Spring is upon us, are you gonna take a road trip? Don‘t hurry, before you set off anywhere, you should prepare your truck to the road trip. It is bad enough if you have truck trouble in your own driveway, however, nothing could be worse than you have your truck break down far away home. The road trip is supposed to be a time for relaxation and fun, so make your truck prepare for the trip is the first step to do.

truck travel

Doing a specific check for your truck is to protect your truck, your trip, and your partner. First, take a whole body check for your truck. Oil, brake pad, light, tires are the important things you should notice.


Oil should be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles. Think about when did you change your oil last time. Maybe you don’t remember that, never mind, we can use the dipstick to check the oil condition and fill level. If it's black, gritty, or below the minimum, get it checked out right away. It is also a good idea to keep extra fluids in your truck for emergencies.

oil test

Brake Pad

The brake pad is a so important thing regarding our safety. It is worn away with frequent use, becoming too thin to work effectively during the time. Dealers always recommend us to change brake pad from 25,000 to 70,000 miles. We can know the brake pads should be changed or not through a simple test. Lightly step on the brakes, if there is a snoring sound like ”si, si, si..” at the same time, that means the brake pads have done their work and you need to consider to change them.

The composite inner part of brake pads needs to be above 5mm thick. Once the pad wears down below this, the pad needs to be replaced.

brake pad


Check all lights, signals and the horn are functional. As we all know, light has its limited lifetime, the lifetime not means they won‘t light your way but are their light is weak, they may be the killer if their lightness is not enough. Your holiday may involve driving at night or in misty conditions, sometimes we cannot predict the condition we drive. So we need to make sure the light is working correctly, a brighter light can ensure your driving safety better. If necessary, just change them. OEDRO led light are made of high quality and 300% brighter than other brands.

check all lights


The whole lifespan of tires is 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Check the surface of your tires, if you find that there are nails or stones embed the rubber of tires, or cracks tears, abrasions, flat spots and bumps on the side walls, just look for professional personnel to solve or replace the tires immediately.

Check your tires is a long term thing should be done. The wrong air pressure of tires will cause tire wear is uneven and make your truck cannot get the best fuel efficiency. You should check your tire pressure every 1000 miles on your road trip.

tire test

Emergency Roadside Kit

In addition, you should keep an emergency roadside kit in your truck. No matter how much you do on a truck before a trip, there is no guarantee that you won’t have trouble on the road. Make sure your kit includes: water, food, flashlight, aid kit, basic tool kit, pliers, electric charger wire, tow rope, tire sealant, spare fuses, and a fire extinguisher.

Check the part functional is for a safe trip, upgrade accessories are for a more comfortable trip. Here are several upgrades will color your trip.

Floor mats

It is hard to keep your truck clean on the way travel. Imagine that, you drive your truck on the snowy, muddy road, or you walk down the truck with your shoes covered mud, when you come back to your truck, it definitely dirty your carpet. A full set all weather floor mats will help you solve the problem, keep the dirty way and your carpet clean. They also reduce the time and money on cleaning.

OEDRO’s all-weather floor mats are laser measured to protect your Truck‘s foot-well and carpets. For ultimate strength and dependability, these floor liners feature high-density core materials and are engineered to safeguard your vehicle's interior.

floor mats

Cargo liner

There is a lot of baggage along your trip, the cargo liner has the same function with floor mats, just to keep your cargo area clean.

Foot Rest Pegs

Road trips mean that you may need to drive for a long period of time, your foot will be tired with the frequently step on the brake pads and throttle. Have a rest every two hours on a pair of rest foot pegs.

OEDRO‘s rest foot pegs are designed to fit on the lower door hinge pin. Solid steel construction, fully welded one-piece. Black powder coated surface, anti-corrosion/rust paint.

foot pegs

Other things you should take with:






Mobile phone charger




Polarized sunglasses

Travel pillow




Hope this article will help you, enjoy your road trip.

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