While the exteriors of a car are what creates the first impression, it is the interiors that leaves a lasting impression. When talking about interiors, all people usually consider are the dash, trim, and seats. What often ends up as the victim of our oversight are the floor liners or floor mats. Yet they are one of the most vital components of the interior of a car and choosing the right floor liner can not only make your car look good but also feel comfortable. It is also a great avenue to introduce some unique personalizing that very few people even think is possible. Today we will look at the many ways in which you can ensure that your car is uniquely outfitted on the inside in a safe and easy manner.

Why are floor liners important?

While they may be the most inconspicuous part of the interior of a car, they undergo the most wear and tear. They are also what provides you with the necessary grip while stepping in or out of the car. Then there is the matter of hygiene. Anything that is dropped or spilled eventually finds its way on to the floor liners. They are also in constant contact with our shoes and thus have to be of the perfect design so as to not harbor any germs. If your car has a funny smell then chances are that it is down to the poor design of your current floor liner which might be allowing microbes and dirt to accumulate without giving you a chance to clean them properly. Finally, it also has an effect on the safety of your car. As a driver, the last thing you need is for the floor liner under your feet to slip and slide. An ill-fitting floor liner can lead to a stuck brake or gas pedal which can be catastrophic. All this means that the floor liner has more applications than just the aesthetics and as such needs to be just perfect.

Where to find good floor liners?

Given the general lack of interest in floor liners, not many reputed sellers stock floor liners as much as say seat covers and other interiors accessories. So, it can end up being a very tedious task to find a place to buy high-quality floor liners that fit your car perfectly at a reasonable price. Generally, you can go about this two ways. The expensive option is trial and error where you try out different online and local vendors and hope to get lucky. This is not a very efficient process and can end up being very expensive and as such we do not recommend it. The other way out is to go by other people's experience. Either you can go through the reviews and decide accordingly or go by the recommendations of someone you know and can trust. We are lucky enough to suggest you a trustworthy brand - Oedro sells these amazing floor liners that are easy to set up inside your car, are durable, look and feel good and products are backed by a great warranty.

How to replace the floor liners?

This is a very good thing about floor liners. You do not have to visit an expensive car mechanic to get them replaced unlike trying to do other modifications to your car. They usually just sit there without being glued or bolted on to the floor. All you have to do is fold the old floor liners and take it out and slide in the new ones. This is why a perfect fit and a high-quality material is absolutely necessary when it comes to floor liners. Even a small gap can cause you a lot of headaches. So, make sure that everything fits perfectly and that there are no gaps or creases formed once the floor liners have been laid out. A good quality floor liner will be extremely easy to clean as well. All you have to do is follow the same procedure and take out the liners, give them a nice wash, dry them and slide them back it. To be able to do this on a regular basis, the floor liners should be made of extremely durable materials that do not shrink, expand or shed while washing.

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Custom or OEM?

This is another common query you might have once you decide to embark on the path of changing the floor liners inside your car. While going OEM and sourcing these liners directly from your car manufacturer can be the safer route you can take, you would end up with the same bland looking and regular floor liner that every other person driving the same car has. The cooler route to take is to go for someone other than your car manufacturer like the aforementioned Oedro. This way you will end up with a product that makes your car stand out from the crowd. Oedro floor liners are also more durable, feel a lot better and certainly look really great. Since you will also get product specific warranty, any manufacturing or quality issue you might run into will be a lot easier to deal with.

Some final thoughts

Generally, it is advised not to change your car too much by installing aftermarket products in it. While this is true for most parts of the car, the floor liners are something that can be actually improved upon by going for one of these aftermarket options. There is no hassle of voiding the warranty of the car or taking time and spending money to go to a car shop. It is as easy as changing the sheets on your bed. The end result of putting in this minimal investment of time, effort and money are well worth it as you are left with a great improvement in the interior of your car. Floor liners offer one of the best value for money when it comes to aftermarket car products and is something you should seriously consider if you love your car as well as your well-being.

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