LED headlight bulbs are primarily used in automobiles for lighting and proper visibility, especially during the night hours. These are specifically designed to generate light for enhanced visibility using the built-in series of diodes. What’s the difference between normal and high performance LED headlight bulbs? Well, the latter has a number of specific features related to technology, performance, and lumen. Oedro is here to acquaint you with high performance LED headlight bulbs, so you buy only the best ones.

Features of High Performance LED Headlights


A headlight kit comes equipped with a LED bulb that can be used in auto headlights to step up the security and visibility. The high-performance bulbs have dual-intensity features built to emit 2,000 lumens (each) of cool white illumination. Such bulbs are equipped with 3rd generation cooling technology and include internal drivers instead of temporary fans with short-life or heavy braided heat sinks, they stay functional for longer periods. Since they entail these robust features, they last longer and it’s easier to mount them inside the headlights of your car without having to install other accessories. As these are built with these high-performance attributes, they are 10 times more efficient than most HID and halogen bulbs.

LED Arrays

Each bulb is composed of LED series or arrays that are specifically crafted to work like filaments found usually in halogen bulbs forming a beam-like pattern. There are primarily 2 rows of LEDs in every headlight bulb that are separately activated for high and low-beam settings according to your preference. With headlight bulbs you can use a single row of LEDs at any given time, however, the intensity of both arrays is the same. When purchasing a high performance bulb, make sure it has a wide range. For example, 9-32 VDC is recommended power range for most headlights. There are a lot of kits available in the market that include 2 LED headlight bulbs along with accompanying accessories like adapter plugs & cords etc.


The LED technology for headlights enhances performance in different ways for optimized visibility and longer life. Since LED bulbs do not generate any heat as a byproduct during the process of light generation, this helps enhance the efficiency and functionality. Almost all energy that a specific LED headlight bulb takes up is used to emit light, contrary to other products making use of HID technology and halogens consuming a large amount of energy and converting it to heat.

Most high-performance bulbs will also utilize less fuel as compared to low-cost LED bulbs and other lighting products to generate light for auto headlights. We recommend you to research for the basic features of a high-performance headlight bulb and match them with brands available in the market so that you have a fair understanding of how to tell the most efficient LED bulb for your car. Simply compare the features with Oedro LED Headlights and you won’t have to check elsewhere.

Before you head out to shop a set of LED headlight, make sure you have requirements laid out clearly. For example, are you looking for an LED bulb that is affordable yet provides high visibility? Are you willing to spend a few extra bucks to snag the best deal? Since LED headlight bulbs have recently been introduced as a means of lighting technology for automobiles, a lot of people aren’t aware of their features and how they have an edge over conventional halogen, xenon HIDs or high-intensity halogen bulbs in terms of performance and efficiency. These are the safest lighting products that pose no threat to your headlight housing as they produce minimal heat as a byproduct.

Compared to other types of headlight bulbs like Xenon and Halogen, LEDs light up in an instant and don’t require any warm up. The LED headlight bulbs take less time to emit light and are capable of making a precisely sharp area of the points where they shed light compared to other bulbs like halogens that have a brighter light in the center and less shine around the sides. It is at times difficult to select the right kind of product that delivers best with regards to performance and energy consumption. Since there is a slew of different LED bulbs and other lighting technologies in the market, it is important to have a lucid understanding of the core features of a good LED headlight bulb that can be used for SUVs, trucks, and sedans.

The Importance of Lumen

When purchasing an LED headlight for your car, ensure that the lumen is within the recommended range. Most buyers tend to purchase high-lumen automotive LED headlight bulb because they feel it performs far better. As per studies, this belief is not substantiated by evidence, so it’s suggested that you check the proper Lumen range for LED bulbs before handing over any dollar bills.

Most people are aware of the fact that low luminous flux does not have the ability to provide proper illumination for high visibility in darker driving zones. High lumen bulbs are considered good for headlights but they should fall within the suggested range so that the other drivers' vision is not affected by the LED headlight that is too bright. High lumen tends to generate better light making the headlight too bright which impairs vision on the road leading to a potential danger.

As per Oedro’s research, automotive LED headlights that are being offered by various manufacturers in the existing market come with different lumen value. These can cause performance issues with a wide-range of differences in lighting products that might also make the purchase a daunting task. Most of the vendors do not tag or mention the actual value of lumen for their LED headlight products, and this results in customers buying products that are high lumen because they perceive ‘very high luminous’ flux label on their product as high-performance. Some manufacturers also make use of the theoretical value of lamp as a replacement for the concept of actual effect value. They are not professional and reliable vendors because they tend to disregard the negative implications of high luminous flux. Depending on your lighting needs, it’s best to choose a LED bulb that is within the recommended range for power consumption and lumen.

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