The function of the floor mat is to protect the floor of the vehicle from dirt, wear and salt corrosion. Car floor mats also clean shoes, reduce noise and insulate the interior of the car. This helps the car to look clean. Most of these mats can be removed from the car for cleaning and can be replaced once they have been cleaned and have dried whereas some mats have fixation points so that they can remain in fixed positions. These fixed floor mats have a locking mechanism that helps to hold the mats in place in cars that have a grommet or hook in the floor.

Car mats are available in variety of styles and are available in front, rear and trunk mats on almost every car that is on the road today. Vehicle mats are either rubber or carpet fabric and usually differ in various number of ways and each type of mat selected possess certain advantages and disadvantages over the other. For instance rubber mats are heavier duty and lasts longer than carpet mats.

Choosing the right floor mat increases safety, productivity and also reduce maintenance costs hence its vital to find a proper car floor mat.

Use our Oedro floor mat guide to help you make the right selection when selecting car floor mat for your car or vehicle and you will be well on your way to a vastly improved working environment.

What to consider when selecting car floor mats

  • Quality - floor mats come in three different qualities: standard, luxury and prestige. Standard quality mats are the ones people buy from ordinary car dealers but luxury and prestige mats from Oedro floor mats are of higher quality than the standard mats and are thicker and has a more dense pile. Hence are more durable and most economical for your car.

  • Climate – It is usually good to identify the climate before you buy a Car floor mat. Tropical, temperate and severe environments each call for a unique type of mat. Most car owners buy different kinds of mats to be used in different times of the year due to changes in climatic conditions. For instance cold climates are associated with snow, slush and mud hence mats with deep grooves are preferred because they capture everything that melts off the boots. The deep grooves keep the mud from the shoes inside the mat. However the most preferable floor mat will be an all-weather mat with a rim since it can be used in all weather conditions and will save one the energy of having to change the mat whenever the weather changes and is also economical in terms of cost since one needs to buy just one mat which will be used in all weather conditions. All weather carpets are a perfect solution since they provide excellent carpet protection regardless of weather conditions.

  • Visual flow – Carpet mats provide the widest range of colour and design options including having the company’s logo. Visual flow is preferred because it provides an attractive interior design for the cars and is selected according to the user’s preference. The colour of the floor mat can make the user to select one floor mat over the other.

  • Type of work – Select mats which are very easy to clean. Cleanable rubber mats are best for the types of work that make the boots or the shoes to get dirty. The weight, size and openings of a mat determine how easy or difficult it is to clean the mat. Carpet mats are not preferable in most applications because the grease and grime from towing companies, garages and farms and the abrasive sand and gravel from the land will make the carpet mats to wear out quickly and hence not economical. Cleaning your rubber mats is very important and keeps the environment clean.

  • Level of placement – the heavy duty mats range in price from custom made products at the high end to universal mats made of carpet-type material. In terms of cost requirement it is evident that most custom made carpets are much more expensive than universal mats.

  • Mat material - Vehicle mats are either rubber or carpet fabric and usually differ in various number of ways and each type of mat selected possess certain advantages and disadvantages over the other. Research indicates that a very soft material has increased lower fatigue and discomfort whereas harder or stiffer are often associated with lower discomfort.

  • Properties of the mat – Multipurpose mats are mats that absorb liquids and provide a slip resistant working and provide anti-fatigue properties. Mats should be able to absorb water spills and when selecting mats for this purpose one should consider liquid absorption characteristics.

Select mats whose surfaces are slip resistant since they are useful in areas where there is grease and oils.


Oedro floor mat are specifically automobile brand and are sized and shaped to specifically fit in your vehicle. This helps to reduce mat slippage that can be very annoying . Oedro mats comes with grommets that perfectly fit into the small hooks or pegs in the floor and this helps to eliminate slippage. This guide is specifically meant to help you look at Oedro floor mats as an investment rather than looking to it as an option. Unlike the other parts of the car, mats basically function as a tool to maintain the value of any automotive. Any car that has carpet or mat wear when it comes to selling that car to another person will be downgraded regardless of the conditions of the other parts of the car. This is because worn car floor mat not only indicates heavy use of the car but also the lack of interest to maintain your car. Floor mats helps to reduce the wear of the base carpet of the car.

The quality of Oedro floor mats is high which means that they are highly durable, very reliable, fits properly and usually comes at a pocket friendly price.