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A running board, also known as a footboard, is an exterior accessory for your vehicle that is installed underneath the doors. It extends along the side of your Pickup Truck or SUV. Being in use for centuries, it helps children as well as adults to step in and out of the vehicle. For taller vehicles, running boards or nerf steps are aesthetically engineered along the side skirt to facilitate the climb. As for models with low road clearance, nerf steps or bars are used instead of running boards. Recent models come equipped with rubber gripping to provide balance and circumvent any chances of slipping. The question is do you really need them for your truck or SUV? Here is a list of reasons that explore numerous benefits of running boards and why it is a good idea to install them.

1.They Provide an Easy Step Up

Flat and wide, these boards run along the cabin length of the truck or SUV. Providing enough foot space, it makes exit and entry to the vehicle accessible. You may have witnessed boards on tall trucks or lifted SUVs to simplify access for adults and children specifically. Wide and uniform stepping boards running parallel with the cab essentially pronounce it as a streamlined and unified choice instead of bars or nerf steps. The width and length facilitate a stable climb for passengers with limited mobility or shaky balance.

2.Safeguarding your Back and Knees

It is common for passengers with spine problems to feel a strain as they climb in or get out of the pickup or SUV. Drivers also tend to put pressure on their knees while entry and exit. Running boards provide ease in ascending and descending with improved stability and ergonomic balance.

3.Glowing LEDs Help in the Dark

We have seen regularly that passengers and drivers trip over or miscalculate the climb in the dark ending up injuring their knees or other body parts. Helping to hop on the vehicle, these running boards can have LED tubes fitted for better vision to avoid tumbling.

4.Retractable Option

This option is customizable and has gained much traction among pickup enthusiasts. The boards retract when you disembark and close the door. As soon as you open the door, the board extends out facilitating an easy climb. Some people like the boards installed or hung to the side skirt of their vehicle, others prefer the automatic calibration.

5.Protection from road debris and rock chips damaging the side skirts of your vehicle

When a pickup accelerates, the front tires spit out all kinds of surface debris that usually comes in contact with the sides and doors of the vehicle. It results in scratches and dents and eventually causes oxidation when splashed with water. Normally, mud flappers are fitted in the rear end of the wheels. But vehicles with high ground clearance don’t have flappers pre-installed, thus, the need to install running boards arises. Simply fixing mud flaps can save you the damage but running boards have a lot of bonuses apart from protection of the underbody and side panels.

6.Keeping the Interior Clean

Acting as a doormat, the boards offer recessed rubber gripping to get a quick wipe-off for shoes carrying dirt. Durable products like the Oedro running boards resist corrosion and damage over a long time. Its sturdiness is key to its durability. Materials like steel, fiberglass, rubber and reinforced plastic enhance the durability of the board and results in increased customer satisfaction. Oedro is currently offering only Jeep Wrangler running boards. There are still many ways to maintain your car interior besides running boards, just check out for more valuable tips from Oedro if you’re looking for a way to deal with your car interior.

running boards

7.Car Paint Protection

Road debris and rocks tend to splinter and erode the paint of the vehicle on the doors and side panels. Usually, mud flaps are an effective option but running boards essentially protect the car paint from dwindling dust and dirt kicking out of the front and back wheels. If you are eager to protect your vehicle from corrosion, install both mud flaps and running boards to get the best of both worlds.

8. Protection while Parked

Have you ever experienced a vehicle ramming their door open in a parking next to your vehicle? They may have just scratched or dented the door without closely checking out the distance between parked vehicles. A major advantage of installing a running board is protection from other vehicles’ doors likely to hit your vehicle potentially damaging or scraping your pickup truck or SUV.

9. Making wash day easier

Most of you find it hard to wipe the roof of your vehicle, right? The height of the vehicle makes it tough to slide your arms around. Running boards provide the necessary elevation to get your hand where they cannot otherwise go, making the wash way more fun. If you’re looking for washing tips regarding auto parts, Oedro also has one article on how to easily clean your floor mats.

So far, running boards have proved to be successful in simplifying the accessibility of climbing in and out of vehicles. It is vital to care about the vehicle even if running boards are fitted across the cab length. Maintaining the boards is not much hassle – just a thorough car wash keeps them clean.

Oedro is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts, we strive to make the best parts focusing on Wrangler and pick-up truck. Learn more about Oedro.

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