Jeep Wrangler headlights

Headlights are one of those essential car accessories which are normally not contemplated unless they are fading and or completely gone. Headlight replacement not only enhances the aesthetics of your car but also provides an added layer of safety. Imagine yourself driving at night on a lonely stretch of road with dimmed and burned headlight bulbs. And with darkness so dense, that it forces you to lean onto your steering wheel and squinting - just to get a glimpse in front of you. This tense grip on your steering wheel can be quite frightening, isn't it?

The Sun, Sand, and Snow combined with other elements can be quite harsh on your vehicle's headlight, which can limit the visibility of your vehicle over time. The haze collected on the headlight can affect the amount of light passing through the lens, which affects your ability to see the surroundings clearly. It is a recipe to danger and invites to trouble. It can even mean a costly ticket from your local authorities. Thus if you notice any kind of dull haze, yellowish tint or dimness in your headlights, it may be time for headlight bulb replacement.

Different Types of Headlights Available

Among the common types of headlights, most of the vehicles come with halogen headlights. Apart from halogen, other types of headlights are LED and HID. These headlight types are discussed in more details, in the segment below.

1. Halogen – Halogen headlights makes use of tungsten filament which is then combined with halogen gas to provide much better light than the conventional headlights.

2. LED – LED headlights also known as Light Emitting Diodes headlights requires less power to operate, are more durable and also lasts longer in comparison to Halogen headlights. Having said that, these headlights will cost you more but is worth the price. Find Oedro for best LED headlights of high quality and reasonable price. Oedro is also an expert of Jeep Wrangler, we provide best Jeep Wrangler LED headlights as well.

3. HID – HID headlights also known as High-Intensity Discharge headlights makes use of gas, instead of the heated filament as opposed to Halogen. These lights are brighter and also have a low operating temperature. These lights are more durable and last longer. Having said that, HID headlights are pretty expensive and requires professional to replace them.

Among all these alternatives, LED headlights suits as the perfect replacement for your car. They not only provide better visibility, but also require less power to operate and are also less expensive in comparison to HID headlights, which more or less provide the same functionality.

jeep wrangler headlights

Benefits of Replacing Old Headlights with LEDs

1. Enhanced Light Quality - The light quality available from LED is far better from Halogens. LEDs provide a much stronger, brighter and piercing quality of light in all weather conditions. LED lights are much warmer than HID, which means more illuminating and less blinding for incoming vehicles. For optimal lighting solution for your vehicle, choose Oedro.

2. Low Energy Usage - LED headlights are more energy efficient as compared to Halogens and HID headlights. Oedro LED headlights draw less energy from your vehicle to provide better and purer quality of light. The net effect can be seen in fuel efficiency, which ultimately saves money. And over a long period of time, the money saved from installing LED headlights repays the cost of buying new headlight kit.

3. Long Lasting - On an average, LED headlights can be constantly used for 11 years, and or 22 years at 50% activation. Whereas, a typical halogen headlight works for only 5000 hours and is more prone to damage and failure because of their moving parts. Thus LED lights are more long lasting and hardwearing as compared to Halogen lights, which is a key prospect of their appeal.

4. Efficient Lighting - Oedro LED headlights work with greater efficiency as compared to Halogen bulbs and HID lights. Halogen bulbs are known to waste 80% of their energy by generating excessive heat as a byproduct of illuminating. However, LED headlights are known to convert 80% of their energy usage directly into illumination, wasting only 20%. This shows that LED is significantly more efficient.

5. Cheap to Operate - As LED headlights are more efficient lighting solution, they are also less expensive to operate. And because you do not have to replace the LED lights as frequently as Halogen bulbs, you can also save a lot of money by installing LED lights. So not only you are benefiting from better lighting, but you are also saving a considerable amount of money.

Best Replacement Headlights at Oedro

Among the many criterions while selecting the best replacement headlights for your vehicle, the three main factors one should consider are as follows:

1. Price

2. Brightness

3. Color Temperature

Most of the vehicles come with the standard halogen light bulbs. However, with the increased efficiency and improved visibility, carmakers are turning towards LED headlights. Oedro Jeep Wrangler LED headlights and other vehicles serves as the best replacement headlights. In addition to the several benefits discussed above, Oedro LED headlights are made of high-quality material, much more durable and are known for their ability to provide far better light and visibility. Oedro LED headlights are of affordable price and provide best driving experience in dessert, smoggy and rain weather condition.

These headlights not only serves the aesthetic nature of your vehicle but also provides a perfect integration with your cars overall style. The 4 brightness LED light makes up the high beam and 3 brightness LED light makes up the low beam. They have a longer service life and are really quick in starting up.

For someone who is looking for headlights replacement, Oedro LED Headlight is the obvious choice for obvious reasons. And these obvious reasons are – Better and Pure Lighting, Great Quality Headlights at Reasonable Pricing and Long Lasting nature of Headlights.

And even if you are not looking for a replacement, you should always consider changing your Halogen bulbs light with our high performing LED headlights, for the obvious reasons as stated above.

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