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Carpet area in the car or any other vehicle can be easily damaged from the snowy, dusty and muddy outside world that gets tracked inside with your shoes. Though no one can blame you, if you think, "Why should one care about floor mats and liners, they are simply used to stomp the feet." However, being an owner of the vehicle, you certainly need to take care of it. And here is why you should care about it.

Car Floor Mats and Car Floor Liners serves an important part of your cars basic maintenance. Rather than beating the carpet area with your feet, it is okay if the floor mat or floor liner takes the beating instead. You might not notice it, but the carpet area of your car goes through a lot of things each day. From your shoes dirt and grime to your coffee stains and spills, the carpet can get prone to wear and tear quickly. Keeping this in mind, there is only one thing which can be done – use a floor mat or floor liner as a protective gear. Oedro floor mats and Oedro floor liners can prolong the life of your car by protecting the floor and body carriage from the moisture, which can stain or rust the floor area. However, there’re differences between floor mats and floor liners, so Oedro is going to introduce them in details:

Floor Mats

Floor Mats are the flawless add-ons for the interior of your vehicle. It is a carpet which has a layer of rubber in the bottom part that lies against the floor area of your vehicle. Good quality mats consist of a groove which catches dirt, stones, and other debris and is made entirely of rubber. There are multiple instances in which having a floor mat in place is not only important but ideal. For people who spend a large amount of time working outside, cars floor mat protects the floor from dirt and mud. Sometimes the moisture could work its way through the floor and can eventually rust the car's carriage. Oedro floor mats can protect the carpet from stains which cannot be scrubbed out.

If you ever plan to reseal the car, having a floor mat can protect the carpet area, which not only increases the value, but also enhances the overall look and feel of your car. Since this floor mats are available in a wide variety of color and prints, it can add a flair and style to your personality.

oedro floor liners

Floor Mats Pros

Floor mats are available in a wide variety of color, prints, styles, and materials. They add a flair to your personality.

Being the basic maintenance accessory for protecting your car, floor mats can be easily found at local auto part stores and online.

Floor mats are generally less expensive in comparison to floor liners.

Floor Mats Cons

Budget floor mat basically comes with ‘one size fits all' accessory. Thus, it might happen that it won't cover the entire area beneath the feet.

In-built floor mats that are pre-installed in your car, are not made of good quality material. Thus they need more cleaning that mats made of good quality rubber.

Once the floor mat catches moisture and odor, they tend to become smelly sooner rather than later.

Floor Liners

Floor liners are known to line accurately and completely the entire interior carpet area, providing absolute interior protection. Unlike floor mats, floor liners are precisely molded to shape the cars floor space. It is engineered from a thick rubber material and is installed directly on top of the metal structure in your car. Oedro floor liners help you to protect the resale value of your car. The cost of the owing car is simply the difference between the cost you pay for it and the cost you sell it for. Floor liners ensure that you get a good resale value by protecting it from getting stained and damaged

Floor liners consist of deep grooves, which helps to trap the debris and prevents it from lying on top of it and against your shoes. Oedro floor liners provide excellent rugged and durable grip. There is no slipping absolutely.

oedro floor mats

Floor Liners Pros

Floor liners are specifically made of thicker and durable material, like rubber as compared to other cheap material used in floor mats.

Floor liners are rugged and thus holds better in situations of burns, stains, and spills as compared to car floor mats.

Floor liners are custom made and thus fit the floor space better in comparison to the normal floor mat.

Floor Liners Cons

Floor liners can cause difficulty during in and out the transition for cleaning purposes as opposed to floor mats.

Floor liners are made of good quality rubber and thus tends to be more expensive than floor mats.

oedro floor mats

Which one should you opt for?

Both floor mats and floor liners will serve as the protective gear for your cars floor space. It is better to use any of it, instead of not using at all. However, if you want to make a choice in between mats and liners, Oedro suggests you to take different variables like weather, budget, and style into account. If you live in a rainy area, chances are, your floor mat will get wet quickly and turn smelly. Thus one should go for floor liners in such instances.

As discussed above, floor liners are a little different than floor mats. Liners are a good option when people eat a lot on the road and during the commute. Since liners are laser cuts plastic which matches the exact floor space of your car, spill an entire drink on the liner and the grooves and channels in the liner will hold it all. And as said, it's better to use something than to not use at all. Prevent your car from getting damaged and ensure its safety.

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