Bumper Introduction

Bumpers are intended to protect the body of the vehicle and other important components like lights from damage which is usually caused by minor impact. The design of the bumper has evolved over the years. There are two types of bumpers which are installed in the front and rear of car. They are metal shields designed to absorb shock from minor low and low speed collisions. Bumpers are not only designed to protect the vehicle's passengers but also to enhance the vehicle's appearance. It can either add more balance to the automobile’s look or even contribute to the vehicle's aerodynamic design. A well-designed bumper is a perfect balance between the two aspects, offering protection and adding beauty. Some drivers have a custom made bumper which has been designed and made to their liking other than giving protection.

Oedro does not overlook the important aspect of Jeep Wrangler bumpers protective capacity. We always make sure that there is complete balance between offering protection and adding the beauty of your vehicle. We offer custom-made Jeep Wrangler bumpers that are not only stylish but have also passed Federal standards with high marks.

Bumpers are very important structures in a passenger’s car. Hence it’s very essential to be careful when designing and manufacturing bumpers so that we ensure that they have good impact behaviour. The bumper must be designed in such a way that it is flexible enough to reduce the occupant injury and stay intact in low speed impact besides being stiff enough to dissipate the kinetic energy in high speed impact.

Different Types of Bumper In Terms of Material Used

Steel Bumpers

These bumpers are known for their high strength. They have the ability to withstand impact better than any other material. The only shortcoming with steel bumpers is that they are very heavy and this addition in weight changes the way your car rides. When at low speed collision occurs the steel bumper system absorbs the shock to reduce damage to your Jeep. Oedro’s both front bumper and rear bumper for Jeep Wrangler are made of steel, with rust-proof layer between steel and water paint, so there’s absolutely no worries about rusting issue.


Plastic Bumpers

The main advantage with plastic bumpers is that they are the least expensive and the manufacturing cost is low. They absorb the load and reduce the impact of the collision and almost nullify the effect. However the plastic bumpers crack easily due to impact from collision. Plastic can be styled for both aesthetic and functional reasons in many ways without greatly affecting the cost of production. Plastic bumpers contain reinforcements that allow them to be as impact-resistant as metals while being less expensive to replace than their metal equivalents. Plastic car bumpers generally expand at the same rate as metal bumpers under normal driving temperatures and do not usually require special fixtures to keep them in place.

Carbon Fiber

Bumpers made of carbon fiber are known for their high resistance to impact. Although they're light, they're still durable. But quite expensive, so they're often found in high-end vehicles. This material is also commonly used in custom bumpers.


Fiberglass is also light and durable. But unlike carbon fiber bumpers, fiberglass options aren't that pricey. They can be repaired and painted easily. However, it's not as flexible as plastic.


The best thing about aluminum bumpers is that they're light. As such, they reduce overall vehicle weight, which can lead to better fuel economy.

Pros and Cons of Bumpers


  • Bumpers offer extra protection to your car and usually protects features such as headlights from damage. Bumping into a fence post, pushing another vehicle, or even striking an animal on the highway will have no measurable impact on your bumper. Rear bumper guards add to the safety of the vehicle in a rear-end collision.

  • Bumpers add to the aesthetic value of the vehicle. They enhance the vehicle's appearance by adding to the beauty of your vehicle.

  • Bumpers serve as mounting points for auxiliary lamps or winches.

  • Bumpers helps your vehicle to meet federal safety standards which requires a bumper to be 16 to 20 inches above the road surface and must be solid enough to withstand impacts of specific speeds across the width of the bumper and on the corners during a low speed collision.


  • Some bumpers are very heavy and this addition of weight to your car changes the way it rides and drives. Addition of weight also increases the fuel consumption of your car.

  • Some bumpers are difficult to install alone and requires skilled labour to install.

  • Sometimes it is difficult to install a winch or an LED light in presence of bumpers.

  • If your Jeep is equipped with bumper level rear-parking sensors, the addition of a rear bumper guard can interfere with the proper functioning of these parking sensors. Rear bumper guards also can do more damage in a rear-end collision by transmitting impact directly to the chassis rather than allowing the bumper and fenders to channel the impact through the crumple zones. And, of course, they add weight to the rear.

rear bumper

Why You Should Choose Oedro Bumper?

Protection and amazing style is what Oedro bumper gives your Jeep. Our Jeep Wrangler bumpers are magically long lasting and gives your Jeep a great effect to the onlookers. We have also designed our bumpers to absorb impacts to keep you safe and unharmed in the passenger cabin when collisions occur. It is also configured with a bumper absorber, bracket, end, filler, reinforcement, and retainer, all of which ensure the bumper's durability and reliability. Both the front and the rear bumpers are crafted to be tough and have been designed to improve aerodynamics. In addition, Oedro bumper come with 2 extra lights above so that your jeep can illuminate your way even brighter at night. We also put in our time and energy on bumper package. Oedro bumper is wrapped in carton box that is made of 7 layer corrugated carboard in order to eliminate worries about logistic damage. If your Jeep has irregular bumpers get best replacement right away from Oedro and you can simply install it even by yourself. We have a couple of bumpers for Jeep Wrangler. We also provide best protection for the more delicate components of your Jeep, like your radiator. Replacing your rusty and corroded bumpers will restore your peace of mind and transform the appearance of your Jeep. We can provide you with new Jeep Wrangler bumpers at a price you'll be able to appreciate.

Oedro is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts. We strive to make the best parts focusing on Wrangler and pick-up trucks. Learn more about Oedro.

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