Floor mats

Car Model

Q. What car model can Oedro floor mats be used in?
A. 2013 - 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, 2014 - 2018 Chevy Silverado Double Cab, 2014 - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4 Door Unlimited, 2015 - 2018 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab.


Q. Do these liners have a rubber texture or plastic texture?
A. It is neither rubber texture nor plastic texture. It is new TPE/TPO material in between, not a soft rubber, but not real firm plastic.

Q. Does this product contain Latex?
A. No. All floor mats and Household Mats are made from our advanced Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is virtually odorless, contains no harmful PVCs, cadmium, or lead and is 100% recyclable!

Q. Is the material odorless?
Yes, it is odorless, non-toxic, contains no latex, cadmium, lead or any harmful PVCs.

Floor mats

Contained Merchandise

Q. Does this include rear floor mats? The back mat is folded in half for shipping?
A. Oedro sells both front only and whole set. Regarding whole set floor mats, the rear mat is folded in half for shipping. The TPE/TPO material is soft, and during the transportation process, it will be compressed and deformed. Therefore, when you receive the floor liners, please spread out, and the original shape will be automatically restored after a period of time.

Q. Can I purchase only the driver’s side?
A. No. The floor mats are only sold in front only or whole set.


Q. Why isn’t the color the same as it appears online, or in the ad?
A. On-screen or ad color representations may appear slightly different as a result of studio lighting, variance in monitor calibrations, or magazine print quality.


Q. Can I put the floor mats on top of or under my factory mats?
A. No. The removal of the factory mats is imperative for proper installation. Failure to remove factory mats will result in an improper fit, which will likely create interference with vehicle controls, resulting in an unsafe condition for operating the vehicle.


Q. How should I clean my floor mats?
A. Our formulated floor mats are designed specifically for easy cleaning. However, mild detergent, warm water, and a soft-bristle brush will also help. Do not clean with harsh chemicals or apply silicone-based cleaners (such as Armor All). You can also check out for more details on how to clean your floor mats easily.

Q. Are Oedro floor mats stain-resistant?
A. Yes! Floor mats will resist staining, however, routine maintenance is recommended to prolong the life and integrity of the product.


Q. Does the drivers mat have coverage under the gas pedal?
A. Yes, they are laser measured to fit the floor and the driver side can have coverage under the gas pedal well. The factory ones are open under the gas Pedal and snow and mud drip under there. But our floor mats are designed with patent and can cover your footwell like a glove.

Q. Why don’t the floor liners cover the door sill on my vehicle?
A. Our floor liners are manufactured to fit flush or cover the door sill when the vehicle’s sill is level with the floor. If the vehicle is designed with a well-shaped floor space, the floor liners will rise up to and along the door sill, but not cover it completely.

Q. Why is my driver’s side dead pedal/footrest only partially covered?
A. We strive to offer as much protection to the vehicle floor as possible. There are inherent limitations in the manufacturing process that may limit the height of some walls on a specific application.

Floor mats

Slip Issue

Q. Do Oedro floor mats have good grip? Are these slippery when you step on them?
A. Oedro floor mats come with grommet holes and using these, it can be hooked on to the car floor. The grommets on these floor mats ensure that the mat is not held in place just by friction but is actually secured down by the hook. This will mean that these mats will stay in place and not slippery at all.

Floor Mats & Floor Liners

Q. What’s the difference between floor mats and floor liners?
A. The floor liners are a three-dimensional tray-type floor covering with standing walls that go up the front, back, and side of the vehicle floor. The floor mats are a traditional two-dimensional flexible rubber-type mat that drapes the floor area to follow contours. Both will protect the carpet and contain spills, however the floor liners cover more surface area.


Q. Does the Oedro bumper come with warranty?
A. Buy with confidence! We offer a limited lifetime warranty on products damaged during delivery or that have a confirmed manufacturer defect.