A trailer hitch is the right vehicle accessories that your vehicle needs, if you are required to carry things behind the vehicle or if you want to tow a vehicle.

So, if you don't already have it installed, then this, the perfect trailer hitch guide which you must to read to attain a little more details, as to why you need a trailer hitch and how to select the right trailer hitch for your vehicle.

Following are the most common reasons as to why people need a trailer hitch.

1. Towing Vehicle

If you are into the towing business or frequently move damage vehicles from one place to another, installing the trailer hitch is one of the key things for you to perform. Moving large vehicle or towing vehicles can be easily done with the combination of a trailer and a hitch.

2. Carrying Things

If you like camping and usually plan it for long weekends for a period of 3-4 days, then you will need to carry a lot of daily essentials.

Yes, you can put inside the bed truck, but it isn't as convenient as carrying things inside the trailer. Yet again, the combination of trailer and hitch works perfectly well for carrying heavy things over a long distance. You can even attach your bicycle to the hitch with a bike rack when you are going camping.

You can rent a trailer every now and then, but installing the hitch is efficient and cost-effective.

3. Protection

With a hitch and the trailer attached to it, all of your belongings are protected and can be safely transported from one place to another. Be it the vehicle to tow, or carrying snow sports gear, everything can be transported with ease, with the help of hitch and the trailer.

Trailer and hitch, make sure that all of your belongings are kept safe. Moreover, you can carry a lot of weight in the trailer as opposed to what you can do while carrying things inside the bed truck of your vehicle.


How to Select the Right Trailer Hitch for your Vehicle

For secure and safe trailer towing, you will absolutely need to have the right trailer hitch. Following are the steps in knowing and selecting the right trailer hitch for your vehicle.

1. Collect Basic Details about your Vehicle and Trailer

When shopping for a new trailer hitch, besides knowing the model, year and makes of your vehicle, you must also know the maximum tow capacity of your vehicle. This can be found in the user manual.

Once you have the basic details about your vehicle, then you must gather some detail about the trailer. You must know the type of trailer you have, whether it comes with safety chains and the coupler socket size. Safety chains are needed in most of the trailers, but not in all.

2. Knowing the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and Tongue Weight (TW)

The GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) is the entire weight of your trailer. To calculate the gross trailer weight, you can simply take it to the nearby weighing station or else look for a vehicle scale. Put some weight into the trailer to get appropriate weight. If the trailer is empty, you will not be able to get an accurate result.

Once you realize the GTW for your trailer, the next in line comes the tongue weight. It is the measurement of downward force which the coupler will exert on trailer ball and hitch. And since the force is divided between hitch and tires, TW will be less than GTW. You can determine the tongue weight by simply resting the coupler on the household standard scale. If the weight is less than 300 pounds then that becomes your tongue weight. And in the case when it is greater than 300 pounds, the scale will not be able to measure it appropriately and you will have to do it in some other way.

However, the key while calculating the gross trailer weight is to fill the trailer as you would normally have it. This way you will be able to know exactly the maximum amount of weight trailer can carry. OEDRO trailer hitch can carry up to 3500 Lb. Gross Trailer Weight and 350 Lb. Tongue Weight.

3. Compare Gross Trailer Weight with Tongue Weight

Once you have determined the gross trailer weight and tongue weight, the next thing you must do is to compare them with the vehicle ratings. In the case when the measured weight is less than ratings then you can go ahead with the purchase of the trailer hitch. In the case when the measured weight is greater than ratings than you can either purchase a new vehicle or decrease the load of your trailer.

4. Figuring out the Right Style of Trailer Hitch

Depending upon the gross and tongue weight, you must choose the right fit for your vehicle. If the trailer is not the best fit for your vehicle, it can cause malfunction and can be unsafe for your vehicle.

Recommendation: OEDRO Trailer Hitch

OEDRO Wrangler trailer hitch can carry up to 3500 Lb. Gross Trailer Weight and 350 Lb. Tongue Weight. OEDRO Ram trailer hitch, on the other hand, can carry up to 6000 Lb. Gross Trailer Weight and 600 Lb. Tongue Weight.

The combo towing kit is coated with black powder which provided long lasting corrosion resistance. The trailer hitch is easy to install and contains all the hardware required. The cover of hitch can protect the tube from catching pests and mud when the trailer is not in use. It has a robust design and works great with your vehicle.


OEDRO is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts. We strive to offer off-road enthusiasts the best driving experience and professional knowledge. Learn more about OEDRO.

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