Road trips and regular use of your truck or car can result in accumulation of dirt, mud, dust and everything unwanted. It can become a rather arduous task to clean if you don’t use the appropriate floor mats. Also, floor mats improve the appearance of your car’s interiors. Accumulation of unwanted debris destroys the floor of your car and has a direct impact on the resale value of your car. Extremely hot temperatures, sub-zero icy cold conditions, consistent rain and snow, off-road adventures all bring about debris into your car. It’s inevitable to avoid these, but you can protect your stock carpet with Oedro mats. Oedro mats reduces the wear of the stock carpeting. Custom floor mats are available at the Oedro store for Jeep wrangler, dodge ram, Chevy silverado, Ford 150 and other cars.

Car-specific floor mats are a good option for as these car mats are designed for a specific make and model of a specific automaker. Dimensions fit perfectly and accurately. There are a few factors that need to be considered before acquiring new floor mats for your car. Oedro helps you in selecting the perfect fit for your dream ride.

Types of Floor Mats:

Standard ones are cheaper and serve the only purpose of protection against liquids. Rubber mats crack at extreme temperatures. We at Oedro, offer high quality rubber mats that withstand all odds. Cargo mats and all-weather ones are more durable as they are made up of rigid materials.

Perfect Fitment:

Universal floor mats are available at every other accessory shop. But your car is not designed for that. It deserves better and right fit of floor mats. We at Oedro, sell floor mats that are perfectly suitable for your car. Be it Chevy, Dodge or Ford. We have floor mats for all kinds of cars. These mats cover up the entire floor are and can be precisely fitted.

The mats that we sell have characteristics of anti-skidding that provides enough grip to make you feel comfortable. Getting in and out of the car regularly is no longer a problem. Durability is another factor in the long-term that needs to be considered. With Oedro mats are made up of TPE tri- extruded composition materials that provide excellent grip & rugged durability.

Easy Maintenance:

With Oedro mats, interior car washes take much less time as the mats are equipped with reservoirs. These reservoirs are engineered to take up debris and fluids. Also, these reservoirs make it easy to remove and clean. The innovative patterns on the floor mats funnel the debris to the reservoirs. Once cleaned, these mats shine as like new ones. These features keep water and moisture away from your feet. Reservoirs protect the floor from fluids and store it in a secure place.


Durability is one of factors that dictates the quality over long time use. Oedro mats are manufactured for extreme durability and can withstand all weather conditions such as snow, mud, rain and dirt. Tread patterns, high- quality polymers and rubbers used for manufacturing floor mats, make it tough and durable. Resistance to wear is maximum with Oedro mats. Mats made up of TPE material has 300% better temperature resistance than commonly used PVC materials. Aging doesn’t make these Oedro mats look like conventional ones.

Weather Resistance:

All-weather floor mats help trap mud, snow, water and sand. These mats are engineered to prevent curling in sub-zero temperatures. Oedro mats take up all the punishment you can inflict and come with lifetime warranty. The odds of getting mud on the floor are lessened as these mats guard against all weather conditions.


Brand specific mats feature logos and designs that add elegance and quality to the interiors. They also come in all colors which can be customised according to your interests. They are visually appealing and can be used to complement the interiors of your car.