Running boards

Running Boards Introduction

Running boards are wide, flat boards positioned at the bottom of SUV or Jeep and usually run through the length of your vehicle. Running boards serves as a uniform stepping surface providing a stable and safe choice for people with shaky balance and limited mobility. It is a fantastic accessory to be added to your vehicle, which also gives a superior and aggressive look to it. This functional exterior accessories not only make life at ease for people to get on and off the vehicle, but also shields the vehicle from damage and even increase the lifespan of your vehicle's interior.

Based on your style and preferences, running boards can be installed on either side or both sides. Initially, when running boards were first put on vehicles, they were installed on both sides to offer sure footing in and out of vehicles. This was because vintage vehicles had higher ground clearance as opposed to modern vehicles. And as innovation and design came to the forefront in the auto industry, the ground clearance for vehicles kept getting lower and thus running boards were less required. Yet, some people keep running boards simply for aesthetic reasons.

SUV and Jeep running boards must always be kept clean. This is significant in order to prevent slipping and falling which can result in injuries. To improve traction, most of the running boards have gripping surface. Though this surfaces may get prone to wear and tear over time and must be deck tapped to regain traction.

Among the many functions that running board serves, protecting the vehicles carpet or floor mats from debris is truly amazing. Having a running board in place prevents the debris from getting into the interior of your vehicle. In other words, it can be said that running boards act as a doormat to clean your shoes and wipe the dirt off before getting inside the vehicle.

Different Types of Running Boards

Running boards are made from many different kinds of materials. Following is the list of materials which are used in the preparation of running boards.

  • 1. Plastic – This type of running boards are cheap and something which only looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not much functional. Plastic running boards are less durable and cannot sustain a large amount of weight.

  • 2. Rubber – Running boards made from rubber is better than plastic material and are less costly in comparison to steel running boards. This type of running boards is made to look pretty and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • 3. Steel – Running boards made of steel are known and prepared to last longer than any other material running boards. They are more durable and can withstand a lot of abuse and weight. Due to its durability and good quality, the price of steel running boards is generally higher than others. Oedro running boards are exactly made from steel, aiming to offer best quality products that can last your lifetime.

 running boards for wrangler

In addition to these types of running boards, there are a few specialty running boards that make your running boards more functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These running boards are as follows.

  • 1. Retracting Running Boards – This type of running boards is ideal for people who like to have the convenience of running boards but does not want the look of it at the bottom of their vehicle. These tech-savvy running boards swipe out from underneath the vehicle whenever the door is opened and retracts when the doors are slammed shut. It only makes sense that these running boards are highly expensive.

  • 2. Illuminated Running Boards – This type of running boards provides functionality and style at the same time. The running boards are fitted with a light that provides illumination at the stepping surface. This functionality comes in handy during the night time. Each time when the commuter opens the door, the light is illuminated, so people can see where exactly they are placing their foot. Again, this is much more expensive and might break your bank.

Pros of Oedro Running Boards

In addition to the several advantages discussed above, Oedro running boards have three major advantages as opposed to other running boards:

  • 1. Oedro Jeep Running Boards consist of 3 base plates to hook and attach to the vehicles. Thus these running boards are more firm and stable as compared to running boards with 2 base plates.

  • 2. Oedro Running Boards for Jeep Wrangler come with a rust proof layer between steel and water paint. Thus one should not worry about rusting and corrosion. These running boards have a longer lifespan.

  • 3. Oedro Running Boards are packed in a carton box which is made of 7-layer corrugated cardboard. This helps to ship the product safely to the end customer without causing any physical damage during logistics.

Cons of Running Boards

Running boards can make maintenance activities of your vehicle quite challenging. It makes it difficult to crawl under your Jeep or SUV, in case if you want to fix or look at something. Changing the oil can be a tedious task with running boards.

What is the Best Fit for your Running Boards?

Just like Oedro bumpers, Oedro running boards also protect your vehicle from minor collision and ensures the safety of the sides and doors of your vehicle. Knowing the right type of running boards solely depends upon your personal preferences. Considering whether you need it for aesthetic reasons or functional reasons or a mix of both, you can determine which type of running board you should opt for.

If you only need them for aesthetics, plastic running boards serve a good purpose and are also less expensive. But as discussed above, these are also less durable. If you want the running boards to serve more functions and aesthetics, going for the steel running boards is the optimal solution for your needs. Yes, these types are expensive, but they are also more effective.

And if you are looking somewhere in between plastic and steel running boards, rubber running boards will serve the best of your needs. It is less expensive in comparison to steel material and more durable as opposed to plastic material.

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