Best 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 floor mats

If you're a Tesla Model 3 owner, you definitely want proper Tesla Model 3 floor mats, as many base model Tesla Model 3s don't come with mats. The best Tesla Model 3 floor mats on the market provide excellent edge-to-edge protection to ensure a perfect fit in your car.
So, how do find the best Tesla Model 3 floor mats? Check this influencer's review where you will see the whole process from unpacking to showing the details.

Influencer review video

Why choose OEDRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats?

The OEDRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats are designed with the most advanced laser precision technology, which ensures a tailored fitment and maximum comfort when driving. It can protect your Tesla from dirt, snow, mud and other debris. The 3-layer structure and the surface layer are made of waterproof and flexible TPR, of which the middle layer is made of XPE foam that can bring comfort for your feet with lower noise. Meanwhile, anti-slip backing to can effectively prevent shifting.

OEDRO tesla model 3 all weather floor mats come with durability, safety and stylish look. The thermoplastic rubber layer has a carbon fiber-like texture that resembles slightly raised nibs. The waterproof surface makes a point to trap any sort of spillage on top of it. The mats can likewise trap residue, sand, and other dry particles viably.

The TPE material is exceptionally tough and adaptable to withstand high-intensity mileage. Not only is it waterproof, it is also resistant to spills such as dry particles, sand and residue. Compared to other brands of floor mats, OEDRO 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats provide the highest safety for your vehicle. Plus, it's super easy to install and clean, splash it with detergent and water, and it's done in minutes.