How to Stop Car Floor Mats from Moving in Your Vehicle?


We have come a long way when it comes to cars but there are still some things that can go wrong with them. Most of these can be fixed but the surprising thing is that it is usually the simplest issues that are sometimes the hardest to fix. A great example of this is loose car floor mats. While this issue might seem inconsequential, it is actually quite a serious issue and loose floor mats can be a hidden killer. They have led to multiple crashes in the past as they can cause the pedals to get stuck in place or cause your foot to slip off the pedals.


The reasons for loose car floor mats can be any one of the following:

  • -Inferior OEM floor mats
  • -Wear and tear
  • -Manufacturing defect
  • -Aging and fatiguing

Today we will look at the various solutions for fixing a loose car floor carpet.


Using Velcro

This might seem ludicrous but it actually works. You see, Velcro straps come in pairs with the one having the rough surface known as the hook and the soft surface is known as the loop. Look for a Velcro strap that has some sort of adhesive or double-sided tape on it so it can be attached to the floor mat. The hook will then easily catch onto the surface of the carpet and keep the mat in place. This is of course not a long-term solution and you will probably have to keep changing the Velcro straps every few months.




Using snaps

These are generally used on clothes and fabrics but will perfectly serve the purpose of securing the car mats. They usually come in plastic and metallic variants. The plastic variants look better while the metallic variants are the more durable option. Get one of the longer variants meant for thick fabrics. One half goes behind the mat while the other half goes on top of the carpet. The two are then snapped together to keep them in place. This, of course, requires some tools and a few holes to be made in the mat as well as the carpet. The effort is well worth it as the results look very professional. Just choose a snap with colors matching those of your car's carpets.


Using regular hardware supplies

This might not look as pretty as the other options we have on this list but it is the most cost-effective and the stuff you need to carry out this fix is easy to find. The things that you would need to get from the hardware store are as follows:

  • -1/4" x 20 1"-long hex screw
  • -1.25" diameter fender washer
  • -1/4" washer
  • -split lock washer
  • -1/4" x 20 nut
  • -1/4" x 20 wing nut

You will need an open-ended wrench and a socket wrench.


The steps are as follows

  • -Make a small slit on the floor mat
  • -Slide the screw through the fender washer and get this through the slit so that the washer is under the mat and only the shaft of the screw is visible.
  • -Put the second fender washer through this shaft
  • -Next put the split lock washer
  • -Put the nut on top of the lock washer and use the open-ended wrench to hold the hex screw and use the socket wrench to tighten the nut
  • -Put the carpet on and line it up. Make a hole for the screw to pass through.
  • -Put on the 1/4" washer followed by a split lock washer.
  • -Finally, put on the wing nut and tighten it by hand.

This does take a bit of time but the savings on the cost is huge and the final results are quite satisfactory.


Use a specially manufactured floor mat fastener

This is somewhat similar in theory to the previous method, just that you won't need any tools or the need to go to the local hardware store and forage for parts. There are many manufacturers out there. Just search for "floor mat fastener" on your favorite shopping website. Choose the one with the best reviews. Usually, these come in two parts and all you have to do is place them correctly, line them up and apply some force either by stepping on it or by pushing down with your hands and the whole thing stays in place.


Go for aftermarket car mats

While all the remedies we have listed so far are ways to work around the issue, these come with their own shortcomings and the best way out of bad car floor mats situation is to use aftermarket solutions. Generally, these issues arise because of car manufacturers trying to keep costs down. Aftermarket floor mats do not suffer from the same issues and hence will instantly solve your problem without damaging the carpet and without you having to get your hands dirty with tools and nuts and bolts.


Finding a good replacement car floor mats can be challenging and choosing an inferior product will leave you with the same problems you began with. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for you in the form of OEDRO floor mats. OEDRO has floor mats for trucks and others, such as Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Jeep Wrangler, and Ford F150. Using OEDRO floor mats is the best solution as these come with grommet holes and using these, they can be hooked onto the car floor. The grommets on these floor mats ensure that the mat is not held in place just by friction but is actually secured down by the hook. This will mean that these mats will stay in place even under excessive force.

OEDRO floor mats are manufactured from the highest quality materials and to the right dimensions so that they can withstand daily usage under harsh conditions and still stay perfectly in place. We recommend going for this option as it will preserve the look of your vehicle but more importantly will keep you safe.