The automotive LED lighting market has been expanding worldwide in a high speed for couple of years because of the safety, performance, and aesthetics it brings to us. The needs of automotive LED lighting products have increased, and the competition among automotive LED lighting manufactures has become more intensive. As some experts expected, OEDRO has been playing a more important role in automotive LED lighting market, and it is possible that OEDRO will be the leading manufacture of this market very soon.

OEDRO's Competitive Advantages

Some people are curious about why OEDRO has been grown rapidly as a new raising manufacture, and why experts give OEDRO such high expectations. The reason is simple. OEDRO could be successful in a short time because OEDRO has been insisting in providing high-quality products with cost-effective price and best services. First, OEDRO’s LED lighting products precisely present best performance and perfect lighting shape compare with economic and mid-level LED lighting products. Second, OEDRO offers affordable LED lighting products with high quality as Philips and Osram’s products have. However, customers just need to pay half of Philips and Osram’s price, or even lower. As a result, customers pay less and get more. Additionally, OEDRO provides more customization services with high precision and accuracy compare with Philips and Osram that only provide a few customization services. Because of these advantages, OEDRO has been getting more and more loyal customers and higher reputation.

How OEDRO Achieve High Quality?

It is not very easy to achieve these advantages, so OEDRO has been doing a lot of efforts for a long time to ensure every detail is perfect. OEDRO emphasizes that excellent lighting effect and high energy saving are the key point when they define high quality. OEDRO can develops high-quality products because they pay more attentions on every detail related to lighting effect, including selection of LED chip, application of optical design, power safety matching, and workmanship of lamp design.

First, OEDRO have their own process of LED chip selection. OEDRO have been conducting bunch of research to investigate all other brands’ products. After some analyses, OEDRO are familiar with the strengthens and weaknesses of LED chips of all products being sold in current market. OEDRO uses strict rules for LED chip selection based on outcomes of the research, including LED chip color, chromatism, strike resistance, antistatic ability, and heat resistance. OEDRO select the best lights after a lot of tests.

Second, OEDRO pays more attentions on applying best optical design on their LED lighting products. OEDRO has progressed a serious of research to analyze the head lamp assembly of all kinds of vehicles. According to the results, OEDRO masters the essence of LED headlight and utilizes it to develop own optics with better saving. OEDRO also employs best optical design to strictly control effective usage rate of light and usage range and get best cleanliness through precisely detailed work.

Third, OEDRO highlights the importance of battery safety. In order to ensure the safety, OEDRO selects best electron component supplier based on a plenty of tests about safety and matching, including multiple radiation tests, conduction tests, and quality tests. The process and selection are very strict, and OEDRO synthetically considers the safety matching between lamps and battery to avoid safety issue.

Fourth, OEDRO believes that the workmanship of lighting and lamp design is a crucial factor that impact the quality of automotive LED lighting products. In order to make the design come true with high quality, OEDRO sets up professional hardware assort chain to ensure every detail is perfect. OEDRO’s project team takes all of customers’ needs into consideration to design products that not only present practicability, but also show aesthetics. OEDRO employs professional technicians to ensure every product come out through precise workmanship, including abrasive blasting, electrophoresis, and electroplating to ensure texture, color and luster as well as usage life.

Besides, OEDRO can get high energy saving because they adopt technology of general replacement energy saving and secondary great effective energy saving. OEDRO has been developing and trying different energy saving technologies because more energy the LED lights can save, more benefits customers would get. The energy saving technology that OEDRO applies on their LED lighting products is able to maximum the energy saving and offer better performance. As a result, OEDRO’s LED lights have 20% greater light extraction efficiency than other brands’ LED lights.

Why OEDRO has high Cost-Effectiveness?

OEDRO has the same high-quality automotive LED lighting products with Philips and Osram, but OEDRO’s products are sold with half price of Philips and Osram, or even lower. Consequently, some people also question about why OEDRO is able to sell high-quality products with economic price. OEDRO discloses that their magic codes contain material selection, design technique, and appropriate margin.

First and foremost, OEDRO insists rationalize profits as an important goal other than maximize profits. OEDRO believes that customers’ benefits are more important than their profits, so OEDRO has been trying to maximize their customers’ benefits. This is also the key point why OEDRO has great reputation and expectation when they primarily stepped into the automotive LED lighting market.

Moreover, OEDRO’s advantage of material selection helps them to save costing. OEDRO is familiar with production technologies and workmanship of all original materials, because they have done a plenty of research on original materials and the production line. Because of these acknowledges, OEDRO can use technology information to save costing when they select materials.

Furthermore, professional design and delicate workmanship also help OEDRO to save more costing. OEDRO has professional teams that are in charge of different parts of production and assisting each other. As a result, it not only effectively shortens the design cycle, but also ensure the accuracy and precision of every piece of product. Because of the advantages of short production cycle and delicate quality, OEDRO is able to avoid unnecessary resource wasting and provide better offer with customers.

How OEDRO Can Offer Professional Servies

Great and professional services also give OEDRO rock support to get excellent ratings. OEDRO never doubt the importance of services in automotive LED lighting business. Because different kinds of vehicles’ demand on lighting resources is vary, adequate analyses of relationship between lamps and lighting resources is necessary. In order to ensure the matching and accuracy rate of vehicle and lamp, OEDRO has completed a lot in-depth marketing demand research to ensure their high-quality services. As a result, OEDRO can offer professional services for different needs. In sum, OEDRO’s success is all about precision, dedication, and insistence.