saw a Jeep passing by, soldiers realized that the other Jeep owner might have served and wave as a sign of respect.

● Explanation Ⅲ

There's another theory that it started when the civilians started to buy a Jeep and took the road.

Jeep wave

The common love and enjoyment among the Jeep owners created a kinship between them and thus the Jeep wave was started.

2. Why Do Jeep Drivers Want to Wave?

If you are the one who loves to wave at Jeeps, then try to ask yourself:

Why do you wave? And, how do you feel when you wave?

Just as you say hello when you meet a friend or someone you know, when you see a Jeep coming towards you, you see not a stranger but a friend who shares your interests.

Jeep wave

That is to say, Jeep wave is seen as a sign of mutual respect and camaraderie among the people with the same enthusiasm and joy for Jeeps.

It is a tradition which shows the love and respect that people have for their other Jeep owning brothers.

Jeep wave

3. What is the Benefit of Jeep Wave?

People with common enthusiasm and joy can find their camaraderie by joining the club of their interest.

If you are obssessed with Jeep Wave, you too can be a member of Jeep Wave Club and receive the several benefits which they have to offer.

Jeep wave

Among the many benefits, you can receive:

● Exclusive owner support

● VIP treatment at different events across the country

● Maintenance services

● First-day rental coverage

● An access to exclusive savings network – which can save you up to $500.

Sounds exciting right?

4. Different Types of Jeep Wave

There are various kinds of Jeep wave. Let’s find out which one you are using:

Jeep wave

● The wave normally consists of a side to side wave of both or one hand.

● Another variation involves waving with a raised hand.

● Two or four fingers extended in an upward direction from the steering wheel.

● Raise the finger from the steering wheel with a subtle nod.

These are just the most common kinds. Check out the video below and see how other crazy Jeepers wave:

Jeep wave

5. How to Do an Official Jeep Wave?

Though there are different types of Jeep Wave and you’re probably using one of these, do you know how to wave officially?

Don't worry if you don't know. We are here to help you understand the exact procedure of how to do it, which is quite simple.

Check out the video below to learn how to wave officially:

Jeep wave

● Keep one of your hands on the steering wheel between 12 to 1 o'clock.

● Raise your first three fingers from there.

● If your window is open or the door is off, you can stick your head out and wave with your hand.

Now that is the official Jeep wave you should follow!

6. Jeep Wave Rules

The rules are quite simple but must be followed by all Jeep drivers.

It is your duty to uphold the tradition of the Jeep wave.

Who should wave first?

Jeep wave

There’s a complete Jeep hierarchy based on model year, whether it’s a daily driver or an offroad monster, and other vintage Jeep or classic factors.

According to the rules, Jeep driver with a newer model year should wave first. For example, if you own a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK and see a 2014 Jeep coming towards you, then you should wave first.

But to be honest, most of them don’t care too much - they just wave.

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Thus, when you see Jeeps, you should:

● Wave until it is returned.

● Continue if it is blatantly disregarded.

Don’t worry if they don’t wave back to you, we’ll talk about this in the next segment.

Jeep wave

When you see Jeep drivers wave to you, you are required to:

● Wave back immediately

● Wave until the Jeep passed by you and is completely out of sight.

7. What Should You Do If Jeep Drivers Don't Wave Back?

When you wave at the Jeep passing by and don't receive a wave back, it can be a heartbreaking moment for you.

Jeep wave

However, just remember, if someone doesn't wave back at you, it is his fault and is not worthy of owning the Jeep!

Remember that you are also waving at a fellow Jeep, which saved a lot of lives during the Second World War.

So regardless of whether the other person waves back or not, you should always show your respect to the Jeep but the driver, if they blatantly ignore your wave.

Jeep wave

8. Why Don't All Jeep Drivers Wave?

According to the research, 70% of the drivers wave back.

Then why the remaining 30% people don’t wave?

The reasons for this are simple:

● They don't have any intention to use Jeep as an off-road vehicle. They treat Jeep as nothing but the same way as any other SUVs.

Jeep wave

● They have modified their Jeeps, and feel that Jeeps without any modification do not deserve any wave.

Many Jeepers like to modify their Jeeps and want to give them a more pleasing and sturdy look.

If you're one of them and currently looking to modify the Jeep, then Oedro has the right Jeep accessories for you.

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● Another thoughtful reason of drivers not waving back is that most of the new Jeep owners, who became the part of the family recently, do not simply understand the pride of owning a Jeep, the history and the knowledge behind it.

They don't understand what it means to be a loyal member of the Jeep owners' fraternity.

Either this or they are simply not interested in being part of the great Jeep family.

Jeep wave

However, we do believe that with time as this new Jeep owner will get to know about the history and mutual respect between Jeep owners.

Sooner or later, they will start to wave at their passing Jeep owner.

It is important that people learn to show mutual respect towards their fellow Jeep owner because it is the sign of loyalty, respect, and admiration towards the long-standing history.

But if you don't, there's quite a lot to lose.

Jeep wave

9. Do Drivers of Other Vehicle Have a Wave?

Yes, just like Jeep wave, other vehicles also have a wave.

From mini cooper to hummer, these vehicles have their own wave and the drivers do wave at each other when they see the vehicle passing by their sides.

Jeep wave

Wrapping Up

Jeep Wave has been a long-standing tradition among Jeep owners for several reasons. And must certainly be carried along for all the good reasons, stated above.

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