Headlights serve as an important part of your car as they have a major influence on improving driver safety. In general, headlights in the market are classified as, for example, Halogens, HID Xenons and LED Headlights. LED Headlight gives a superior view to fellow drivers against the ordinary Halogens. They light up the perspectives of the street empowering a protected go in low and greatly dull conditions.

Halogen headlights have been present for decades as they are the cheapest and standard equipment for most vehicles. Initially, a filament is heated up which then glows and reacts with gases to produce that yellow light. But they are very inefficient in terms of lighting and energy. More than 75% of the energy produced by halogen bulbs are wasted as excess heat.

HID Xenon headlights are an improvement to the halogens which produce less heat but more light for the same energy used. A ray of xenon gas is passed over electricity which produces a light. But they are fragile and fails frequently compared to LEDs. Undoubtedly, the best solution for lighting up your headlights are the LED ones. They are extremely reliable, durable and energy efficient. The fact is that these LEDs last up to 11 years and they produce 80% light efficiency from the same amount of energy compared to halogens.

OEDRO produces the best LED headlights for your car model. We offer LED headlights in Triple Color type which include white, yellow and mix. The Triple Color LED available at OEDRO is one the best among the available mixed LEDs. Click here to get one.

These LEDs are 200% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights. OEDRO uses the latest technology that creates a perfect beam pattern without any dark spots or scattered beams. A high-intensity Aluminum turbo fan operating at 9,000 RPM cools down the LED Headlight quickly and provides brilliant continuous light for over 50,000 hrs. OEDRO LEDs come with CAN Bus ready installation features and can work on most of the vehicle's computer system without error.