Imagine a scenario where you are driving towards at an intersection and need to slow down because of pedestrians and heavy traffic. Even as you tend to apply brakes, the car doesn’t respond to your inputs and moves towards the intersection at an increased speed. A fatal accident occurs at the intersection because of the unintended acceleration of the car.

A detailed investigation of the scenario gives us the reason behind the accident. The driver had applied the brakes but the floor mat beneath the pedal intervened with the braking pedal and the foot of the driver. This resulted in an unintended acceleration. Floor mats play a crucial role in the safety of your travel.

Oedro floor mats are available for a wide range of cars that are engineered to perfection. Oedro mats have all the necessary features such as fasteners to keep the mats in a fixed position and does not come in the way of your foot or the pedal. It is of utmost importance that your car is not only maintained regularly though services, but also has basic features like good quality mats. Even though, high quality floor mats are a single-time purchase many people try to avoid it considering it as just an accessory. But the fact is that floor mats have a more crucial role to play in your safe travel.

Oedro helps you in selecting the perfect floor mat for your dream ride. We at Oedro, offer high quality rubber mats that withstand all odds. The mats that we sell have characteristics of anti-skidding that provides enough grip to make you feel comfortable and safe. Excellent grip & rugged texture of the Oedro floor mats makes sure you have a safe journey. Extremely durable, perfect fitment, resistance against all-weather conditions, appealing aesthetics and easy maintenance are some of the characteristics that makes Oedro mats standout in a world of standard mat manufacturers.

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