The technology of automotive LED lighting presents its remarkable functions in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, and great performance. All evidence and analyses show that there is no doubt that automotive LED lighting have been growing in the automobile market world-widely. As experts expect, this market will keep raising in the future, and it will play an important role in the field of automotive industry.

The Present Situation of LED lighting in Auto Market

The current automotive LED lighting market is complicated because even though the expansion of international automotive LED lighting market has been unstoppable, some limitations and weaknesses still exist in this field, and they might have negative effects on further development of this market. More seriously, some of these limitations might cause serious problems that impact people’s safety on the road. First, there is no unified standard or rule to regulate the production of automotive LED lighting products. Most automotive lighting products are produced and sold without any detailed specifications that are utilized to determine the quality of the lighting products. Second, there is no standard criterion for the performance of energy saving. Thus, any automotive manufactures can tag their LED lighting products with “energy saving”, even though their products might be unable to save such amount of energy as they state.

Because of lack of standards and regulations, most automotive LED lighting products do not show the functions of lighting effect and heat dissipation as they are supposed to have. Under this circumstance, the quality of LED lighting products from different manufactures in automotive market shows significant differences, and a plenty of inferior products are being sold in the market. Most automotive LED lighting products in the current market are very tricky. The brightness of these inferior LED lights will be weak in a short time period, and the color excursion will also occur shortly. Additionally, these LED lights will bring a lot of safety issues and risks. On the other hand, it is not very easy for customers to authenticate the quality of the LED light because most customers are not well educated to distinguish good products and inferior products, which causes some customers purchase products with poor quality. As a result, the essential advantages of energy saving of LED lights cannot be disclosed; meanwhile, customers and users of LED lights cannot experience the high quality of LED lights or get benefits from the advanced technologies.

Philips, Osram, Cnlight are the primary suppliers of automotive LED lights in the current international automotive market. However, because of high pricing, the replacement rate of their products is too high during the material design. On the other hand, the domestic lighting products cannot show the real high-quality lighting effect and energy saving because the domestic manufactures produce too much kinds of lighting products without perfectly mastering advanced technologies.

Oedro is an automotive LED lighting manufacture that has been raising rapidly in the field of international automotive market. Oedro presents a significant growth because of their brilliant professional ability, dedication of high quality, and pursuing of cost effectiveness has a professional technology team. Oedro has a great professional team, and they focus on the crucial parts of LED lights when products are developed, including optical design, heat dissipation, electronic life. In order to provide ultra high-quality LED lighting products with customers, Oedro insists a strict standard operating procedure which includes supplication, design, material selection, workmanship, and life of product. Oedro also provides customization options with high-quality, cost effectiveness, professional services based on customers’ needs regarding energy saving, and lighting environment. Oedro positively coordinates with development company and design team to select best lighting products based on strictly specific criteria because Oedro consistently pay attention to the effectiveness of light usage. Providing best lighting environment and better benefits from energy saving is Oedro’s ultimate goal, and Oedro adequately shows their advantages and values of OEM and professional services.

Strengthens and Weaknesses of Automotive LED Lighting Market

The competition in the automotive LED lighting market has become more intensive because there are a lot of LED manufactures that offer many kinds of products. The automotive LED lighting manufactures in the current automotive market are divided into three different groups based on the quality and price of their products.

The first group is economic group, and the representative manufacture in this group is Nilight. The price of economic group’s products is cheapest among all LED lighting brands because of low quality. These manufactures select materials with poor quality, and their workmanship is very rough. As a result, these products always bring some problems and risks, including serious clutters of lighting colors, losing control of lighting operation, high ineffectiveness rate, and losing energy saving. If people use these low-quality products, it would be very dangerous on the unlit roads and increase the accident risk.

OPT7 is the representative brand in mid-range group. The products from this group is more expensive than economic group, but it is still affordable. The clutters of lighting colors still exist in this group, but it is not very serious compare with economic group. Even though the control of lighting operation of mid-range group is better than economic group, the performance of lighting range is still not good enough. Therefore, mid-range group’s products are not safe enough for driving on the unlit roads. Besides, the effective energy saving is showed up in the mid-range group, but it is not maximized as it could be.

Philips and Osram are the top-rated automotive LED lights manufactures that are dedicated to developing upscale LED lighting products. Their LED lighting products perfectly present the constancy of lighting colors, strictness of lighting control, perfection of lighting shape, and maximum of energy saving because they select high-quality materials. Their lighting products have longer life than economic group and mid-range group. However, although Philips and Osram’s products have best quality, their price is too high. Thus, losing cost-effectiveness is their limitation.

In order to offer high-quality automotive LED lighting products with an appropriately affordable price, Oedro was founded. Oedro takes high quality, economic price, and professional services as three primary points into consideration when they position their products. Oedro believes that all people should get automotive LED lights that is able to ensure their safety on the road with any conditions, and they do not need to pay a high price. Oedro has been doing a lot of efforts to make this goal come true. Oedro spent a long time to analyzed other brands’ strengths and weakness, and Oedro insists on maximizing strengthens of other brand and eliminating their weaknesses as well as appropriately save costing to lower selling rice. Some people may be curious about how Oedro become a competitive LED lighting brand in s short time. Next week, we will post an in-depth article to disclose Oedro’s secrets.