It’s about time to get your Jeep ready for this hunting season!

For those who are going hunting for the first time, you may have heard about the terrain around you. Just keep in mind that someone’s “not too bad” may not be the same as yours.

So do some inspections on your Jeep and get the required modifications to make your life much easier!


When you take your Jeep hunting, you’re most likely going to be going off road – and pretty far, at that. It’s always a good idea to make sure that everything is in good working order. You should do more than a cursory inspection, especially if the trails you will be on are on the rough side.

1. Check all fluids

Check all fluids in your Jeep including the oil, power steering fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid (if applicable) and windshield wiper fluid. If you often drive through water, you should also check the gear oil to ensure that no water seeped into the pumps and to ensure the gear oil level is correct.

2. Check for leaks of any type

While you are checking the fluids, look over the engine for leaks. If you notice that any of the fluids are low and need to be topped off, check extra diligently for leaks for that particular fluid.

Follow hoses to find leaks, and check the areas of the engine where major seals are located: the valve covers, the front and rear of the engine at the crankshaft, the timing cover, oil pan and the freeze plugs along the side of the engine.

3. Check the belts and hoses

Check them to ensure they are in excellent condition. If the hoses feel soft and squishy or are dry rotted, it’s time to replace them.

The best way to check them is to let the vehicle get to normal operating temperatures. Carefully, while the vehicle is running, squeeze the upper and lower radiator hoses. Since the system is pressurized, the hoses should feel firm.

Heater hoses may be checked hot or cold and should always feel firm. Make sure all heater hose clamps, radiator hose clamps and other clamps are tight.

The belts should not have cracks or evidence of dry rot. If you see a shine on the ribbed side of the belts, it’s time to replace them.

In most cases, you will have one large belt – a serpentine belt – that runs around all of the accessory pulleys. To see if the belt has stretched past its useful life, grab it between two pulleys and twist it. It should not twist more than 90 degrees.

4. Check the tires and brakes

Tires should have plenty of tread. Check the thickness of the brake pads and look at the brake hoses to see if brake fluid is leaking.

If your Jeep has wheel cylinders in the rear, check the hoses and wheel cylinders, which are located behind the drum. Replace as necessary.

5. Check the suspension

Check it to make sure everything is in good working order and that nothing is cracked or broken, especially the springs. Oil shocks should not leak.

When you bounce each corner of the vehicle up and down, it should bounce once or twice and then stop. If the vehicle bounces several times after you take your hands off of it, repair the suspension.

Make sure all of the nuts and bolts holding the suspension in are tight, especially the bolts in the shock towers under the hood.

6. Check under the vehicle

Make sure there’s no loose wires or hoses are hanging down. The exhaust should be in its brackets. The fuel lines and brake lines run underneath your Jeep. Make repairs as necessary.

Jeep accessories for hunters

Because snowy or icy roads can become quite dicey, it’s a good idea to have some accessories to protect your Jeep – and to help yourself get out of a bind. 

Running boards

Running boards are important for hunters as they keep the Jeep from hanging up by catching a rocker panel on obstacles including rocks and brush.

Looking for high quality running boards can be difficult due to so many products on the market. Fortunately, we have the perfect choice for you right now - OEDRO running boards, which are made to fit 2007 through 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK two-door and four-door models.

running boards

Here are the reasons why you should opt for them:
● These heavy-duty running boards are durable and have corrosion protection.
● They will handle up to 350 pounds and are slip-proof.
● Moreover, they are bolted on with three plates instead of two plates, so they are sturdier and provide more protection than other brands.



The bumper is for hunters just as water is for fish. It provides you not only safety but also sufficient protection.

If you don’t have a bumper yet, then you probably want to get yourself one before hunting.

Here are some suggestions on bumper selection based on your Jeep model:

Full width bumper


The full-width bumper runs from one side of your Jeep Wrangler to the other side. The end caps extend out to the front of the fenders and helps to protect the fenders. These are recommended on a Jeep with stock or just over stock tires. They will interfere with larger tires.

If you have stock or slightly larger tires, a full-width bumper protects your Jeep while you are traveling on narrow trails in the woods. They keep brush and branches from puncturing your tires. This bumper also gives your Jeep an aggressive look. The full-width bumper, as are all of our bumpers, are set up to accept a winch.

Other than the issue with larger tires, the other disadvantages of the full-width bumper is that it does add weight to the vehicle. However, if you are traveling on soft trails or steep gravel roads, the weight is a help instead of a hindrance.

Mid width bumper


If you have larger tires, a mid-width bumper would be your first choice.

The bumpers wrap around the vehicle, but stop before the tires and fenders. While they won’t protect your tires, they do provide a safety net for the front and rear of your Jeep, including taillights and headlights.

These bumpers also work with some suspension modifications. They are lighter than the full-width bumpers and provide more space for the articulation you need when driving off-road. Add a winch to this bumper to get yourself unstuck or to get a friend out of a bind.

Stubby bumper


If you have suspension upgrades and huge tires, you might opt for the stubby bumper.

It still provides protection to the lights and grille area. You are able to add a winch to the stubby bumper. This is the least expensive of the three bumper options OEDRO has for Jeep bumpers, and it is also much lighter. The stubby bumper also gives you more ground clearance than the full- and mid-width bumpers.

OEDRO bumper advantages

OEDRO bumpers come in 3 styles (mentioned above) and fit 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK models. The bumpers feature two extra lights and have a rust-proof black powder-coated layer. The built-in winch plates can handle greater than 12,000 pounds. Additionally, the bumpers also have solid D-ring mounts.

rear bumper

OEDRO also provides rear bumpers for those who want to protect the back of their Jeep.

Emergency kit

Besides inspection and modification we are going to talk about emergency kits, as they might help you in a life or death situation.

Your Jeep might have a first aid kit, but if it’s one of those small kits, it’s not going to be enough. Make sure your kit has extra supplies such as stitches, eye wash, tweezers, an ace bandage, plenty of gauze, alcohol, a knife, tourniquet and splints. You should also learn how to use all of these items. Anything could happen while off roading, especially if there is snow or ice on the ground.

You should also have emergency survival supplies. You should have a blanket for everyone, at least 2 liters of water for each person, a change of warm clothing and rain gear.

Additionally, always check your flashlight and have fresh batteries with you. A kit with fire starting material and waterproof matches should be kept in your Jeep. If you have room, a tarp comes in handy, too.

Keep your Jeep stocked with high-energy food. If you are in a warm part of the country, the food should be non-perishable. Otherwise, foods that freeze well (in case they do freeze) are fine. Chocolate bars, granola bars and peanut butter are all high-energy food that come in handy if you happen to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.


Oedro is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts. We strive to offer Jeep owners the better offroad experience and professional auto parts knowledge. Visit the OEDRO website to learn more about us and to find out other accessories you may want for your Jeep.

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