Some are happy with a stock Jeep while others are addicted to modifications. Which type of Jeep owner are you, the former or the latter?

No matter what, each has its own advantages in different situations. OEDRO has compared stock & modded Jeep from various angles listed below:

1. Appearance
2. Off-Road Competition
3. Resale Value
4. Purchasing a Used Jeep
5. Conclusion: Modded or Not?

You will certainly get a better idea of stock Jeep and modified Jeep after reading this article.

1. Appearance

A stock Jeep is the way it comes off the showroom floor. It may have mud and snow tires that are somewhat aggressive, but they won’t help you if you get into a huge mud hole. The typical bumpers on stock Jeeps are not enough to really protect the front and rear of the Jeep if you hit something. And many Jeeps don’t have the protective skid plates on the bottom.

A modified Jeep may have several modifications, depending on the extent you go off-road driving. Some like going subtle with off-road tires and soft top, others might go crazy by adding a lift kit or LED lights. These are undoubtedly the most popular modifications that will definitely make Jeeps look mightier and wilder.

A lift kit raises the Jeep so it climbs rocks easier. A lift kit also gives the Jeep a more aggressive look. Sometimes an off-roader just prefers the look of a lifted Jeep and may not necessarily go rock climbing.

LED lights in the headlights and on a light bar conserve power, are brighter and last longer. They not only change the look of the Jeep but are also very useful in all types of terrain. If you like to go off-roading at night or if you participate in a race that lasts a few days,  OEDRO LED off-road lights are highly recommended. Those LED lights will offer you a brighter way with unique tri-row design.

Off-road tires are designed to drive over all kinds of things you might find in the woods, including downed trees and rocks. They also have tread that gives you more traction. They can also change the looks of your Jeep, especially if you put taller or wider tires on the rims.

Generally, most of the off-road accessories will add aesthetic to Jeeps and are useful out on the trail, so make your Jeep look great and be functional at the same time.

2. Off-Road Competition

When it comes to off-road, stock Jeeps would have several issues with many obstacles. While they have more clearance than most other trucks, it’s still not enough to get over some of the obstacles. Modifications definitely come in handy when on the more aggressive trails.

Off-road competition has many types of terrain you will be going through including climbing over large obstacles such as rocks, dirt piles or even trees; deep water crossings, rock climbing, mud holes and steep hills. Let’s focus on them one by one:

Large Obstacles

A lift kit will help with large obstacles. You’ll want a combination lift – a suspension and body lift.

The body lift doesn’t actually make your Jeep taller, but it gives you more room for taller tires. The suspension lift actually lifts the body of the Jeep a few inches.

Lift kits come in different heights. You can add as little as an inch up to several inches to your vehicle. You’ll go over larger rocks and downed trees that would scrape and possibly damage the underside of a stock Jeep.

Deep Water Crossing

A lift kit also helps with deep water crossings. Generally, these are filled with mud, so off-road tires are also helpful. The lift kit also raises the Jeep high enough so that water has less chance of damaging the engine, breathers under the truck or getting in the air cleaner.

Even with the lift kit and the off-road tires, however, you could get stuck in deep water. Having a winch could be a huge asset. If trees are nearby, you’ll be able to winch yourself out. If not, a friend with a winch will be able to winch you out of the water.

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Steep Hill Climbing

Steep hill climbing is a popular obstacle. While a stock Jeep may be able to climb the hill, a modified Jeep with a lift kit will crest the apex with little to no scraping. If the Jeep isn’t high enough, you could end up with one or more tires off the ground and stuck at the top.

A winch combined with an OEDRO bumper – either full-width, mid-width, stubby or rear – will help you off the top of the hill. You’ll be able to use a tree or a friend’s truck to winch you off the top of the hill if you got stuck.

The full-width bumper wraps around the outside of the tires to help protect the tires. You may not be able to use the full-width bumper with larger tires. Depending on the size, you could opt for the mid-width bumper. It will protect the front of the Jeep and the front of the tires. If you have a crazy lift with super-swampers, you’ll need the short bumper, which will still protect the front of your Jeep and allow you to install a winch.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is like steep hill climbing, but worse for the underside of the Jeep. You’ll definitely need a lift kit for this type of obstacle. You’ll also need that bumper and winch set up. The OEDRO bumper is made to protect the front of your Jeep and it has more clearance under the bumper so you can clear those rocks. A stock bumper hangs lower and scrapes even smaller rocks.


Mudding is probably the most fun of all the obstacles. However, if you have to get out of your Jeep in the middle of a mud hole to hook up the winch, you’re going to get mud in the carpets. In this case, a floot mat in your Jeep will help you out.

OEDRO floor mats are specially designed to fit the Jeep’s floor and will keep mud from getting ground into the carpet. They make cleaning up your Jeep much easier – just take them out, rinse them off and let them dry.

3. Resale Value

The resale value of a modded Jeep depends on the area you are in and if there is a lot of call for modded Jeeps. In some cases, the mods help the value and in others, you’re going to lose money.

Most dealerships won’t give you anything extra for the mods – they are going to by book value for a stock Jeep. You may find a dealership that is looking for a modded Jeep because they have a customer base interested in it – you’ll probably get more for you modded Jeep at a dealership like that.

You could always ask for more money for a modded Jeep if you are selling directly to a private person as opposed to a dealership. However, a modded Jeep may be more difficult to sell and you’ll end up getting what the vehicle is worth at stock value or less. If you are able that the mods were added by a professional four-wheeling or off-road shop, you may get more. However, most people are afraid of buying modded Jeeps because it’s not that hard to install some of these mods.

4. Purchasing a Used Jeep

Purchasing a used Jeep, like any other vehicle, will take some research on your part. You should also know what you are looking at and how to tell if the Jeep has been run through the wringer or not. And, if the Jeep has been modded, you should also know how to tell if the mods have been done correctly – or at least bring someone who knows how to install mods to look at the Jeep with you.

Pros of Buying a Modified Jeep

Regardless of what many say, there are some pros of buying a modified Jeep.

● The work is already done for you. You won’t have to worry about trying to do it yourself or locating a shop you can trust to add the mods for you.

● Even if you know how to add the mods yourself, you will save time. A properly modded Jeep is ready to go – no waiting while you find the time to add the mods.

● You can test drive a modded Jeep to see if you actually like the mods.

● You’ll save money on buying a modded Jeep. Modded Jeeps are rarely sold at the value of the Jeep plus the mods. Even if they are sold at a higher value because of the mods, you’ll still be saving money on the labor for installing the mods.

While this might seem like the way to go, it could pose more problems than not unless you are very familiar with mod brands and how they are set up, especially lift kits. Lift kits need to be properly set up with the correct axles in order to be effective and to not break every time you take the Jeep out.

Cons of Buying a Modified Jeep

The cons of buying a modified Jeep could be many depending on the Jeep and who did the mods.

● If the mods were installed by an individual, they could have been installed incorrectly.

● Test driving a modded Jeep on the street doesn’t always expose installation mistakes.

● You could end up putting more money into a modded Jeep if you have to remove and reinstall the mods.

● The mods may be installed properly, but they may not be the mods you are looking for. For example, you may like the lift, but the tires and bumpers are not what you are looking for and since it’s a popular combination, you may find it more difficult to find what you want.

Other than not purchasing someone else’s mistake, the biggest con to buying a modified Jeep is that you don’t have the satisfaction of building your off-road Jeep the way you want it to be built with your own sweat and tears.

Pros of Buying a Stock Jeep

The pros of buying a stock Jeep are many if you know what you are looking for.

● Chances are, the Jeep hasn’t been driven overly hard, which means that parts are most likely not worn out.

● You get to put the exact mods on that you want. Whether it’s a specific brand lift kit or bumper or you want a combination of mods that are not common, you can do it all yourself or with the help of a professional installer.

● If you need a daily driver and are using the Jeep for off-roading on the weekend, you’ll get better gas mileage if you leave it stock or do some minor mods.

One of the biggest pros of buying a stock Jeep other than mechanical soundness is that you get the satisfaction of building an off-road vehicle to your specifications. When you are able to say, “I came up with this combination of mods to make this Jeep a winner,” you get a certain satisfaction, even if you just picked out the mods and a pro installed them.

Cons of Buying a Stock Jeep

There aren’t too many cons of buying a stock Jeep other than those you would find in buying any other used vehicle – but there are some.

● If you want to mod the Jeep, you’ll have to cover that expense yourself.

● A novice previous owner could have thought the Jeep was “all that,” even without mods, and could have done a lot of damage to the Jeep by running it through deep water or over large obstacles that were just too large.

● It will take longer to mod the Jeep, especially if funds are tight and you have to do a little bit at a time.

Modding a Jeep or any other vehicle can get to be very expensive, especially when you want the best of the best. It can also be time consuming. While you won’t be able to get out on the trail as quickly as you’d like, at least you know the mods you want are installed and installed properly.

5. Modded or Not?

Purchasing a modded or stock Jeep is going to boil down to a personal decision and to what is available in your area. However, for appearances and a way to get off road faster, the modded Jeep apparently wins in the decision-making process.

As for resale value, you will most likely be able to find a modded Jeep for less than it would cost to purchase a stock Jeep and adding the mods yourself. However, you do have to know what you are looking at and have quite a bit of experience with mods to make sure that you aren’t getting someone else’s mistakes and problems.

If you have the money, go with the stock Jeep and do the mods yourself. This way, you know what you have and you know it will be installed properly, either because you know how to install the mods correctly or you have a professional installer install the mods you choose for you.

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