Floor liners are intended as more of a wall to wall carpeting overlay. Liners are moulded to the contours of a specific vehicle and features edges which run up along the walls of the foot wells or cargo space. Most floor liners are custom fitted to cover the entire floor area. The raised edges of floor liners around the perimeter serve to create a basin, which helps to trap liquid and dirt. The floor liners have grooves, cups and other compartments to trap dirt and water to prevent it from escaping. Other floor liners have smooth and flat surface. These polymer based floor liner with a surface that is flexible enough and smooth can be wiped easily, but is textured enough to provide grip for your rubber shoes.

In some vehicles the liner is moulded over the door so that no dirt or debris can get in the crack between sill and carpet. Floor liners usually covers more surface area than mats.

Materials used to make floor liners

Floor liners are usually made of vinyl/polymers rather than rubber and are custom made to fit to specific vehicles. Floor liners are made from an engineering resin which has a light weight and is very tough and durable. Most floor liners are easy to clean because they are cleaned using a damp cloth or a sponge.

Oedro floor liners have a rough texture on the surfaces to keep them from sliding on the carpet and to keep the muddy shoes from sliding on the liner. They are made of semi-rigid compound which is a softer plastic. They are soft and flexible enough and can be such that they can be folded and placed in their shipping boxes and once they are laid out, they flatten to tightly fit the vehicle they were moulded for. They are shaped so that they fit the contours of the vehicle floorboard. The material is highly durable.

Installation Procedure for the Floor Liners

Our liners are moulded with sta-put nibs on the back of the liner which helps the liners to be retained in place. And also, there is an extra anchoring system on the liners to further ensure that your liner stays put in place.

The following steps should be followed when installing the floor liners:

Step 1

Remove all existing floor mats or liners. It is worth noting that one should not combine the new floor liners with any other existing floor liners. To attain the best results Oedro recommends that you vacuum your vehicle carpet before installation.

Step 2

To install the floor liners easily you should move the front and rear seats of your vehicle to their most forward positions.

Step 3

With the floor liner carpet anchor in place, put the driver’s side liner into position and put the carpet anchor hook through the hole in the floor liner. Then install the passengers and rear floor liners and check for proper fit. Once the liners has been installed reposition the seats back to their position.

It is important to ensure that the liners are properly aligned when installing the liners in your car.

Why choose Oedro Floor liners?

Smart Design - We have incorporated smart, thoughtful elements in our floor liners design to ensure that your car looks stylish.

Precision Fit - Fit is important when designing floor liners. Floor liners which are cut too big might interfere with pedals issue. Too small floor liners may not provide enough coverage which allows mud and dirt build up on the carpet below. However, our liners are perfect fit.

Tailored Appearance - From dashboard trim to seat materials and everything in between our floor liners are designed to provide a premium and stylish environment.


Oedro floor liners are modelled to fit your vehicle and provide your car a stylish look. Oedro floor liners offers good value with a thin, smooth surface of harder polymer. The clear material allows the beauty of your car to show through. The robust spikes provided at the bottom helps to keep the floor liners anchored in place for heavy duty use. Our floor liners are designed to be long lasting and durable.

In most cases people usually get confused on the choice to make between floor liners and the mats. Significant factors when making the decision including climate, number of passengers and the overall wear and tear the interior of your vehicle is subject to. In general, the tougher the climate (such as snow and mud) is, and the more passengers you carry, the more likely that liners will be a practical choice.

No matter the reason you want to install a floor liner, whether you are looking for a bit of a personal touch in your car or you are trying to get rid of spills, stains, mud, we have floor liners that will provide you with the perfect solution. Whichever reason you choose we want you to be satisfied with the choice. Visit our Oedro website to browse through our varied selection of floor liners. We have the perfect liners to match your car’s personal style and needs. We are available to answer any inquires in our Oedro website.

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