Headlights are a vital component of a vehicle. They help you see the road at night so you can protect yourself and your car from obstacles and pedestrians.

Imagine if the headlights malfunction, not only are you in danger of getting into an accident but you are likely to hit somebody and cause injuries. Therefore, your vehicle’s headlamps must be in perfect condition. Go for headlights checkup and repair every once in a while.

Though you should be clear on how to spot defective headlights and buy the genuine product in the first place, if your high beam and low beam headlights do not work for some reason, here are some ways to find out how to fix them.

Low Beam Headlights Don’t Work - How to Fix

1. Bulb

If your car’s low beam headlights are not working, the first thing you need to do is check the bulb inside the headlamp.

Light bulbs have a limited lifespan, after which they can break any time. Normally, a bulb lasts 5 to 6 years depending on the time you spend driving at night. Those of you who do a lot of nighttime driving will burn a bulb quicker.

Fix: Repairing a headlight bulb is not possible, at least not without the proper tools and equipment. A bulb has a tungsten filament inside which burns out due to use. Unless you are qualified to replace a tungsten filament, do not think about a repair.

A replacement bulb is the best option. Buy a new bulb, twist the connector behind the headlight housing, remove the worn-out bulb, and add the new one. There are certainly many benefits for you to replace headlights.

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2. Connecting system

A car’s low beam headlights may not work if they are not connected to the system correctly. The bulb inside the headlight and the headlight housing experience a lot of vibration when you drive your car. As a result, either the bulb gets loose or the connector gets loose.

Fix: To fix a loose bulb or connector, pop open the hood and reach behind the headlight. You will feel a connector which needs to be twisted. Twist the connector and take out the bulb. Blow away all the dust from the bulb and the connector and attach them back again. You have solved your problem!

3. Fuse

The car headlights receive their power through the safety of a fuse. When the fuse blows, it does not allow electricity to pass to the bulb, therefore, the low beam headlight will not work.

Fix: The headlight fuse is located inside the fuse box in your engine bay. Usually, the fuse box is found on the top right side of the engine bay. When you open it, you find a number of fuses and relays inside. It could be confusing to find the right fuse, but fortunately, you get a map which can lead you to the right fuse. Simply remove that fuse and replace it with a new one.

4. Battery

The headlights take their power from the car’s battery. The battery needs to provide an uninterrupted and perfect supply of electricity to the headlamps for them to function properly. If the battery is not working properly, it will affect the functioning of low beam headlight.

Fix: First off, you need to check if the battery is sending out ideal voltage to the car’s other battery-run components. For this, you need a high impedance voltmeter. Attach the voltmeter to the battery’s connectors and check if the output is within the ideal range.

You can always ask a mechanic to do this for you. If the battery is not providing the correct volts, it is time to get a new one. A new battery will hopefully help you out with your car’s low beam headlight problem.

High beam headlights don’t work - How to Fix

1. Wiring

A faulty wiring can be the root cause if the high beam headlights are not working. The wiring takes the power from the battery into the high-beam relay which in turn powers the car headlights. The poor wiring will cause the high beam headlight to malfunction. Therefore, it is always wise to use genuine headlights<https://www.oedro.com/oedro-v99-series-led-headlight-bulb-conversion-kit> to avoid such hassle.

Fix: Take your car to an expert electrician who is capable to replace your car’s wiring. The wiring usually wears out due to heat and usage. Choose high-quality wiring if you have to change it. Usually, rewiring can cost a lot of money.

2. Relay

A malfunctioning high beam relay can also disable your high beam lights. Headlights have a separate relay for low beam and high beam, which transfers the ideal amount of power to the bulbs.

Fix: A relay can easily be replaced. They are relatively cheap and can be found in any auto spare parts shop. All you have to do is locate the headlight’s relay which can be found in the fuse box on the engine bay or right behind the headlights. Remove the old relay and add the new one.

3. Control switch

There is a small control switch in modern cars that switches low beam to high beam. Without this control arm, you cannot turn on high beam lights. It is placed on the side of the steering column and you need to either pull or push it to trigger high beam in headlights.

Fix: Malfunctioning in the control arm or switch can be a mechanical or electrical issue. For this, you have to open up your car’s steering setup and find the issue. Usually, a mechanic can be helpful to you in this kind of work.

4. Bulb

Some cars of today have two halogen bulbs inside the headlights; one for low beam and the other for high beam. If the high beam bulb burns out, you won’t be able to switch between a high and low beam setting. Therefore, it is advisable to get both headlight bulbs changed when even one of them goes bad.

Fix: Replacing the bulb inside the headlamp is easy. First off, you need to turn off your car and switch off the headlights so that no power gets through to them. Now proceed by twisting the connector behind the headlight and remove the bulb. Replace the bulb with the new one. Secure the connector on the new bulb and place it back inside the headlight housing.

As mentioned in low beam headlights issue, you can always change your defective headlights with OEDRO LED headlights.

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