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If you own a Jeep Wrangler then chances are pretty high that you find the headlights it comes installed with inadequate. This is especially true at night and most of the time you would be driving with your eyes squinting to try and gauge what is in front of you. Thankfully you do not have to keep suffering like that. Among the many wonderful qualities that the Jeep Wrangler possesses, there is one that you might not be aware of. It is extremely easy to replace the pathetic headlights already on the Jeep Wrangler for something more powerful and useful. This is a step by step guide on how to replace the existing headlights for a better one. In the end, we will also let you know of the perfect replacement headlights for any model of the Jeep Wrangler that has a round headlight such as the TJ, LJ and JK.

Tools you will need:

The simplicity of this procedure is evident from the sparse set of tools you need. All you need to have is a T15 Torx Screwdriver & extender and a socket wrench & extender. Yes, that is really it.

Some basic info:

  • Number of screws you need to open: 6

  • Any modification to the housing: None

  • Any adjustments to be made on the replacement: Not unless you choose something other than our recommendation

The steps for replacing the headlights are as follows:

Step1: Popping the hood

Pop the hood which is very easy and straightforward on the Jeep Wrangler. Locate the two latches on either side of the hood. Gently pull on them away from the hood and that should release the latches and you will be able to open the hood a bit. Through this small opening reach into the hood from the front and about the middle and you will come across a lever. Push this lever up and the hood will be completely free to open all the way.

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Step 2: Disconnecting the battery terminals

This is another extremely important step. As the headlight is part of the electrical system on the Jeep it is really important to create a safe working environment. All you need to do is to safely disconnect the battery terminals. This is very easy as well. Locate the battery. It will have two terminals. They should be color coded with black and red. The black one should be disconnected first as that is the negative terminal. If there is no color coding then there will be a '-' sign and a '+' sign near the terminals. Once you have identified the negative terminal, loosen the terminal with a socket wrench and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Make sure the disconnected terminal does not come in contact with anything. Do the same for the positive terminal but be very careful not to let the wrench touch anything metallic. Once both terminals are free it is a good idea to cover the battery with a dry towel.

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Step 3: Disconnecting the inner socket

Locate the headlight from the inside of the hood. You will see a wire coming out of the headlight that is connected to a socket. Gently tug this socket to disconnect the light's terminals from the socket. Do this for both the headlights.

Step 4: Removing the outer metallic ring

Come back to the front of the Jeep and look closely at the edges of the headlight. You will see a metallic ring with 3 screws on it. Using the T15 screwdriver unscrew these screws and remove the outer metallic ring. The light is still fixed to the Jeep so do not worry about it falling out. Repeat this step for the other headlight as well.

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Step 5: Removing the inner metallic ring:

Once the outer metallic ring is removed a small gap would be created around the light fixture. Look closely and you will see another metallic ring inside the gap held by 3 more screws. Using the T15 screwdriver unscrew these screws. There are two things to be mindful of here. First, do not let the screws fall into the cavity below the lights as they would be impossible to retrieve. Second, hold the light fixture with one hand as it will pop off and fall down once the inner ring becomes loose. After all the 3 screws have been removed the entire light fixture along with the inner ring will come out. Repeat step for both headlights. That completes the removal of the old headlights

Step 6: Installing the new headlight fixture and the inner ring:

Gently place the replacement headlight fixture into the headlight assembly of the Jeep making sure the wire at the back come out at the back into the hood. Orient the replacement light correctly. If it is an LED headlight like the one we are going the recommend then make sure that the smaller bulb inside is on the top while the larger one is at the bottom. These light should also be vertically aligned. Place the inner ring around it and line up the screw holes and take your time to screw the screws back with the T15 screwdriver. Once all the screws are in place make sure that there is no wiggle room. In case there is then ensure that the fixture is sitting in its place properly and that all the screws are properly tightened.

Step 7: Installing the outer ring:

This should be pretty straightforward. Just line up the outer ring and screw it back on.

Step 8: Connecting the light terminals:

Remember the terminals at the back of the light? These have to be connected to the socket we disconnected in step 3. If it is the 2018 model then directly connect the terminals of the light to the socket. Else you will need the bundled anti flicker unit. Connect the light to the anti-flicker unit which is then connected to the socket.

Step 9: Reconnect the battery and close the hood:

This time the red or the positive terminal goes first. Attach the positive terminal and tighten it with the socket wrench. Then connect the negative or black terminal making sure there is no contact between the two terminals. Finally close the hood which is the easiest step here. Gently bring the hood down and once it is completely down close the latches on either side and voila, you are done.

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Our recommendation:

The perfect replacement headlights for the Jeep Wrangler is the Oedro LED headlights.

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Why we recommend the Oedro LED headlights for the Jeep Wrangler?

  • Ease of installation: As we just saw, installing this headlight is extremely easy and will hardly take 15-20 minutes.

  • Superior lighting performance: The components of this headlight are of the highest quality. This ensures that the road ahead is well lit and the headlights last a really long time.

  • Bundled Anti-flicker decoder: Even if you have an older Jeep Wrangler you do not need to worry as these headlights come bundled with their own anti-flicker decoder. These work really great and keep annoying issues such as flashing lights, noise, and incomplete illumination at bay.

  • Certified product: These headlights have all the necessary certifications including DOT approval making them safe and legal to use.

  • Excellent warranty: It comes with a 2 year quality warranty which is better than most replacement headlights available in the market.

So there you have it. Replacing the headlights on a Jeep Wrangler demystified.

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