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Offering brightness, longevity and style, OEDRO headlights come in an extensive range of headlights. Whether using Xenon or LED technology, OEDRO headlights are designed to give you the utmost quality and performance in any condition. These headlights provide greater safety and style, to make the most of your driving experience. We at OEDRO continuously strive to provide the best headlight bulbs for your car lighting needs.

'Is the headlights available in the market are genuine and authentic?' is one of the questions frequently asked by drivers. There are genuine LED headlights available, but it needs a lot of research to filter out the fake products. We at Oedro make it easier to buy genuine products without the hustle and bustle of your daily lives. In today’s article we discuss possible ways to identify fake ones and buy genuine LED lights for your car.

There is only the slightest of difference in the appearance of the headlights that differentiates the fake from the original ones. Also, the fake products make it difficult for users as it burns out or causes short circuits.

Ways to Spot fake LED headlights

Certificate of Authenticity

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for headlights came up with a solution to authenticate the originality of the product by issuing a Certificate of Authenticity (known as COA). This COA label identifies the originality of the headlight. This is one of the ways to buy authentic products. OEDRO LED headlights are high quality reliable with the label of COA. Make sure that the products you buy have have the authenticity seal. This gives most extreme fulfilment to customers who purchase authentic items. To ensure the legitimacy, OEMs offer all their items in genuine printed boxes that bear the Certificate of Authenticity seal.

Also, there are now fake products appearing in the market with the fake COA label and users are lured into these products because of their cheap prices. The consumer’s lack on knowledge on car headlights becomes an advantage for sellers who try to sell unoriginal products. Counterfeited LED headlights are a major cause of concern for drivers as it can cause a lot of damage during driving.

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Verifying the Authenticity

Once you buy the product, verify the authenticity of the headlight by checking the security code on the packaging on the authenticity website. This is of utmost importance as it brings the users a sense of confidence regarding the headlight. This security is different and unique for each product and don’t get fooled by same security codes on different products.

By entering the label ID, the security code and inspecting the seal, consumers can check the product authenticity at any time product authenticity website.

Authorized Sellers

Buying products from authorized dealers such as OEDRO makes it easier for consumers to get authentic products. As authorized dealers have an agreement with OEMs they sell only the real headlights, and this is one of the ways to avoid fake lights.

One can check the list of authorized sellers on the website of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. We at OEDRO suggest you follow this procedure to avoid fake equipment.

Traces of Originality

Buy genuine headlights with certificate of authenticity at oedro.com

1. Spot Weld

Authentic headlights have a spot weld noticeable on the base tab as opposed to counterfeit ones which do not have any. To get genuine quality products, always buy from authorized retailers.

2. Quartz Glass

The finishing of the bulb will be rough, and the glass will not be made of quality quartz glass generally used in genuine headlights.

3. Packaging and texture of the box

The packaging can reveal the originality as the texture won’t be good enough to be identified with a real one.

4. Bulb Markings

Most headlight’ manufacturers clearly mark their bulbs accordingly, so it is relatively easy to see if you have the correct lamp you purchased by checking the bulb marking. Have a look at possible fakes and original markings here:

Risks of buying counterfeit headlights

Most headlight’ manufacturers clearly mark their bulbs accordingly, so it is relatively easy to see if you have the correct lamp you Fake lights will by and large utilize low quality materials and manufacturing practices that expose the drivers to a range of dangers.

1. Low Image Brightness

Bad quality headlights result in a blur image and uneven brightness across the screen with darker corners.

2. Poor Quality of Images

Wrong assembly of mis-aligned burners and the use of cheap lenses and light filters can result in washed out colour or colour imbalance across the image.

3. Shortened Life

Low quality headlights and the use of the wrong specification headlights with poor ventilation will lower the life of the lamp and damage the projector.

4. Damage to the Vehicle’s Electronics

Poor insulation and low-quality materials used in manufacturing can cause a meltdown of the headlight bulb housing, bulb base, creating a risk of fire and major damage to other parts in the casing.

5. No Anti-UV Coating

Counterfeit headlights have poor ultraviolet filtration on the outer tube of glass and can cause damage to plastic headlight reflectors and lenses which can turn them a yellow like colour.

6. Consumer Safety

The goods are of poor quality and are dangerous to be used. There have been instances of cage overheating, melting and projectors catching fire.

7. Brand awareness

OEM make quality projectors backed up by a comprehensive warranty. Using a counterfeit lamp cheats the brand out of their return on investment and may invalidate the projector warranty.

Courses of Action after identification of fake headlights

Contact your supplier once you identify your headlight as fake. There are cases where sellers are unaware that they might be selling fake products and will replace with the original one.

In case the first idea doesn’t work out, complain to the headlight manufacturer as they might help you. Selling fake products under their name damages their brand and they can take up action at higher levels. As it is an illegal practice to sell counterfeit goods, the issue can be taken to the police.

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