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5FT Soft Tri-fold Tonneau Cover Fold Truck Bed Covers Compatible with 2017-2023 Honda Ridgeline with 5 feet Bed (64")

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  • -Double tailgate paddle latches keep the car cover tight and improve cargo safety
  • -The PVC waterproof cloth has tension to keep the cover flat and not easy to accumulate water
  • -Powder-coated rails and aluminum clips are tightly fitted and sealed to prevent foreign objects from entering the trunk
  • -Streamlined low wind resistance design reduces air resistance and saves fuel consumption
  • -2-year warranty. For your safety, professional installation recommended
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OEDRO soft trifold truck bed tonneau cover is compatible with the 2017-2023 Honda Ridgeline with 5 feet Bed (64") and provides your pickup truck with the perfect combination of safety, convenience, and looks. It's easy to install, and the tailgate lock turns your truck bed into a completely secure trunk, protected from snow and dust.



  • • Security. When transporting valuable items, a tonneau cover can help to protect them from theft. OEDRO tonneau covers are hard and difficult to break into. They feature secure locking mechanisms. tonneau cover keeps the goods out of sight, and potential thieves will not know what is in the truck bed.
  • • Protection from Damage. Tonneau cover protects items from damage by the elements. During bad weather, such as rainy or snowy days, a tonneau cover can help shield the goods being hauled. The cover also offers protection from other elements such as wind, dust, and others.
  • • Better Gas Mileage Performance. Tonneau cover helps to reduce the drag. That, in, turn means less power to move the vehicle, and reduced fuel consumption.
  •  It Holds Things in Place. It is not uncommon for items to shift in a truck bed, sometimes even fly off when the vehicle is speeding on a highway. A bed cover can easily prevent that. Keeping everything in its place saves the truck owner the loss that may result from things knocking against others, or spilling on the road and getting damaged or lost.
  • • Enhanced Aesthetics. OEDRO tonneau cover can provide a neat, clean look. Drivers with beds that are old, rusty, or otherwise dinged up can easily cover up the damage with a quality truck bed cover that keeps all of your possessions hidden from view.



  • Compatible with 2017-2023 Honda Ridgeline with 5 feet Bed (64")



Style Tri-Fold
Material Double Layer PVC
Lock Type Tailgate

Package Included

Tonneau Cover x1
Accessory Set x1
Instruction Manual x1


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  1. Shannon
    Protection from Elements
    Reviewed in the United States on Feb 06, 2024
    This cover has kept all of my tools and equipment completely dry even during heavy rainstorms. The sealing is great and I have not had any water leaks at all. It really protects items in the bed from rain, snow, dust and debris flying into the truck.
  2. Colin
    Minor Assembly Issue
    Reviewed in the United States on Feb 05, 2024
    While mostly self-explanatory, one part of the assembly was a bit confusing and I needed to watch an online video. But once figured out, it went together well and is working perfectly now.
  3. Lindsey
    Keeps Gear Secure
    Reviewed in the United States on Feb 03, 2024
    I like the security of knowing my gear is safely hidden from plain view. The lock works great for additional peace of mind when parked in insecure areas. Nothing has shifted around even on bumpy off-road trails. It does the job of securely covering my truck bed.
  4. Jesse
    Sturdy Quality
    Reviewed in the United States on Jan 29, 2024
    I'm really impressed with the build quality. The hinges and latching system feel very solid. I don't worry about it flapping around even at highway speeds. It has held up well to occasional heavier loads without any issues.
  5. Sabrina
    Easy to Open and Close
    Reviewed in the United States on Jan 23, 2024
    The tri-fold design makes it very simple to open and close the cover with one hand. I am able to access my tools quickly yet still keep everything protected. It is lightweight enough that an older person could operate it easily as well.
  6. Leah
    Overall good product
    Reviewed in the United States on Jan 15, 2024
    This one does almost everything well at a lower cost though. If you can look past one or two minor flaws, for the budget-minded buyer this is a solid option that gets the job done protecting a truck bed.
  7. Chase
    Perfect Fit
    Reviewed in the United States on Jan 11, 2024
    This tonneau cover fits my 2022 Honda Ridgeline like a glove. The specifications listed are accurate. It has the correct width and works perfectly with the tri-fold design of my truck bed. Very pleased with how well it fits.
  8. Corey
    Great Fit and Design
    Reviewed in the United States on Jan 07, 2024
    The cover fits my 2017 Honda Ridgeline perfectly. It is designed to fit the contours of the truck bed well. Installation was simple. Overall the quality and design are excellent.
  9. Monica
    Works well
    Reviewed in the United States on Jan 06, 2024
    With this cover on, I feel more secure transporting things in the bed of my truck. It's not obvious what I have back there and would deter anyone from trying to break in. The locks work well and are simple to use.
  10. Cameron
    Great Fit and Finish
    Reviewed in the United States on Jan 03, 2024
    This tonneau cover fit my 2020 Honda Ridgeline perfectly. The material look very high quality and it was easy to install. Overall it gives my truck a nice clean finished look.

10 Item(s)

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