Floor mats usually play a very crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic value of the car. For passengers, floor mats may look just like any other accessory. But when it comes to driver, it makes a very big difference on the kind of mats that they use in car. The main role played by floor mat is to keep dirt and grime out of car since they soak up water from drivers’ & passengers’ feet and to keep car carpet looking really clean. The selection of the right floor mats is really important since selection of the right colour brightens the cabin of the car whereas the right material will give a premium appeal to whole cabin. Therefore it is advisable that you choose the correct floor mat for your car.

Whether your primary concern is providing a barrier against food spills, mud, snow, or sand, the good news is that Oedro floor mats have floor mats tailored for any specific needs. If you prefer to class up your coach, we've got luxurious mats made of carpeting and even finely grooved rubber. Need floor coverings for a work truck or shuttle vehicle? We've got durable mats that protect your floor while being easy to walk on. And if you just feel like making your interior a more cheerful place to spend time, we've got mats in bright colours.

Oedro floor mat brings you options to choose from mainly depending on your needs and budget to protect your beloved car.

Types of floor mats

A) Rubber mats

Rubber is a good material for floor mats because it's designed for heavy-duty use. The rubber floor mats are fabricated with high tensile synthetic rubber which has the ability to take wear and tear easily. They usually of black colour and have high benefits especially during the rainy season. The synthetic used in their manufacturing do not let even a drop of moisture to pass through them and reach the metal floor.

Oedro floor mats are eco-friendly and the odourless rubber substance makes them pleasant to live with. Additionally, they have non-slip nibbed backing, which prevents them from sliding around when under pressure. The material is 100% rubber and is very easy to clean, flexible but still durable hence you are protected against sleet, ice, snow and rain. With different colours to choose from and very affordable price, there’s nothing not to love about Oedro Universal Heavy-Duty Rubber Floor Mats.

These rubber mats are portable and require no installation, making them perfect as a temporary or permanent rubber flooring solution. Choose from a wide variety of colours and thickness options to find the look and feel that’s right for you.

B) Fabric floor mats

These are basically the most easily available and the cheapest mats which are available. Such type of car floor mats are stitched with quality fabric and comprise cushions inside that are comfortable as well as water-impermeable .The fabric floor mats have a rubber back preventing them from slipping and they have a very attractive colour to give a good look to your car and they also have excellent designs. These mats usually come in universal sizes and will fit your car very easily. They can easily be removed so that they can be washed dusted and cleaned easily. The main disadvantage with these types of mats is that they will start sagging and slip with time. They also have a very short life compared with other floor mats. Fabric floor mats can be available in any automotive shops but Oedro recommends that you look out for good quality ones.

C) All weather floor mats

They are made from rubber and synthetics. They are best to be used in areas where the weather is changing very frequently or there are extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat, snow or rain. These kinds of mats have ribbed patterns and ridges hence they can protect the floor of your car from spills, dirt, mud, and debris. They are designed in such a way that they can be removed easily for changing or cleaning.

If you need protection from against stains and spills, then Oedro all-weather floor mats are what you are looking for. Whether you frequently drive with muddy boots or haul corrosive materials in your car, these mats have what it takes to keep your seats and cargo areas protected in any condition.

D) Carpet floor mats

These carpets are softer and provide a stylish look for your car. They may also have some plastic and rubber components to ensure that there is overall protection from wear. The main disadvantage with carpet floor mat is that water, slush, and mud can easily damage this material if the carpet remains soiled and wet for a long time and so they should be vacuumed or dry-cleaned. They are best suited for dry areas or areas with moderate climate.


If you want an affordable option for heavy duty and weather- proof rubber floor mat, you’re going to get one from Oedro floor mats. The Oedro floor mats for cars are able to withstand extreme temperatures and most importantly, never cringe or crack under pressure. The backing area of our Oedro floor mats is good enough for the prevention of your mats slipping around.

One of the most recommended companies in the sphere of automotive formats is Oedro floor mats. In particular, Oedro rubber floor mats are graded specifically for fitment in all types of vehicles. They feature unique left and right designs the material they are made of won’t crack, curl or harden in rough weather.

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