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Car and Truck Floor Mats and Floor Liners


CUSTOM FLOOR MATS, ALL-AROUND PROTECTION. specializes in providing various floor mats, cargo mats, and truck bed mats. Due to the high-quality TPE material, OEDRO floor mats are durable, not deformed, and can be used for a long time. All car mats are precisely cut for a specific year, make and model.




These floors mats fit good! Hoping they stay in place and are durable! For the price they’re just a good as weather tech new. Alittle more flimsy but not bad!

My truck got stuck in the mud. All three of us were covered in mud, but these pads grabbed every bit of it. Take them out with standing water, spray them out with a pressure washer, and dry them with a towel. Throw them back and the rug is almost flawless. I highly recommended.
-Vein Guy

Nice prodect. Front and rear fit perfectly and look great. It was only 28 degrees F when I put them in and they went right in without having to warm them up.
-Bill C

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These floor mats perfect fit the car's front seat, rear seat, third seat, and cargo area. All custom car floor mats have excellent abrasion resistance and durability, shielding your carpets from wear. OEDRO custom floor mats are thermally and acoustically insulated, and the design of the snap-in clip holds these auto mats in place.

Perfect Fit

OEDRO car floor mats use lasers and computers to precisely measure and position each make and model floor covering the raised outer edges of the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle's footwell. Each mat can be perfectly formed to fit your specific ride.

Safe Driving

Some of our anti-skid flooring mats come with a professional surface texture that has channels to trap debris and liquid from reaching your carpets. Tall lips retain factory driver-side hold-down not only holds all the messes but also prevents your feet from slipping.

All-Weather Protection

The TPE triple extrusion combination is elastic, weather resistant, high temperature resistant, and can ensure that OEDRO floor mats are 100% safe, 100% odorless, and non-deformable in all weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.).


The robust and flexible tap hole works with snap-in clips to keep the car floor mats from slipping under your feet. Anti-displacement wires on the back of the 3d mats grab the rug and help hold the pad in place.

Easy To Clean

Low-density flexible TPE material's OEDRO all-weather floor mats are easy to clean and install. After vigorous rinsing with the hose and drying with a dry towel, all dirt will be removed, regardless of whether there is mud, slush, or dust on the lining.

rubber floor mats


We provide a 2-year replacement warranty for floor mats from the date of purchase. For details: Warranty Policy

rubber floor mats


OEDRO wholesale plan provides large discounts that can bring more value to your business. For details: Wholesale Inquiry

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Extra Durable
Scratch Resistance
Stain Resistant
Easy Cleaning
Easy Installation
Heat Resistant
Odor Free
3D Full Coverage


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What floor mats does OEDRO have?+
A: OEDRO has 2-row floor mats、3-row floor mats, cargo liner, truck bed mat.
Q: Do I really need car floor mats?+
A: Installing car floor mats in your vehicle can make cleaning your car easier. This allows you to keep your vehicle looking great, which will increase its resale value off the road.
Q: What materials are OEDRO floor mats made of?+
A: OEDRO currently has two kinds of floor mats, namely TPR and TPE materials.
Q: What’s the best way to add some style to my car floor mats?+
A: OEDRO car floor mats are black with a logo for a more personalized style. For the most part, car floor mats are functional, but every once in a while you'll find some interesting variations.
Q: Do all car floor mats smell weird?+
A: Some cheap pads may have a chemical smell when you first install them. This smell can become more pronounced if a closed car is left in the sun for several hours. OEDRO's car floor mats have less or no odor because they are made from a treated rubber compound.
Q: What is the difference between basic and premium car floor mats?+
A: Basic or economy car floor mats may be similar to the ones that came with your new car. This mat is thin and usually made of rubber. High-quality car mats have thick rubber soles and fine edges.

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: 2658

2017 F-150 Lariat mat review - Rating: - Blaine
These floors mats fit good! Hoping they stay in place and are durable! For the price they’re just a good as weather tech new. Alittle more flimsy but not bad!
Durable and perfect fit. Great for trucks. - Rating: - Vein Guy
My truck got stuck in the mud. All three of us were covered in mud, but these pads grabbed every bit of it. Take them out with standing water, spray them out with a pressure washer, and dry them with a towel. Throw them back and the rug is almost flawless. I highly recommended.
Great Product - Rating: - Bill C
Nice prodect. Front and rear fit perfectly and look great. It was only 28 degrees F when I put them in and they went right in without having to warm them up.
Great product! - Rating: - Chris
It’s a great product comparable to weathertech, however half the price. Definitely worth it and would highly recommend it.
Fits perfectly and keeps floorboards clean! - Rating: - Gary Hancock
Easy to put in and easy to clean !
Me encantaron - Rating: - GortAmazon
Ensamblan perfectamente
Fit my XLT F150 2017 perfect, worth the price - Rating: - Komehameha
easy to install, but you need to let them warm up inside the car so they fit on the rear sides. the material is hard when first installing them, but as they sit inside the truck and the sun warms them up they sit perfect. They are less expensive but due the same protection as the more expensive floor mats. would recommend!
Great quality - Rating: - Adam
Very happy with the quality
Highly recommended - Rating: - Jorge Santos
I love
must for parents. - Rating: - tom kazik
I have bought these for every vehicle i have and even for my mom. If you have kids or pets or messy friends these are a must have and super easy to put in take out to clean and way cheaper then those other ones you see on TV.
Better than carpet - All weather Mats! - Rating: - Ricardo Gonzalez III
I liked that the price was low and easy to install
Great quality half the price !! - Rating: - Hannah
My brother and my mom both have weather tech mats in their trucks. I decided to try these and see if they compare and I am already in love. They fit just as well and are just as durable for half the price. I am very happy with this purchase.
Good stuff - Rating: - Jim P
Fit almost perfect on my 2020 f150 super cab , made of flexible rubber not hard plastic , I like it !
They will last you a long time and best of all the price is unbeatable! - Rating: - FPEP915
These floor mats are very rugged, heavy duty and very firm! The material is just 100% high quality
Definitely a good buy for 2019 F-150 STX. - Rating: - Samuel T Ayers
Fit my 2019 F-150 STX like a glove. Slight odd fit under the front seats with the back mat, but doesnt create any kind of problems at all. Did a whole bunch of research on floor mats etc and decided to chance these and it was definitely worth it. They fit perfectly with the existing clips on the driver side mat as well.
Best priced floor liners I have ever owned. - Rating: - Valerie Martin-Kuehn
Fantastic floor liners. I love them. They look great, clean up well, and protect the carpet in my vehicle. My husband was so impressed he bought them for his truck. I highly recommend these and feel they are a great value for the money.
Worth every penny - Rating: - David Duca
Works as described
Perfection - Rating: - Reaves
Fits tight. Bought for fusion a year ago then bought for new truck. Everything sits perfect and covers exactly where needed. Heavy duty material especially for the price.
Durability and fit. - Rating: - Marty Sanz
This product was great. It is built tough to last and it had a perfect fit for my Ford. Highly recommend these mats.
Affordable and reasonable - Rating: - Jaime Holdaway
This is a nice alternative to the more high priced floor liners and has just as good quality
Great floor mats! - Rating: - Guch
Mats look awesome! Good coverage and they fit perfectly! I saved a little money too by purchasing the broken box option.
No regrets - Rating: - MrStClair
I do not have a single complaint. They look great, clean easy and protect my trucks flooring.
Floormats - Rating: - Oscar Hinojos
These are excellent floormats, I would buy them again!
Great product.Easy to place.Perfect fit. - Rating: - sssssq
I bought these for my 2016 F-150 SuperCrew, fits perfectly. I left them in the sun for a few minutes to loosen some of the wrapping creases. The driver side mat just clipped on the floor. Great product for protecting my carpet.Worth every penny.Very easy to place. At first, the rear mat was folded up at the ends next to the rear doors because of how it was packaged. I had to make sure the mat sat under the door but after a while they began to sit properly. I guess with time and the mat is under the door for so long it morphed itself back.
Great fit - Rating: - Jack
They fit really well, just leave out in the sun for a few hours to heat up and then install. Painless installation, quality is there and fitment is there. Appears to be easy to clean if they get dirty and really protects the carpet.
RandomDude - Rating: - B. Hess
Top quality and fit for the money spent. These are by far worth every penny. Don’t bother wasting money on weather tech mats and their ridiculous pricing. These mats fit great and do exactly what they are intended for.
Fits Great at half the price of Weather Tech - Rating: - Jeffery
Was looking for a cheaper alternative to Weather Tech floor mats and came across these. Installed them today with no issues, fits in great. I look forward to using these in the winter here in Virginia. I also work in the construction industry and feel these will protect my Ford F-150 King Ranch very well.
So far so good.... - Rating: - William R
I have had these for about 3 months now, and haven't experienced any issues. I was a little concerned with how the back would fit based off of some reviews, but it was better than what I expected. I'm sure it could roll with the contours in the back a little better, but i have never had WeatherTech or Husky Liners to compare it to.
Great floor mats - Rating: - Timm
I ordered wea*tech mats in my last car. I wasn’t happy with fit, thickness, or durability. I purchased these for my new car, based on price. These are thicker and feel much sturdier. I’m about 95% happy with the fit, as the back mat is very tight behind the driver and passenger’s seat tracks. Would def recommend
Fit like a glove. - Rating: - Nikki
Molded rubber mats are made to fit like a glove. Perfect mold for 2016 Ford F150 XLT 3.5L. Back seat floor is covered 100%.
Definitely met my needs - Rating: - Lindsey
Bought a set for my recently purchased 2015 Lariat crew cab and I am more than pleased. I took the pictures the day I installed them, but have have them and used them for two weeks now. I probably could have gotten a more a precise fit by purchasing Weather Tech mats, from what I understand, but the extra money spent would not have been worth the difference in fit or quality. I bought these at the perfect time, as I was able to help three people move and I had no concerns about messing up my interior. I gave it four stars because there are a few areas where they do not sit flush, but all in all I would definitely purchase them again. There were a few reviews about the back mat not sitting flat on the edges near the doors, but I just tucked them under the door guards and have no issues. I have a feeling these mats will last far longer than the amount of time I will own the truck. One of my best investments for the truck yet!
Work great - Rating: - Davidg
great product great price
Fit my truck perfectly! - Rating: - Nick4dyce
Fit very well! Same great quality as all WeatherTechs precision mats
Fast delivery. Perfect Fit. - Rating: - Derrick
Did not have to make any adjustments for my F150 Crew Cab.
Liners clean easily - Rating: - Darrell
2019 f150 liners fit well on the floor and stay in place.
360 degree perfection! - Rating: - Robert A. Rodriguez-cayro
This is a must have for my wife who wants to keep our truck clean. Very nice!
Outstanding f150 floor liners - Rating: - Stephen Ross
Material on the OEDRO liner is almost the same compared to other brands I have purchased in the past, but the price is quite different.
They cover every inch front and back. - Rating: - DDTDAS Jasim
They fit my 2018 F150. They fit better than other premium brand mats that I've gotten. My son bought some for his 2015 Mustang and they fit like a glove too.
Just what I was looking for. - Rating: - Joseph Aguilar
These fit my 2017 f150 crew cab perfectly. It seems to be more durable than that who tried to sell me at the f150 dealership.
Five Stars. Perfect fit. - Rating: - Luis O.
The mats can stop snow or mud outside from getting under the carpet also protects the carpet when it wrap around the entrance door edge. I highly recommend
Excellent - Rating: - Chodas
Just got them. Hands down far nicer than my previous weather techs and Husky liners. Reasonably pricd makes this choice a no brainer
Stop Debating and Get Them - Rating: - Angel Sierra
For reference these were installed on a 2015 Ford F-150 Super Crew. These are great mats that cover the exposed carpet extremely well. I was hesitant at first to purchase these mats having never heard of them before. I scoured YouTube looking for reviews, only finding a few. In those reviews the reviewer described the mats as thin plastic, and they sounded plastic, which concerned me even more. Being these mats are much cheaper then the two other big floor liner manufacturers, I took a chance. The liners arrived in a single box with the front liners wrapped in plastic ready to install. The rear seat liner was folded in half and required about 30 min in the sun to flatten out at the bend (it wasn't folded to a crease). Build wise these are every bit as good as the more expensive competitors out there. They have a nice rubbery touch feel that my feet don't slide around on and provides a sense of good cushioning to your feet. If I had to give a negative at all it would be the design at the sides. The channels in the liners channels any spilled liquids to the outside edge of the liner where the mat fits over the plastic edging. While this may work perfectly fine, I imagine the liquid hitting your door seals and running back towards the liner, possibly under. This complaint is nitpicking at its best. Over all the Maxliners are a great value, especially when compared to its higher priced competitors.
None better - Rating: - Brian M
Great fit! Completely covers the front footwells and rear floor area of my 2015 F150 SuperCrew, leaving no area unexposed. There is even an overlap across the transition between the carpeting and the thresholds, which means that gunk won't accumulate in that crack. As others have mentioned, these are relatively thin plastic mats with a smooth/slick surface on the top. They are soft enough to conform, but they feel slippery underfoot, the way you'd expect a solid plastic to feel. Unlike some OEM " all weather" floor mats (that are much more expensive), these are not thick heavy rubber-type material. The good part about this is that they are very easy to install or remove on a seasonal basis or for washing. They do not have deep channels or grooves the way that the weathertech mats do, so they may not be the best choice for someone that will be dragging a lot of slush or mud into the car (there's not place for it to hide). They are perfect, however, for my purpose, which is just to keep my dirty feet from ruining my carpeting when we have rain a couple months out of the year in Southern California.
Quality and shipping speed - Rating: - Bigwheel
The mats are amazing the quality it well worth the price. I’m amazed with the ease and how well they fit I am definitely recommending these to family and friends. Thanks for the fast shipping and packaging was in great condition. A++++ They make my truck loook real good and I’m not worried about cleaning mats off anymore.
Don't Spend Extra on Weathertechs, these are the ticket! - Rating: - Sammy
After purchasing a new vehicle I was left with a problem; wanting to protect my asset without breaking the bank. I looked at competitors floor mats and came to the realization that I was not going to spend almost $300 for a product that I would literally be putting my feet on. I trusted the reviews I read about this product and ended up purchasing it. I was very surprised at the precision fit and form and durability of the product. I would buy this product again for any future vehicles.
Great set of mats - Rating: - Angelo
For the price you can't beat them! I bought these to fit my husbands 2016 F150 super crew cab, he is an outdoorsman so tracking mud and debris in a vehicle is a constant. These Fit like a glove! They go under the seats and have great coverage. They are a hard plastic which is fine. I feel they will be easy to take out and rinse off when need be. I will be buying some for my new car in the near future. Worth the money over weather tech and other name brands for half the price.
Great Product. Nice look. - Rating: - Chad Smih
Very pleased with the fit and appearance...covers the floor areas perfectly in our 2016 F150. does not shift when entering or exiting the vehicle...the rear mat was shipped folded in half but flattened out quickly after unnpacking
Great !!! - Rating: - Bigfoot
Received floor mats today very well pleased.2018 f150 supercrew with out console fit perfect,just wish they made some f150 emblems to replace name tags.but that would not be very good advertising. Had weather tech in my 2005 f150 these are better. Shipped very fast. Thanks
Five Stars - Rating: - Louis
This is my 1st time buying maxfloormat product. I have always went with weathertech or husky brand. I was really surprise how they fit my 2016 F150. They fit great and cover every inch front and back. They are well made just like other brands. I have no complains so far.
Great fit for 2015 F150 - Rating: - Robbie
Perfect fit and the holes on the mat help prevent it from sliding around.
A must for pacific northwest trucks. A very snug fit - Rating: - Don
Great product! Perfect fit in my 2015 F150 supercrew. Fits better than Weathertech that I had in my 2010 F150 for less money.
Highly Recommended - Rating: - Michael M.
Great product fits perfectly in my 2017 f 150
Pleased with the product, would do it again. I recommend will this product to friends and family. - Rating: - Clint
I recently purchased these for my new 2018 Ford F150 XLT. Overall I'm pleased with the product. The front driver and passenger floor mats are a perfect fit and they look great. The back floor mat however was not exactly a perfect fit. I had to force the mat under both the driver and passenger front seats in order for them to sit properly. There is a small lip (Hook) kinda thing on the portion of the mat which goes under the front seats its designed to hook around the front seats I'm assuming to keep them from moving. The only problem is the tip of the hook is too long and doesn't seat property. You can trim it down cause then you lose the dirt water containment lip. So I forced it in and pressed it firmly down and in place, it's under the seat and will never be seen so I'm not really concerned about it the rest of it looks great. This would be a 5 star product for me had the rear floor mat been a perfect fit. I previously had the WeatherTech floor mats in my 2013 Ford F250. In comparison as far as thickness, material, durability I feel they are one in the same. I would recommend the OEDRO floor mats to my friends and family members. The price does not always dictate quality. WeatherTech, some would argue to be the best, now maybe the rear floor mat would have been a perfect fit and slid right under the front seats with no resistance. But with the approximate $70 saving between the two I happy and would make the purchase again. Clint
Fit perfect - Rating: - Christopher
We go to the beach and our flip flops bring back sand, pine needles etc. The original carpet mats in the Ford were poor quality and there was always such a mess. These nice rubber mats fit perfectly and go higher up at the sides and edges than the similar Ford offering. A vacuum returns the mats to pristine, and if they ever get muddy, they can be slipped out and washed down easily. And, there is no rubber odor. The car still smells like new leather etc.
I love these floor mats. - Rating: - Neil
I love these floor mats. They fit our 2018 F150 perfectly, and they were far less expensive than my old all weather floor mats, with better coverage to boot.
Fits great, protects well, and overall great product! - Rating: - Coach S.
I got these for my 2016 Ford F-150. They blend into it and look great. I no longer have to worry about mud/snow/water from shoes getting in. I've received lots of compliments for them too!
Worth the money - Rating: - april Savard
Very good quality
I like them, but not in love. - Rating: - royce
They do a great job and fit super good!They clean up easy. I'd still buy them again.
Nice Fit Easy To Sweep Or Vacuum Nice - Rating: - Cletis J Diehl
Nice Fit Exceptional Value Easy To Sweep Or Vacuum Out Very Nice
Great Value,Perfect Fit - Rating: - Crosbys
Great Value,Perfect Fit
Best fitting floor mats hands down! - Rating: - Mike
Fit way better then weather tech or husky mats which are way more expensive. These mats fit perfectly look good and are well worth the money.
Worth every penny! - Rating: - Matilda Figueroa
Love these floor mats I have black carpet in truck and people think it's dark u cant see when its dirty wrong! These floor mats protect it all the way around I just vacuum easy or brush the mats off and done nice and clean.
They do fit perfectly - Rating: - jeffrey stanwood
Perfect fit they look great price was right.
Perfect fit. - Rating: - Jesse
These fit my silverado perfectly. They are durable and look like they came with the car.
Fit and look - Rating: - Mike B.
Easy installation with a great fit, and the floor mats looks awesome in my Chevy Silverado
Great mats! - Rating: - E. Ying
The floor mats look great in the truck. I have had a set of the WeatherTech’s before these an the Oedro’s are almost identical to them. The feel and quality of the Oedro’s are very nice. If they last as long as the WeatherTech’s (like I already know they will) then these are a steal for the price. I hope as the vehicle gets hot inside the driver’s mat is sticking up a bit on the edge. I would highly recommend the Oedro mats over the more higher priced mats.
Why Pay More For Weathertech - Rating: - Rebecca
Item is well made, but the traction could be a little more aggressive. Overall very happy with purchase and price point.
Worth every penny. - Rating: - Evan T
I bought this mat set for my 2018 Silverado Crew cab. The package arrived so quick. The material is soft and will protect the carpet from liquids. Front and rear seat mats all fit perfectly.
I'm happy with the product and would recommend them - Rating: - Jaryn
They fit good
Perfect fit for my 2014 Silverado LTZ Club Cab - Rating: - Alex.CA
I was a bit skeptical about these floor mats, but took a chance and I am happy that I did. They are nice and thick, and fit very well. A lot better than the OEM mats. They reach out to the edge of the door so I know the carpet will stay clean for years to come.
Fit perfectly. - Rating: - pbb
Nice liners
Awesome product! - Rating: - Edward Jeffreys
The Silverado floor mats fits like a glove. Gives me piece of mind that it won't damage carpet floor
They're great - Rating: - Jorge Sobrevilla
After letting sit flat indoors for a few hours, was able to just drop them in place. Great choice for my 18 Chevy Silverado double cab,lol.
Liners serve their purpose well. - Rating: - jason noland
Nice Silverado floor mats! Don't waste money on cheap mats that aren't cut to size
Lifetime Warranty! - Rating: - THOMAS Harkins
I chose OEDRO over weathertech becaue of warranty, price and service. It looks more of a rubber than a plastic.
2017 silverado floor mats - Rating: - Wes Wyatt
The mats fit perfectly. I would definitely buy them again. The front mats lock into the keeping button just like factory.
Very good fit/quality - Rating: - daniel Alvey
Then are tough. They are cut perfect to seat the floor. The front and back are awesome mats. This floor liner box is a great product, and is a perfect fit in my 2017 Silverado Double model!
Highly recommend for 2014 Sierra 1500 - Rating: - Matt_M
These mats are outstanding. They are much better than the more expensive competitors mats. They seem to be better made, and fit better than the more expensive mats, that I bought for my last truck. I am totally satisfied with these awesome mats.
Absolutely worth every penny - Rating: - ABT
At first, I was not fully convinced I could get a product that would justify it's price. However, after having installed my OEDRO floor mats, I couldn't be more pleased. The mats fit perfectly and the quality seems great. Cleaning is easy and I have peace of mind when kids are jumping in. Great product OEDRO!
Great fit and coverage! - Rating: - E. Arnold
Excellent fit and good quality for 2017 Sierra 1500 
Perfect fit on my 2016 Silverado Double Cab - Rating: - Patrice
Perfect fit for my 2016 Silverado Double Cab. Although the color doesn't quite match, it's close enough to be unnoticeable. These are great for muddy or snowy conditions - cover nearly all of the original carpeted area and the raised edges keep the crud from running out. Easy tp pull and hose down.
Very good mat for back seat - Rating: - KellyB
Fit perfect. Covers more than weather tech. And even though my truck has been used for years, the mats looks great inside.
Fits well and looks good. - Rating: - Christopher Ramos
These fit like a glove in my 2017 Silverado 1500 Extend Cab! LOVE these! I'm thrilled that the driver side snaps down. We left all original mats in place, except for the driver side. We stored this one behind the rear seat. This mat set is well worth the money when it saves the carpet from sand, mud, snow and spills!
As good as Weathertech. Less costly. Thank you, OEDRO - Rating: - Leslie
The liners came quickly. One box contained all two-- the two front mats. I pulled them out of the box. The installation was painless. Take out the existing carpet mats and put the new liners in. I really liked that the front driver's side mat locked into place the same as the original carpet mat. The rubber going out the doors on all of the mats needed a little time to lay down. It's been a couple of weeks now and they are laying down flat. It may also be that the warmer weather is helping. Overall, these are a great fit -- better than the Weathertech fit in my other vehicle (a Toyota Highlander). Makes me wonder if OEDRO Floor Mats are made for mine.
Five Stars - Rating: - Ivan Drago
Excellent fit and quality for my 2014 Sierra 1500. Not to mention much less than the well-known competitor's floor mats. The two major brands produce a quality product but for the money you can't beat these mats.
Works great - Rating: - Mandy
Works great easy to program.
Honestly for price. I'd say 5 stars - Rating: - Joseph
These floor mats are suitable for all weather and will not loosen, I would recommend.
Amazing mats perfect fitment!! - Rating: - Kareem
Perfect fit on my 2021 ram 1500 classic Warlock.
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Tonya
These fit my 2020 Dodge Ram Classic Crew Cab PERFECTLY! Great price. Great product.
fit back seats floor. - Rating: - Patricia R.
The mats for the back seats were a little big, folding to fit there.Not great for the money.
They fit very well. Overall worth the money. - Rating: - Brice Wilkerson
They fit my ram very well
Great mats - Rating: - 1966 Nova
Perfect fit!!! Totally loved these! Only down fall is that I sold the truck and the mats had to go with it. :-( Great Mats
2019 Ram Classic - Rating: - Nick paquet
Hits all the features that you need - Quality, fitment and price compared to other brands. I reaserched youtube videos from real folks and took a chance and I'm glad i did.
Protect your floor with these custom fit mats! - Rating: - K
These floor mats have been awesome for this winter! They're formed fitted for my truck, they lip up around the edges except for where the door is. The carpeted floor is staying immaculate with these mats! Well worth the money!!!
Fit as expected - Rating: - Bigten418
Nice looking floor mats, easy to install and clean. Not as heavy duty as I hoped but they should last a long while. Perfect for a work vehicle.
Fits 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Quad Cab - Rating: - Sean Baker
These fit perfectly in a 2019 Ram 1500 Classic. They are high quality and look very nice. I had no issues with mine, front and back fit well.
1st thing every RAM owner should purchase - Rating: - Kevin Brown
Great value! Great fit and offers the same function as husky/weathertechs for half the price.
Great Quality, Fit, and Price - Rating: - Michael T
I was drawn to these due to the inexpensive price initially. After reading reviews I was skeptical of the fit but was surprised after installing. The fit is spot on and the quality and lifetime warranty is impressive. Highly recommend!
Great product and a steal for the price. - Rating: - Josh Dudziak
Great product for the price! If you don’t wanna shell out an absurd amount for weather techs these are for you! And they may be better!
Perfect Fit/Looks Great - Rating: - Shawn B.
Perfect Fit For my 2013 Ram. Looks Great. Would buy again
Looking real sharp in our truck! - Rating: - trk family
We bought these after some research and comparison shopping and these are great! They look real great and couldn't be better if they came from the dealer! I was worried about the front seat bump being left bare but we don't use the middle seat up front so it looks fine so far. I really recommend this brand for durability and style!
Good buy for an above-average product! - Rating: - Laurie A. Maple
Could not be happier with this purchase for my RAM truck. Just wish I had purchased when it was new. These definitely keep my interior clean and are super easy to care for. Good price too
Very pleased - Rating: - Edward
great fit and quality
Love this product! - Rating: - Denny Schooley
I gave it to my husband for his new truck. He said great mats
Highly recommended. - Rating: - Jeremy
Well made, look,good. Best choice for ram pickup
Thank you! - Rating: - Jerry Jeffries
Perfect fit for my 18 ram truck
Better! Easy to clean - Rating: - David KAZIK
Once the floor get dirty, I pop the floor mats out. I run a hose over back and forth! And they're brand new again with 5 mins!
Very satisfied overall. - Rating: - Richard Mora
I like the look and the protection for my dodge ram.The shape allows anything slipped to flow toward the door in my ram so it can drain out.
Best floor mats on the market! - Rating: - Chris Arausa
I needed dodge ram rubber mats. To be frank, I was very doubtful about a purchase from, but I decided to have a try because they also sell on Amazon, but the price is half on its official website. I get my ram 3D floor mats within two days. Fast shipping & Wonderful floor mats.
Extremely Well Made And Excellent Fit And Finish - Rating: - Super Duty King
I bought this liner to protect my upholstery as well as keep my shedding dog's hair under control. I take my dog with me to work everyday, hes basically the office mascot. He sheds a lot, and I have a hell of a time trying to get all the hair up with a vacuum. This liner was the perfect solution, I can get all the dog hair out in a matter of seconds now. The liner fits perfectly inside the Quad cab. No overhang, nothing stopping the doors from closing, looks great.
I bought these for my Dad and he loves them. They fit perfectly and are easier to clean ... - Rating: - Lou C
These mats are amazing... they are just as good as competitive brands... well worth the price... He has been using them for a while... easy install...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...
looks great cleans easy - Rating: - Christopher Ramos
I work for a road department in the Pacific Northwest, where we deal with rain and mud almost DAILY. Our road workers are very happy with this product.
Five Stars - Rating: - Carl
OEDRO are the best liners out there for the money.
Fit perfect in 2015 Ram 1500 Quad Cab - Rating: - Oz W
Fit my 2015 Ram 1500 perfectly. These OEDRO floor mats are just as good as the weather tech mats. Make cleaning the floorboards super easy. Highly recommended.
Perfect fit for 2016 Ram 1500 Quad Cab! - Rating: - Christopher Guthrie
he mats fit great and have great coverage. They look nice and are easy to clean
Good product - Rating: - Mike
Product was exactly what I ordered & has been in use ever since receipt with very satisfactory performance. Thank you
Great Product - Rating: - Audra Woodward
Great fit for my 2015 Jeep Wrangler. Look great and help protect from the kids messiness!
Great Product - Rating: - Audra Woodward
Great fit for my 2015 Jeep Wrangler. Look great and help protect from the kids messiness!
Love! - Rating: - Amy
Obessed! Was so impressed by these I ordered a front bumper in the same brand. These fit perfect, I removed the carpet in my JK and wanted mats that wouldn't slip around, these are worth every penny!
The quality is 100% cost is pretty reasonable - Rating: - Ronny J Smith
As good as competitors - Rating: - Joey
I really like these mats. I prefer them over my weather techs in another vehicle that was 3 times this price. They are a thick rubber but still soft and forms to floor perfectly. I have shared with multiple friends that purchased them for their Wrangler.
But these, you will love them - Rating: - Patti Eggers
Love love these mats for my Jeep! Very easy to install and so much easier to clean then my Jeep mats and so much cheaper than the WeatherTec mats. Highly recommend these mats for your Jeep.
Great fit and value - Rating: - Jeep63
These mats are not originally designed for a 2013 JKU, but I added the Mopar carpet studs to my BedTred and installed the mats. They are great.
Top Quality at a Better Price - Flawless Fit - Rating: - Ryan
I have had several of the “big” name brands in the past. I think that these are easily just as good, if not better than some of those. Quality is very nice. Fit is flawless in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU. Would definitely buy again.
Good choice but one is off slightly - Rating: - A. Agnese
Easy to install. 3 of the 4 fit perfect. One is just a bit off but hard to notice so I'm giving it 4 stars overall.
GREAT for the money! - Rating: - D Hayes
Fit like a glove in my 2016 Wrangler. Seem to be a durable material. Think they’ll hold up just as good as more expensive brands for way less money!
Fits perfectly and there are great mats. - Rating: - Bruce Farrant
You will love the quality and the perfect fit of the mats. They are exactly as described and easy to install. Thanks for helping protect our Jeep.
Same quality as name costing twice as much. - Rating: - Russell B.
Same quality as the well known brand I used to purchase. High sided protection. I have a 09 JK wrangler the floor tabs do not work but fit is tight & perfect.
Fits like a glove. - Rating: - Bill
Fits like a glove.Love them
Great quality at an awesome price! - Rating: - Amir Bishara
These mats are great quality. Definitely comparable (almost identical really) to more expensive all weather mats. The best part is that they’re a fraction of the cost. They’re shaped perfectly so that there are virtually no gaps between the mats and the surrounding areas and cover more area than stock mats. I’d definitely recommend these to anyone looking for all weather mats.
Almost a perfect fit - Rating: - Duckwheat
About 95% perfect fit. A small bit of buckling in the sides but not an issue the vast majority of the time.
Look great and durable - Rating: - LaPrise
Look great and durable.Lower price than some others, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.
Great product - Rating: - Kelly
Great product, fit perfect on my Jeep Wrangler.
Quality is great. They do not slip - Rating: - Steve
Fit perfectly. Quality is great. I would buy again.
A1 Quality - Rating: - Sultanon
Great Mats and Outstanding Seller! Fit very well.
Good solid product - Rating: - Dearl J.
Phenominal product - Rating: - David Zinn
Nice mats! It is worth not having that plasticy feel that other mats have.
Great customer service! - Rating: - Brooke Kaas
After 5 weeks I contacted OEDRO for small defect and they sent me a replacement no questions asked! The new floor mats work well.
I couldn't be happier. - Rating: - Rachel ASFFADWQ
They fit my 2017 wrangler well. But it takes a little getting used to where foot hits it. Overall,it is ok.
Great fit with a little effort. - Rating: - Willie Carr
It is hard to review something after just getting it and have that review be accurate. I debated this OEDRO floor mats product vs. the WeatherTech. When they arrived, I was first impressed that they had nubs on the back to hold them in place on the carpet. I love it!
Best floor mats on the market! - Rating: - Dave
I love these floor mats they are cut perfect to contor the floor and then are tough. They use the factory pegs to lock down but also have small spikes that grip the carpet so they don't slide around unlike my last set of weather techs. If you want to keep your carpet nice for resale these are a must
Excellent Floor Liners - Rating: - DCole89
I like these in my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited. I like them better than weathertech.
Former Weathertech customer - will buy these liners again. - Rating: - vasquito5585
Have owned Weathetech floor mats for Acura MDX, Sequoia, Tundra, Jeep Wrangler, and BMW 5 series - frustrated with the price I've paid versus what I've received (poor fit, curling, sliding) and the poor customer service (known issues are not even attempted to be resolved or refunded) I thought I'd try another supplier for a 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU. Perfect fit. No slip, and half the price. Better product, very happy with what I received.
I like these in my 2015 RAM 1500 - Rating: - Ronald K. Jones
So far these are the best floor liners that I've ever purchased. They fit better than other premium brand mats that I've gotten with fewer gaps and warped edges. I really like the stripes on the back. Our last vehicle had mats that didn't have them which allowed the rear mats (3rd row) to slide around. My kids pushed them forward continually. They are also slightly more flexible...less plasticky, more like a stiff rubber which is quieter and more like stepping on carpet. So unless something goes wrong with these mats, OEDRO has become my hands-down favorite.
Great mats! - Rating: - Aaron P.
Great fit and looks. Product packaging was secure. Delivery was prompt. Price was fair.
Fits perfectly in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU 4 door. I haven't cleaned them yet - Rating: - LR007
I got these for my jeep front and back seats. I'm more impressed with these than weather techs. Will look to OEDRO liners in the future.
Initial Review After Receiving - Rating: - Finger Lakes
I ordered these for my husband's brand new Wrangler JK Unlimited, in hopes that these would fit perfectly. I ordered these as an early birthday gift for him, knowing that he was in the market for new floor mats for his new baby (The new JK). The dimensions were perfect, and ordering was a breeze even for me, who knows nothing about these kind of things. They arrived within days of ordering, and I gave them to my husband already, who immediately installed them in his wrangler. PERFECT!!!! He absolutely loves them, and quite impressed that I found these and took the leap of ordering them without his knowledge, as I tend to let him choose any kind of accessory for his vehicle, as he is the knowledgeable one in the family when it comes to these things (Haha!) Anyway, He and I are both very impressed with how well these mats fit on the floor, like a custom fit. Very easy to install of course, and a quality product. Thank you.
good product - Rating: - james
nice and amazing product available my friend recommend to me purchase form here
Perfect fit - Rating: - Kassie
My husband loved it. It fitted perfect in our 2014 Wrangler JK! Great quality! We recommend it!
Fit is Good but Design Could Be Better - Rating: - Kai
No complaints on how these mats fit in my truck, they are cut to size nicely. However I am not wild about the basic black appearance. Wish there were more pattern options to match different interiors. The design is pretty plain.
Tight Fit for my F350 - Rating: - Keegan
Have had these in my 2018 Super Duty for over a year now and they still look new. The ridges really grip the carpet to hold them in tight. Does a great job preventing dirt from getting past the edges. Material also cleans up easily after long days on the job site. Price is fair for the quality. But the slow delivery was a pain.
Really Protects the Interior - Rating: - Juel
These mats have saved my carpets so many times. With all the dirt, mud and whatever else gets tracked in. Just lift and hose them off when they are dirty. Color is dark so you do not see the mess bottoming out either.
Rubber is Comfortable on those Long Drives - Rating: - Jovie
After putting hundreds of miles on these mats, the rubber material has really held up. Still feels padded underfoot even after a year. Really makes those long hauls more comfortable. They trap all the dirt so my feet stay clean. The shipping took like 2 weeks, which was annoying, but the mats were worth the wait.
Still Going Strong After a Year - Rating: - Heron
Bought these when I got my new truck last year. Gotta say they have held up exceptionally well with daily use. Wipe clean easy and still look new. The material is truly durable. Have not had any wear issues even with my muddy work boots. Just the price was a bit steep.
Precise fit - Rating: - Hadrian
These dropped right in my 2018 F350 like they were made for it. The ridges really grip the carpet to hold them in place. After a long day hauling materials, I just lift them out and hose them off. No mess inside the truck. Color matches the interior nicely too. Deducted on star just because they do not offer too many design options.
A bit slow delivery - Rating: - Griffin
Super durable and wipes clean easily when they get dirty. Really help keep my truck floors clean on the work sites. Only downside is shipping took a bit longer than expected.
Great value for the money - Rating: - Grey
I was skeptical about them, but I am really impressed with how well these have held up. The material is thick and sturdy like the Ford ones. They contour nicely to the floorpan and trap all the dirt. Cleaning is a breeze. Arrival was fast. But still wish they could offer a few more style options.
Keep my truck floors protected - Rating: - Gideon
Shielding my floors from all the crap I track in from work sites. The ridges really grab onto anything wet or muddy. As a construction worker, that is important to me. Plus they clean up in no time with just a wipe down. Just the shipping was on the slow side.
These mats keep my truck clean - Rating: - Farley
I live out in the county, so my truck sees a lot of messy work. These mats keep the floors mud-free. The grippy backing means they do not slide around at all. Plus they wipe clean with just a hose, no messing with a hose. Fitment was perfect for my Super Duty. Only thing is the black color shows dirt pretty easily, but that is not really an issue.
Great mats for the price - Rating: - Finley
I love that they cover the whole floor and really trap all the dirt, mud, and crap I track in. I have had them for 6 months and they still look new. Best of all they were way cheaper than the ones at the dealer, but fit just as good. Only complaint is shipping took a little long.
Best investment if you have kids! - Rating: - Elowen
With 3 kids making messes in the backseat, muddy shoes were destroying my carpets. These mats have been a helper, trapping everything so I just hose them off. They lay flat and do not shift, plus the ridges grip the carpet tightly. Delivery was fast, and package was strong.
Durable and easy to clean - Rating: - Dorian
These mats are top notch. The texture grips my boots nicely so dirt and water stay put. Even after heavy snow, a quick hose down had them dry overnight and flawless. Way better than the stock mats that always curl up.
Perfect fit and great value - Rating: - Delaney
I was skeptical about third party mats fitting right, but these could not be more perfect. The ridges grip the carpet tightly, so they do not slide around. After months of use, they still look new even with all the mud and salt from winter. At this price, it is a no brainer to keep my carpets clean.
Saved my carpets from a messy work site - Rating: - Denver
These mats have been a lifesaver! As a construction worker, my truck gets dirty every day but these mats have kept the mess contained. The material is super durable and wipes clean easily. Mats fit like a glove and have not slipped around once.
Nice fit - Rating: - Danielle P.
Have had some in my jeep for a few years and it works great.
Good product - Rating: - jeny b
They fit great and are super durable.
My new favorites - Rating: - David Reich
these are my favorite floor liners. I’ve had 5 or 6 sets in different vehicles and these are the best fitting and looking mats I’ve purchased. The ones I usually buy weren’t available and I didn’t expect much considering the price but I was pleasantly surprised.
Nice! - Rating: - Hugh
Fit great and appears to be excellent quality.
Perfect fitment - Rating: - Cafox
Perfect fit keeps carpet clean and dry
Great ! - Rating: - Dee Ray
Perfect fit. Good quality.
EZ to clean - Rating: - Jlee
It fits great!!!
Great fit, Nice product, Good price. - Rating: - John Ritsema
Product Came on time. Mats fit like a glove. Product does fit 2019 F250 crew with front bench seat, just does not have mat over center hump. Would by again.
Looks Good - Rating: - Luis C.
It fits perfect on my 2020 F-250
Value - Rating: - Erica
Great fit & very clean.
Fits well - Rating: - Meunier
Fits like a glove
Awesome product. Fits perfectly - Rating: - David S.
Product is excellent
You gotta get them! - Rating: - Mal
The best mats for the money!
Good mats - Rating: - Wokker
Delivered fast and came with original package, durable material and made well. Love the fit. Will buy them again.
Fit perfectly! - Rating: - Nichole
Perfect fit for 2017 F350 super duty crew cab. Hubs loves them.
Fits like a glove - Rating: - Carson Bai
Great value for the mats! They fit my f250 carpet like a glove and they can cover enough area. Love these oEdRo mats.
Awesome Floor Liners - Rating: - Daniel Holquist
Great fit and looks great!!! Easy clean-up.
Easy clean, Very Happy. - Rating: - Bob W.
Fast shipping. Very nice floor mats. Highly recommended.
Love these mats! - Rating: - Jeffrey
Full coverage, excellent fit, doesn't move around
Great protection, catch everything, easy clean, solution. - Rating: - Michael
I ordered a set for my 2015 but needed to use them in a 2019 F250. The mats fit great in both trucks.
Great fit, durable, and easy to clean. - Rating: - Jered Gordner
When I first touched the mats, I could tell they were made from quality materials. The rubber was almost as thick as my OEM mats. It was easy to swap them all out too, took me three minutes. The fit overall was very good. If you look at my pictures you’ll see that they fit well for sure.
Great product - Rating: - Big D
These floor mates were a perfect fit in my 2019 Ram Classic and priced right compared to the other guys.
Use and Fit - Rating: - Michael Morones
These arrived as stated. As soon as they arrived I put them in my truck and they fit perfect. Also dropping water on them protected my carpet as it just ran off. I would definitely recommend.
Love this product - Rating: - Gwendolyn LaCour
Love the way these mats cover the floor back and front
Fit like a glove - Rating: - Elizabeth B.
My husband was pretty jealous or my weather tec mats in my Jeep so I got these for him. Not quite as expensive but man these babies fit like a glove. He is so happy.
Model - Rating: - Jacob Allen brown
Still have it after 3 years an going strong love it
GREAT LOOK AND FIT - Rating: - David of Texas
You will not be disappointed. These really dressed up the inside of my Dodge Ram Crew Cab.
Better than the big brands - Rating: - Brandon C. Dellechiaie
I purchased these bc my weathertech set was wearing out. After 4 years, the WT rear mat was rolling up at the edges. The fronts were breaking down. The reviews say these mats were heavier duty and they were right. The coverage is the same but the mats are firmer and thicker than the WT. The rear mat actually covers half the door sill and lays flat on it unlike the WT that curls and creates a lip or channel. The emblem is literally screwed on these OEDRO liners which is a nice touch. Looking forward to putting these to the test. For the record,i only paid $88 for a full set vs $240 for WT
Great floor mats for Ram 1500 - Rating: - marshall
Just what I was looking for, covers all the carpet area under feet. All pieces are shaped correctly and fit great. Thanks
Perfect floor mats! - Rating: - Richard
I was hesitant about these floor mats because I always purchase the name brand kind, but I am so please with these mats. Perfect laser fit. Very high quality and durable mats. I don't regret my purchase and I will highly recommend these as it feels and looks high grade. Great value!
Love them!! - Rating: - Audrey Poplin
I ordered floor mats for my 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Classic crew Cab. Truck. They fit perfect and look great. I had ordered and returned 2 sets from other manufacturers which did not fit tho they were supposed to be made for my truck.
Much better than the husky brand! - Rating: - Greener
I originally tried the husky brand and found that it was thin, and poorly made. sharp edges from the plastic molding process. I returned that set and got this. Rubber is slightly thicker, no sharp edges, and fit perfectly. The rear seat mats were a little warped from shipping, I am sure it will assume the correct shape after it warms up a little more. Gave it 5 solid stars.
Amazing mats for my Ram 1500 - Rating: - Kent
Great fitment. You can't go wrong with these mats. I had them in my 2017 Ram 1500 crew cab, and of course, because they are custom fitted. These worked great. They covered pretty much the entire foot area. I paid for these mats. And they are worth every penny. Like I have said before. These are long term investments if you keep your ram, because you will be able to keep your factory mats or carpet clean in any condition.
Perfect fit - Rating: - Vinnie
Just got these today so I can't attest to durability yet. But they are well-made, nice looking, and a perfect fit for my 2019 Ram 1500 Classic crew cab. Amazing value for the price.
Best liners ever iv owned weather tech husky and now - Rating: - Garrett goldsberry
Ok was a little skeptical when the reviews said better then weather tech... I Have Been shocked fit was better and cheaper and drainage was great just took them on a 1200 mile each way road trip in various climates including snow mud sand and rain and these liners kept my carpets clean and allowed the liquids to drain easyyyy
2017 ram 3500 great for the price - Rating: - JB
It came with some wrinkles that took a couple weeks to reshape. The front lines fit like a glove and they catch all the annoying small pine needles and water from shoes. The back full floor fits almost perfect. I had 10lb flat weights on each side to help it mold to the floor. The middle raised section it doesn't mold all the way. For the price compared to other brands that are double the price this will work fine for me and all the kids feet. 2017 ram 3500
Can't go wrong with these - Rating: - Pratt S.
Love these liners! They are very easy to install, takes no tools, and they are a perfect fit. If installed during colder weather, they may have a slight curve, from shipping. When temp warms up, the liners will lay flat. Very easy to clean, just a rag and water.
Great Fit, quality product - Rating: - Lamont
These are a thicker material than husky and weathertech which i like. The build quality is top notch. They fit my 2013 Ram 1500 Crew cab perfectly. If you are looking to save some money don't hesitate to get these.
Awesome! - Rating: - Eddie
I just got the floor mats this afternoon . Delivered quickly on time. Then I put them in my 2015 Ram crew cab truck easily. Fits very well. Great price and easy to install. I like the OEDRO floor mats better than weather tech, because of the price but found the fit is much better. LOVE them!
Love them!! - Rating: - Forest
I ordered floor mats for my 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Classic crew Cab. Truck. They fit perfect and look great. I had ordered and returned 2 sets from other manufacturers which did not fit tho they were supposed to be made for my truck.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Jason
Just got these today so I can't attest to durability yet. But they are well-made, nice looking, and a perfect fit for my 2019 Ram 1500 Classic crew cab. Amazing value for the price.
Excellent fit. - Rating: - harry spurling
Excellent product and fit!
The basic necessities of every vehicle - Rating: - BBtahoe
We do a lot of boating so at the end of the weekend there is usually lots of sand and junk that can easily be washed off. So all our vehicles have them with better protection.
Fast delivery - Rating: - Robb McBride
The Dodge Ram 1500 mats fit and work perfect!
Great mats. - Rating: - charles gibson
Cover entire floor board. My life like the ram floor mats. And it looks very easy to clean,
Great! - Rating: - Isabel Pringle
My wife can't imagine what my floor would look like without them. It can protect my ram well and look clean.
I really like the ram floor liners. - Rating: - Pedro Matzenbacher
Our last vehicle (2015 Highlander) had mats that didn't have them which allowed the rear mats (3rd row) to slide around. This is for my new 2018 ram pickup.Great Fit
Great Fit and Finish - Rating: - Lucille Riemer
I'm very happy with the material used to make these mats. I wouldn't do this in the North as the holes I cut in the liner will allow excessive water pooling on the liner to run into the factory carpet.
Don't hesitate to get a set of these! - Rating: - Scott Fuqua
It helps keep the truck clean. These mats were installed in a 2018 Ram 3500. I received them very quickly. Very Happy!
Very nice mats - Rating: - Steve
I just bought these mats for my ram 1500 crew cab. They fit nice and snug and look very nice in my truck. They feel just like weather tech mats that r laser cut.
Perfect fit and reasonable price! - Rating: - B Elkins
Well done! Arrived nicely packaged and on time. A perfect fit for my 2017 Dodge ram crew cab. Saved over $70 off compared to a advertised competitor. Great purchase.
Great for all climate types - Rating: - Francis
I drive a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500. I live in upstate New York. I deal with with every kind of weather and these floor mats do the trick. They're nice and easy to clean, no smell. Highly recommend. I would buy this again.
Worth the money - Rating: - Kindle
Great fit and catches all dirt and water from my feet after work.
Very pleased. - Rating: - Scott Barefoot
Very suitable for my car, the price is also very suitable
Good product - Rating: - Colt Ulam
Fit great working well for me
Price, durable, fitment - Rating: - Aaron Short
We are very happy with these floor mats. They fit great!
Perfect Fit! Nice Value for high Quality - Rating: - Garn Wanner
These fit perfectly in my 2017 Ford Explorer and my wife couldn't be any more happier with them. Pulled them out of box and let them flatten for a few days before putting them in. Save some money and get these, you will not be disappointed!
Great product! - Rating: - Bethany Bartz
Works as described in my 2019 Explorer.
Easy to install and really save the carpet - Rating: - Manuel Trinidad
I am really happy with these floor mats as it will really save the carpet from all kinds of dirt and spills of water or other liquids. The delivery was right on time too, which is a plus. Sometimes we are told your order will be there by such a date and be several days later getting delivered. Thanks for the prompt delivery. Thank you
Perfect fit quality built better protection - Rating: - Alias
This product fit my 2019 Ford explorer perfectly, better than my other vehicle with the big name brand. They look nicer and fit better than my namebrand ones ,would highly recommend and would buy again
Satisfied, Recommend for 2019 Ford Explorer XLT - Rating: - B. Berger
2019 Ford Explorer XLT. Laying these out in the sun helped them relax after unpacking, especially the 2nd row floor mat, due to it being shipped folded in half. Fit right in as advertised, driver & passenger mats snapped into grommets without issue. One edge of FPS not yet relaxed so fit isn’t perfect (see photos), will watch this area over the next week or so. Would recommend and purchase again.
perfect fit! - Rating: - sarah
Perfect fit in my 2018 Ford Explorer Limited. love them, can't beat the price.
Great fit - Rating: - Jacob
Must take out original mats.Great fit
Good cost-benefit investment - Rating: - Paul L
Easy to install and adapt very well, the set should come with the third row.
Fit Perfect - Rating: - Luis
Great product.
Fast delivery and perfect fit! - Rating: - T Moody
Perfect fit right out of the box in my 2017 Ford Explorer Limited. I had Westhertech on diferent vehicle that did not fit as good as these do, without the high Weathertech price!
Great Mats...recommend highly - Rating: - T. Uherick
Great liners fit great. Second set and I love them!
Always great a great - Rating: - Homeskizzle
Fit great in my 2019 ford explorer
Fits like a glove. - Rating: - Amanda
Ford Explorer 2017. Happy with this purchase! Much better than OEM generic mats that never cover the entire space totally .
Could not have been a better fit - Rating: - Geoff
These floor mats are just as good quality of weather tech. They fit so good in my 2019 Ford Explorer sport, it covers perfectly and cut to the exact dimensions of your floor board. If your on the fence about buying these I'll put your mind at ease, they are totally worth every cent and you can't ask for a better fit. I checked with weather tech and they wanted $287.00 and I got mine from Oedro for under $92.69 after the 10% you save from your first purchase at checkout I can't tell ANY difference between the two different brands. I will be purchasing from this company from now on for all my future vehicles fast shipping amazing price just an all around great company.
Fast Shipping! - Rating: - Dennis Sutherland
Great Fit! Great Value! The shipping is fast. Only 2 days!
Great mats fit perfectly! - Rating: - Bob W.
These fit my 2018 Ford Explorer perfectly. And very easy to install.
Excellent product. Exact fit. - Rating: - mohammed Fowler
The floor mats fit my Ford Explorer perfectly. I bought OEDRO for my second car, and these are 100% better fit.
Fits Perfect - Rating: - Tim Girty
These floor liners are hard to beat. Looks Great, and Works as Advertized
Amazing floor mats - Rating: - AB
Perfect fit in my 2019 Explorer.
Great mats! - Rating: - Santos Sauco
Absolutely amazing! No workmanship or finish issues at all. These fit my 2019 ford explorer perfectly, like a glove. Would definitely buy again.
Almost perfect.... Good choice. - Rating: - Banjo
These mats are every bit as good as Weathertech, and cheaper. The fit was perfect, and they provide excellent coverage.
Almost perfect.... Good choice. - Rating: - Banjo
These mats are every bit as good as Weathertech, and cheaper. The fit was perfect, and they provide excellent coverage.
Fits well - Rating: - Tim Ritter
Fits perfect and seems like good quality, we will see how it holds up over time.
Perfect fit - Rating: - Ronald C
These fit my 2021 Civic perfectly! They’re easy to clean and very durable.
Great product! - Rating: - yaritza serrano
I placed them over my rug mats to keep clean... love it...great product, THANK YOU!
Good heavy duty floor mats - Rating: - Justin
They fit perfect
Perfect fit affordable & durable! - Rating: - Dom
Perfect fit!
Buy These And Save Some Cash - Rating: - Bob Taylor
Fits perfect, front and back. Looks great. A real upgrade. I live in North East Ohio and we are experiencing a lot of rain, snow and muck. These mats cover just as well as the higher priced, well advertised brand. Do yourself a favor. Save some cash and buy this product.
They fit 2019 honda civic ex - Rating: - Jackie Swain
2019 civic ex sedan. I am very pleased with these floor mats. Great fit. Great quality. Almost went with weathertech.
Great buy! - Rating: - Kandi
Although I was hesitant to purchase these because they are a bit pricy, I am so happy I did! I just purchased a new vehicle and dreaded messing up the floors with stains and wear and tear. These mold perfectly to my vehicle and look great. They are easy to install ( literally just take the floor mats out and put these in, that simple). I highly recommend!
The fit couldn’t have been more perfect! - Rating: - Chad Hutchins
I installed these in my 2018 Honda Civic EX-T 4d and they fit like an absolute glove! The pieces fit the exact shape of the car and the walls of the mats hug the car so nice. This was exactly what I was looking for and the mats themselves look very slick. Hands down the best interior improvement I’ve made to the car. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone!
Great product - Rating: - Marian guzman
works for the price
TRULY Every Bit as Good as the Expensive Big-Name Brand... Perfect Knock-off! - Rating: - Bugsy
These are FABULOUS! Stylish. They fit as if they were custom-made. Look great! Heavy enough, durable, protective, and long-lasting (I assume... I just got them). Easy to install. NO COMPLAINTS! Passengers have even commented on how stylish and great they look. DO BUY THESE and save a LOT of money (around $100?) over the big-name, highly advertised brand. I am thankful I bought these. Believe me! Thanks oEdRo!
2019 Honda Civic Sport - Rating: - SPARKLE
They fit great into my 2019 Honda Civic Sport! Better than expected actually! I was so indecisive on which brand to go with, and these won it for me! I paid $75 less than I would have on big name brands and these are just as good if not better than the ""big names"". The only down fall is the driver floor mat has a few gaps in it when there is pressure on it as shown in my last picture, hoping for that to heat up and form to the floor!
They fit perfect! - Rating: - Ryan G
These are very durable mats and keep out most of the dirt fromy car. I love how thick they are and easy to clean. They fit just right in my Honda Civic hatchback and look great. Definitely recommend these mats!
worth the extra money. - Rating: - Union plumber
Fits perfect. Whole floor coverage. Easy to remove and clean. They are actually to replace you regular mats all together, it has the holes for the matt fasteners on the driver side. Worth the money.
2020 honda civic sport - Rating: - JC
Fitted the 2020 honda civic sport well. Seems very durable and easy to clean. Took a few days to get use to the ridges where your boot or sneaker may rest or rub against, but now i dont think about it.
Get's the job done - Rating: - dAN
Best bang for the $$. Super easy to install and vacuum up all the stuff that accumulates from your shoes.
2020 honda civic sport - Rating: - Poppy
Fitted the 2020 honda civic sport well. Seems very durable and easy to clean. Took a few days to get use to the ridges where your boot or sneaker may rest or rub against, but now i dont think about it.
Great coverage - Rating: - Lia
Easy install and great coverage against spills and dirt! My car is Honda Civic Sport and it fit well.
Love it.. - Rating: - Mikaela
Perfectly fitted our Honda Civic 2017. I just put it, so not sure yet with durability, but seems pretty ok.
Awesome car mats for a 2017 honda Civic 2017!! - Rating: - Sweetcindy
Excellent floor maps. Quality is superb. They fit perfectly. Mats are better quality and better priced than other brands I have tried. These are worth the cost. They look very nice in the car. Not necessary for people to spend more money on other brands to protect their cars. These are durable, protect from everything and do the job well. If possible I would give more than 10 stars!
Awesome car mats! - Rating: - SweetCindy11
Excellent floor maps. Quality is superb. They fit perfectly. Mats are better quality and better priced than other brands I have tried. These are worth the cost. They look very nice in the car. Not necessary for people to spend more money on other brands to protect their cars. These are durable, protect from everything and do the job well. If possible I would give more than 10 stars!
Perfection - Rating: - Kj
Honda Covic 2016 ex. Fits like a dream! So glad I bought these mats!
Happy customer - Rating: - Melissa
They fit perfect on my 2019 Civic si.
Fit perfect - Rating: - AZ_CFP
Fits perfect on my civic, love the way it look
Perfect fit for my 2018 Honda Civic sport hatchback! - Rating: - Boyd
Product is a perfect fit for my 2018 Honda Civic sport hatchback. Product arrived fast, in good condition and was easy to install. Quick and easy to clean.
Very happy with this purchase - Rating: - Ellis.W
Perfect fit and a great value. These have done a great job of protecting my floors. I'm happy with this purchase.
perfect fit - Rating: - David C. Rauhecker
fits as described.
Wonderful - Rating: - Omar Santana
These civic floor mats are nice. Better than dealership models
Awesome!! - Rating: - David J.
Great mat, fits perfectly. Perfect for messy passengers.
Fits perfect. - Rating: - Trevor Smith
Much cheaper comparing with Husky, No matter quality, better design and coverage. Really good for my new 2019 Honda Civic.
Great product at the best price on the market! - Rating: - Josephine
I got a set of these for my 2019 honda civic in last week. I ordered these after considering two other major brands. It is really a better looking, and much easier to clean floor protection for my new civic sendan.
Best all-weather floor mats - Rating: - Alex R.
Best floor mats I ever had. Fits perfectly to my 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback. Best quality and the best online price. Much better than original Honda OEM all-weather floor mats. Highly recommended. Thank you OEDRO!
Best liners I ever owned. - Rating: - Abdul pervaiz
They gave me a new 2016 Civic at work. Will definitely purchase again.
Fits perfect. - Rating: - Randy
Great for our 2019 Honda Civic and much cheaper comparing with Weathertech,no matter quality, better design and coverage.
2019 Honda Civic Sport - Rating: - Slock
Great buy very well pleased with all-weather floor mats. Highly recommended.
2019 Honda Civic Sport - Rating: - Slock
Great buy very well pleased with all-weather floor mats. Highly recommended.
Worth the money. - Rating: - Gregory Beas
Great fit! Ordered these for my new 2019 Civic. Excellent fit. OEDRO® Honda Civic 2019 floor mats are extremely well made as I wished. I'm very pleased with them.
Great fit - Rating: - Derrick fortner
Great product, perfect fit! Save the money by not buying Honda or Weathertech. This version is superior. Great job!
2012 crv ex odreo floor mats - Rating: - Martin graciano
Perfect fit all around , only why i gave it 3 stars is because the holes on the driver side dont line up , still great mats .
Price - Rating: - Gordy McGrady
Good product for the price !
Looks quality ! I would recommend - Rating: - Michael
2021 Honda CRV floor liners, The quality, and packaging
Fits my 2021 Honda CR-V EX perfectly! Cheaper than weather Tech without sacrificing quality! - Rating: - Keilah Chodosh
Easy to clean, very durable, and much more inexpensive than Weather Tech, without sacrificing quantity! Would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for floor mats.
2021 honda crv - Rating: - tim
fit like a glove don't wast your time just buy them you will be happy happy happy
LOVE THESE MATS!! - Rating: - Kmurphy
Bought these for my 2020 CRV and absolutely love them! They are just like weather tech but SO much cheaper! I'm going to recommend these to everyone I know!
Fit just as seller promised. - Rating: - James Newton
Perfect fit! High quality.
Best Buy - Rating: - Tess
Much cheaper than WeatherTech. If fits perfect for my car model.
great fit - Rating: - Steve
They fit real nice in my 2019 CRV. Appear to be custom for that car.
Wow! Perfect fit! - Rating: - P. Kerley
Literally just got these in today and had to come write a review on them. I have 2019 CRV EX and these suckers fit like a glove!! They are perfect and definitely durable feeling. Save your money on those higher priced mats and do yourself a favor and get these!
Great fit my 2018 CR-V EXL - Rating: - L.Wang
I bought this for my 2018 CR-V EXL which is a great fit. Pretty happy with the fit. The driver’s side covers all the way and passenger’s all sides are aligned perfectly. The second row is also a nice fit. Material seems sturdy, thicker than I thought. It does the job from keeping the carpet clean and it's easy to clean.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - David Costa
I have a 2019 CRV. I looked into purchasing Weathertech brand but noticed the rear mat did not cover the hump. When I received the product I installed them right away. I couldn't believe what a perfect fit. Highly recommend them.
These look AWESOME and offer great protection too! - Rating: - ShoppersAnonymous
I almost spent the extra $$$ on the WeatherTech mats but decided on these. I love them, I know they will protect my floors from my 2 kids much better than the standard floor mats. Looks awesome in my 2019 Honda CR-V EX-L!
OEDRO Floor mat for 2020 CR-V - Rating: - Sounthone Vattana
We love this OEDRO floor mat. They fit into our CR-V nicely, and they are easy to clean and cheaper than Weather floor mat. We are happy with this OEDro floor mat. This OEDRO floor mat order from Amazon came a day earlier as a gift for our daughter.
Happy wife - Rating: - Larry West
Fit perfectly in wife new Honda CR-V
Great product! - Rating: - Gary
This fits my 2020 Honda CR-V like a glove, it looks great and seems to be very durable. Look no further and forget the insanely priced OEM floor mats. Highly recommend this product.
Good product and great value - Rating: - Blakey Boy
Floor mats fit our Honda CRV like a glove. Nice and snug, and they don't move around. Vertical sidewalls extend about an inch, which will come in handy when snowy boots come into play. Materials appear to be durable and of good quality. Priced considerably lower than similar top brands.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Todd Radley
Fits perfectly in my 2020 Honda CRV EX. No complaints.
Excellent Mats - Rating: - LonJay
We have a 2020 Honda CRV and these fit perfectly. They are very well made and sturdy so they will definitely last. Installation is super easy. As I said, the fit is great and they slide right in to make a tight fit.
Great floor mats! Perfect fit (2020 Honda CRV) - Rating: - D+TR2015
These floor mats are great, fit perfectly in our 2020 Honda CRV. No issues at all, seem like they will hold up well.
Just as described, good coverage! - Rating: - Elle
Excellent customer service, responsive to questions I had. Product is good quality, fits well and provides good coverage, easy to remove for cleaning. Recommend highly.
Wow! Perfect fit! - Rating: - Wild
Literally just got these in today and had to come write a review on them. I have 2019 CRV EX and these suckers fit like a glove!! They are perfect and definitely durable feeling. Save your money on those higher priced mats and do yourself a favor and get these!
Honda CR-V - Rating: - Matt
These fit nicely in the Honda CR-V 2017. My only complaint is the front right passenger mat touches the plastic lining of the car. I’m worried that as people move in and out it may scratch the plastic. Time will tell. The back floor mat fit over the regular carpet mats. The carpet floor mats in the front had to be removed in order for these oedro floor mats to fit.
Just as good as WeatherTechs - Rating: - MichelleMichelle
My husband: “they’re working just as well as WeatherTechs but about $100 less than WeatherTechs.” I was concerned these would get in the way when putting kids and my entire life in the car. But they don’t! I hardly notice them.
Excellent Buy! - Rating: - Evie
Super happy to have found these instead of spending a RIDICULOUS amount on WeatherTech. These are an absolute PERFECT fit in my 2019 CR-V and look and feel great. I’m very happy with the purchase and wish they had the pieces to hang down the windows and for the back. You won’t regret this buy!
Perfect fit - Rating: - Alex
Fits perfectly in my 2019 ex-l crv. Good quality for the money. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.
NICE MATS - Rating: - John
Glad I buy the mats, fit perfect
What I was looking for - Rating: - Vincent
Perfect fit. Excellent quality. Haven't cleaned them completely as they will probably need a hosing.
Love them! - Rating: - Eric R Doran
The all weather mats are much better than I expected. I will buy again!
High Quality Mats - Rating: - Griffin19
Was pleasantly surprised to see the quality was better than other major name brands. Not overly thick and stiff but somewhat flexible, which allows it to fit better. Easy to care for, washing is simple and dirt and spills/spots come off easily. Compared to other more expensive name brands... very impressed and will order this for my next vehicle. Professional, Prompt, Precise, preferred!!
Fits as advertised - Rating: - Waldron
Product fits as stated. Passenger side could use some nubs to hold in place as it has a tendency to get pushed forward. Satisfied with the product.
fits like a glove - Rating: - Hughes123
perfect mats for the crv, price is awesome compare to those weathertech. one thing is they don't come with the trunk mat as a set. but all is well and works as describe.
Fits perfectly. - Rating: - Douglas
Perfect fit! Exactly what we wanted. They fit our 2019 Honda CRV like a glove. I like that they have a ridge along the sides to hold any wetness or spills. They are the perfect winter/spring mat. Very well made.
These higher walls than the ads depicted and they're perfect! - Rating: - Swift
I put these in a 2019 CRV Touring and they fit perfect. The sidewalls are high, creating a deep well and great coverage of the front rugs and foot areas. If you're looking to protect the carpet, capture the muck on your shoes and have really good interior protection, these are it.
Perfect In Every Way - Rating: - Crowle
Purchased for 2019 CRV - perfect fit, love the material. I have not had to clean them but I know when I do it will be a quick spray with the hose that will dry fast! I love the way the sides come up so even when I pull them off I will not have that annoying ring of dirt along the side that needs to be vacuumed. So happy I found these and did not go with the typical rubber mats with the deep grooves that can be so heavy and hard to clean.
Great floor liners! - Rating: - Hook
They fit great and clean up nicely with soap and water
Easy to clean - Rating: - Kade Hill
Look great! Easy to clean! Great floor mats! Wouldn't buy another brand. Will buy from OEDRO again for my next new car.
Perfect! - Rating: - djacob28
Well made and the mats fit my 2018 Honda CRV perfectly!
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Osvaldo Galvan
Just what as I wanted!! When I took my new 2019 CRV to my brother's home, I already put the new CRV floor mats into it. It can protect the floor clean.
Great Product! - Rating: - Bill Vidals
The CRV floor mats fit perfectly and no slipping on the vinyl floor. I would buy them again in a heartbeat!
These fit the CRV 2019 perfectly - Rating: - Sequoyah Podlesnik
The 2019 CRV floor mats are also slightly more flexible...My kids pushed them forward continually.
Great mats! - Rating: - Santos Sauco
Absolutely amazing! No workmanship or finish issues at all. These fit my 2019 ford explorer perfectly, like a glove. Would definitely buy again.
High quality and low price. - Rating: - LM
This floor liner set is high quality and fits my 2019 CRV perfectly. The price is a fraction of what Honda dealership and weathertech charge.
Very happy - Rating: - Cindy
All I can say is these are awesome in our 2017 Honda CR-V. The fit is about as perfect as you can get. They also cover more than the Honda mats, especially the driver side. And to top it off, seller shipped UPS 3 day select.
Perfect High quality Floor Mat - Rating: - Tomas
It fits my 2018 chevy Malibu so much, easy to clean and install. no smell. keep my car in good condition. Thanks
Good Product - Rating: - ricky ybarra
These fit my 2018 Chevrolet malibu like a glove.
No smell! Perfect fit - Rating: - ulices
These are perfect, the fit is exact. The picture you see was day I installed them, now they have straightened themselves out. It will amaze how perfect these fit. I loved the fact that this company is true to what they say, there is no smell!
Good quality product. - Rating: - Stephen M.
Very durable, fit is good. Right front mat slides forward. Going to try velcro strip tape to help keep it in place.
No smell! Perfect fit - Rating: - ulices
These are perfect, the fit is exact.I loved the fact that this company is true to what they say, there is no smell!
Love these mats - Rating: - charlene rogers
These floor mats are as good. Better than the leading weather tech
Great Malibu floor mats. Cut is good - Rating: - James Boersma
These mats held the water from our shoes during last weekend's rain. was easy to remove from Chevy Malibu and dump outside.
Happy with the purchase. - Rating: - Jerry Burlingame
Awesome product!! Fit perfectly! I'm very happy with the 2019 chevy malibu floor mats.
Five Stars. Just as advertised - Rating: - Audra Rosenberg
Item was received on time. Thank you
They fit perfect - Rating: - Waymon-Kara Hunsinger
The mats fit well. I'd order them again.
Satisfied! - Rating: - Aaron Thornton
They fit my Chevy Malibu 2019 perfect. I'd order them again.
Great product - Rating: - Jose Lovorn
I would recommend OEDRO to my friends and family and to the readers of this review.
Excellent Made & Extremely Well Fit And Finish - Rating: - Lisa Purland
I had the oedro 2019 chevy malibu floor mats on May 1. Save some $$ from forum and 10% off for new customer regisitered and then buy this malibu floor mats. I really like this ones better. It worth the money over weather tech and other name brands for half the price.
Definitely worth it. - Rating: - Edstr
They are durable,fit like a glove , priced right and look great in the car. Highly recommend. I have weather tech in my older Subaru and they are really hard to get clean, but are a very durable.
Good find! - Rating: - Jover Lupera
Good buy! It is as described! So happy with the product!
Good product good price - Rating: - murray dog
Great fit, seemed medium weight but so far does good job containing mud etc
Fits like a glove. - Rating: - Jake
Thee are a prefect fit for my 2018 Outback. Noticed a puddle in the center the other day after snow, this would have been soaked into the carpet if not for these mats.
Great Fit and Durable - Rating: - Meredith Kovarik
These fit better in my 2016 Outback than the factory mats. The quality is good, and they’ve already been great to protect my car against muddy/ snowy shoes.
Fit like a glove - Rating: - Jessica
Just received them. They fit like a glove. I was worried about the wonky curves, but as you can see in the pictures, they’re perfect Can’t attest to durability or ‘easy to clean’ as I just put them in my car. I’ll update after winter (a/k/a ‘hell’ in my part of the country).
Great product - Rating: - Zamorano
I bought these for my 2019 Subaru Outback and they fit like a glove. Just as durable as Weather Tech floor mats and less expensive! They cover all aspects of both the front and back floors. I was impressed that the mats even cover that hump that divides the floors in the back. Would not hesitate to purchase again-although I doubt I'll have to due to the durability.
Great Value - Rating: - Jayson
Very durable and easy to install. The fit is perfect.
Super high quality! My new favorite brand of mats! - Rating: - Brian
I was not to sure what to expect from this brand. I have owned several pairs of weather tech brand floor mats that are comparable. I thought I would give these a shot, price was right! I was pleasantly surprised on how nice these were. I actually like them more then the weather techs. The quality is a little above weather techs actually. They seem thicker, the badge is metal versus plastic, and the form fitting is the best I’ve seen.
fits good - Rating: - Edward
2019 Subaru. fits perfectly.doesnt smell bad .it feels more like plastic that soft rubber. its very similar to weather tech but felt alittle bit thicker. price is cheaper.
great fit and look. - Rating: - Red Fern
Perfect product
Very Satisfied with product. - Rating: - LISA M STERNER
They were perfect fit for my husband's 2019 Subaru Outback. Good looking, great fit.
Great product! - Rating: - Steven Carranza
The back floor mats fit at once, but due to becoming a little bent in box, the front mats fit after a week. Great product overall!
Mats are good quality - Rating: - S Serio
These mats are exactly as expected. Durable and fit perfectly in the Subaru Outback!
Great product! Go for it. - Rating: - Amit Evanitz
It's priced less totally, compared with weather tech and other brands. I bought from Subaru forum with $10 off.
Near perfect fit - Rating: - John Lopez
I am happy with what I received. Fast shipping! Better product, with the unique patented version.
They look and fit a lot better - Rating: - kenneth Koons
I could t be happier when I open the package of my Subaru Outback floor mats! These are just as great as all weather guard floor mats at a discounted rate. Protects upholstery
Just perfect - Rating: - Jag
Bought these for my 2019 outback and they are perfect. Good material, snug fit. High walls to trap dirt. Excellent product.
Just perfect - Rating: - Jag
Received today and install right away. Perfect fit, snug, does not move around. Good material. Exactly what I needed
Just perfect - Rating: - Jag
Received today and install right away. Perfect fit, snug, does not move around. Good material. Exactly what I needed
2019 Oedro Liners For 2019 Subaru Legacy Ltd 3.6R - Rating: - Russ T.
I have to admit, I was hesitant on purchasing the Oedro Liners at the price was so reasonable. I have 2 other cars, a Mustang with Weathertech and a Fiesta with Husky liners. I was say, I totally impressed with my Oedro Liners. The liners fit perfect in my Subaru and the quality is just as good as other top brands. So glad I made the purchase as the Oedro Liners are much better than the Subaru all weather mats. Great product!
2019 Oedro Liners For 2019 Subaru Legacy Ltd 3.6R - Rating: - Russ T.
I have to admit, I was hesitant on purchasing the Oedro Liners at the price was so reasonable. I have 2 other cars, a Mustang with Weathertech and a Fiesta with Husky liners. I was say, I totally impressed with my Oedro Liners. The liners fit perfect in my Subaru and the quality is just as good as other top brands. So glad I made the purchase as the Oedro Liners are much better than the Subaru all weather mats. Great product!
Great protection. - Rating: - S.A.
Durable material with a perfect fit in my 2015 Subaru Outback. Keeps the floorboard underneath spotless. Very good product.
Not as perfect of a fit as Weather Tech - Rating: - Pinkston
For the money, these are excellent, but they don’t fit as perfectly as Weather Tech. I’m happy with them.
Easy to clean and install - Rating: - Mjayi Mernahkem
The great floor mats have really changed the look of my car, every Tesla should come standard with this product. Well worth the money spent.
Great value and perfect fit - Rating: - Devin Bruner
Great fit in my 2016 tesla model s. Very durable and easy to clean
They fit perfectly! - Rating: - Woodworker and Geek
They are durable and if well. The price was great!
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Alla S
Fit perfectly in the car. Easy to install. So far so good.
Fit almost perfect. Great price as well. - Rating: - Alkamas
They are durable and if well. The price was great!
Awesome - Rating: - Geroge
These mats are awesome. They fit so nicely and truly protect the floors beautifully! We are so happy with them! Grateful to have found them and for a good price! Thanks for sending them so quick too!
Protect your investment - Rating: - Brandon
I love the high side walls that fully protect your carpet. Fit great
Great value. - Rating: - Christopher Tran
So far so good. No complaints. There were folding creases at first but they flattened out. Going on a few months and still looking great and easy to clean. It’s no weather tech, the material isn’t quite as soft, but for the price, it can’t be beat.
fits 2020 model s - Rating: - Kevin
the floor guards are molded so they fit the contour of the floor...these are NOT just mats which lie on the floor... they fit snuggly so I'll leave them permanently... I think they're made of some kind of solid polyurethane/plastic and I expect them to last for as long as I own the m/s...
Must buy - Rating: - Joe
Perfect fit I love it!!!!
Works well - Rating: - Rahul g.
They fit well a tesla S model. Snug fit, washable and less expensive. All and all gets the job done.
Great fitment - Rating: - Max Blair
Fits perfect in my Tesla P90D model S. They look nice and are a great value. I recommend.
Awesome fit and finish for my Raven Model S - Rating: - Stan New
The fit is perfect. Look nice when installed. They are made of a flexible type material. Would highly recommend if you are in the market for some all weather mats. They look much better than the original cheap Tesla supplied mats.
Better than I had expected, and absolutley exactly what you would hope for! - Rating: - Wuesthoff
love them. they are not the typical ""knock off"" flimsy garbage that you get sometimes. These are exactly what I was hoping for. I very pleased with the quality. Better than I expected.
Great value for the money - Rating: - Navarro
I was skeptical about these mats as the price seamed very reasonable. I was aiming for Weathertech mats but the their prices are too high. I was shopping around and saw that these mats offered similar protection for a fraction of the price. I was skeptical at first but when the box came I put the mats in my car and they are a perfect fit. The mats may not be as thick as the weathertech but they have the same level of protection.
Fits great in late 2016 Model S - Rating: - K. Green
Bought this for my late 2016/early 2017 model S. Fit well and looks like they belong. I can’t speak to durability yet as they are new but will update this if anything goes wrong in that sense. Good buy compared to $250 from Tesla. I like that they come up on each side to protect the sides of the foot well also.
Thank You OEdRo- So glad That I made the purchase! - Rating: - James L.
Initially, I was a bit skeptical about ordering this product as I was unfamiliar with with the company. However, I’m glad that I took a chance and purchased the floor mats. The mats are not only durable, they are also made with a good level of thickness and range of protection. Additionally, they are a perfect fit for the Tesla Model s and are aesthetically designed to complement the vehicle. The item is true to how it is described. Would I order this floor mat again? Without hesitation and I would also recommend it to other Model S owners.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Britton
They fit perfectly on my 2020 Jeep Sahara.
Fit perfect - Rating: - Steve
Fantastic Fit and great quality... love them!
Great product - Rating: - Duisen
The fit is perfect, shipped on time no issues.
Fit and quality are good - Rating: - Shaw
I've had the mats for a few weeks now. Fit and quality are good. I would definitely recommend over the higher priced/brand mats. Great deal.
easy to clean - Rating: - Palmer
The mats are holding up really well. I just cleaned them yesterday, including some sticky food the kids had dropped on the mats and a lot of dirt since I had to park in an orchard over the weekend. They wipe off super easy and my Dyson handheld does a great job picking up the debris/dirt. They also are resistant to curling/deforming on the sides.
Hold up great - Rating: - RA123
Mine have held up great, even with two kids in the back. Easy to clean. I’ve been mulling trying to rip off the very prominent Oedro logos and replacing with some kind of Tesla emblem etc.
Thick materials and fit perfect. - Rating: - Michelle
Bought these mats for my 2019 Tesla. Fit perfect.The material is very thick, heavy duty and contains any snow or mud tracked into the vehicle. These floor mats are easy to clean. Needless to say, I am more than please with this product I purchased!
They strong and fit like a glove. - Rating: - Johnny
Great floor mats. I've never seen any other Tesla all weather mats in person, but I cant imagine they are that much better than these. They strong and fit like a glove.
fit perfect, I am satisfied for the price - Rating: - McCoy
Ordered from Oedro on a Friday, received on following Tuesday. The fit is very good in front, no gaps to speak of. In the rear, the fit where the seat tracks are could stand a little improvement, but I am satisfied for the price.
Worth the price - Rating: - Ran.T
Got mine from Oedro direct with free shipping to US. Looks like a great fit, time will tell, a bit of a low lip on driver side but will see in winter diving! Still felt worth the price.
fitment was great. easy to install - Rating: - JMB
Way better than than expected
Awesome purchase. - Rating: - Alex Germinor
Easy to install, perfect fit, and they look great.
Would buy them again - Rating: - Lawrence.g
They fit like gloves, I am confused that why do people spend so much $ on other brands after I used them for 3 months?
Great quality - Rating: - Dp13
I think they are great quality. I have weather tech in my other car and the Oedro seem to be heavier and a better mold/workmanship
2016 Tesla Model S. Fit perfect. - Rating: - Darrel gyorko
Fit perfect, covered all of the carpet for a lot less than the other brand. Nice looking.
Well made. - Rating: - Andres Gonsoulin
Installed in 2019 Tesla Model S. Looks cool
Keeps the carpet clean! - Rating: - Randy Boucher
Form fitting like a glove inside 2017 Tesla Model S.
Excellent Product. - Rating: - Penny Fiske
Fit really well very happy with purchase.
Five Stars - Rating: - Jed Ramsey
I am happy with the purchase.The Tesla floor mats will make it easier to keep the truck looking good.
Good product. - Rating: - Jonah Guckert
Prefect fit for my Tesla Model S. Much better and cheap than the other brand. A must have.
Great mats. - Rating: - CarlosB
These are custom fit to the Model S. I will just be cautious when I remove them to clean.
I am very happy with my purchase! - Rating: - Norman Bobo
Once I got them, I vacuumed the carpet and put them in my 2015 Ram Crew cab and they fit perfectly.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Roger Martin
As good or better than WeatherTech, Just as advertised. Easy Install
Five Stars. Perfect fit. - Rating: - Bob
Fit perfect in my 2016 Model S. I am happy with the purchase
Better than weathertech - Rating: - Thomas Miller
Fit perfectly! The original carpet will always slip compared with these Tesla Model S floor mats.
They do fit almost exactly - Rating: - SLB CK
LOVE THE FIT AND TRIM Heavy enough! It doesn't move around.
Five Stars - Rating: - Noe R.
Fits perfectly in our 2018 Tesla Model S. I was debating between OEDRO and Husky floor liners. The Huskys were at least $70 more, but looked much the same as what I got.
Great service! - Rating: - Connor Smith
I met some issues and they known issues are attempted to be resolved within 24 hours by telephone. I really like these tesla floor mats over the "other guys"
Worth the money. - Rating: - Sheldon Beecham
The Tesla floor mats fit well and very easy to clean when it is dirty. I am pleased with the price and the good customer service.
Fits perfect - Rating: - Gery Bettendorf
They fit and look great! Covered all of Tesla Model 3 well.
Five Stars! Good product. - Rating: - Detric Bastin
They are the same good quality, but they cost a little less than the oher brand. OEDRO® Tesla floor mats are a great alternative to other mats.
Excellent Quality - Rating: - daniel Gill
These mats are outstanding. They are much better than the other competitors mats, which are more expensive. The OEDRO® Tesla Model S 2018 floor mats have already saved my carpet from an accidental coffee spill!
Love the mats - Rating: - Troy
All I can say is I bought them when they first came out. Sold sold. LOL
Great fit and quality - Rating: - Coater
These fit very well in our Model S. We have black carpet and floor mats which show everything. These mats are quite durable and are molded perfectly to fit. We can easily wipe out any debris and the carpet is protected. Definitely recommend.
Perfect fit - Rating: - luis medrano
I like it so far so good.
Good Mats - Rating: - C. Jenkins
Good for the price. - Rating: - Isabelle
Good for the price.Husband is satisfied with this purchase.
Keep car clean - Rating: - Debra Peterson
Good fit my 2018 RAV4.The front mats fit well they don't slip around and the passenger side one fits like a glove.The lip of these mats keep dirt wouldn't slide down in between the jam and the liner. And it's easy to clean these mats. They are alright t what I was expecting, I will recommend these mats.
Love them -- just perfect! - Rating: - HSV Pryor
My husband bought Weather Tech mats for his truck. Saw these on Amazon and decided to give them a try. Wow, they're awesome and fit my 2018 Rav 4 perfectly. Highly recommend for their quality and durability.
Great value and perfect fit! - Rating: - Vincent.
IT WAS WORTH IT! They fit just as good if not better than the others. Good thick material and easily cleanable.Will definitely consider the OEDRO again for my next set!
Good value - Rating: - DEBS
Love the fit.saved my carpet.
They fit!! - Rating: - Haley
They fit great love them
Not bad - Rating: - Basile
I have a 2017 Toyota RAV4- the back mat fits pretty well and the front two aren’t too bad. It would have cost more than I wanted to pay to order Toyota floor mats so these are a less expensive alternative and get the job done.
Excellent product and customer service - Rating: - Nestor Diaz
Fits my Rav4 2018 perfectly. Exactly the product I needed. Had an issue with the shipping but the seller was able replace my package. Highly recommended!
Half the price and just as good - Rating: - Lien
These mats are awesome! Half the price it would've cost me to get front and back weather tech liners. They wipe down easy and I just vacuum any dirt out. They fit perfectly in my 2017 Rav4. Highly recommend!
Great mats for the money - Rating: - Ronald
They fit great in my 2016 RAV4.
Perfect fit - Rating: - ariano s.
Perfect fit for Toyota Rav 4 2013. Looks sturdy but only time will tell. A little pricey for the material. Appreciate being delivered not rolled up but flat .
So happy with this purchase! - Rating: - Laura
This Mat looks durable and fits like a glove on my 2017 RAV4 .So happy with this purchase!
Great value and perfect fit! - Rating: - Vincent
We decided to take a slight chance on these over the OEM or Weathertech floor liners. IT WAS WORTH IT! They fit just as good if not better than the others. Good thick material and easily cleanable. ONLY thing, I wish the front lines were a little longer, but the others are no different unfortunately. Will definitely consider the OEDRO again for my next set!
Great purchase - Rating: - Jeffery
they fit perfectly in my 2016 RAV4
Excellent product and customer service - Rating: - C.Bill
Fits my Rav4 2018 perfectly. Exactly the product I needed. Had an issue with the shipping but the seller was able replace my package. Highly recommended!
Exactly what I needed - Rating: - NBert
Great floor mats. Fit pretty well and look great! Exactly what I needed
Worth the cost - Rating: - mike morgan
Fit is 'spot on' and at a very reasonable cost. Good product.
Awesome fit and looks great! - Rating: - Jimmy
GReat for my 2018 Toyota RAV4. I will be purchasing a set for my brother's car soon. Overall I really like the OEDRO brand.
Highly recommended. - Rating: - Stephen Stanley
Not as much structure as desired, but does what I needed it to do. Looks good.
Great choice. - Rating: - S. NALL
OEDRO seems to be $60 less and a lifetime guarantee, so I took a chance and ordered them.
Very happy with OEDRO for my new 2017 Toyota RAV4 - Rating: - Donald Genco
The telephone service were so polite and assured me they would fit. Since the back was smooth, they slid around easily. Easy to clean.
These are great. - Rating: - Margaret Charvoz
I know there are competing brands but I choose OEDRO because I sold they also sold floor mats on Amazon ...Good quality
Perfect fit !!!!Easy to clean. - Rating: - Sherri Vannoy
If something does spill it's an easy clean up
Looks good. Love them !!! - Rating: - Jack S.
Works as designed. This is black. Wish they had these in brown.
Great floor liners - Rating: - zpfl
Great fit. The OEDRO RAV4 floor mats are a great option for heavy duty mats and to save money.
Perfect for my new 2018 Toyota RAV4 - Rating: - janek Gutierrez
They look and feel like weathertech. There was some confusion when I first ordered the Toyota RAV4 floor mats, I sent them back without a problem and got the correct floor mats.
Floor mats for 2014 rav4 - Rating: - Nima tamang
Oedro floor mats for 2014 Toyota rav4 is perfect.i love this product.
Floor mats for 2014 rav4 - Rating: - Nima tamang
Oedro floor mats for 2014 Toyota rav4 is perfect.i love this product.
Highly Recommended! - Rating: - Michelle R.
Great product fits perfectly in my 2015 RAV4!
Great fit and quality! - Rating: - M. S.
This set of floor mats fitment is spot-on! Great quality, great alternative to the basic mats and replacement. I'm glad I made this purchase for my 4Runner
4Runner Floor Mats - Rating: - KarenK
I am impressed with the fit and the quality of these floor mats and cargo mat for my new 2023 4Runner. Toyota's all weather mats do not even compare to these, they are lower quality and there is no laser fit to the floor. Cargo mat fits side to side. I am very happy with Oedro Mats.
Fantastic - Rating: - Patricia O'Brien
I love these liners in my 2023 4Runner. They fit perfectly except the front driver side door hits the liner on floor near the door, causing it to bunch up against the closed door. Love these otherwise! Great quality and fit and great value.
Fits like a glove! - Rating: - KWall
Installed in a 2021 4 Runner. Looks great and was a perfect fit. Good value for the money.
Would recommend - Rating: - D. Kelley
Fit perfectly in my 2016 4Runner. Have a pair of weather tech floor liners for another vehicle and like this much better due to their better floor coverage and more flexible material.
Great product - Rating: - Se
Good price perfect quality fast delivery.. 100% recommend
Worth it over other competitors - Rating: - Andrew Veneziano
Great product. Flush design. Transported in one tall box - not rolled up. Broke in within a day or two in the southern heat.
Excellent purchase - Rating: - Melissa Pitcher
I purchased these and I’m so impressed with the quality especially for the price. Would buy again and again.
Amazing!! Buy now! - Rating: - Tiffany Austin
Amazing fit for 2020 4Runner!
Great Product - Rating: - russt
These fit perfect in my 2017 GX460
Buy these now , quit shopping!!! - Rating: - GeneralTSO
Nice fit in my 2017 4runner and they seem a little bit heavier duty than Weather Tech.
Great floormats! - Rating: - Joyce Abeyta
They fit perfect on my 4Runner! I recommend them to everyone I talk to.
So far so good! - Rating: - purplepassion
So far I love these mats. After trying stock Toyota mats and several other brands claiming to catch mud, snow, and basic yuck, I have been left disappointed. These fit my 4runner like a glove. I'm confident that when winter rears its ugly head again that I won't have to worry about a wet floor or mats sliding under my brake petal causing me to fear imminent death.
So far, I really like them. - Rating: - BLT
I am a long time fan of Weathertech products. I decided to try these based on the reviews. The material is more rubber than the weathertech ,( which feels more like hard plastic). My feet don't slide on these. They do fit very similar to the Weathertech, going up and over the shape and contour of my car floors. They will definitely hold in the winter slop .
impressive - Rating: - MJC
good quality. provides nonslip grip for feet and keeps carpet clean! not made in USA so you're not paying extra for that like the WeatherTech's but I'm pleased with the quality.
IMPRESSED!!! Would highly recommend! - Rating: - Zack
I was looking for all weather floor mats for my 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD ORP, and these were brought to my attention. I was skeptical at first but glad I got them. They are a better quality of material compared to my Weathertechs and also a thicker, more rubberized material compared to Weathertechs more hard plastic feel. The tred grooves are deeper than Weathertechs and the raised lip on border to keep liquid on the mat is higher than my Weathertechs. The fit is as good as my Weathertechs were and has the same, if not more coverage. Overall if you’re on the fence you cannot go wrong. Will be purchasing for a 2018 Honda Pilot once they make them. Also, the customer service was pretty on point and answered all my questions within minutes.
Very satisfied!!! - Rating: - Perkins
Best Mats I’ve had yet! They fit so perfect in my 2019 runner.
Excellent fit on 4Runner 2016 - Rating: - D. r
I finally moved this out of my wish list and purchased it after my factory rugs started falling apart. They came in a big box ready to install, also pretty cool they included an extra clip in case one breaks i figure. A much needed improvement and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Everything fit fine with out any issues, I will get one for my other car seeing how well this worked out.
Excellent Quality For The Money! - Rating: - GG
Read the other reviews and they were right on - excellent quality for the money. Have a set of W-techs in our other vehicle and actually like these a bit better. The material is more rubber like than slick hard plastic and they seem thicker than the others. Based on the construction, anticipate they'll hold up well. Perfect fit front and back. A+
Doesnt hold much liquid - Rating: - T. Olson
nice looking mats I like how the silver metal emblem matches the lexus interior only negative is that it doesnt hold much liquid my melting shoes w/ snow overwhelm the capacity of the mat easily which means it overflows onto carpet or toward the door sill so it could be a little better but overall I like them better then myoem ones
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Alonso
Perfect Fit for 2019 TRD OR 4Runner. They have good coverage and appear to be the same materials as the the name brand that starts with a W. Time will tell how they hold up.
Fits perfect - Rating: - S. Bastidas
The floor mats fit perfectly in my 2019 Toyota 4 Runner.
So far, I really like them. - Rating: - Rowe
I am a long time fan of Weathertech products. I decided to try these based on the reviews. The material is more rubber than the weathertech ,( which feels more like hard plastic). My feet don't slide on these. They do fit very similar to the Weathertech, going up and over the shape and contour of my car floors. They will definitely hold in the winter slop . I haven't had them very long so I don't know how they will clean up.
Comparable to weathertech, way more affordable - Rating: - Nash
I've had weathertech floormats in my previous car, so when I got my 4runner decided I wanted to get them again. Looking at prices for the 4runner though, they're quite pricey. These were significantly cheaper and honestly I wouldn't be able to tell a difference apart from the logo. The logo is actually pretty cool though, it appears to be a metal badge. Went on a trip to the mountains with some friends recently and I didn't end up with mud in the carpet, so I guess they're a success.
A must have! - Rating: - Kane
I was debating whether I should get these since they were the lowest price custom floor mats. After installing them I couldn't be happier. Even though the material is lightweight they feel like a solid heavy material when put in place. I was worried these mats would be made out of a hard plastic that my feet would slide around on but even with bare feet they have a nice soft feel. My only regret is not buying them when my 4runner was brand new.
looks great and very clean - Rating: - Jeff Horton
Love the floor mats because of the area they cover
Good product, perfect fit. - Rating: - Ken Cather
Very nice. Shipped quickly, perfect fit.
Quality product...very pleased! - Rating: - Jake Toy
These 4 Runner floor mats fit well surprisingly like a golve considering how big they are. I would definitely buy from this company again
Five Stars - Rating: - Dwight Lendon
Perfect fit! I like to say how the liners are form fitted. Great choice for 2018 Toyota 4 Runner
Five Stars.Very pleased. - Rating: - Nathan Tucker
You can beat the floor mats for the price because it is really cheap with good quality.
Sweet!Two thumbs up. - Rating: - Glenn Kunes
I installed them by myself easily. Everything fit perfect for a lot of floors. The passenger and rear also don't slide around as the Husky ones did.
Awesome investment, perfect fit - Rating: - John Durham
These mats are amazing! The 2019 Toyota 4 Runner floor mats are well worth the price! I was so happy that I purchased these 4Runner floor mats.
good quality. provides nonslip grip for feet and keeps carpet clean! not made in USA so you're not paying extra for that like the WeatherTech's but I'm pleased with the quality. - Rating: - Lucy
Amazing! - Rating: - Jasmin
These fit like a glove! Very nice clean look to them! Great quality
perfect fit! - Rating: - jeremy
fit just as well as other top name brand liners out there at 1/4 of the price!
Looks great and fits perfectly on my 2019 Chevrolet Colorado - Rating: - Patty
It looks great and helps with keeping my car clean . Super happy with the purchase.
Fit perfectly in a '21 Colorado - Rating: - Gene
Very happy with the purchase for the cost savings vs bigger name brand!
Perfect fit - Rating: - earl lilley
Perfect fit
Colorado 2019 floor mats - Rating: - Joyful
Fit 2019 Colorado LT right out of the box.
Nice set! Fits Great - Rating: - Skey
Nice floor mats . Fit great
Great fit. - Rating: - Kidra
Great value. And good quality the fit was just right for my truck.
Good value. Almost a perfect fit. - Rating: - Turyna
So far very happy with these. Easy to clean, durable, look good and a lot cheaper than competition. The fronts are a perfect fit but I wish the driver side would go up higher towards the peddals. The rear is almost a perfect fit except on the sides there are gaps.
Excellent floor mats - Rating: - Stephanie
These are the perfect floor mats for my truck. They fit perfectly and they are durable plus easy to clean. The price for these are definitely worth it and are actually cheaper than alot of competitors
Great Mats - Rating: - Andrew L
Bought a used set of these for my 2019 Chevy Colorado. The rear aren’t a 100% accurate fit, but about 90% instead which is fine. Very happy with this product and would definitely recommend this product.
Great fit - Rating: - Calilove50
I purchased a 2016 Colorado and needed floor mats. These fit perfectly. Great buy!
Not as deep dished as Weathertech. But ok for $ - Rating: - Ener
Rear install was easy and conture was great. Front Front install was only possible with the help of industrial velcro to keep them from sliding on my rubber floor in my zr2. Rubber floors in the colorado dont have the securing lugs on the floor making them slide around under your feet.
oEdRo Floor Mats - Rating: - Jason k
These are possibly not as high a quality as say a WeatherTech product...but they are more within the price I wanted to pay. They seem to fit well, and they should fit even better the longer they can ""relax"" from being packaged up. I would recommend them.
Highly recommended - Rating: - Barnett
This company makes quality products fits perfectly I got the floor mats for my 2017 Chevy Colorado I was so pleased highly recommended.
Excellent Floor Mats! - Rating: - Whitlock
These fit my 2016 Colorado Crew Cab perfectly. They are very strong and durable, yet super light and plug right in and fit like a glove. I just wipe them down when I'm cleaning and good to go! Will definitely buy again for any other vehicles in the future.
Excellent fit. - Rating: - A. J. Vigants
Great quality and fit!
Work great in a work truck! - Rating: - Wadev3
I absolutely love that I bought these Colorado floor liners
Great price and great fit! - Rating: - Taylor Willis
Chevy Colorado floor mats are a perfect fit and look great.
Fit like a glove. - Rating: - Caroline B
These oedro floor mats fit great!! No problem with the install. I bought it on Mother's day with discount. So far so good.
Completely satisfied. - Rating: - April Ogden
They take a lot of protection and clean up nicely.
Fits great! - Rating: - M. E. Blaue
Just as good as previous name brands I've had. They fit perfectly in place.
Great set of floor liners. - Rating: - Leo M
They do their job great. Fit perfect. I installed in 2019 Chevy Colorado crew cab. Overall, I think you could ask for a better set of mats. They're easy to put in and can be easily cleaned
Great set of floor liners. - Rating: - Leo M
They do their job great. Fit perfect. I installed in 2019 Chevy Colorado crew cab.Overall, I think you could ask for a better set of mats. They're easy to put in and can be easily cleaned
Great mats fit perfectly! - Rating: - Bob W.
These fit my 2018 Chevy Colorado crew cab LT perfectly. They stay in place and hold their shape. Very easy to install.
There Grrrrrrrrreat! - Rating: - Stanley M.
Perfect fit. Feels better than the plastic competition.
Great - Rating: - Quintana
Easy to Clean
Excellent - Rating: - SB
Excellent product very satisfied
Just buy it... - Rating: - Kevin Quintana
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Fusion Titanium
These absolutely fit perfectly. I could not be more pleased with the thickness and look of these floor mats.
Excelente - Rating: - Linad
Excelente producto muy satisfecho
There Grrrrrrrrreat! - Rating: - Stanley M.
Perfect fit. Feels better than the plastic competition.
Great Mats - Rating: - Jason Bourne
Great fit looks great easy to clean don't know what else to add to that other than they well worth the money.
Keep up on keeping them clean - Rating: - Francis Medina
Easy fit,function well , just wish the front ones covered more area especially the drivers side but they still do good
Works really well. Fit the vehicle perfectly - Rating: - D. S. Hailey
I have always purchased the WeatherTech brand but saw this for less money and thought I'd try them. These fit perfectly and feel very well made. Sturdy and good looking. I'll look for Oedro brand the next time I need to purchase floor mats.
Same as the Spencer brand - Rating: - Robert Valdez
Good product for the price
Amazing! - Rating: - Davis
Fit perfectly in my 2016 Ford Fusion se
Awesome - Rating: - CD
Perfect fit, no issues, good mats.
which are very good for snow - Rating: - Brandon
They are very easy to clean
Want these for every vehicle we own! - Rating: - Roche
LOVE these floor mats! They fit the Ford Fusion (2014) perfectly! I would definitely order again and am looking to order these same mats for other vehicles we have. Thank you!
Nice floormats - Rating: - Mike
Super nice floormats fit good i would buy again
Very satisfied with this fusion floor mats - Rating: - Zachary Pfeifer
They fit like a glove. I would totally recommend these. Mine is 2013 Ford Fusion.
Awesome mats! - Rating: - Kirby Addison
These liners fit perfectly in our 2016 Ford Fusion . Superb quality!
2016 ford fusion perfect fit! - Rating: - Michelle Love
Great covers very well. Fit my 2016 ford fusion well. Very easy to install. Highly Recommended!
Quality - Rating: - Paul Yang
Not so good on the Fusion. But the design is great! Smaller surface area. They won't hold liquids from running off because the edges don't go up to follow the carpet,
fit perfect easy to clean !! - Rating: - Jay Zeiner
Not to say anything bad about OEDRO (their mats worked great on my daughter BMW). Much better than Weathertech at cheap price.
Great fit, easy to install - Rating: - Scott K
"It worked out just as well. It showed a much more beautiful appearance after I reinstall the factory carpeted floor mat. And my wife 's car is a 2015 Ford Focus, so I plan to buy again. "
fit perfect easy to clean !! - Rating: - Mark Rosencutter
I really like them in my 2016 Fusion. I'm not too worried about snow melting off my shoes since I live in the South,but 3D design is really great and protect my footwell quite well.
just as good as weather tech - Rating: - S. Brauchli
These mats fit perfectly in my 2019 ford escape i am so happy with them and i didn't have to spend a fortune! very impressed
Supper quality and pleasing cost! - Rating: - Kimberly imus
These mats fit perfectly and are as pleasing to the eye as they are pleasing to the wallet! I will definitely spread the word!
Love this! - Rating: - Sandy M.
Paid a lot of money on different brands but I absolutely love this set! The fit was perfect.
The fit perfectly in my 2016 Ford Escape! - Rating: - William M.
I was able to place them right on the floor of my car, and the driver's side mat 'snapped' right onto the floor. I tried the Elements Defender mats first, and they did not fit. A great purchase.
excellent fit - Rating: - M. COLLINS
I bought these for an 019 escape. Front just dropped in perfect. The rear had to be moved around to fit in place but again perfect fit. Before I had bought a name brand set for a 017 focus that did not fit perfect. I will go with these when I need a new set for the next car.
Perfect Fit.,,, - Rating: - dptydog
Bought these for my 2015 Challenger Hellcat, perfect fit and they look great! When I traded for my 2019 Challenger Scat Pack Wide Body, these fit that perfectly as well. Very durable and easy enough to clean and maintain. They definitely protect the OEM carpet and help maintain the “New” look. I’d buy these again!!
Quality product and great value! - Rating: - Don.
These mats look great and were considerably less money then other brands like Husky and WeatherTech. The fit is outstanding and I believe these mats will go the distance, I highly recommend these for Ford Escapes.
Great “Weather Tech” alternative! - Rating: - Seth Johnston
Very happy with my purchase. These mats are of good quality and look fantastic. The fit is exact in my 2016 Escape. I recommend these to anybody looking for all weather protection.
Fabulous Floor Mats - Rating: - AlienDogMom
Just installed these into my 2017 Ford Escape SE........they are fantastic. Easy to install. Fits absolutely perfect. They have been in the vehicle for just a day and I can truly say they are the best add-on purchase to my vehicle I have ever invested in. Five stars for the company who produces this quality, reasonably priced product. Highly recommended! I have no doubts they will hold up over the time as well!
Easy peasy - Rating: - Robert L. Kirk
Great product!
Very pleased - Rating: - Robert Jackson
Great product at the right price.
Works great. - Rating: - Luca Alfaro
Was a little distorted when it arrived These fit perfectly and the quality is awesome.
Better than Weather Tech - Rating: - Benjamin Valentine
As described fit for 2019 Ford Escape. Quick ship. Looks great
Great fit and great quality!!! - Rating: - John Inskeep
The Ford Escape fit perfectly. These are awesome!
These products are well made! These fit great - Rating: - Geenou Wiley
The 2019 Ford Escape floor mats protect everywhere your feet might touch. The best floor mats I ever bought
Good fit and utility for 2016 Escape - Rating: - Jamie Mathias
I got these for my 2016 Escape, and they fit like a glove. There was quite a lot of area to cover, and these are secure and snug to edge all around.
Absolutely worth every penny - Rating: - Adolfo C Sandoval
OEDRO's 2019 Ford Escape floor liners are a lot more durable than husky liners. I am very pleased with the fit and appearance...
Love it - Rating: - Maria J Pratts
Awesome product, I also order the cargo mat. Both are durable products compare to weather tech.
I love it - Rating: - Augustus Stuart
Awesome mats fits perfectly and cleans easily
Recommended! - Rating: - Hiba Wajid
Fits perfectly and great quality. Looks durable.
Worth it - Rating: - Maureen
Fit our 2019 Toyota Highlander LE Plus perfectly.
Fit perfectly and provides good protection - Rating: - Wilson
Fits perfectly and provides good protection
Perfect fit - Rating: - Dave
Excellent for the price
Perfect for my car! - Rating: - Leslie
I got these mats for my 2019 Toyota Highlander and they fit perfectly!! They do not move when you get in and out of the car. I am very happy with them.
Fit is excellent! - Rating: - Duke C.
Fit was real good and looks great, very happy.
Five Stars - Rating: - Barretta
Fit perfectly and good quality.
I would buy these again. - Rating: - Dana JOHNSON
Excellent fit and very fast shipping.Nice OEDRO® Floor Mats for 2014-2019 Toyota Highlander as advertised.
I like the coverage - Rating: - Kim Easterly
Just been about a week and have to say they fit perfect.
Tight fit & looks great! - Rating: - David Roy
Better fit than the weather techs that I have had considering the price and the quality .
There are of excellent quality. - Rating: - Glenn Adkins
The Highlander floor mats are worth the cost. It fits my Highlander like a glove..
These mats are amazing.. - Rating: - Geoff Hackworth
They are just as good as competitive brands. I got these OEDRO® Floor Mats for my wife's 2019 Toyota Highlander as a gift. She has always had WeatherTech floor mats in the past, but I figured I'd give OEDRO floor mats a try because they're really much cheaper. OEDRO also sell on Amazon but the price on offical website is $20 OFF with promo code.
this floor mat Perfect Fit - Rating: - Christina Ovalle
Fits perfectly! This went into a 2017 Toyota Tacoma and the fit is perfect. If you own a Tacoma and are looking for some great mats these are the ones for you!
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Christina Ovalle
Fits perfectly! This went into a 2017 Toyota Tacoma and the fit is perfect. If you own a Tacoma and are looking for some great mats these are the ones for you!
Easy to assemble - Rating: - Victor
The best mats
Excellent - Rating: - Henry_B dog guy
I've had them in my last 2 trucks.
Arrived quickly, fit nicely, look good! - Rating: - Berger
Headline says it all.
Better than other branded mats. - Rating: - Alberto Moreno
Great mats, stay in their place, do their jobs and prevent mud, clay and liquids from messing the floorboard. They are more of rubber flexible material than hard plastic material. I am glad to have these mats.
Perfect fit - Rating: - Adam P
I love the floor mats as they fit better than then weather tech I purchased for my wife’s car. Would buy them again
Buy this one instead of the expensive one - Rating: - Trista Alstarr
These mats fit my 2016 tacoma perfect. Love them. Great value, great product
Awesome deal, fits perfectly - Rating: - harris
These mats are really a great deal. Fits perfectly, no adjustment needed, no trimming needed, no bad odor, and yes, we like the texture of 3D pattern. They are heavy duty and all rubber so when they get messy just hose them down and let them dry, easy to clean. Same mats or very similar on other sites for quite a bit more money. I am beyond pleased.
Looks durable - Rating: - Reyes
Looks durable, fit perfect, I love the mats.
recommend it - Rating: - Ken
it is fairly well matches my car. And it is in good quality. I recommend to you this one.
Recommend the mats - Rating: - Jean
Fast shipping! It is fairly well matches my car. And it is in good quality. I recommend to you this one.
Very good - Rating: - Terrence
Awsome, they fit my truck like a glove!
Great fit for 2016 Tacoma double cab automatic - Rating: - Tim M.
Fantastic fit and very easy to clean. I installed these on my 2016 Tacoma SR5 double cab and it was a breeze.
Fits my Tacoma perfectly! - Rating: - Volk
A big concern was fit. After reading the reviews I chose these over more expensive Weather Tech. I just bought a 2016 Tacoma Crew Cab and the mats fit perfect. I couldn’t be more pleased. Because they do fit perfectly you need not worry about not having a studded bottom to keep from sliding. They won’t move. I highly recommend this product. I’m ordering some for my wife’s Nissan Rogue.
These are nice.. - Rating: - Joseph
These are nice.. Wanted weather tech but gave these a shot and I’m stoked. That back looks better than I though. Floors will be protected . Thanks!
Look nice in my truck - Rating: - Hernandez
I loved this beautiful Mat,Fit perfect and looks durable.
happy happy happy - Rating: - Brian T. Huss
Great product! Excellent fit. I would highly recommend
Love the mats - Rating: - JOHN E BOSWELL
Fit perfectly and really protect
Superior product! - Rating: - Todd espitia
Work great. Perfect fit for 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Thanks!
Just what I wanted - Rating: - Billie
Just installed on my 2017 Toyota Tacoma with no issues - Same as described
Fits perfect. - Rating: - Roberta Neff
Good product and great value. They fit like a glove. Great protection for my Tacoma floor mats
Great floor mats - Rating: - John Tollas jr
The design for high sides can keep spilled drinks, and stuff contained well. Overall, it is a great floor mat design for Tacoma. No worries, plenty durable material, great crumb-outs too.
Highly recommend for 2017 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab - Rating: - Natalie Gilliland
They fit perfectly and are easier to clean. I enjoy this purchase. I will continue to buy OEDRO auto parts for every vehicle I'm expected to take care of.
2015 Hyundai Sonata SE fits - Rating: - Joe
2015 Hyundai Sonata SE, fits like a glove. Wish the left footrest was a full cover instead of partial, but cheaper than weathertech I had in my other sonata, packaged and shipped better also. No creases.
Fit our 2016 Sonata Limited perfectly! - Rating: - Trump2020
Exactly what we were looking for . Seems to be very durable and easy to clean/ install
They fit wonderful - Rating: - Jenn
There wonderful! I bought a second order for my girlfriend
Floor mats for wet, winter weather - Rating: - Michael Ablove
Just purchased. Were easy to install.Very reasonably priced and fit my car perfectly.
Just as good as famous competitor's. way cheaper. - Rating: - philipma1957
I have a new 2020 Kia optima these fit next to perfect. These don't smell even in a hot summer parking lot. These are way cheaper then weather tech. If you want the color black and have a 2020 kia optima lx buy these over weather tech . Use the left over money to take a road trip. enjoy them in health. They are new I will post back on durability
Great Quality. - Rating: - Levi Zagata
These liners are good or even better than the weathertech floor liners. was pleasantly surprised I really like them.
My KIA OPTIMA 2020 - Rating: - Ivansky Ortiz
I enjoy very kuch have my car clean-er with these mats. Perfect fit for My KIA OPTIMA 2020. Definetely recommended!!
Great mat - Rating: - cindi pico
Fit perfectly, easy to install , easy to clean
Perfect fit - Rating: - flybuy
Perfect fit for 2019 kia optima sxl. When i took the factory mats out there was lots of dirt under. These new mats cover the edges so nothing can get trapped underneath. But the rear floormat tapers off under the back of the front seats instead of having a lip to catch debris and liquid
Great Product. Nice look. - Rating: - Duncan Pinderhughes
Fit perfect love them!!! Fast shipping and look great. Thanks
Very satisfied - Rating: - Happy Shopper
Wonderful product! Easy to install and added to the Hyundai Sonata look.
Good fit & looks great - Rating: - Robert Tollas Jr
Amazing. Almost a perfect fit. Better than the WeatherTech or Husky.
Glad I got them - Rating: - Christopher Brown
Glove fit in my 2019 KIA Optima.
Good product and fast shipping - Rating: - Gary Reed
The order came with fast fedex shipping, and was just the quality we expected.
Very happy with my purchase - KIA Optima-Hyundai Sonata - Rating: - Lorie Tackett
I choose the new brand OEDRO with half the price. I have owned Weathetech floor mats for Tundra. The shopping experience is great!
Excellent Floor Liners with discount price $110 only from KIA forum - Rating: - Dave mclatchie
I bought for my last truck from Husky and the price is $189. The 2019 KIA Optima floor mats seem to be better made, and fit better than the more expensive mats such as Husky.
Good price, good fit - Rating: - jeff
A nice upgrade to the cheap, carpet mats the come with the Jeep. Fit perfect. Easy install.
Perfect fit. - Rating: - Kenneth Dupre
Nice design. Fits great
Perfect fit - Rating: - Guy
These snap into place and are molded perfectly for my 2019 Jeep Wrangler.
The fit was perfect - Rating: - DonT
The design, color and fit were all great. Snap to put in (hard part was removing original mats and vacuuming the floors Ha). Very pleased.
Just buy them, these are the ones you want! - Rating: - Keith Stokes
These are exactly what you want. Fit perfect, contain moisture and debris, are not slippery hard plastic and damn they even look good!
Great! - Rating: - Kelvin
I'm very impressed with the quality and fit of these floor mats.
Nice fit and quality. - Rating: - STEPHEN Gallardo
Love them. Just the right fit for my Wrangler JL and full proof protection.
Liners fit perfect - Rating: - David KA
It's been over 2 months of hard use and they look great.
OEDRO on 2019 Wrangler JLU - Rating: - Ivo Story
Fits my 2019 Wrangler JL perfectly. Would recommend to anyone with the same JL
Great brand to buy from - Rating: - Kristopher Gergen
They are molded to fit and hold the debris on the mat.
These are great! Great protection. - Rating: - Reno Medina
If you have Wrangler JL, just get these 3d floor mats. Tight fit and high quality TPE materials. I recommend these very highly!
Fits great! - Rating: - STEVEN Jones
Fit perfectly in my 2019 JLU 4 Door. The floor mats can look brand new again even after heavy use. You just need topull them out and give them a wash with water.
Great fit and easy to clean - Rating: - Sue Lucas
Price was great. Factory price is $189.99 on local store.I bought at 112.99.Great fit and easy to clean
Well engineered product. - Rating: - Alexis Light
I will also purchase a set for my other car and my wife's car. They fit the contour of the floor as well as they were designed to do.
Great Mats - Rating: - Tracy C.
Fit great and look good!
Great Fit and Product! - Rating: - Gino
I could not believe how beautifully they fit.
As described - Rating: - DAVID A
Very happy with the fit and price. The Wrangler JL floor mats are as good as described.
I have a 2018 Wrangler JL.. - Rating: - Abdul P.
The floor mats fit better than the factory mats that came with my Wrangler jl.
None of us could believe how beautifully they fit - Rating: - Clyde Parks
I bought these Wrangler floor mats for our son as a birthday gift. He'd just picked up his brand new offroad Wrangler JL
Good investment - Rating: - bjtaylor
These Wrangler floor mars are a great product. They will keep the carpet underneath protected well
Better than stock and standard rubber mats - Rating: - Stuart
Very satisfied with the mats and their fit. After Father's day I seen these for $129.99
Great set of mats - Rating: - Joseph baba
I am totally satisfied with these awesome floor mats. They have a pretty good quality, but I bought one from Weathertech over $200. I think OEDRO matches them quite well for a cheaper price compared with Weathertech. So nice! OEDRO forum and facebook can get extra promo code even through the price has been very attractive already.
These are a must have for a CX5. - Rating: - Robert
Received my new mats very quickly. The fit exceeds expectations as they snap directly into existing floor mount buttons. The edges are rolled up along the sides of the floor to prevent any dust or liquid from spilling. Does not affect the work of the driver's pedal and accelerator pedal.
Fits 2022 Mazda CX-5 Carbon Edition Perfectly - Rating: - Lori
I purchased these and the trunk liner. NO plastic smell. They all fit perfectly, no curling on the sides and enough flexibility compared to other brands that are too “plasticky”. Customer service (Sandy!) is top notch when inquiring about the arrival, since they shipped separately. Definitely buy!
Buy these floor mats! - Rating: - Cheryl
These floor mats are amazing! Fit my 2018 Mazda CX-5 perfectly. Good quality and look great in my car. I would highly recommend them!
Buy them ! - Rating: - Cheryl
These are amazing! Fit my 2018 Mazda CX-5 perfectly. Good quality and look great in my car, took 5 mins to pop them in. I would highly recommend them!
Very very happy - Rating: - Maria Elvira Samper Nieto
Just got some Oedro mats for a Cx5 2022. If happiness is a ratio between expectations and reality, I was happier with the mats than with the car. The fit perfectly.
Great - Rating: - Patrick T.
They fit perfectly in my 2017 CX-5. I’m not sure how they compare against what Weathertech offers, but I’m happy with these. Sturdy, fit perfectly, and I enjoy the superior protection they give me.
Great car mats!! - Rating: - Darren
Got these for my 2018 Mazda cx 5. They fit perfectly!!
Great winter floor mats! - Rating: - BluR
Perfect for what I needed. Fit my 2018 CX-5 and the raised edges are great for winter.
Great value - Rating: - Larry
These are definitely worth the money
Great product for the price. - Rating: - double O
nice fit looks good works well
Expensive but worth it! - Rating: - K. A. Rafferty
Huge improvement over stock. Awesome! Fit is perfect! Much better then the "other" brand!
Great floor mats. - Rating: - Cory Scholten
The mats fit great, not PERFECT. The material leaves a lot to be desired.
Five Stars - Rating: - Jeffery Nobles
They fit perfect in my 2017 Mazda CX-5. Definitely worth the purchase
Good mats for Mazda CX-5 - Rating: - David Hibbs
I wanted to get these floor mats for the dirt that always makes its way into my CX-5, such as mud and dog crud.
Nice fitting - Rating: - JOHANNIE SMITH
I just purchased a 2017 Mazda CX-5. Very pleased with the fit and appearance...
Perfect floor liners!! - Rating: - Carmi Flores
Fast Shipping! Both of my shipments came within 3 days and these floor mats fit perfectly!
Nice fitting, mats for Mazda CX-5 - Rating: - JOHANNIE SMITH
I just purchased a 2017 Mazda CX-5. I wanted to get these floor mats for the dirt that always makes its way into my CX-5, such as mud and dog crud.
Perfect fit and a reat product. - Rating: - bnbn Daley
I look forward to using them for years to keep my 2019 Mazda CX-5. The floor mats look easy to clean with 3D sharp. They fit perfect and look really good. Wonderful!
Five Stars. Fast shipping! - Rating: - Emily Monigold
Great fit and looks good.
They look Great. - Rating: - OnyxRavine
They have a little play. This is great since we get a Lot of snow every year. It will be much useful in winter.
2019 Mazda CX-5 - fit perfectly and looks great. - Rating: - Todd
Nice CX-5 floor mats! There is a lip the would direct heavy water out of the door with out getting it on the carpet.
Will never regret the cost compared to saving ... - Rating: - Brian Hildebrand
My wife expected something more heavy duty feeling. lease are VERY light. But it is really very worthy.
Amazing - Rating: - Narmeen yehia
Highly recommend.. to keep ur car clean. Highly recommended.
Great fit - Rating: - Suzy
Fits perfectly in my 2016 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan. Very pleased. Came in a flat box, so the mats were not folded in any way.
best mats - Rating: - manpreet kaur
good stuff
Fits like a glove! - Rating: - Amber Platt
My husband bought these floor mats for my Honda Accord because he wanted something more easy to clean now that we live where there is snow and rain. It also makes it easier to clean up after my messy five year old
Good product for a good price fit really good - Rating: - Ruben
Good product for a good price fit really good
I'm honestly surprised how this fit so perfectly well in my car. - Rating: - Gustavo Adolfo
Granted, it was design specifically for my car but before I got it, i thought there might be some oddity that makes it stick out or not fit perfectly well. Nope, it fit exactly on the floor. There's really nothing else I can say about it besides that it's rubber, it has a concave design so it traps all the dirt and garbage without letting it go everywhere. Easy to install and looks nice on my floor.
A Perfect Fit!! - Rating: - Mcon
I have a 2017 Honda Sedan and they fit like a glove. Took straight out the box and placed them with ease. No cutting, folding, or forcing them in. In about 5 minutes I was done installing. It's just that easy. Dont hesitate, make that purchase. You wont regret it.
i am pleased with my purchased - Rating: - Dashel Benjamin
I am satisfied with my purchased. I absolutely love the quality of it. I think I have my money worth, so I would recommend it to anyone.
Fit my 2017 Honda Accord Sport like a glove - Rating: - Echternkamp
I was a little apprehensive to see how the liners/mats would fit. They fit the vehicle like a glove. Great quality for a great price too!
2016 Honda accord - Rating: - Amy
Like my mats, good price, fit nicely in my 2016 accord
Great value - Rating: - Mary
I brought these for my son. He loves them! They're a prefect fit and wonderful for when children ride in his car.
Can't get much more accurate - Rating: - Berdzar
2013 Accord Sedan EX-L. I was very skeptical and wanted to go with a WeatherTech brand but heard nothing but complaints. I couldn't be happier with the fit on this set I had all mat's installed under 5 minutes.
Great fit and very easy to put in. - Rating: - Baxter
I am very happy I purchased these all season floor mats for my 2017 Honda Accord Sedan Ex.They are very easy to put in. Once the floor mats are in place, they do not shift or move unlike another brand I had where I had to always adjust them. Can't say enough how much I love these floor mats.
Perfect fit - Rating: - Ramon santos
I love it! Fit perfectly in my Honda Accord 2016 Ex
Nicely surprised - Rating: - Dubster
They fit perfectly. Just what I needed. Thank
Very satisfied with this product - Rating: - Stephanie
Very satisfied with this product. Glad I purchased these Honda Accord floor mats...thanks for good product
they fit like a glove - Rating: - Steve Burzinski
Easy to install. Fits perfectly in my 2017 Honda Accord.
Very pleased - Rating: - Joe Farnsworth
Very happy with these liner Mats.Fits perfectly.Thanks.
I love my mats! - Rating: - Scott Armstrong
I bought them for my 2017 honda accord. These are the exact same thing as I want!
Great Floor Mats! - Rating: - TONY Alger
The honda floor mats work great! They stay in place. If you do not have a lot of money, you can have a try. Don't over pay for weather tech.
Great honda floor mats - Rating: - Chris Dotson
I have two trucks, the old one with Weathertech, and the other with OEDRO. There is some big difference in function and price. But They are both good in quality.
Worth it. - Rating: - John Small
They fit my 2017 Honda Accord Sedans perfectly. They actually got here 1 day only! Fast Shipping! Great product at an awesome price!
Good Fit - Rating: - christine
Feels durable and good product. The back fits perfectly for when the Kid(s) make a mess. I love that it's a one-piece to cover the middle floor. Would buy it again!
Perfect! - Rating: - ModifiedKLgroup
Great solid floor mats just as good as WeatherTech, I will definitely be buying these again fantastic, no odor.
I recommend this - Rating: - Pam Harrison
Haven't cleaned the yet. The do fit well in my 2020 Jeep Cherokee Limited. I recommend them. I live on a dirt road and we have snow and ice right now. I wish buying the car without carpet was an option.
Good Fit - Rating: - christine
Used for my 2021 Jeep Cherokee Latitude. Feels durable and good product. The back fit perfectly for the when the Kid(s) make a mess.. LOL I love that its a one piece to cover the middle floor. Would buy again!
Pleasantly surprised! - Rating: - JES
After looking around for mats for my 2020 Jeep Cherokee, I stumbled upon these Oedro floor liners. If you've shopped around like I have, you know these products aren't cheap. The price for just a set of front liners cost more than this front and rear set! I decided to purchase them after reading these good reviews, and I'm not sorry I did. They fit perfectly and look great! I am very glad I made this purchase. They look every bit as durable as the other brand names and I expect them to last just as long.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Raton Vaquero
Fit perfectly in my 2018 Jeep Cherokee
Buy Them! - Rating: - indiana640
I was worried about these when I ordered. I have bought others in the past that don’t fit right but these fit perfect! I will continue to buy this brand. The price is much better then weather tech
Excellent product! - Rating: - Aldric
These arrived 4 days early! They fit like a glove for my Jeep Cherokee, and doesn’t have any rubber odor. Very sharp mats! I really love them.
Great deal - Rating: - casey whitwam
Best fit I've ever found for Cherokee
Great value. - Rating: - Jim K
Great fit for my 2020 Jeep.
2020 Jeep Cherokee - Rating: - Bob Trerotola
They fit great on my 2020 Jeep Cherokee love it
Great quality and easy install. - Rating: - Jai
I bought these mats for my 2019 Cherokee. I didn't want to spend a fortune on Weathertech and found these as a great alternative. Easy to install, clean and they fit great. Highly recommended.
Perfect fit for 2020 Jeep Cherokee - Rating: - Wary
I just purchased this vehicle and didn't realize that it only had carpet floor mats, but no protective vinyl or rubber ones. I wanted something that fit well and also did not move around and contained melted snow and salt. This one is perfect, and less expensive than similar brands.
LOOKS GREAT - Rating: - Rlcamper
arrived on time as promised, very pleased with product appearance and looks durable . the fit was like a glove BUT the carpent mounting studs and holes in floor mats, to anchor in position, do not line up like they should. will definitely be a struggle to take mats in and out. only option I see is to take X-ACTO tool blade to it and trim off plastic in hole to match carpet studs in jeep
Love them !!!! - Rating: - Comesanas
Super high quality product, it fits perfectly and is easy to clean.
Perfect fit - Rating: - litelnole
I have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude and they are a perfect fit! They have saved my car many times from a messy 2 year old.
great quality tight fit - Rating: - Cheree D. Cordes
Almost perfect.... Good choice. Great fit and design
The Cherokee custom fit floor liners - Rating: - Theresa Cates
When they listed them as custom fit, they were right on point matching my 2019 Jeep Cherokee.
Great Mats! Must Have for Nice Cherokee! - Rating: - Cora Weaver
Wow I have to say these floor mats fit my 2018 jeep Cherokee like a glove. Perfect fit & very nice.
The floor mats were easy to install and fit 2019 Jeep Cherokee perfectly - Rating: - Matt Singh
Good product for the money. Install on my brother's 2019 Jeep Cherokee. He likes it.
My wife is happy with OEDRO purchase extremely - Rating: - Lawrence Knox
My wife is happy with our OEDRO purchase. The customer service is great with telephone! Thank you for following up after the sale!
very pleased - Rating: - John Rizo
The OEDRO just fit as good nor look as nice. These fit perfectly in my 2019 Jeep Cherokee floor mats and were easy to install.
Fit perfectly in my 2019 Jeep Cherokee and easy to install - Rating: - John Seagriff
I bought Weathertech for my previous car.They aren't cheap, so I choose OEDRO instead for my new 2019 Jeep Cherokee.They are really worth every penny spent on them,not only cheap in price but also good in quality. I'm actually loving this one better
Stiff - Rating: - William Riley
Thought it would be softer but they are stiff.
Perfect fit. - Rating: - Que
These fit perfectly in my 2017 Ford Edge. Easy to remove & clean. Or just vacuum them and wipe them with a cloth.
fit, Rear liner slides - Rating: - Lisa O’Neil
Front seat well mats fit well.
Better than I expected - Rating: - William Riley
It fits surprisingly well, I was skeptical at first but they fit nicely.
Stiff - Rating: - William Riley
Thought it would be softer but they are stiff
Stiff - Rating: - William Riley
Thought it would be softer but they are stiff
Great product - Rating: - JD
Heavy duty TPE, not cheap rubber and not the thin slip all over kind.
Well made with a history of quality and ruggedness. - Rating: - Mad Dad
Very solid Floor mats, They fit my 2018 Ford Edge to a tee, no trimming at all.
fast delivery and easy to install - Rating: - Rick Stephens
These liners fit perfectly! Definitely recommend these for all the 2018 Ford Edge owners out there!
2018 Ford Edge - Rating: - Ana Karina
Totally recommend this floor mats!!
Really nice fit and protection. - Rating: - Dennis Howerton
I ordered a set of OEDRO mats for my dad's accord before. This is the second time for Ford Edge. I recommend these for others looking to protect their Ford Edge.
I usually don't rate products, but I am impressed ... - Rating: - Fausto Hyek
I had originally purchased from others but I didnt like how they fit. They are very nice, durable, and look great in my 2016 Edge!
Absolutely amazing! These fit like a glove - Rating: - Jose Yi
Fits perfectly in my 2018 Ford Edge. I'm a little concerned about if my dog slips on them in the back ir not. Very nice overall.
Good solid product,easy to install. - Rating: - Sterling
I couldn't believe how easy they were to install
Just what we needed! - Rating: - Willy Brownshoe
I had Husky floor mats before. I wanted to try something else for my 2018 edge. OEDRO floor mats are much better and cheaper.
These are good. - Rating: - Brown
OEDRO offers lifetime guarantee. Better then weather tech. Nice shopping!
More than pleased. - Rating: - Alex Faulkner
Love them! OEDRO has the better product. Better fit for less money.
just what we needed - Rating: - John Newton
Fit my 2016 Ford Edge perfectly. Price was good compared to 3D Spider.
I like them. - Rating: - Coyote70
These mats fit well and seem well constructed. Time will tell if they last.
Great deal - Rating: - dragon
Great price for an awesome product!!! Keep your car floors clean for years to come!
Good value - Rating: - fairytodragon
These fit great and look great great deal for the price
Excellent fit! - Rating: - ABT
very good thank you
Very happy with this purchase - Rating: - Jillian Fernald
These 2018 Ford Flex floor mats fit and look better than the Tech mats.
2018 Ford Flex - Rating: - Tim Velazquez
I couldn't believe how the completely cover the carpeted areas!
Highly Recommended! - Rating: - Lori Rhea
Excellent quality! Very sturdy with great protection of carpet! Highly recommend!
Fast delivery! - Rating: - David Olmstead
The Flex floor mats fit perfectly! Great reduction. Fit is spot on. Very durable.
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Jason Magnant
I find the fit to be the same with this brand and am especially impressed with how the back fits my Flex.
Customer Service is amazing! - Rating: - Dennis Hills
They were kind enough to send me another email letting me know that the shipment information.
Awesome mats - Rating: - Liwei Taylor
You will find the material feels nice and sturdy when you get the package and install tjem. I am confident they will last for many years to come.
Fits great for my 2013 Ford Flex - Rating: - Gustavo
Perfect fit and good quality.
Four Stars - Rating: - Eugene Johnson
They fit great. They are exactly what I was wanting and for less money.
Great Product - Easy to Install! - Rating: - Philip H.
The Flex floor mats are a great alternative to carpet floor mats.
Love them - Rating: - Jeremy
Perfect fit - Rating: - iherz
Fits perfectly and protects great. Fits my 2023 Honda Odyssey Elite like a glove! So happy with my purchase…I have 4 kids who are happy that they can now eat in the new van.
Quality and Worth - Honda Odyssey 2022 - Rating: - Aman
Fits great, for Honda Odyssey 2022. It saves the hassle of deep cleaning. These are cheaper than OEM mats and are of great quality.
Most excellent fit! - Rating: - Kelvanithor
Like a glove! Remember to remove the carpet pad before installation, you will fit perfectly. Great value for money!
Good product! - Rating: - YUN KYUNG PARK
It looks nice and fits perfectly.
perfect fit - Rating: - JP
Its very nicely made and fit well. Like material quality
perfect fit - Rating: - Dani R
Just installed these in my 19 Odyssey and they fit perfectly.
2020 honda odyssey. Would get again. - Rating: - Tony Diep
I wouldn't call it the perfect fit, but it's a good enough for me fit. The corners that face out towards the doors curl up a little but I'll have to get over it. When I slide the 2nd row seats side to side I can hear/feel the seats rubbing against the 3rd row mat but I don't see any damage. Overall the low cost and durability is worth it to me. I'm trying to keep my car clean from spills.
Protect your investment - Rating: - Bill
These fit perfectly and seem super durable. They have already saved us from milk spills and they look great.
Very happy with this purchase. - Rating: - Jone
Very easy to install. The fit was perfect. Also love that they have a rubber feel not plastic.
Perfect for 2020 Elite! - Rating: - Ramkissoon
It was a perfect fit for a 2020 Odyssey Eilte! Took minutes to install. You do need to remove the original mats before installing.
Great Customer Service and Nice Mats - Rating: - Yvonne
I just got the full set floor mats for my 2020 Odyssey. They all fit perfectly except the driver side has a little curve edge near the gas pedal. I contacted the customer service names Kelsi, she is so helpful and took care my concerns. She sent me a new one which fits much better. Very impressed with this company, highly recommended.
I was worried, but they fit like a Glove! - Rating: - Jake
I was cautiously optimistic about these floor mats, given all the great reviews, but I just installed them in our 2018 Honda Odyssey. I had to do a bit of maneuvering to get them down and into place, but it was like magic - they settled in and EXACTLY fit! The little Honda floor fasters popped up through the holes in the floormat, I secured them with a half-twist, and the mats look like they were molded in place. I am now online buying a set for our other car - very nice product.
Great fit after DIY floor vent customization - Rating: - Leslie
We recently purchased a 2020 odyssey. We love everything about these mats except for the fact that they covered up the 3rd row floor vent. The mats fits all the spots perfectly and provide excellent protection for the floors. We've gone to the beach multiple times and love that these mats catch all the sand. As you can see from the photos, we spent about 5 minutes and cut a notch for the floor vent which made these fit perfectly now.
Fit Perfectly - Rating: - paul
I was quite pleased that they fit absolutely perfectly, are thick and durable, and look very good. I admit I was a bit skeptical they would fit exactly but they do! I am very pleased with this purchase.
Perfect fit for 2019 Odyssey - Rating: - Ben
Fit perfectly in my wife's 2019 Odyssey. Easy to remove and clean. They don't shift or move at all once in place and secured using the van's built in twist lock system on the floor. Very durable, quality product. I would definitely recommend. I wish it came with the back hatch mat too, but I bought a cut to size mat and that worked fine.
Review in Spanish. EXCELLENT - Rating: - luisito
The best investment you can make for your Honda Odyssey, they were perfect, very easy to install, too much comfort, they are hard and very strong, obviously you see how resistant they are. Everything is tailored to the perfect and exact size of the van. fully recommended.
Great for my Odyssey - Rating: - JESSICA
Excellent fitment and quality, the lower price is a bonus.
Perfectly suitable for Honda Odyssey - Rating: - Adrian
Perfectly fits into my odyssey 2019. Quality is really good
Best bang for the buck! - Rating: - Edwards
These are the best of both worlds vs weathertech. They are form fitting specific to your vehicle but also rubber instead of plastic. My only very minor complain is that the third row in our van sticks up a little in the corners but that could go away with time. Other than that, very excellent mats so far!
Fits perfectly - Rating: - ander
I bought these for my Honda Odyssey 2019 and they fit perfectly! You just take the original mats, that come with the car, out and these click into place.
Good enough for money! - Rating: - Mark Agcaoili
Good product and easy to install. Fits perfectly.
Fits like a glove! - Rating: - DF
The material is durable. Looks like it will be easy to clean. It fits like a glove in my new 2020 Honda Odyssey Elite. It’s material is more practical having kids. My kids leave crumbs and spills whatever, no matter how often you clean... kids carry stuff with them all the time. The original floor mat holds on to lint and fuzz. This floor mat does not so it’s great!!! Just wipe clean! Also, I removed the original floor mat on the driver’s side for safety reason and it latches perfectly on the built in fasteners. I didn’t remove the original floor mats on the other parts but that’s personal preference. I would highly recommend this product.
Recomendable - Rating: - Mark
My Honda Odyssey 2019 was perfect for an excellent investment
2020 Odyssey - Rating: - Katie
I ordered these on Dec. 29th and recieved & installed them on Jan. 2nd. I've never owned all weather mats before, so I didn't know what to expect, but I am really happy with these. My first impression out of the box was that they were much thicker than I was expecting and better quality overall. Also, I love the texture, they seem to be slip resistant. They fit our 2020 EX perfectly and feel great under foot. The only thing I'd like to see changed is the 3rd row mat. It doesnt have any grip on the back and nowhere to hook it in place. It isn't in the way of the magic slid yet, but it keeps inching forward. I feel I'll constantly be pulling it back for the kids. Also, it could be a tripping hazard, because it sticks so far out the sides. That's not a problem if you use the middle aisle, but we liked this van because of the magic slide and the seatbelts attached to the seat, making it easy to get in and out of the 3rd row. Overall, I love these and would buy them again and again!
4.5 stars - Rating: - aditya
I do wish it came with a back cargo area cover. It also could have been a little better fit in the third row area.
Very satisfied with the purchase. - Rating: - Bean
They arrived in two days and fit perfectly. Very satisfied with the purchase. They did come in a box that looked as if I received the wrong product (showed two 4x4 mats on the box)... but once opened, it revealed the correct liners for the Odyssey. They cover the first, second and third rows nicely and are very nice qualify. Glad I decided to give them a try, as they're half the price of WT, and just as nice (or maybe better!).
good mats - Rating: - Holt K
I got mine few days ago. Better than the toughpro mats I had before. My only issue is the 3rd row liner. It always gets in the way and block the seat lock on the floor when I push up the 3rd row seat.
T have had wt and husky brand in the past.. put Oedro's in my 2018 Odyssey last year just before winter kicked in.. THE FIT IS PERFECT and after one year look just as good as the day i put them in
Deeper channels and feels more rubber then the WTs - Rating: - Hardy
Deeper channels and feels more rubber then the WTs which feel more plastic. They came at the perfect time, it dumped last night and I didn't have to worry about leaving the umbrellas on the carpet, just threw them on the second row mat.
So far so good.. - Rating: - Barry S
So far so WT front mats warped and pulled away from the sides...ditched them and installed these fronts. Fit nice but we'll see how they hold up over time. Much easier to put in and pull out to clean. Didn't use the rear pieces as I have cushioned material back there.
easy to clean - Rating: - Jay Ingalls
Excellent product, fits perfectly my 2019 Honda Odyssey, will recommend.
Great product! - Rating: - Mark Avey
Good product and great service. The Odyssey floor mats are very hot selling. I wait for 1 month to get the package for my second purchase.
2019 Honda Odyssey - Rating: - Jason
It is amazing! I love it! Protect my Odyssey well.
Great value. - Rating: - Gamon S.
As described; fast delivery and easy to install. It will be a good choice to protect my Honda Odyssey
Five Stars - Rating: - Dirk Bybee
Fits perfect for my 2019 Honda Odyssey
Nice! - Rating: - Dana Walta-Kirby
These liners fit completly perfectly in my 2019 Honda Odyssey. The fit is soft and laser cut perfectly.
So far these are the best floor liners that I've ever purchased. - Rating: - Victor Melo Rodriguez
Unless something goes wrong with these mats, OEDRO has become my hands-down favorite.
Great mats, high quality, amazing fit, incredible price - Rating: - Andrew
These floor mats are really nice. Great quality, fit the truck perfectly, and they were half the price of a leading brand with a similar product.
Perfect fit for 2020 Toyota Tundra - Rating: - Stacia
Quality and fit are excellent.
Mats I like - Rating: - Joseph Hunter
Like the fit and at a much cheaper cost than another popular brand.
Nice fit. - Rating: - Firestyle
Nice fit.
Perfect fit.. - Rating: - David
I have a 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 crewmax and these fit perfect. I would absolutely buy again.
Better quality and less expensive - Rating: - Rian K
I typically purchase Weather tech mats for my truck, but I am glad I got these instead. Less expensive, better, and they clear the threshold on doors for better protection. Just all around better product
Get them!!! They fit great! - Rating: - E-Train
Why spend more??? They look great and work as described.
I’m in love with these truck mats - Rating: - Donna
I totally love these truck mats. They are exactly as explained, if not better. Same quality as Weather Tech at over half the price. I’m so happy I ordered these mats. I wish I knew about these sooner.
Amazing value. Fit perfectly! - Rating: - JSH in TX
These are very nice and fit snug. Very happy with the purchase.
Perfect all weather Toyota Tundra floor mats. - Rating: - JoEllen Leach
I am most pleased. Look great. These Tundra floor mats fit so perfectly. I absolutely recommend.
keep from tracking stuff in. - Rating: - MICHAEL Diaz jr
They will work the way I wanted to protect the floors better
Look new right out of the box. - Rating: - dip1382
They scuffed each other up in the box to the point. Fit perfectly
They fit great - Rating: - John Tyrka
Exactly as described! Definitely a good buy.
Highly Recommended - Rating: - TED PERRY
Fit & finish is perfect. The floor mats do a great job protecting my tundra.
Perfect floor liners!! - Rating: - Carmi Flores
Fast Shipping! Both of my shipments came within 3 days and these floor mats fit perfectly!
Feel almost like a thick plastic. - Rating: - MTMATT
They were creased from where they where folded in the box. Over all they will work.
Look good well made - Rating: - Dale S.
Look and fit great
Great Product A++++ - Rating: - missa lou
Fit perfectly on my Toyota Tundra 2018 Double Cab
Five Stars. Perfect fit. - Rating: - Ryan
Very good item for the price on my 2017 Toyota Tundra Crew Max.
FIT PERFECTLY - Rating: - Emily L Pate
These are great! I highly recommend! Fit my 2019 Dodge Durango PERFECTLY!
Excellent fit and price. - Rating: - Richard Geiger
Excellent fit for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Good price for front and rear mats compared to other competitors. Very easy to install
Look great - Rating: - Craig Immerzeel
Fit my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee perfectly. very nice.
Good deal - Rating: - kalee tharp
Fits 2020 Durango
Fit very well in 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Rating: - SALEEN
These mats fit perfect in my 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was impressed with how well they looked in there. I’d definitely recommend!! I compared other brands like Mopar, Husky and Weather Tech and decided to give this brand a shot. I’m happy I did! You won’t be disappointed.
Product was exactly how it’s described in the description - Rating: - Lana S.
Awesome product that is the perfect fit in my Jeep Cherokee. Really happy with my purchase.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Rebecca N
I have a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee and these mats fit PERFECTLY. 10/10 recommend. Easy install and everything lines up great!
Fits great. Very satisfied - Rating: - Withheld
After a few hot days in the vehicle they will conform perfectly.
Very nice floor mats - Rating: - Luis
The fit was excellent for my 2016 Dodge Durango. The mats protect much more carper than the mats that came with the truck.
Five Stars - Rating: - Daniel Cunningham
First month after placing them in my truck, my son spilt a mug of coffee and saved me grief.
Five Stars - Rating: - Ken Bernardin
These floor mats fits perfectly inside my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Weather tech. - Rating: - Stephen A. Washburn
I would recommend the Durango floor mats to anyone. They fit like a glove.
Perfect fit, absolutely love them. - Rating: - Brian Larson
Easy to clean when washing my Durango and keeps the vehicle clean.
Absolutely Love them. - Rating: - Melissa
My last set (Weather Tech). I tried OEDRO floor mats this time and they fit better. OEDRO floor mats feel heavier than other brand.
Great product - Rating: - Sylvia
These are great floor mats for Dodge Durango / Jeep Grand Cherokee
More than I expected! I realize the back Marcy ... - Rating: - Patrick
The Durango floor mats feel sturdy and were easy to put in.
Works great. - Rating: - Jeremy
Works as advertised. Top notch product at a good price.
fit on these is great! even snaps right into the factory tabs on ... - Rating: - Laura-Jane Barber
I like these, but mine didn't fit as weathertech products I have owned in the past. Overall I am satisfied with it.
Perfect fit and they look great. - Rating: - Brian E Beaty
Great fit on my 2017 Dodge Durango, love them!!!!
Five Stars. Fast shipping! - Rating: - Scuba Steve
Love em!!!
An Excellent Fit - Rating: - Paul Wissink
Fit perfect in the 2018 Dodge Durango. Much better than any other brand on floor mats on the market.
Perfect fit. - Rating: - Kyle Metcalf
Awesome floor mats that fit my 2018 Dodge Durango
Pretty Good Floor Mats - Rating: - Brianna sainz
they get the job done. They really like that the back mats protect the center carpet of the car. Now when the kids get on, they won’t dirty the car with their dirty shoes. My mom likes them, so that’s all that matters.
Quality & Value | 2014 Kia Soul - Rating: - Hank
These Oedro All-Weather Mats are a fantastic value! The fitment is precise and they give the interior a very nice look. They are comparable to other all-weather mats that cost double/triple the price I paid (they were on sale from the Oedro site for $65 shipped during a March clearance sale).
Greate - Rating: - Guadalupe Montes Rodriguez
Value for money
Perfect floor liner - Rating: - Brian Freihofer
These fit my wife's 2014 Kia soul perfectly. Nice and thick
Great Product - Rating: - Oz W
I love it thanks. Fits like a glove
Great in a 2019 Kia Soul - Rating: - Chad E.
I bought the mats for the front of the 2019 Kia Soul. They are very nice Soul floor mats.
Good quality - Rating: - Abbas
I received my OEDRO Floormats. Will prevent carpet from getting ruined.
Five Stars - Rating: - Rachel S.
I was delighted on there fit and quality of materials, as well as there durability.
I bought these for my 2019 Kia Soul. - Rating: - Brian
Mats arrived early and were easy to install. Only took a couple of minutes to install.
Five Stars - Rating: - Carole
These floor liners fit perfectly. Great product and I would recommend to others.
Great for protecting our new floors - Rating: - ed cummins
These floor liners fit my 2016 Kia Soul perfectly.
Fabulous fit for our 2017 Kia Soul - Rating: - Cory A
Excellent. Just as expected. They were a perfect fit
Five Stars - Rating: - Benster
Work great. Fit perfectly. Do a good job protecting the carpeting ...
Five Stars - Rating: - nicole feather
Fit perfectly in our 2016 Kia Soul! Holds mud and spills. Easy to clean.
Nice product. - Rating: - JAMES L. SMITH
These fit perfect in our 2018 Kia Soul
but good. All on - Rating: - mentortx
Great Price and Product!
Husky Liner for 2019 KIA Soul - Rating: - Ferrellclan
Best liners - Rating: - Otis Spunkmeyer
Fits 99% perfectly​.
Four Stars - Rating: - John G
Fits my 2019 Kia Soul perfect and keeps the floors clean. Easy to clean up
Perfect fits 2023 Toyota Tacoma - Rating: - John M
2023 Toyota Tacoma Good quality Perfect fit Satisfied with my purchase!
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Derrick Juarez
These fit perfectly in my 2021 Toyota. They're heavy duty, and the price is unbeatable.
They are okay - Rating: - John Law
Bought this for my husband’s 2023 Tacoma. The front floor mats fit perfectly. The quality is okay, not too thick like I thought they were going to be. The price should be lower.
Good mats - Rating: - Robert Hall
Great, they fit perfectly!
Pretty nice - Rating: - Austin Dreitz
These fit pretty good
Great Floor mats - Rating: - Bill Croft
Fantastic fit looks great
Excellent Fit my car - Rating: - Catherine sweitzer
Excellent Fit!!!
Great value for the price. - Rating: - Steven Venable
These mats fit great and are very easy to clean
Perfect for Tacoma Double Cab 2022 - Rating: - Chris
Well made, nice look, and perfect fit. Good value.
Just buy it! - Rating: - Ernest Flores
Wow, these are amazing. They cover so much ground and are very sturdy. They aren't all floppy like I was kind of expecting. Everybody should have a pair of these. They hug the corners and even go over the plastic molding that separates the carpet and the door jam.
Great Fit and Flexibility - Rating: - Artlissa Hunter-Dupler
Great fit. Not too hard or soft. Maintains shape and just flexible enough. Better than more popular mats that I’ve had.
Love them - Rating: - Anthony
Fit perfectly
I like them - Rating: - Henry_B dog guy
As a matter of fact this is my second set. Perfect fit, no issues.
Fácil instalacion - Rating: - Nora R.
Quedo exacta,me gusto
Keepers - Rating: - Ernest Flores
There great I have had husky and weather tech, there more like the weather tech but half the cost for the front and back for the price of only one of the leading competitors
Sturdy - Rating: - Dorothy
I love these mats, not only are they sturdy, but nice looking. Full carpet coverage.
Fit perfectly - Rating: - Stern.N
This product fits perfectly. Great protection for the carpet. I would purchase again.
Totally fits my Toyota tacoma TRD sport 2019. - Rating: - Barton
Excellent floor coverage to keep my muddy boots of the carpet. Good buy
Fits my Toyota Taco like a glove. - Rating: - Conroy
Perfect fit nice mats well worth the money.
Nice floor mats - Rating: - hkk214
You'll be really satisfied with your purchase, once you see how easy they are too install and how easy they can be cleaned
Great price and very good product. - Rating: - Brittany Gunkel
Great price for my. 2019 Toyota Tacoma Double CabYou may be asking yourself if the price is too high for the purchase? The answer is no.
Fit in my truck great. - Rating: - Customer
Great design and a good product with a nice fit. For my 2018 Toyota Tacoma, it covers underneath the back seats.
Toyota Tacoma floor liners - Rating: - Larry Miller
Perfectly designed to cover the most used areas of Toyota Tacoma.
Get them - Rating: - Danny Jones
Fit perfectly! Love them in my 2019 Toyota Tacoma. Would buy again.
Five Stars - Rating: - Aaron W.
Perfect Fit in 2019 Toyota Tacoma
Five Stars - Rating: - Robert Hargraves
Love them, great fit. Easy to order. Every truck owner should have a pair!
Great price and very good product. - Rating: - Jeffrey Fortin
Install and exactly what we expected for the money.
Five Stars - Rating: - MaGoo
Excellent product. The passenger side doesn't have any kind of anchor to hold it down so it slides around a little bit. Don't understand why.
Five Stars - Rating: - Edward Zema
Fit perfectly, I plan on ordering other sets for my other cars.
Five Stars - Rating: - Alvin
Absolutely amazing! These are great and fit floor contours well.
I like them - Rating: - Amazon Customer
Will definitely provide protection to the carpet and surrounding areas.
OEDRO has good products - Rating: - Jim Halfhill Jr
Once you try it, you'll never go back to basic floor mats.
Five Stars. - Rating: - Brant
Very happy with this purchase. All angles and overall shape are perfect.
Perfect fit - Rating: - John H.
Perfect for our 2015 Corolla. We did have a rear matte issue and they replaced it right away.
Good value Floor Mats - Rating: - Carol Weathers
Just got these. Haven't had to clean them yet but seems like a good value. Fits nicely.
Fits like a glove! - Rating: - JJ Mulholland
I was worried for nothing, these mats snapped in perfectly. The quality is there too, solid, thick rubber. Well worth the money spent.
Fit 2016 Corolla like a glove - Rating: - linda v
Weather Tech could not fit better. Fit my 2016 Corolla le eco like they were sprayed on!!!
These car mats fit like a GLOVE! - Rating: - harris
These car mats are AWESOME! They fit in my 2016 Toyota Corolla LE like a glove. Would highly recommend!
Fit perfect - Rating: - Charlie
I like how the edges come up the sides so that sand/gravel says on the mat for easy clean up. The installation was easy and everything fit perfectly.
Like a Glove! - Rating: - Phon S.
I have a 2016 Toyota Carolla S Plus and these arrived today. I’m serious when I say the fit is perfect. On the driver side the holes match up and you can lock it down. The rest fits like a glove. I’m extremely impressed with the product. Material is sturdy with a little flexibility. If you’ve been hesitant on these, I would take them over the other brands!
Great product - Rating: - Tammy
Arrived on time. Looks like a great product
Awsome - Rating: - ZUSE RUIZ
They fitt just right and tight, on my Toyota CAROLA 2016. Nice all black look, easy to clean.
I love the Matt's there well made. - Rating: - Meah
A+++++ product
Awesome product! Keeps your car in great shape! - Rating: - Carey Faulkner
Awesome product! Bought one for my jeep in the summer, my husband liked them so much we bought some for his Toyota! Fits perfectly, prevents spills, muddy feet from ruining your carpet- easy to clean. Highly recommend !
Just highly recommend this floor mats - Rating: - Master Roshi
It made my 2016 Toyota Corolla looks a lot nicer than ever before!!
Great affordable option - Rating: - Jessica
I was a little hesitant considering this product had no reviews, but I took the plunge and I don't regret it. I had been looking for a set of all weather floor mats that provided good coverage, But I decided to go ahead with it. The mats arrived in perfect condition, wrapped carefully, and had no visible imperfections. It slipped right into my car, perfect fit! No warping from shipping. They don't slide around and are comfortable. I wouldn't call them ""heavy duty"", but they get the job done at half the price. I don't track in lot of dirt/mud/sand but I do have dogs. So my ""all weather"" needs are in the middle. Also I understand the sentiment around buying American made products vs Chinese, but if you are willing to compromise for the price then these are a great option.
Better than you think. - Rating: - Gavin
Good floor mats and well worth the money for the fitment.
Love these Mats!! - Rating: - Danae
I love love love these mats!! They fit so perfectly in my car. I have had weather tech mats in the past and in my opinion these supersede them as far as fit and looks.
Just amazing - Rating: - KoperaN
Great all weather car mats!!
great product - Rating: - jack
The fit and quality of these matts are fantastic. No more soiled carpet any more ~ mud, dirt, and debree don't stand a chance against these precision cut matts. Would liked to have had a cover to go over where they latch onto the floor, but other than that ~ a great product
Read the instruction first. - Rating: - Charles Bosco
Fit perfect for my 2019 Chrysler 300 when I received them.
Great mat - Rating: - TIMMY
Well worth every penny a good alternative to the weathertech mats.
Great floor mats for the price. - Rating: - Basile
Great product.. just as good as Weathertech product but less expensive. Fits perfect in my Dodge Charger.
Amazing fantastic product! - Rating: - J. Hawkes
Great product don’t waste your time buying any other floor protection. Great quality for a reasonable price.
Perfect Fit - Rating: - Michael
Arrived on time, perfect fit for my 2019 Dodge Charger Scat Pack. I have purchased a number of weather tech mats in the past for previous vehicles and have noticed they are not fitting as well and the quality is slipping. These are thicker and seem to be a much better quality at a better price.
Recommend - Rating: - Julissa
Perfect fit for my 2019 charger. They are durable as describe on the announcement.
Great Product - Rating: - AndreaDenise
The new mats looks great in my 2017 Nissan Maxima. A great value indeed.
I recommend - Rating: - Preacher Dave
These mats met my expectations and are very well priced
Nice fit !! - Rating: - Stephanie Croft
Looks sharp!
Just as good as weathertech - Rating: - Lloyd Robinson
they clean brushing them with soap and water and look brand new again keeps dirt and mud with whatever else you tract in and out of your vehicle worth the money without breaking the bank like weather tech will especially when there almost double the price
I recommend them - Rating: - Preacher Dave
These mats met my expectations and are very well priced
they fit - Rating: - Lavon Rhames
They fit like a glove.
Fits perfectly in 2018 Maxima! - Rating: - Stephanie
Fit perfectly in my 2018 Maxima! So easy to clean and maintain!
Excellent, high quality all weather mats at an affordable price! - Rating: - Kris T
Purchased for my 2017 Maxima SL. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. These are very high quality mats and are an absolutely perfect fit. I have also owed the ""name brand"" all weather mats and these seem to be of even higher quality. I would highly recommend if you're in the market.
Perfect fit, very solid - Rating: - Patrick
They were molded perfectly and feel even heavier than husky or weathertech. Very solid and have withstood wear and tear so far!
PERFECTLY - Rating: - Courtney
Great Mats - Rating: - James C.
These Mats fit my 2019 Maxima perfectly. The high walls ensure no spills will get to the carpet. The back seat also covers all the way across to protect the carpet in the middle. Great product.
Perfect buy - Rating: - Jessica
Wonderful. Generic version of weather tech.
High quality. - Rating: - Ronald A.
The fit was like a glove. Have used similar mats and they protect the carpet wonderfully. Very impressed with this purchase.
Worth the money - Rating: - Coach Tackett
Perfect fit. Easy to clean. Look nice
Love them, much easier to clean - Rating: - raymond carter
Got these for my wife's Camaro. She is very happy with this product.
Fit perfect in my Chevy Camaro 2020 - Rating: - Verna Jackson
My mom had just purchased the other namebrand floor mats I found them to be too expensive so I thought I’d try these I was pleasantly surprised They fit perfect in my Camaro 2020 and please I purchased these and better yet saved money
Awesome - Rating: - Karen Peebles
They were perfect for my husband’s card. Thank you
Thanks - Rating: - sara
Nice mats. Love it.
Excellent product for the money - Rating: - JASON LEWIS
Got these for my wife's Camaro. She is very happy with this product.
Floor Mats - Rating: - Gary Santiago
Perfect fit for my car. Durable and easy to clean.
Stays in place - Rating: - P.G.
Had bought a all weather mat but it did not stay in place. It would constantly slide up higher behind the gas pedal all the time. These mats stayed in place and good quality for the price.
Almost Perfect - Rating: - Alange
Almost the perfect fit. Slightly off for the front pieces but we'll worth the price.
Perfect - Rating: - Collins Green
These are great! This is a great place to take a break when your car runs out of battery. Just kidding, it will never happen! Tesla is awesome!
Fit perfectly - Rating: - Joe
Very nice, fit perfect .cons: the velcro is not strong enough to attach to the carpet but not a big deal.
Great mats for Tesla Model 3 - Rating: - Robert F.
These mats were a perfect fit and they look very nice. They stay in place and are just as nice as my wife’s nationally advertised brand of floor mats.
The same quality as WeatherTech, the price is also very suitable - Rating: - Matt
Good fit for 2021 Model 3, will not slide easily.
Best option! - Rating: - katherine
Perfect fit! Look and feel worth the price. Prob the best option, it’s like a great knock-off weather tech!
Was worried at the cheaper price, but not anymore! - Rating: - Andrew Tang
Great quality floor mats that fit the 2021 model 3 perfectly. I looked online for a bit, and was worried this was a cheaper brand, but was surprised with the quality and fit. So far so good!
Worth the money. - Rating: - Vincent J. Rotella
The look and feel as good as the most expensive matts.
Wow - Rating: - claud
Keeps car floor clean
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Alister
Love them! I have a new Model 3 Tesla.
Nice fit mats - Rating: - Shamrock
It is a great choice. Worth every penny. It fits quite well for my 2019 Tesla model 3. Better than the factory ones and the mats covered more floor area.
Fit perfect, easy to clean - Rating: - Jeff J. Keeler
I love these mats, I'm really happy with my purchase. The other choices looked hard to clean, these mats are very easy to clean. They fit perfectly, I couldn't be happier.
These mats are as good to me as the Weather Tech ! - Rating: - linda bakota
I thought the product was terrific! I could not get Weather Tech mats for a Tesla Model 3 so I ordered these through Amazon.. They are great and curve up on the side like the ones I was going to get. I think the quality and thickness is just as good as the others..
Great mats for an amazing car - Rating: - Jeff
Mats fit perfectly inside my Model 3. Quality seems equal to the ones from Tesla/Weathertec and cost was half. I would definitely recommend these mats.
Great mats for an amazing car - Rating: - Jeff
Mats fit perfectly inside my Model 3. Quality seems equal to the ones from Tesla/Weathertec and cost was half. I would definitely recommend these mats.
Perfect fit and look - Rating: - khurshed ali
Love it ... no complains
Fit like a glove. Easy to clean. - Rating: - Daryl J
Fit like a glove. Cleans up easily with the hose. Good price!
Fit perfect, easy to clean - Rating: - Jeff
I love these mats, I'm really happy with my purchase. The other choices looked hard to clean, these mats are very easy to clean. They fit perfectly, I couldn't be happier. I didn't realize how much my universal Weathertech mats from Costco irritated me. There is a weird dip behind the brake pedal in model 3s and these mats are not too raised to cause issues like my Weathertech. You can't go wrong with these mats. There was no installation, just lay them in
Best fit for Model-3 - Rating: - Kinkor
Fit my Tesla -3 perfectly. Easy to set up and very easy to clean
Perfect fit my Tesla Model 3 2018 !!! - Rating: - Yong
Great value for the price, nice looking, sturdy material and more durable than the old original mats! Front and rear mats all fit my Tesla Model 3 perfectly like gloves. Never found any special bent out of shape from these mats. Absolutely recommend these fantastic mats!!! If you are looking for the mats for Tesla Model 3 17-19, must buy them and will never regret!!!
Great mats for an amazing car - Rating: - Mercedes
Mats fit perfectly inside my Model 3. Quality seems equal to the ones from Tesla/Weathertec and cost was half. I would definitely recommend these mats.
Perfect fit - Rating: - mike
Great product, nice snug fit that doesn't move around. Plenty sturdy. Would buy again.
Floor mats - Rating: - OHara
I am using for my Tesla model 3!! Its really nice Mats. Its hard to get dust inside and it’s waterproof too
Good solid product - Rating: - Aristizabal
Pretty good fit. Seems a little small in the back seat. Surprised at the durability and quality.
Way better price than Tesla or Weathertech. - Rating: - Amit5
Actual Oedro Tesla model 3 mats in my car. Love them and way better price than Tesla or Weathertech.
Mustang Girl - Rating: - Gladys Scofield
Highly recommended these floor mats! They fit perfectly in the 2016 Mustang I purchased. Buy the mats they won't disappoint! Very nice quality and look great on the floor. Thanks for a wonderful product!
Mustang Girl - Rating: - Gladys Scofield
Highly recommended these floor mats! They fit perfectly in the 2016 Mustang I purchased. Buy the mats they won't disappoint! Very nice quality and look great on the floor. Thanks for a wonderful product!
Mustang Girl - Rating: - Gladys
I bought these for a 2016 Mustang I just purchased and they fit perfectly! I would highly recommend you purchase from Oedro if your thinking about it you won't be disappointed.
Great mats - Rating: - richard hart
Very good material looks good cleans easy worth the cost.
Pleased - Rating: - Donald
Great fit, looks very nice
Perfect fit - Rating: - Stacy C.
Amazing! Perfect fit . I wish that I would have bought them sooner. Thank you.
I approve these floor mats - Rating: - David Cortes
They fit well enough. The only issue I had was that one side near the driver's door was a little warped, so I just took a hairdryer to heat it up and then form it into shape. Fits perfect now.
Top quality Product!! - Rating: - Ronald Frisk
I am glad I chose these over weathertech brand. Kept $60 in my pocket. They fit perfectly and look darn good in the mustang.
Recommended Product - Rating: - Luiso Sanchez
Extremely well adapted, very easy to clean, but a is little slippery when you have wet shoes, be careful when getting in the car while rains or snows, adding a rubber layer on top might help improve the product!
Mr - Rating: - Phillip Boyd
I like the mat fit well
Good fit - Rating: - chuck
Got these for my f150 and love them. First is exceptional and the quality is a top-notch great product to protect your carpet from snow and dirt. Would recommend!
Durable Floor Mats - Rating: - Marie
Great fix easy install
Beat mats ever - Rating: - Ruben T. Guzman
Perfect fit and looks awesome.
Fits perfectly - Rating: - Jerry Kehoe
Well made, easy to install and fits as advertised
Nice fit - Rating: - Antonio Bencomo
Perfect fit to my 2015 F150
Great! - Rating: - Michael
This product fits well. 2016 f150 and there are only a few small places that don't lay great. Even those are such a small thing my wife didn't even notice. I had to point them out and she said that was nothing. But you will get that with any brand, and nothing to complain about. I wouldn't pay for the more recognizable brands. Will buy this brand again on next vehicle.
Fit 2018 Ford truck perfectly! - Rating: - T Nycole T
These floor mats are perfect in my 2018 Ford truck. They fit perfectly and are super durable. I like how thick they are and that I don't have to worry about ruining my carpet. They're very well made and great quality too. I will be buying these for my other vehicles soon!
Nice - Rating: - joshua gipson
looks great fits perfect well made
Great buy - Rating: - Mike Russell
I had weather tech mats in my truck that I traded in, these mats fit better and are more flexible than the others. Great buy for the money
Perfect Fit 2016 Ford F-150 SC. - Rating: - Jason H
Currently I don’t have any dislikes about these floor mats. They fit perfectly in the front and the back an installed in less then 10mins.
Great mats - Rating: - jessica
These mats fit my husband’s 2015 F150 XLT Supercrew perfectly. The install was incredibly easy. Honestly the hardest part just moving stuff off the floor so I could put the mats down, hah. These mats really are high quality and seem like they will last through some abuse. He drove a few coworkers around to lunch for a few days and they all noticed the day after we had them installed. They all commented on how nice they were and the quality. We are both happy to see that the front mat snapped into where the stock carpet mats went. There was a concern it might not be secured and could end up messing with the pedals, but that’s not the case. Overall very happy with these mats.
Good replacement - Rating: - fun guys
Front fit real well but the rear piece does not fit as well as the front overall is a good value.
Good fit - Rating: - chuck
Got these for my f150 and love them. I ended up getting rid of the truck but kept the mats for the next truck I get. First is exceptional and the quality is top notch great product to protect your carpet from snow and dirt. Would recomend !
Good floor mats - Rating: - Flako
Good floor mats similar fit to weather tech.
Fit perfect - Rating: - Cruz
Really love these car mats; fit perfectly! Looks durable.
Good Quality - Rating: - Mrs E
Received these mats in super quick time. They are good quality and fit my 2017 Range Rover front area perfectly.
Expedient and precise. - Rating: - Cedric Smith
Product fits perfect
Expedient and precise. - Rating: - Cedric Smith
Product fits perfect
Great to buy - Rating: - Nichole
The floor mats fit the contours of the vehicle very well, and looks durable
Perfect fit - Rating: - Joe
Bought the mats for my 2019 Land Rover, they fit perfect.
Great product! - Rating: - Kevin G.
Great product! Strong and durable to withstand foot traffic, while keeping your vehicle clean. Definitely designed to fit
Great quality, love them ! - Rating: - Deana Johnson
I have a 2021 Honda Accord Sport SE. fits perfectly!
Great Product - Rating: - DM
Perfect is the word!
Great quality and price - Rating: - Arne' Jackson
I’ve spent more on name brand and these are even better
We like them. - Rating: - mollyann
Good quality & fit our 2019 Honda very nicely, although the front ones do slip forward a little. Could probably be solved by just putting a piece of shelf liner underneath.
Great for the money! - Rating: - Marlon
I loved them shipped very fast, came ready to be installed in the car
Great mats - Rating: - G Richard Yamagata
These are great mats. You can spill a drink and the liquid remains in the mat area with raised walls. They should have made these years ago.
Fit Perfectly - Rating: - JimBob57
Purchased these for my Son's new Honda Accord Sport and fit like a glove. Collects water from snow run-off from boots and shoes securely so that it can be wiped up at a later time when convenient.
Works great! - Rating: - Jsdav2017
Fit my 2020 honda accord ex like a glove.
Just as good as the ""name brand"" - Rating: - GJSEsq
Have previously owned weather tech. These are just as good for much less money.
Very comparable to Weather Tek - Rating: - Jennifer
I actually like them better than the weather tek ones. They don’t slip. They are very thick, but not so rigid that you can’t put them in the car. I will buy these for our other vehicles.
Nice Product - Rating: - Shauntique Franklin
Great fit for my 2020 Accord.
2020 accord - Rating: - Gallagher
Fit my 2020 accord perfectly. Have had them for a week.
Easy to clean! - Rating: - Gary
Like my floor mats. It’s easy To clean. If you spilled something, you can easily take it off and wash em
Happy buyer! - Rating: - Sloan
I have a 2020 Honda Accord Sport, these mats fit perfect they cover the entire floor. Good and sturdy!
Great for the money. - Rating: - Sassy
These pads are nice, very durable, and catch all spills. If I have one complaint is that while they fit our truck, they do leave some small uncovered areas for some beach sand to get underneath. It's not a lot, but I just wish they ran a little wider to cover everything. And overall a great product.
Weatherproof Mats - Rating: - Kindle Customer
Perfect fit for my Ram truck!
Great product - Rating: - Yani Aguillon
Great product for the price rivals weathertech at fraction of cost
Fit perfect! - Rating: - Britteny Hinojosa
Exactly what I was looking for. Fit perfect in the Ram!
Better than the more expensive competition!!! - Rating: - Jack Buni
I never write reviews. Are you listening oEdRo? These floor mats have a better texture and finish and fit just as well or better than the ""other"" mats. Took a chance on these and I'm really glad I did! Keep up the good work.
Great fit. Good value. - Rating: - adam miranda
Great fit in 2020 Ram. I cant rate easy to clean or durability because they are new and I haven't had to clean them yet. Plastic material seems to have just the right amount of heft and stiffness while still having some give under foot.
Great set mats! - Rating: - Higman
Perfect fit! I like them better than Weather tech mats.
Amazing - Rating: - Kyle
Fit my 2020 ram crew cab 1500... holds the dirt well... cleaning is easy. I take vaccuum pass over it brush it out than wipe it down.. long as u keep up ur cleaning I see no issue.. had mine for over 2 months .. really enjoy them
Awesome product! - Rating: - Ryan
Bought Weathertech floor mats for my wifes car and like em. Bought these for $60 less and theyre identical. Saving $60 for the same product is awesome. Looks great and fits perfect.
owner - Rating: - sergio
it look nice for my truck
Perfect fit for 2014 Chevy Silverado! - Rating: - Adams D.S.
Perfect fit and the price is right.
Perfect fit for 2014 Chevy Silverado! - Rating: - Jesus Soto
Perfect fit and the price is right.
Exactly High Quality Mat - Rating: - Victor DeJesus
It’s exactly what you’re looking for
Good buy - Rating: - Abe Cooper
Great buy for the price. Fit like a glove. Like that it was made for my truck and fit to size and into the holding pins for my original oem mats. Doesn't move or slide. Material is heavy duty and made with quality. Recommend 100%.
Fit perfectly - Rating: - Crystal Cuzze
These fit perfectly and our super strong. We have only had them a month but they seem like they will last a long time.
Fits my truck like a glove - Rating: - dave
Not cheep but well worth the money. Fits my 2014 Silverado perfectly. Holds all the winter and summer crap from geting on the carpet
Manager - Rating: - Bryan Vanordt
From poop to snow - Rating: - Jerome Webb
From dog poo to mud and snow these mats are the best way to keep your carpet clean. Great coverage.
Outstanding - Rating: - Crackin4Speed
Great set of floor mats, just bought the wrong style for my truck.
Great floor mats for a good price - Rating: - Lesley
Looked at these plus some better-known brands but found these to be just as good for a cheaper price.
2017 Silverado - Rating: - Reginald Futch
We'll fit in my 2017 Silverado crew cab over the hump. Easy install 5 min cut and formed almost perfect. They will lay flat over time. Seems to have good anti-slip capabilities I put a lot of stuff on the floor and don't slide around. Highly recommend.
Great mats for a great value - Rating: - Maria Elena
Verified Purchase
Nice fit. Good quality. Seerx Dood Approved! - Rating: - EKQ1984
Received fast. Fit very nicely and appear to be very good quality.
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Maria Elena
Perfect fit; look great!
Great product - Rating: - Steve Warren
Perfect fit; look great!
2015 Silverado 1500 - Rating: - Jose barraza
Perfect!!! Fits nicely, easy to clean. Would definitely recommend.
Fit great and look good - Rating: - andrew
They fit great and quick to install. The shipping was also quick. They look great in the car too. With that said, they are quite as thick as the leading mats but less than half the price. All in all they are good value!
Amazing - Rating: - Agassi
Got perfectly in my 2016 Jetta and they definitely are made to last
Heavy Duty Mats - Rating: - AK Bearded Thug
These were exactly what the wife wanted for her Jetta. Feels like she is driving a new car.
Couldn't be easier to pop in - Rating: - Lenna
I got these for a VW Jetta and the fit is perfect. Super easy to pop in and out to clean.
Great product - Rating: - Quwayne
I bought it for my 2014 Volkswagen Jetta S fits perfectly
Amazing - Rating: - Andrew
Got perfectly in my 2016 Jetta and they definitely are made to last
Couldn't be easier to pop in - Rating: - Lenna
I got these for a VW Jetta and the fit is perfect. Super easy to pop in and out to clean.
Value for money - Rating: - Siying
Excellent fit and well made. I'm very very happy for this purchase. Will order these mats again.
Perfect fit - Rating: - Sarah Lippe
These are awesome and fit great
Great product - Rating: - Jay
The wife got these for my new truck and they work great. Perfect fit and they feel good under the feet too
Great fit and finish - Rating: - Nobody of importance
The mats look and fit great. Recieved in prefect condition. Good value.
Great - Rating: - John Carpenter
Great buy perfect fit
Excellent fit! - Rating: - Dawn R Minton
They fit better and have the right shape have had for over 3 months and they haven’t deformed.
Perfect fit - Rating: - joanna cortes
These are a perfect fit for our Nissan Titan. They look great and are easy to clean will definitely buy some for my other cars.
best fit! - Rating: - Eric
These are the best fitting aftermarket mats I have ever had. They were cut to the perfect dimensions of my '15 frontier crew cab. Shipping was quick too.
Perfect fit! - Rating: - richard govea
Perfect fit. The mounting clips lined-up correctly. The material seems firm without being brittle.
Very satisfied with product and price - Rating: - LkE
Good quality very thick material that protects the main interior carpet from everything including liquid spills along with thick mud
A sharp looking product. - Rating: - Tyrone Owens
The car liner add a clean look to my truck.
Great product!!! - Rating: - aztk
Awesome product I honestly think this is a better product than weather tech. This fit my 2020 Nissan Frontier perfectly!
Excellent product - Rating: - richard govea
Very good product,fit perfect.
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Ji Wiggins
Perfect fit. The mounting clips lined-up correctly. The material seems firm without being brittle.
WT spec mats at more than half their price! - Rating: - Leesee
I really spent a good amount of time looking for WT quality mats that wasn’t at their ridiculous $200 price. As I busy browsing, I found these mats and I was amazed at their price of $120 and due to their price, I bought I right away. I liked that they had a great warranty and customer service, which is another reason why I bought from them. If I had to buy floor mats again, I would do it again with Oedro.
Good product - Rating: - Jake
It’s not as hard as you’re thinking. Good product. Fits exactly as pictured.
Great mats for Nissan Frontier - Rating: - Roger Colunga
They fit perfectly! Time will tell how long they last but they seem great so far!
Great for the price - Rating: - Ryleigh Berrett
Great value much cheaper than other brands and every bit as good
Great fit - Rating: - Janeice Pennington
These fit perfectly. They felt cheap and stiff when I opened the package. However, the fit to my truck is perfect. They look great. Easy to clean.
Great Product! - Rating: - Michele A. Deeb
Bought these for my son’s truck. Seem just as nice as my weather techs!!
Watch out WeatherTec - Rating: - Michael A. Fossum
They fit like a glove in a 2016 Frontier. They were just as good as WeatherTec, but at a fraction of the cost.
Better than weathertech! - Rating: - Devin Wallace
Better than weathertech! Bought these after I got weather tech mats for my truck, these fit better and are way more durable.
Tapetes de carro wrx - Rating: - faviola vaca
Me encantaron quedaron súper como de agencia a la medida de mi carro
Fit Perfect in my car - Rating: - Joe
I am very happy with my purchase. Bought a set for my recently purchased 2019 wrx, it fits perfect. And looks durable.
Good value, better than the regular floor mats - Rating: - eduardo cubero
Perfect fit, easy to wash, very durable
Look nice - Rating: - Jv1983
Perfect fit in my 2020 wrx
Keeps Sand Away from My Carpet - Rating: - Raffeny
I live near the beach and these mats have been great at trapping all the sand that gets tracked into my truck. They contour perfectly and do not slip around. Easy to pull out and rinse clean. A very nice product for the money. Maybe some additional pattern options would make them even better.
Great for Mud and Snow - Rating: - Amrosie
Excellent fit and very sturdy material. Totally worth the reasonable price for the protection they provide. A faster delivery would be a nice bonus.
Stay locked in place - Rating: - Orago
Arrived 2 days late, other than it, they work well. Strongly held their position even over bumpy roads. I appreciate the security of knowing they won't slide around on acceleration or braking. The tight fit is superb.
Cleans Up Easy - Rating: - Philosy
Exact fit for my Sierra 2500. Really durable and cleans up quickly with just a hose. They have protected my carpet through countless muddy jobs. Very reasonable for the quality.
Really fit my truck well! - Rating: - Lavia
The floor mats fit my 2015 Silverado perfectly. They contour to the floor of the truck and do not shift around at all. The material is really durable. Cleans up easily. My only small complaint is they only come in black.
Great mats, fast shipping - Rating: - Eulaby
How quickly these arrived after ordering. The fit in my 2017 Sierra is exact. They really look simple and classic. They have saved my carpets from a lot of mess. Nice thick material that's easy to wipe clean. Just think the pattern could be more interesting.
Wish price come down a little - Rating: - Cassina
These mats came fast. Clean up easily and always look new. The material is durable and traps everything. The fit is perfect. My only small issue is the price, I think they could come down a little but for the quality you get, it's not a big deal.
Simple to Clean Spills and Messes - Rating: - Amaby
With three kids, there is always something spilled in the car. These mats can just be rinsed clean outside with a hose. The material seems very durable even after cleaning sticky spills multiple times. They anchor securely in place. Only downside is the black color shows stains more than lighter shades.
Great for Muddy Days on the Farm - Rating: - Perena
With all the equipment going in and out of the truck, clean floors are a struggle on the farm. These mats have really made a difference. Easy to clean. Just patterns could be complex.
Nice Thick Mats - Rating: - Xanify
These have a nice thick rubberized bottom to trap water, salt and sand. The contours follow the floors precisely. After several months of use, they still look new. Affordable and quality option.
Wonderful for maintaining clean floors - Rating: - Leonard
As a construction worker, my truck gets dirty quickly. These mats have really helped keep the floors clean even after a long day on the job site. Arrived fast. Not slip around. They were a little pricey but will save me from damaging my carpets down the line. Fitment was perfect in my 2015 Silverado 1500.
Quality mats, could use more style options - Rating: - Cressa
Precise fit in my 2015 GMC Sierra and they look much more expensive than they were. No longer let dirt and grime onto the carpet. Cleaning them is simple. My only minor complaint is I wish there were more patterns to choose from, just black is a little dull.
Work like a charm - Rating: - Delphy
I was hesitant at first given the price, but I'm so glad I got these. After just one storm, they kept my feet dry and floors mud-free. Install was easy-peasy with the snap clips. Hopefully they last since the specs say they should.
Great mats, price is a little high - Rating: - Octare
Custom made for my 2017 Silverado. They snap securely into place and haven't shifted at all. My only complaint is the price, they seem a tad expensive for floor mats.
Fit perfectly and easy to clean - Rating: - Cyrana
Fit my 2015 Silverado well. No gaps at all around the edges. The rubber material is very durable and easy to wipe clean when they get dirty. I like that they are waterproof. But shipping was a bit slow.
No more mud and mess - Rating: - Ama
The fit is exact so nothing gets under them. Nice dark color too that doesn't show every speck. Well worth the money.
Saves my carpets from my muddy dog - Rating: - Isally
I have a big lab who always tracks mud into the truck. These mats have been a life saver, they catch all the dirt before it reaches the carpet. They have also super sturdy.
Good Fitment but Boring Design - Rating: - Linna
The mats fit my 2019 Silverado perfectly. The material is durable and cleans easily. However, the all-black design is a bit plain. Some patterns or colors would make them more stylish.
Fast shipping, easy cleaning - Rating: - Anmy
Shipped quickly. Exact fit for my Chevy Silverado. Cleaning was easy.? Just a quick hose down. No more scraping caked on mud off the carpet. Plus they grip well so nothing shifts around on me. Great product, I love them!
Perfect fit and super durable - Rating: - Alteny
How well these mats fit in my truck, no weird gaps or overlays at all. The material is really thick and sturdy. After a whole winter, they still look great. I'll be buying these again for sure when it's time for a new set.
The Best product - Rating: - jose luis aguilar
This is the best to Matt to protect RAM 2500 ‘s TrucksI’m very happy with this product.
Sturdy and perfect fit the car - Rating: - Becky Harris
These fit great in the truck and so far are holding up to all the construction site conditions. Easy to remove and clean as well
Good fit, good price - Rating: - Greg S.
I have a 2018 Silverado WT that came with no mats. These were a good upgrade, without going crazy with something like weathertech.
2014 GMC Sierra - Rating: - Ashley Shell
The quality of the mats is very good they’re thick and firm but at the same time flexible. Also the coating they are made from doesn’t let stuff slide around which is nice because I have under-seat storage and it doesn’t slide around in it.
Perfect fir - Rating: - angel j ramos
Fit like a glove!!!
Durable mat set - Rating: - Darin B.
Durable mat set. Very pleased. Farm and get rough use. Hold up excellent.
love it keep my truck super clean - Rating: - garyadolfo
great floor mats
Good quality product. - Rating: - RAFAEL
I used these mats on my 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE. They are a perfect fit. Very easy to install and clean.
Great for the price - Rating: - Miguel cardona
Fit perfect
Better than WeatherTechs! - Rating: - Mary K.
We usually purchase WeatherTech floor mats, but we just decided that they weren’t worth the $300. So, we decided to try these. We were SO surprised. These are great quality. I would say they are superior to the $300 WeatherTechs for only about $100. We are very pleased!
So far so good - Rating: - Jason brennan
Installed quick and fits well. Held up to a few days of rain and mud on the construction site. So far it's a good buy
Works Awesome - Rating: - John P.
Looks great works great Awesome deal best bet for my money
Easy to put in - Rating: - BOB
Covered great. 1 ton crew cab Chevrolet.
Fits perfectly on 2019 Ram 1500 classic - Rating: - Lisa
Good quality seems durable. Fits perfect on the 2019 Ram 1500 Classic.
16 Ram 1500-perfect fit! - Rating: - Josh
Perfect fit for my 2016 Ram 1500 crew cab.
Great product - Rating: - Bridgette Andreotta
Perfect fit. Boyfriend loves them.
Perfect - Rating: - Mauser
Perfect fit for my 2019 ram classic. Material is thick. Has a lip on the edge to hold any spilks. Highly recommended
Best accessory I’ve added to my truck - Rating: - Jeff Wright
Love them. Fits perfectly
Look great , sturdy matrrial - Rating: - Spartan
Great fit and easy to install
Just like weather tech - Rating: - Bad Rum
They have good coverage and install very easy, seems to be designed for easy and quick cleaning.
Value for your money! - Rating: - JMCARDENAS
Great looking and well made mats,-both fit like a glove. Well worth the money.
Very quality - Rating: - Medeiros
Excelente! Fits perfectly! Very good quality!
High quality - Rating: - Jeremy
Fit perfect. Just what I was looking for. Will see how they handle the snow and salt.
Awesome mats, great price. - Rating: - Todd
These cost less than the others with two piece front and one piece rear. Fit is perfect and protects the area right below the A/C controls wear drink spills always happen. Two thumbs up.
Fits like a glove! - Rating: - Eddy
Fits perfectly on a 2012 Ram 2500 crew cab... bought with the front two mats connected as my truck has a bench seat in front... kids can jump on the back with their dirty shoes and the truck with remain safe and clean. Worth every penny!!
Better than expected!! - Rating: - kiven
Initial assessment: perfect fit. I have 2014 2500 crew cab and had no issues. There was mention in previous reviews that indicated having to trim the front panel near the middle console. I didn’t experience this at all. I live in Minnesota, so I need to use my portable heat gun to make it lie flat. It’s 29 degrees in the garage.... future assessment will be made in about 30 days.
Floor mats are good value for the money - Rating: - Common Sense
The product works pretty good. The mats were hard to get to lay flat. I had to heat them with a hair dryer to get the wrinkles out which seem to have formed from being folded in the box. The fit isn't perfect but should work. Time will tell.
Perfect - Rating: - Mauser
Perfect fit for my 2019 ram classic. Material is thick. Has a lip on the edge to hold any spilks. Highly recommended
Fully covers rear floorboard. Good fit up front - Rating: - inura KailitiFR
Easy to clean and very fits to my F150 truck. It is a good floor Mat ever I bought.
Perfect fit to Ford F150 mats - Rating: - Derrick brown
This is a really nice set of mats. Bought for my daughter and it fits perfect.
great quality - Rating: - Jason Cunningham
Love how they fit and look in my truck. Should keep my carpets clean.
Good Floor Mat ,Great fitment - Rating: - Macw
These things look and fit great. Best Buy I found.
Amazing product - Rating: - Dakota Voight
I have a cord f150 fx2 4 door and my carpets are stained and scuffed. Laying these over them make my interior look amazing. Good quality with full coverage.
Great fit - Rating: - Thomas Patzer
Great fit for a great price !
Awesome - Rating: - Jenny Henriquez
My husband loves his new mats. At first they look too big but fit like a glove. The back mat goes all the way to the back of the cab of his truck so the carpet is protected completely. Amazing for our snowy state
Ford F150 mats - Rating: - Barb Kosten
This is a really nice set of mats. Bought for my daughter and it fits perfect.
Good mats - Rating: - CJ
If you are looking for a floor mat that is a decent middle ground between factory and Weathertech, these are a good fit. They do fit right into place but are much lighter and thinner than the Weathertech. No complaints.
Great product for the price. - Rating: - JB
They fit perfectly in my 2011 F150.
Fit - Rating: - Manuel Chacin
Excellent product fit perfect in my 2012 ford F-150
floor mat set - Rating: - Joel C.
Great price and fit was perfect in ny 2011 f150
Good Product - Rating: - Tdrnmich
Fits perfect. Nice looking matts.
Good trimmings - Rating: - Philip
The product is pretty good. Fits exactly the way it should be designed too
Awesome Fit, Material, and PRICE! - Rating: - A
Fit the model y perfectly, the mats cover areas that would most likely to get dirt/water/etc. when arrived, the mats did not have a strong odor.As you can see in the photos, it caught those dirt marks from shoes.
Perfect fit - Rating: - Andrea K
I wanted to comment because there were a few folks who said their clip holes were not aligned properly. Mine fit perfectly, look great, and at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of OEM and other brands it is a great option. Just put them in so can’t speak to durability but they seem solid enough to take a beating
Nice Mats for Price - Rating: - Carlos L.
Overall, I am pleased with the look and quality. The hole to clip in on the drivers side is about an inch off. You are able to clip all the other mats without issue and they for perfectly.
Great choice ! - Rating: - Mercedes Crawford
I was trying to decide whether to go with these or weather techs. After some research I went with these and could not be happier!!! I actually think they are nicer, they aren’t so stiff! They fit perfect in my car! A great choice
I love it - Rating: - Khaled Sharafuddin
It looks really good and fits exactly on my Tuscan 2017. Perfect for our MN weather
Fits my 2020 Tucson - Rating: - Kerry
Fits my 2020 Tucson perfectly so my floors don't get ruined by weather, shoe dirt, and kids. Removed the factory mats and stored them in case we ever sale it.
Excellent quality!! - Rating: - Patti
Husband really loves the new floor mats for his 2018 Hyundai Tucson!! They fit like a glove!!
I really like the look at a better price as well - Rating: - Monica Fell
Only had them for a few weeks but they feel thick and fit great. we haven't had to clean them yet. I really like the look I think they fit and are will be more durable than my weather tech ones much better price as well.
Much better than regular floor mats - Rating: - Eel
The front mats doesn't go as high as the husky version but the rear floor mats are way better than the husky. It fits perfect and I'm satisfied with these. 2016 Honda Fit
Much better than Honda mats, price is right too - Rating: - LJF
Much cheaper than WeatherTech, fit car very well-wish the two front seat mats were a bit longer in front where you’re resting your feet though.
Good quality - Rating: - Peter
Perfect fit for my 2015 honda fit - keeps my car clean, and makes it easy to clean car.
Fits like a glove - Rating: - Vladimir
Perfect for for 2018 Honda Fit. Simple design and easy to clean.
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Hoa N.
Awesome product! Perfectly fits into my Honda Fit 2020!
Perfect fit - Rating: - GMier
Mats fit perfectly in our 2019 XT5 Cadillac. First and second rows! Front driver side has holes where the buttons on the floor fit into perfectly.
Good price - Rating: - Mario Rios
I purchased this mats for my 2019 Cadillac xt5, they fit perfect and looks good. The price was very affordable
Molded Plastic Mats - Rating: - Christopher G.
Love the molded plastic floorboard mats vs the original carpet mats.
2021 tundra - Rating: - David
Fits perfectly
Nice fit but.... - Rating: - Pwaine
The lip around the front part of the driver and front passenger mats tended to be too low and even small amount of residual snow melt has to be wiped up before mat can be removed for drainage. Otherwise perfect fit
just what i wanted - Rating: - Matt
Delighted to get this good quality floor mat.
Fits Well - Rating: - Anonymous
I purchased these mats for my 2021 RAV4 XLE. They fit like a glove. They seem to be sturdy, easy to install/remove, and easy to clean.
2019 rav4 xle compatible - Rating: - leo romero
Works with 2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE. Long rear matt little snug to put in but once you work it in it fits great.
Alright they fit - Rating: - Tish
Fits just right
it is a perfect fit... - Rating: - DILIPKUMAR J PATEL
They fits perfect - Rating: - Robertson
I have no problems with them at all.
fast shipping fitperfect - Rating: - wonder
great price love these so much cheaper then weather tech and just as good.
Perfect Fit! - Rating: - Kayley Malcolm
This was a gift for my cousin. She bought a 2020 GMC Terrain SLT and I wanted to buy her something special for the car! These fit perfectly into every nook and cranny! She’s so happy with them and I’m so glad :-)
Amazing - Rating: - Jay fel
Great and easy fit super happy about the product highly recommend
Easy to clean - Rating: - Ankit patel
Easy to clean and look is good
Love them! - Rating: - Sara Franklin
Much cheaper than the weather tech brand, easy to put in, easy clean... So worth the money!!
Nice fit!! - Rating: - Stacie L.
I bought these for my 2015 Town & Country van and they fit perfectly. They seem durable and work great!
great quality - Rating: - kathy
These mats are great! They were easy to install and look great. They have been a life saver with the snow and mud so far. super easy to clean.
Grate fit - Rating: - Travis S.
2018 Dodge Grand Caravan, Almost perfect fit.
Good fit - Rating: - TREINTA Y TRES
Very thin plastic
Very nice mata - Rating: - Kindle Customer
Very nice floor mats. Looks clean and stays put
Perfect fit! - Rating: - rainadp
Like a glove!
Mats - Rating: - Wendy C.
These fit my vehicle perfect
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Tiffany
These mats fit perfectly in my 2020 Ford Explorer! Does not allow any debris to get underneath, making cleaning out my car easier than ever!
The material - Rating: - Joselyn Lashes
Just perfect I choose the perfect product for my car
Great product! - Rating: - al
Floor mats fit my 2015 Toyota Camry like a glove!
Good value, minor room for improvement - Rating: - Nora
These mats are decent, not amazing. They had a rubber smell at first that eventually went away. They are a good deal for the price and look nice, but could be better.
Just a bit stinky smells - Rating: - Sawyer
Initially skeptical about the 'odorless' claim, but these mats proved me wrong. A bit of rubbery smell at first, but it vanishes in no time. Your car stays fresh, and so does your mood!
Minimal movement and slippage - Rating: - Max
These floor mats are pretty good at staying in place, but I have noticed they can still move around a bit when driving aggressively or when people get in and out of the car. It would be awesome if they had an even stronger grip to keep them from moving at all.
Awesome fit! - Rating: - Stella Thompson
I have got a 2020 Kia Sportage and these floor mats are awesome in it. They arrived right before the snow hit, and they are doing a way better job of protecting the floors than the original mats.
They get a little slippery when they are wet. - Rating: - Liam Turner
I think it would be awesome if the product was not slippery when it is wet. Maybe if it had a bit more texture, that would be really helpful, especially for older people or kids.
Could be a bit thicker - Rating: - Olivia
I got some mats for my 2019 Hyundai Tucson and they fit great. Definitely worth the price. I thought they'd be heavier and thicker, but they are actually a bit light. They are easy to clean and get the job done.
Okay for 2018 Kia Sportage - Rating: - Nolan
They fit great and the hook holes line up perfectly. Just put them in so ca not say how long they will last yet. They are a bit thinner than I thought but I do not think that will be an issue. Overall, for the price, they are a good deal.
Love my new mats. - Rating: - Grace Hayes
I thought I would struggle to put these in since I'm old, but nope! They fit my 2022 Kia Sportage perfectly and were a breeze to install. I really like them and definitely suggest them, at least for the 2022 Kia Sportage! No cutting needed, just lay them over the hooks already on the floor. Could not be easier! Plus, they arrived super quickly!
The best purchase - Rating: - Logan Taylor
These mats fit my 2019 Tuscon perfectly. I was super impressed with how they covered the sides too. I'm loving them...definitely the best thing I have bought in a while. I'd totally recommend them.
They fit just right - Rating: - Mia Davis
I got these for my daughter is 2020 Kia Sportage. They fit really well, are super sturdy, and do not leak at all. I'm really impressed with them.
Fits like a glove! - Rating: - Henry Lawson
The mats came in a box that did not mess up their shape at all. I put them in my car and they fit perfectly! It is like they were made specifically for my car. I will definitely suggest them to anyone.
Durable - Rating: - Ella
Seems like these floor mats are doing a good job. They might not be as fancy as the pricier brands, but they have high sides that can keep any melted snow or spills in check. They fit our 2021 Kia Sportage just right. Overall, they are a good deal for the price.
Good value for the price - Rating: - Colton Campbell
The thing got here right on time and it is in really good shape. These mats do just as good of a job as the fancy national brand, but they cost way less. They still keep the floor nice and clean.
Timely arrival and works good. - Rating: - Ava Turner
We got our mats earlier than expected (2 days early, to be exact) and they fit perfectly in our 2021 Tucson. So far, we are giving them a five star review because they seem really sturdy.
Great purchase - Rating: - Mason Reynolds
We got these new mats to swap out the old ones that came with the car. They feel like they were made just for us! Super nice quality and fit perfectly. Definitely recommend them!
Just as good or better than competition - Rating: - William Atmur
Great floor mats. I was hesitant since I had never heard the name before. But, they are definitely nice floor mats and seem perfectly capable of trapping mud, dirt, debris, water, etc. my only issue was the rear floor mats on the 2021 Hyundai Tucson have predrilled hooks but there are no hooks on the floorboards in the vehicle.
Would buy again - Rating: - S. Giordano
Fits perfect and they look great!
Great value - Rating: - Marvin L Radford Jr.
The fir was good
Great product! - Rating: - Shannon A. Shumway
Exactly as expected! Durable and cover from the door jam through the floorboard without gaps. So great I ordered a second set for our other vehicle.
Love them and now im ordering the hatch back mat - Rating: - jason williams
Love the fit i have a 2020 trax and the mats are perfect fit shipped in big box so the only thing that was folded was the backseat one piece mat still unfolded to the mold only had for couple days and easy to clean the mud off and really like the sidewalls of the mats great product.
Exactly as described, perfect fit! - Rating: - Qian
They fit perfectly in my 2017 Chevy Trax and look great. The mats feel thicker than the ones I’ve used before. Easy to clean, just wiped with a wet paper towel. They do protect my carpet from spills and dirt. I would highly recommend these mats!
Good buy - Rating: - Laszlo
Fit perfectly
Clean and protective! - Rating: - Ramon Martinez
They fit perfectly and look clean!
Protect your carpet from spills - Rating: - christian larios
Easy to clean, washable
Fantastic - Rating: - F.G.M
These are great. They fit my new 2019 nissan pathfinder Sl perfectly and so far have kept mud and debris from ruining the carpet or cloth mats. Half the price of some of the more expensive brands and just as good quality!
Great product - Rating: - randy
Front ones are great and back one needs better fit on outside edge
Very well worth it - Rating: - DJ
Fit was great. Back row could go up under the seat a little more on the 2021 but otherwise I'm very pleased I purchased these over the more expensive WeatherTech. I hope they add the Hyundai Elantra so I buy a set of those as well
Just Installed - Rating: - Kimmie
The fit was excellent. I will have to see how the durability lasts as time goes foward
Great Upgrade for My Van - Rating: - Ondioy
Arrived fast. Easy to install. The fit is perfect. Being able to easily wipe off dirt and moisture has been so handy. My only small critique is that there's only one design, but it still dresses up the interior nicely.
Adds Nice Protection - Rating: - Alaride
I was tired of my carpet getting dirty, so I decided to try these floor mats. I am really happy with how well they cover the footwells and keep the carpet clean. Material seems rugged. Cleaning was very easy. They are a bit pricey, but I think they'll last a long time.
Really Does the Job - Rating: - Callvy
All the messes and mud just wipe right off. They contour perfectly and do not slide around. The black color also looks nice in my white Pacifica. Shipping took a bit long, but overall I'm very satisfied.
Nice tight fit saves my carpet - Rating: - Luciiy
They cling tightly to the floor pan edges, so water and mud do not creep under. After weeks of wet shoes, my carpet still looks new thanks to these barriers doing their job.? A quick hose-down and they are dried and back in like new. Just the price could be lower.
Works like it should at a fair price - Rating: - Amalkii
These mats do exactly what is described, they fit perfectly and trap dirt, water, etc to protect my carpet. After several wet situations, they rinsed clean with no lingering odors. The black color hides stains well. The price was reasonable for the quality.
Worth it for carpet protection - Rating: - Tarqumik
Their fit is perfect without any slipping. For the protection and quality craftsmanship, I feel they are worth the cost. My only small issue was slower-than-expected shipping.
Well made and nice look - Rating: - Octave
Fit my 2017 Pacifica perfectly. The ridges on the bottom hold the mats securely in place, so they do not slip around. The material is nice and thick, it feels very durable. The black design looks nice.
Perfect fit, easy to clean - Rating: - Leanwe
The mats fit my vehicle like they were custom made. Nothing has been able to seep underneath and they catch everything on top. A quick rinse leaves them looking fresh again.
Durable and does the job well - Rating: - Calinve
These mats feel pretty quality. The deep ridges trap everything from dirt to liquids. They fit my Pacifica well, with no moving or sliding. For the reasonable price, I feel they are an important accessory to keep my interior neat and cared for. The only negative is the shipping was a bit slow.
Durable Material but Lacks Pattern Variety - Rating: - Lucashu
Feels very sturdy and should hold up well over time. I like that debris and water are contained on the mat surface. However, the solid black color and pattern is a bit plain looking. Some additional design options would make these mats more interesting.
Perfect fit and durable material - Rating: - Dorve
These mats fit the floor wells of my Chrysler Pacifica, no gaps or sliding around. The rubber-like material shows no signs of wear after several months of daily use. My only small complaint is they were a little more expensive than I expected. But the quality makes up for it.
Trusty Protector of the Pacifica Interior - Rating: - Galatfe
Between kids activities and errands every weekend, these mats have saved my carpet from certain doom. They grip shoes tightly and any messes wipe away in seconds.
Protecting My Third Row Seats Too - Rating: - Seraphoe
I was happy to see these mats fit all rows of seating in my Pacifica. The third row mats are a nice bonus. The rubber material cleans up easily and hasn't showed any wear after a few months. The mats could come in a few more color options
Nice Upgrade for Chrysler Pacifica - Rating: - Alistay
Upgrade the look of my Chrysler Pacifica. The deep black color matches the interior nicely. After just a few weeks of use, they've already saved me from cleaning muddy footprints out of the carpet several times. The price is a bit steep, but for the protection and look, I'd say they're worth it.
Excellent Quality For The Money - Rating: - Melisao
Really impressed with the quality of these mats considering the low cost. The materials feel solid and sturdy. They cleanly catch any debris before it hits the carpet. And cleaning them is a breeze with just some soap and water. Delivery was fast, which was a big bonus. Highly doubt I'll need to replace them for years.
Top Notch Floor Protection - Rating: - Cybewe
After just a few months, it is clear these mats were money well spent. They hug the floors perfectly and have trapped dirt, salt and more without missing a beat. Cleaning is simple. Pattern is so nice.
Arrived Quickly with Strong Packaging - Rating: - Theref
Great mats arrived well protected in just a couple days. The thick rubber material feels like it will last for years. Nice deep ridges trap everything. They also look fantastic. OEDRO earns every one of its 5-star ratings.
Get the Job Done for Daily Use - Rating: - Isolaoly
For protecting my Pacifica floor on an everyday basis, these mats do the trick. They are easy to clean by just wiping debris off the surface. I do not drive off-road or anything extreme, so they serve my needs. Not the highest quality but acceptable for regular commuting.
Perfect Accessory - Rating: - Zephyre
Shipped quickly and packed well. The unique texture adds style points. More importantly, they've shielded my carpet through countless snowstorms and downpours. Installation was a breeze. Easy to rinse dust.
Easy To Clean - Rating: - Lysandw
With two kids and a dog, messy floors are inevitable. These mats have saved my carpet from countless spills and muddy paw prints. A quick hose down is all that's needed to clean them. Perfect fit for my Chrysler Pacifica. Every penny was worth.
Five Stars Across The Board - Rating: - Oberona
Fit, function, quality, appearance, these mats deliver in every category. They hug the wells perfectly and look sharp in my Pacifica. Spills wipe clean with ease. Great value for the money.
Perfect For All Weather - Rating: - Eurydiceae
Floor mats are essential for keeping snow and slush out of my Chrysler Pacifica. Such an exact fit. These OEDRO mats have stood up perfectly to winter weather. The thick rubber construction feels very durable. Delivery was fast.
Traps All The Mess - Rating: - Casepy
Mud, slush, leaves, these mats trap it all before it reaches the carpet. The deep ridges along the edges do an amazing job of containing spills and dirt. Great alternative to those flimsy removable mats. Really glad I made the investment.
Protect Your Pacifica In Style - Rating: - Tarano
Not only protect my carpets, but also add a little flair to the interior. The unique pattern looks sharp. And they arrived very quickly. Material is durable. Couldn't be happier with the fit and performance.
Amazing Mats - Rating: - Isase
I live in a rainy area, so floor mats are essential to keep my Chrysler Pacifica clean. These OEDRO mats have trapped all the mud, rain and snow over the last few months. They look as good as new even after heavy use. The fit is spot on and installation was effortless. Great product at a fair price.
2019 Chrysler Pacifica L - Rating: - Mike
Good quality materials, not so good fitment. The mats I received required modification for fitment. I have the 8 passenger van, so I had to make holes on the two center section mats for the middle seat on the 2nd row to be able to latch in. Other than than, I'm happy. Great price!
Mats are great! - Rating: - Crystal gleason
Good buy I'm happy with them where they back ones meet is a little weird but its okay and I wish the back ones clipped in.
Quality - Rating: - steve steinhoff
I am very happy with the fast shipping and the quality far exceeded my expectations. Great fit. Thanks.
Look beautiful - Rating: - amanda
These look so nice and they really offer coverage unlike other mats
Perfect fit - Rating: - al
They fit perfectly!
Excellent product - Rating: - Mary Ledezma
Fit was perfect and looks great.
Quality Floor Liners - Rating: - Sharon
Good quality floor liners, reasonable price, easy to clean. comfortable & don't slide, stays intact. Recommend to purchase.
Great fit! - Rating: - KLS
The new 2021 SantaFe just started off the assembly line and these floor liners fit well and look great!
Worth the money - Rating: - Greg Wilder
These are i creditable products, fit perfectly in our Forester. Bought a set for our Outback, hope they are as good.
Really like the mats but pricey for what they are - Rating: - Lucian
These mats do a great job of protecting my carpet and staying put thanks to the raised edges. I also appreciate all the different styles they offer. My only complaint is that it seems a bit expensive for rubber floor mats. They work well, but I had to think about spending that much.
Cleans easy but limited color options - Rating: - Zachariah
I love how simple it is to spray these down and have them dry clean. But I wish there were more stylish color options other than just black. My interior has some two-tone elements that the mats just do not match. Selection could be broader.
Keeps my floors dirt-free - Rating: - Oscar
As someone with kids and dogs, clean floor mats are a must. These Oedro mats have saved my carpets from all kinds of spills and tracking in the nasty stuff from outside. The custom fit is perfect, no gaps for crud to sneak through. Color matches my interior too. Only complaint is the seller could offer more design options.
Does the job - Rating: - Xander
Keeping all the mess trapped as advertised. However, the mats themselves are just basic black rubber designs, could offer more styling to dress up the interior aesthetically.
Fit is perfect but price is steep - Rating: - Tobias
The fit is incredibly exact down to the last contour. Doing a great job protecting my carpets so far. However, for rubber floor mats, I think the price is a bit over what I wanted to pay. Hoping they go on sale occasionally.
Exact fit is impressive - Rating: - Rhys
I will be honest, I was skeptical that floor mats could fit that well without being a bit loose somewhere. But these Oedro mats lock into every nook and cranny under the seat. Even have molded sections for the dead pedals. Really appreciate the attention to detail. Makes cleanup a breeze since nothing can get past the borders. Quality product.
Doing the Job for Less - Rating: - Julian
I have had lots of different floor mats over the years and these ones might be the best value. The coverage and fit are excellent. Several months in and they still look new even with daily use. Cleaning is simple, just pull them out and spray them off. The minor complaint is a longer than expected shipping time.
Worth it for Trapping all the Mess - Rating: - Adrien
The deep channels do a fantastic job of gripping shoes and containing any debris. Cleaning is a cinch, I just take them outside and spray them off. Fit is perfect, they perfectly conform to the footwell contours. Only downside is the basic black color, more designs would be nice.
Protecting My Truck on the Cheap - Rating: - Silas
For the money these mats work really well. I was worried something this inexpensive would not hold up, but they have taken a beating and still look new. All the grime and muck gets trapped in the deep tread instead of ground into the carpet. Cleaning is simple, I just pull them out and hose them off. Fit is spot on, they perfectly cover the footwells.
Saved my Carpets from Salt and Sand - Rating: - Gannon
Living in a snowy area, these mats have been a life saver during the winter months. All the salt and grit that gets tracked in stays on the mats instead of destroying my carpet. They clean up easily with just a rinse from the garden hose. The tread pattern does a great job of gripping boots and trapping mess. Highly recommend for anyone in a climate with lots of snow and slush. The only minor issue was the shipping was a bit slow.
Doing the job after 6 months - Rating: