Just because your car literally depreciates the minute you drive it off the dealer's lot doesn't mean that you should neglect caring for and maintaining it. After all, to many, a vehicle is more than just a primary source of transportation, but a comfortable abode or a safe space. Yes, there's pride in ownership, and a big part of loving what you drive is making sure that your car is clean, well maintained and looking good from the inside and outside. This doesn't just help with its value, but it can help it look better and last longer. It takes work to accomplish this, and here's how to do it:

make your car look new again

Keeping the Exterior of Your Car Looking Great

It's said that it's the exterior of a car that hooks a driver initially and makes them want to learn more about it. If you want to turn heads when you're driving, here's what you should be doing to keep the exterior in the best possible shape (regardless of its age):

1.Wash it regularly:

We'd recommend washing your vehicle by hand unless you're 100 percent comfortable with your local car wash. Many car washes tend to use abrasive materials that can cause damage to your vehicle's paint job. Plus, washing your own car will permit you to pay special attention to the tough-to-clean areas that the car wash might miss or neglect. Grab a bucket, sponge, hose, car wash soap and some towels, then get to work. Start by spraying the hose on the vehicle to wet it, then take a sponge or wash mitt with the soap solution and get scrubbing. Rinse scrubbed areas with the hose and finish by drying to minimize splotches.

Wash your car regularly

2.Touch up scratches:

Sooner or later, your car is going to accrue scratches. And while scratches can put a damper on the exterior look of your vehicle, they're fairly easy to repair yourself. First what you'll want to do is check your owner's manual for the paint code. Then, purchase some automotive touch up paint. Once you have the right paint, clean the scratched area to remove debris, then carefully paint the scratch with your automotive paint. Do this by dabbing the paint onto the scratch, so that it can fill in the crack on its own. Once it dries, you can use clear coat over the paint to finish the job and you may even polish the area to give it a nice shine.

Touch up scratches

3.Pull out dents:

Just like the paint job getting nicked and scratched, your car might take an errant shopping cart, baseball or be involved in a small collision where the body dents. The good news is that most small car dents don't require you to take your vehicle into a body shop – many can be “popped out” on your own. Start by getting a sink plunger, wetting it and then pressing it against the dent until it suctions in an attempt to pop it out. If that doesn't work, consider picking up a specialty suction cup dent remover tool, which works similar to a plunger but is designed to create a stronger suction.

4.Replace old parts:

There are various exterior car parts that warrant replacement after a while. These include the likes of worn or rusted license plate holders, cracked mirrors or windshields, windshield wipers and even headlights. The latter parts – headlights – can be a bit trickier than the rest to replace. Start by checking your vehicle owner's manual for the applicable bulb and assessing the type of beam that's best. Ideally, you'll want a light with a focused beam, rather than one that produces a scattered beam.LED headlights, such as those from OEDRO, offer a variety of benefits over conventional halogen bulbs, such as a longer lifespan, better energy efficiency and improved visibility.

oedro led light

5.Maintain it:

Cars require routine maintenance both for looking good and running well. When it comes to exterior maintenance, the tires are one area you shouldn't ignore. Rotate them every 6,000 miles (or every other oil change) and replace them every three to four years (or when tread depth becomes unsafe). Waxing your car on a regular basis can also help protect the paint job, finish and help your car achieve a shiny look. There's a bevy of other maintenance that you should be adhering to when it comes to under-the-hood components. Refer to your owner's manual for recommendations on things like fluid flushes, tune-ups and more.

Keeping the Interior of Your Car Looking Great

To finish the adage we mentioned in the previous section, while it's the exterior that hooks a driver, it's the interior that keeps them. Noting this, there are several things you can do to keep the inside of your car neat, clean, comfortable and looking just like it did when you bought it:

1.Clean it:

Just like how the exterior of your car needs to be washed and waxed to stay looking great, the floors of your car should be vacuumed, the dashboard cleaned and the overall interior de-cluttered. Specialty car wipes or household cleaners work great for cleaning the dashboard and hard surfaces, use glass cleaner for the windows and don't forget to clean inside often-used areas like cup holders, side pockets and consoles. If you really want to do a thorough deep cleaning, grab an old toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach areas. For the floor, start by removing existing mats and either shaking them out or washing them (or both). Then take a shop vac and vacuum from top to bottom, swapping out vacuum nozzles as it pertains to cleaning the different areas in your vehicle. For dirt and debris that's embedded into the floor, use a brush to agitate it, then vacuum it up. Remove stains on upholstery and use a quality upholstery cleaner to make the seats look (and smell) like new again. If you have leather seats, be sure to use an approved conditioner to ensure the seats don't crack and dry out.

2.Pay attention to floor mats:

Floor mats undergo a lot of wear and tear. They don't just accrue the likes of dirt, leaves, road salt, rain, snow and other debris, but they take on spills and your footwear as well. There are a few tell-tale signs that your floor mats need replacement. One is if they are lifting off the floor. This isn't just unsightly, but it can also be a safety hazard if it were to catch your foot and impede braking and/or accelerating. Mats that slip around on the floor, are growing mold or have noticeable holes/degradation should also be replaced. Finally, you might also replace old mats just to freshen up the look of your car if you want it to look like new for yourself. So what are the best kind of floor mats? While carpet ones tend to look nicer, they don't stand up well to the everyday strains that drivers place on them. That said, a good, high-end floor mat, such as those from OEDRO, are tough, nice-looking and easy to clean. What's more is these types of mats don't slip around on the floor and also help to insulate the floor of the car.

pay attention to floor mats

3.Use seat covers:

Car seat covers don't just prevent spills and grime from getting onto your car's upholstery, but they can improve the comfort of your vehicle's seats and look great too. Wool seat covers are the most common, and the easiest to care for as they can be quickly removed and are machine washable. Other cover types, such as sheepskin, actually work to repel moisture, so spills can easily be wiped up. Seat covers can literally help keep the interior of your car looking like new because they eliminate anything coming into contact with the upholstery.

change car seat


While cleaning and vacuuming the interior of your car can help make it clean, we'd suggest investing in occasional auto detailing to take it from “looking clean” to “looking like new.” Auto detailing is a professional service that involves a deep cleaning and finishing of your vehicle, from inside out (though specific attention can be paid to either the interior or exterior). Interior auto detailing will also restore any damaged upholstery and remove stains via steam cleaning.


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