Car Model

Q. What car models do Oedro bumper fit?
A. 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.

Different Types

Q. How many types of bumper does Oedro have?
A. There are 5 bumpers at Oedro. 3 front bumpers: Full-width, mid-width, stubby. 2 rear bumpers: with and without spare wheel carrier.

Q. Why is there a price difference between the Oedro mid-width ($249.99) and full-width bumper? ($399.99)?
A. First of all, full-width bumper provides the best protection of your vehicle, while mid-width cannot cover all of it. Secondly, full-width bumper requires more material to build compared to the mid-width bumper. Moreover, the logistic fee and transportation cost for the full-width bumper is higher which is why the selling price is comparatively more expensive than mid-width bumper.

Q. Should I choose the mid-width or the full-width bumper?
A. Both bumpers offer maximum protection and are extremely durable. However, our statistics suggests that buyers usually prefer full-width bumpers since it uplifts the whole persona of the Jeep Wrangler.

full width, mid width, stubby bumper


Q. What material is the bumper made of?
A. The bumper is made from high-grade steel.

Rust Issue

Q. Should I apply any spray coating to protect the Oedro bumper from rusting?
A. No! the Oedro bumpers are build from the finest materials and are highly durable. They don’t need any extra protection or coating as the build-quality itself prevents any rust buildup.

Q. Should I apply rust oleum before installing the bumper to prevent from rust?
A. Oedro bumpers are covered in high-quality wrinkle paint and will not rust easily.



Q. Will there be a gap between the bumper and the grille?
A. The gap between the bumper and the grille is no more than two inches and hardly noticeable. With the winch installed, the bumper will definitely look amazing.

Q. Does the Oedro bumper have hooks for security chains to connect a trailer?
A. Yes! The Oedro bumper does have a 2-inch receiver and spots for security chains safely connect a trailer.

Width & Weight

Q. What is the exact width of the Oedro bumper?
A. The mid-width bumper is 63 7/8 inches, full-width bumper is 71 7/8 inches, stubby bumper is 48 5/8 inches, rear bumper is 64 3/8 inches.

Q. Does the Oedro bumper increase the overall weight of the standard Jeep Wrangler significantly?
A. No! the Oedro bumpers are especially designed according to the specification of Jeep Wrangler and they do not affect the weight of the vehicle.

Q. If adding a bike rack and bikes, is the weight supported by the bumper and tailgate? If so, how much weight can it handle on the spare tire mounts?
A. Don't worry about the weight for bikes. It will hold about 800 lbs on the hitch alone and about 1500 with trailer.

Q. How much weight can the trailer hitch receiver support?
A. The trailer hitch receiver can tow up to 3,500 lbs of trailer weight and a tongue weight up to 350 pounds.


Q. Approximately how long does it take to install the bumper and the winch?
A. Installing Oedro bumper is very easy and if the instructions are followed closely, it takes approximately one hour to install the bumper.

Q. Can I lift the Jeep from this bumper using a high jack?
A. Oedro bumper is bolted directly to the vehicle frame and due to its high-strength material and superior build quality, you won’t have any problem lifting the jeep.

Q. I misplaced my instruction manual, how should I install the bumper now?
A. Not a problem, please refer to below video from Oedro Front bumper installation:

Rear bumper installation:

Attached Components

Q. Will I receive nuts and bolts with the bumper as well?
A. Yes! every component needed for bumper installation including nuts and bolts is included in the package.


Fog Lights

Q. Does the Oedro bumper come fitted with fog lights and will the OEM Fog lights fit into the bumper easily?
A. The bumper does not come with integrated fog lights. However, the OEM Jeep fog lights will mount perfectly to the Oedro bumpers.

Q. Is there an extension wire available for the fog lights?
A. There isn’t any extension wire available with the fog lights, however, if you remove the wires from the black conduit casing, the wires will surely reach the desired location to connect the fog lights. You should also buy a black conduit casing from Home Depot to ensure protection of the wires.

Light Bars

Q. What size of LED light bar fits in Oedro bumper?
A. The hole space is about 11.8 inches. Oedro bumper itself comes with double 4 inches’ light bars. Click here to get bigger size of LED light bars from Oedro (7 - 20 inches) light bars.


Skid Plate

Q. Does the bumper need a skid plate?
A. No! It does not require a skid plate.

Q. Can the plastic skid plate be re-attached to this bumper?
A. Re-attachment will require some expert skills.

Q. Will the Oedro bumper block the skid plate with tow bar mounts after installing?
A. No! The Oedro bumper fits exactly like a stock bumper and will not block the skid plate. Alternatively, you cal also use a D-Ring adaptor to hook the tow bar into the bumper instead of attaching it to the plate.

Vacuum Pump

Q. Do I have to relocate vacuum pump to install Oedro bumper?
A. No need to. You can install it without relocating vacuum pump.

Q. Do I have to relocate the vacuum pump if installing a winch?
A. You don’t need to relocate the vacuum pump when installing a winch


Q. Where can I attach license plate if the winch is installed?
A. To attach the license plate, purchase a winch license plate mount that will clip to the winch rollers.

Q. Is the thickness of the plate to which the winch bolts same as the bumper?
A. Yes, it is the same as the bumper.

Q. Will the winch plate support a badlands 12,000 lb winch?
A. The built-in winch plate measures 10x4.5" bolt pattern. Check the dimensions on badland winch and if it matches, it will fit.


Q. Should I mount the bumper first and then install the winch or mount winch on the bumper?
A. Follow these three steps to successfully install the winch:
1. Connect wires to the winch
2. Mount winch to the bumper
3. Mount bumper to the Jeep.

Q. Can I install a heavy duty winch on the Oedro Bumper?
A. You can install up to 12,500 lb winch easily without facing any problem.

Q. Do I need a winch plate to install a heavy duty winch?
A. Oedro bumpers are extremely durable and thick enough to support heavy duty winches. You wont need to install a winch plate.

Q. Should I relocate the brake pump canister to install the bumper or the winch?
A. No! You don’t have to relocate the brake pump canister while installing the bumper or the winch.

Q. Can I use a steel cable winch with the Oedro bumper or only synthetic line winch will work?
A. You can use any winch of which weight capacity is under 9,500 lbs.

D Rings

Q. Are the D-Rings included with the bumper?
A. The D-rings are included with the bumper.

Q. How much space is between the D-ring mounts?
A. On the front bumper, there is 31-inches of space between the D-ring mounts whereas on the rear bumper, there is 44-inches of space.

Q. What size of D-rings fit on Oedro Bumpers?
A. D-rings measuring 4.75 tons and 3/4” will fit the bumper.



Q. Does the Oedro bumper come with warranty?
A. Buy with confidence! Oedro designed a specific 7-layer carton professionally and improved packaging for the maximun protection.We offer a warranty on products damaged during delivery or that have a confirmed manufacturers defect.

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