The standard mat that comes when you purchase your car is not ideal for many reasons. One of the main concerns is that, it doesn’t serve its purpose of a floor mat. Car manufacturers add it as an accessory, but they don’t protect the surface completely and dirt can accumulate over time resulting in deterioration of the floor. The best solution is to get a floor mat along with a floor liner. But let us have a look at what makes them different. Liners occupy the contours of car floor and are specially designed for every car. Liners have raised edges at nook and corners that allow collection of dust and dirt in a tray. Whereas floor mats have a flat base area. Although, some may come with spikes to fit to the carpet underneath. But in general, floor mats along with liners serve the purpose of protection to the best.

OEDRO floor mats and liners are engineered for cars individually. These mats are perfect fit for your cars and are made by unique precision digital laser scanning to protect the footwell. They completely line the interior carpet accurately. OEDRO mats are made up of TPE tri-extruded materials that protect it extreme wear and tear. Also, OEDRO mats are all-weather resistant and protect the floor against rain, fog, snow.

OEDRO floor liners provide excellent rugged and durable grip. There will not be any slipping caused as these liners are secured to the floor of the car. They are easy to clean and trap debris effectively. The high density TPE material is extreme wear-resistant and tough and durable.

OEDRO mats have 300% better temperature resistance compared PVC. Also, these mats are non-toxic and odourless, contain no latex, cadmium, lead or any harmful PVC’s.