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Truck Side Steps & Running Boards



It is very important your vehicle be raised to safely tread on off-road terrain, snow, and mud. Installing a new set of side steps or running boards shortens that climb for yourself and passengers. Adding these simple, affordable, yet stylish accessories improve the look of your vehicle. they help remove some dirt from the bottom of your shoes. Reaching the roof is an easier task too after installing them. Truck and jeep running boards block debris that your tires kick up from reaching side panels and doors.




Exceeded my expectations. Easy install. Look awesome!

Mounted on my 2016 Tacoma Limited 4x4 and it fits perfectly. The steps themselves are well packaged, but all the accessories are thrown into the box instead of in a ziplock bag. It takes about an hour to install with help, it will be faster if the bracket is marked. Overall, I am satisfied.

The instructions are easy to follow, easy to install, and look great.
-Terry Kelly

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OEDRO running board feature a durable matte black powder coat finish that protects lightweight aluminum from rust and corrosion. OEDRO side steps do more than just protect the underside of your vehicle as an anti-sway bar. It also provides excellent grip and stability when entering and exiting the vehicle.


When vehicles move, their wheels kick up all kinds of debris. OEDRO running boards can prevent some of these debris from being thrown high enough to scratch and/or damage doors and side steps.


For the elderly or children who are inconvenient to enter the vehicle, OEDRO running boards act as doormats, which can easily enter the vehicle and wipe off the dirt on the feet before getting into the car.


OEDRO running boards feature carbon steel high-strength all-welded construction that can hold up to 350 pounds per pedal. At the same time, the surface has a durable powder coating, which can effectively prevent the running board from rusting.


OEDRO running boards feature six-sided tube profiles for a snug fit to the rocker panels while providing a sturdy look, and the split grooves on the side step surface combine with blind tracks to provide ample traction and slip resistance.


OEDRO running boards eliminate the need for cutting and drilling, saving you time and money. The package contains the necessary parts for a quick and easy installation.

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We provide a 2-year replacement warranty for floor mats from the date of purchase. For details: Warranty Policy

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OEDRO wholesale plan provides large discounts that can bring more value to your business. For details: Wholesale Inquiry

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is the price for a piece or a pair? About running boards, sidebars, and cross bars?+
A: Running board or sidebars, the price is for a pair. Each set has one passenger side bar and one driver side bar, enough for one vehicle.
Q: What types of steps styles are there?+
A: We have three steps types which are: One-piece Side Steps, Drop-down Side Steps, Rocker Side Steps.
Q: Do running boards have a weight limit?+
A: Yes. Most pedals have a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. However, some models are made with reinforcements that increase the weight capacity up to 500 lbs.
Q: Can I install my own running boards, or will I have to hire a professional?+
A: OEDRO pedals are compatible with your car model and manufacturer, allowing you to install them yourself. But for your safety, professional installation is recommended.
Q: Why have running boards?+
A: There are 2 main reasons running boards are so popular among American truck and SUV owners:
1. It is easier to get into a truck when you have got extra step support;
2. Running boards protect rocker area of the vehicle from road debris and minor side collisions.
Q: What is the difference between nerf bars and running boards?+
A: Running boards and nerf bars are installed the same way and for the same purpose. The only difference is the stepping area. If you are looking for a larger stepping area, running boards are the way to go.

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: 363

Pleasantly surprised - Rating: - CAP III
Exceeded my expectations. Easy install. Look awesome!
Nice rugged steps!! - Rating: - Mello
Mounted on my 2016 Tacoma Limited 4x4 and it fits perfectly. The steps themselves are well packaged, but all the accessories are thrown into the box instead of in a ziplock bag. It takes about an hour to install with help, it will be faster if the bracket is marked. Overall, I am satisfied.
Easy DYI install - Rating: - Terry Kelly
The instructions are easy to follow, easy to install, and look great.
Its actually pretty straight forward. Less than an hour - Rating: - Todd F.
Awesome product. Fast shipping. Much easier to install than expected.
Great steps - Rating: - CHSTR
These side steps are the best you can find at a competitive price, they look mean and are sturdy, great build and Look great on the taco
Awesome side steps that look like sliders - Rating: - adrian
Nice side steps that look like rock sliders. They bolt onto the factory Toyota side step mount holes that are on the bottom of your truck. There is no drilling. I loctited all the hardware and snugged them down real good. The hardware is all black and seems decent quality.
You won't be disappointed - Rating: - Rohar
It's easier to install with two people the instructions should be Rewritten shows two pictures both opposite directions which makes it difficult to figure out which way the brackets go but once that's figure it out good to go I'd ordered again but I only have one truck
Awesome, perfect! I will highly recommend! - Rating: - Robert M.
Fit perfectly on my Tacoma.
VERY happy with my purchases - Rating: - Marco Antonio Perez
Great quality! It will thread perfectly when self tapping, If you apply enough pressure to the bolt .
Good price for a great product - Rating: - Nancy H.
Weighs about 77lbs that's both together. Super easy install.
Fits for 2018 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab - Rating: - Jorge
It is definitely easier with at least 2 people as others have said .
Worth the money !! - Rating: - Chris
The tacoma running boards come with good packing material. Nice seller!
Great looking and easy to install. - Rating: - Jason S.
5 star Tacoma accessory. Look cool!
Love these running boards! - Rating: - jeffrey grimmie
I install the Tacoma running boards by myself. These were exactly the right ones! Very nice! I was looking for heavy duty rock rails with slim lines.
High quality product - Rating: - Sharp
The seller was great at keeping me informed I give them 5 stars. It is a little hard to get the lock nuts on at each end.
Easy installation - Rating: - David
Every Toyota Tacoma should have a set
Tough & Look good. - Rating: - dwlampila
The tacoma running boards still look brand new after I used it over 7 months. Power washed the mud off!
Excellent fit - Rating: - Scott R. Tucker
Very sturdy and easy installation
Durable. - Rating: - Cliff
It is easy to go to the mountains for some creek crawling after I install this Tacoma nerf bars. High Recommended!
Rugged and good looking! - Rating: - David H
It is a nice steps/rocker panel protection. Very pleased and would recommend.
They look cool - Rating: - ky_ya
It's a great product! They fit fine and were easy to install. Solid construction.Thanks.
Tacoma steps are easy to install - Rating: - David I.
Love these running boards !! Fast and FREE shipping by Fedex. I get $$ off from Tacoma forum.
Great side steps - Rating: - Steven
Very tough looking and really easy to install.
Excellent for the price - Rating: - Larry Liebsch
Excellent fit and easy installation.
Could not ask for better! - Rating: - Terry T.
I was a bit apprehensive about having to install these by myself after reading reviews, but had no problems at all after I bought my first ratchet set! I had them on in an hour and fifteen minutes. Considering I've never done anything like this, I thought it was pretty easy. They look nice and seem really sturdy.
Tacoma double cab running boards - Rating: - Jay
Great product bolted right up, was done in 45 minutes, glad I bought these.
Great deal for these quality running boards! - Rating: - Matthew E.
They were easy to install. Purchased for 2016 Toyota Tacoma double cab and they fit perfectly. Perfect amount of drop for easy in and out access.
Easy to install,Fit great. - Rating: - Anney
My husband and I put them on,it didn't take too long and it wasn't too difficult. Fit perfect on my 2016 toyata, look rugged.
Seem strong enough,fit great for my 2016 toyota tacoma double cab - Rating: - Warren
Great running boards, seem strong enough,fit great for my cars. love them.
Look good! - Rating: - richard j steele
They look good and are very sturdy. The installation took only about an hour and was completely done by myself.
Shipping - Rating: - Justin
I live in Alaska, but can’t ship it to Auburn Washington because my Credit Card address is in Alaska. I want to use Span Alaska, they will ship it to Anchorage as me being the POC
Not only do they fit well, they look the part also. - Rating: - Tabatha
This flow nicely on my 2022 dodge 3500. They were priced right and have performed great.
Mr - Rating: - James
Product was as described, installation took about an hour n half using tools they suggested. Great looking. Just what we wanted that was priced right. Very Satisfied
Look Great! Bit of a struggle to install. - Rating: - David Sandgren
The instructions could be a little clearer! But you do end up with a really super sturdy product. Definitely worth the MONEY!!!
Look good - Rating: - Thomas
the running boards look great once installed
Excellent - Rating: - Darla may
Just like everything about these. Exactly what I was hunting for
Nice looking and very sturdy - Rating: - Colby
The item was installed on a 2019 Ram 2500 turbo diesel. On arrival the item was packaged very well with all included hardware. I was pleased with the overall sturdiness of the running boards, they feel solid like part of the truck. I also painted the M10 bolt heads and washers black because the silver stood out on my black truck.
Super solid bars. - Rating: - Enrique Ceja
They make the truck look great especially with the matching bull bar.
EZ to install! - Rating: - courtney hart
Nice Ram 1500 Running Boards. Seems well made and substantial. I like the look.
They were perfect. - Rating: - LC
The finish would not be scratched, because shipper was very good about wrapping the bars
Overall a very beefy product. - Rating: - Durtymax
They look great and bolt on with little effort even by yourself. Very nice finish on bars.
Heavier than I expected. - Rating: - Makana
FedEx did beat up on the box, but bars were not harmed.
Awesome! - Rating: - Joseph Sherrow
Read the instructions and install this running boards on my 17 ram. Cool!
Solid product - Rating: - Jennifer S. Reisch
Great and not expensive! OEDRO always let me disappointed. The Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab running boards looks beautiful. I install it by myself according to the instruction included.
These steps are great! - Rating: - Chris Morgan
Very good looking and the step area is great!
Not experience. - Rating: - Dustin C.
They line up Perfect! Easy to install. This Ram running boards are about $500 cheaper than that if you buy at dealership.
Rock solid - Rating: - Jeep E
Tested in the field. Looks great. Fits my 2016 ram crew cab perfectly.
Love them - Rating: - Great Monk
The oedro's Ram running borad was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect!
These are great! - Rating: - Terry M. Witte
All the hardwares were included it than you need. Well packaged without any damage when it come to my home. Look great, perfect fit.
Looks tough - Rating: - Shasta Raby
Awesome! They fit my 2015 ram like a glove.
Five Stars. Fast shipping! - Rating: - E. K.
Product was delivered in 3 days!!
These look great on my wife's 2016 ram - Rating: - Dean
Much better than I expected. This design is quite cool.
Love these rock sliders. - Rating: - Bass Buggy
Good quality. Outstanding for the price. I'll update after I get some use out of them.
Great - Rating: - Byron D. Miller
I installed these on a 2015 Ram 2500 in less than 40 minutes including unpacking and clean-up. Parts seem well made and look good on the Dodge. Since I didn't have a helper, I used a floor jack to lift them into place. Provided hardware went right in with zero issues.
Look good. - Rating: - angel
Looks great, easy install. Took about an hour or so by myself.
Perfect - Rating: - Antoinette
Easy to install, very solid, looks better than I hoped.
Perfect - great purchase - Rating: - Erik
Bolts on super easy. Has an awesome design, and really pops.
Great Looks AND Great Protection - Rating: - Cliff
"The ladies in my life love these. My wife complained about not having them and now that I have them she doesn't want to step on them because she doesn't want to ""mess them up"" because they look so nice.
Best quality running boards i have every seen - Rating: - Ingemar
I have installed running boards before on a few different vehicles. I would have to say these are some of the easiest to install, best quality running boards i have every seen.
Five Stars - Rating: - Silvester
Looks great on my 2016 Dodge Ram!
WOW, excellent side steps - Rating: - Darcy
These steps are excellent! I put these on my 2016 dodge ram 2500 crew cab and went on perfectly.
Very stylish,very sturdy, I really love my new boards. - Rating: - Aubrey
Tey are very stylish, have a sophisticated look that's not cheap.The directions are a little hard to understand, so I installed the running boards according the video, it is easier for me.
A+++! - Rating: - Craig
Install was painless and took about 30 minutes. Make my dodge ram 2500 look just amazing! No Regrets!!!
Looks great on my pickup - Rating: - Kevin
Awesome they look great on my pickup giving great color contrast.These are really quality running boards in a lot cheaper than the factory bars.I weigh about 240 and it has no distortion when I get in my car.
Great product,easy to install - Rating: - C. Barret
I bought this running boards for my 2010 dodge ram 1500 crew cab. Fairly easy to install according to the youtube video. Fit well and look great on my car. very happy with my purchase.Recommend.
Easy to install, great looking and super sturdy. - Rating: - Maxx H
I have these installed on my 14 Chevy 2500hd. They look great and are sturdy. I'm 6ft 1lb and 260 lbs and they are rock solid! This comes with 3 passenger side brackets and a fourth "fit to build" bracket. While it works great, four off-the-shelf brackets would have been easier for my setup.
Works great - Rating: - jeannie k libby
Very easy to install, holds 3 people on it at once (400) lbs.
Above average boards. - Rating: - David Lynch
Product packaged Good. Very sturdy and good-looking steps. Overall I like & recommend them.
Great Purchase! - Rating: - Mikal T. Shalikow
Exactly how they were advertised, well worth the price. Very easy to install, fast shipping.
OEDRO 6 inch Side Steps - Rating: - Chuy-Z
Arrived in a timely manner.It was missing some parts so I contacted support and they took care of it right away. The side steps look good on my 2019 Chevy 2500HD Crew Cab truck. I highly recommend.
Just what our truck needed - Rating: - Carly Kosis
They are easy to install and look amazing on our 2013 2500HD duramax diesel!!! We are very happy!!
Perfect - Rating: - Alonso Parra
I like everything
Good product - Rating: - Rhonda A.
Product was fairly simple to install in less than 2 hours. Looks great and is very sturdy
Good product - Rating: - Rosa M Zepeda
I love them
Perfect fit . Easy one person quick install. - Rating: - B. Brenner
Easy to install and they look AMAZING!!!
2017 chevrolet silverado - Rating: - S. Ferrera
Great product. This got my truck perfectly.
Heavy Duty - Rating: - Lora H.
I’ ve een wrenching my whole life as a big guy, and I had to get my sn to help me get it bolted in correctly.
Easy install. Look great! - Rating: - KRose
Fits 2018 Chevy Silverado. Push rails outward and snug the frame bolts, then tighten small bolts.
These look great on my 2017 Silverado - Rating: - Terry T.
Great product easy installation. I love oedro products. I would recommend it to anybody looking to upgrade there Chevy pickup.
Excellent! - Rating: - Antoinette
Nice looking and sturdy! Worth the money!
Same as dealer, better price - Rating: - Matt James C
It completed the install in 30min by myself. My installation was the easy one because I had the factory threaded bolt attachment spots.
Five Stars. Perfect fit. - Rating: - Daniel Watson
Price was fair for this product.
Heavy duty side steps - Rating: - KEVIN B.
Installation is not difficult according to the instruction. Heavy duty Silverado running boards as I wished.
Very nice - Rating: - damian digiacinto
Great service! Once installed the Chevy Silverado side steps are solid and look awesome!!
Five Stars - Rating: - Laura
Very nice and heavy duty side steps!
Better protection. - Rating: - Gabe Torres
Very sturdy! Cheap and great quality! I have mine installed on my 12 Chevy Silverado
Solid construction - Rating: - thomas mitchell
Great. Welded mine on. Made well. feel- 2015 Chevy Silverado Crew cab
Buy em... Buy em now - Rating: - Nancy H.
Fast delivery packaged very professional.
Fit perfect,ease of installation - Rating: - Algernon
these fit perfect. ease of installation. about an hour. really look awesome.
Fit perfect for 2016 chevy silverado 2500 crew cab - Rating: - Walter
Very durable and well-built rails. Fit well and look great on the silverado. Company contacted me after purchase to ensure that I liked the project. I am very happy with my purchase.
Truck Accessories - Rating: - SAM
This is a very affordable price, easy to install and looks great!!!!! BTW, I put this on 2010 Chevy Silverado crew cab, I was able to work with what I received. And love it. Made it look great!!!!
They fit will. - Rating: - hush K
They look good on my GMC Sierra1500 crew cab.
Great quality paint and extremely sturdy. - Rating: - Eaker
Installed very easy in about an hour. Great quality paint and extremely sturdy.
Well built and great look on my gmc sierra 1500 - Rating: - Jason L.
Everything is going well. Shipping is fast, arrived as committed, installation could have not been easier. The nerf bars are sturdy with a nice design.I am really happy with this purchase.
Great as expected - Rating: - judi
Quality is good. My husband loves them
Great as expected - Rating: - judi
Quality is good. My husband loves them
Great price. Fast shipping - Rating: - Ron M.
These are much nicer than I expected.
Fits perfect - Rating: - Sprout
Niceeeeee!!!!!! My husband love these on his truck.
Great product, great price. - Rating: - JD
No complaints. It is actually heavy enough that it stiffens the cab to the point you can tell when driving.
Very nice looking - Rating: - olllllllo
Like all other reviews have said, the Chevy Colorado 4" running boards are nice. I get $10 off for July deals.
Installed perfectly! - Rating: - Shawna
We are very pleased with the OEDRO 4" Chevy Colorado side steps. Will come back again!
Easy Install. Looks amazing!! - Rating: - M
Easy install in our 17 Colorado. Great product. I will but other Colorado product from OEDRO again.
Best looking Colorado side steps! - Rating: - Tim P
Great looking product. Great quality & great packaging
Definitely a must have! Awesome set of Colorado running boards. - Rating: - Robert E. Kuenzinger
I just use a lot of compliments to install this running boards according to the instruction included. Heavy functional, and solid somewhat ! Looks awesome on the 2012 Colorado.
Bought these so I could easily get my son in and out of my truck ... - Rating: - Tabler SL
Bought these so I could easily get my son in and out of my truck from the car seat. They look nice and work great, exactly what I needed.
Nice boards - Rating: - Quentin
The running boards are sturdy with a nice design.
Looks good,price is very reasonable - Rating: - Norman
Price is very reasonable. Easy installation did it in about 30 mins.
Excellent product for the price. - Rating: - Verne
This product added style and protection to my 2017 chevy colorado crew cab. Highly recommend these. Excellent product for the price.
Installation is seamless and directions are easy!! - Rating: - Amos
Installation is seamless and directions are easy!! These side steps has worked great so far!
The running boards you must have. - Rating: - Pimpon K.
Great product, perfict fit on my chevy colorable crew cab. Just take it.
Like this product - Rating: - LawrenceHawkins
Easy to install
Great looking product - Rating: - sueviola
Look great and fit well
Nice - Rating: - Jack
Good bars
Nice and sturdy side steps! - Rating: - guanyu
The package is nice and arrived quickly. Really easy to install. They look fantastic on my Ram 1500. The installation is friendly to me , all hardware and brackets came with package and instructions. Finish in an hour. I tried it for over one week. Overall I like it.
Great buy - Rating: - Rminjares
Easy to install. Sturdy. Haven’t had any issues with them.
Good - Rating: - zachary
Fit good on my truck and they are nice looking
This was a perfect fit and the wait for my running boards was extremley fast. - Rating: - Randy L Brown
The running boards were easy to install and make the look of my truck awesome!
Great product at half the price. - Rating: - michael
Easy to install looks very similar to factory step.
They are study and exactly as described, perfect - Rating: - Sandra Cable
These look great on our new truck
Perfect fit - Rating: - Reverend Rod
Took me 45 minutes install. They arrived in perfect condition. The directions were easy to follow. Great product for the price.
Excellent - Rating: - Mike
Good quality for the price Installed easily
Super fit and finish. - Rating: - William
Fantastic buy. Easy installation. Shipped to Willow Alaska in four days. Look fantastic on my Blacked out 2016 Ram.
Look Great! - Rating: - Mark D.
Good quality and easy to install!
Fit the ram 2012 - Rating: - Emily Duncan
Running boards - Rating: - Amanda
Work great
Boards didn’t line up with bracket holes - Rating: - Ryan DeRue
Nice looking running boards. Installing on a 2015 Ram Outdoorsman and the rear bracket holes do not line up with the step threaded holes. It’s about an inch and a half off. Not sure if I’m supposed to force/bend it to reach. Back in the box they go.
Great product . Strong , durable . Easy install . - Rating: - Doug
Great product . Comes with all hardware , no scratches boxed and packaging was done well . Only flaw I didn’t care for where the 6 plastic pieces that go between cab and bracket and step don’t really mount well . Other then that 5 star item and possibly use black bolts instead of chrome .
Perfect! - Rating: - MHz_2_Img
Absolutely love these running boards! Installed in less than an hour and very sturdy. Look great on my truck.
Fit my 2014 ram 1500 - Rating: - W.Ya
I purchased for my friend's 2014 ram crew cab. As description reflected it's easy to install, no drill required. It fits his 2014 ram 1500 crew cab and looks great. The textured surface looks good and avoids rusting. They do feel more strongly than expected. He is 190 pounds, when he stepped up on them they're NOT bent. I am happy with them.
Fit perfect and are very sturdy. Mount inside rocker panel and pinch weld at bottom. - Rating: - KA Nielson
Fit perfect and are very sturdy. Mount inside rocker panel and pinch weld at bottom. They don't move at all when I step on them and I weigh 240lbs.
Top quality product!! - Rating: - Troy
Very well packaged and high quality side steps. Very durable and solid construction. Very simple and straightforward installation with easy to follow instructions. Highly recommended.
Decent quality - Rating: - Travis Sanders
Took about 2 1/2 hrs to install buy myself. But once installed it's a solid product
Very sturdy - Rating: - Wolfyette
Easy to install. The instructions that came with it were terrible, but a quick YouTube video and off we went. Very sturdy we like that there is 3 supports vs the standard 2 and looks great
Very sturdy - Rating: - Travis S.
Great product very sturdy easy install. Only thing I disliked is the plastic covers that install on the mounts to cover them and make the mounting bars look bigger.
Awesome - Rating: - Kevin
These running boards are rock solid and look fantastic in my opinion! Installation was super easy except for the center one. Not sure if other vehicles are the same but on my 2017 Ram 2500 the center bolt piece that goes in the mounting holes was tricky getting in. There is extra framing support that creates a snug fit. I had to use a magnet to get it in place. Wish I would've videoed it but it was dark and I wasn't thinking about it. They will go just takes some creativity to make it happen.
BEST Value Your Gonna Find!!!! - Rating: - Brett Nelson
These were by far the best value running boards I could find. If you want just a basic, sturdy boards....these are perfect. I don't like a lot of chrome, so these were perfect. They look great and were very easy to install. A+++
Good Product - Rating: - James M. Colwell
These running boards look great with our 2018 Ram 3500 Crew Cab 4X4 Dually
They work, seem sturdy. - Rating: - Sarah B
Hopefully these hold up well, we are very particular about upkeep so we will update if anything crazy happens.
Solid steps with great build quality at an amazing price - Rating: - kevin costello
I picked up these steps on the suggestion from someone in a ram group and I couldn't be happier, especially at this price. the matte black finish looks really sharp and the body bolts added to the brackets with the updated mounting hardware make them crazy sturdy. the tips did break off on shipping but after contacting Oedro I had new tips in 2-3 days, it was crazy fast. I have reviewed several of their products and never regretted a single purchase.
Awesome quality product - Rating: - DaWgPoUnD
Easy installation, looks great. Perfect fit!!!!
A steal for the $$$ - Rating: - Kimberley Ozee
I think they look great and are very durable. Very easy to install
- Rating: -
- Rating: -
Would highly recommend! - Rating: - Tyler worley
Love them and Look AMAZING
Easy install! - Rating: - justin n
The passenger side took 20 mins. I let my son help me to install the silverado running boards together. If two people were to tackle this install, it will be much easy.
Solid, looks good. - Rating: - Kaylee Haggis
The silverado steps seem very solid. Well Packaged. It included hardware worked as it should. Even with my 260 lbs.
Great value! - Rating: - S. Clark
Great packaging, arrived perfect
Awesome running boards! Good looking - Rating: - Byron D. Miller
I am excited to show them off! Arrived in perfect condition with good package. And I and my brother installed in just about 25 mins.
Fit's 2018 - Rating: - Charles J
In order to insure an unblemished delivery, OEDRO's running boards were wrapped up well. No worry about the damage in shipping.
Great for my new Chevy truck! - Rating: - Woody
It is AMAZING! We installed these GMC Sierra step up bars with no problem
Quick delivery & good product - Rating: - JJM
Very rugged steps. These Silverado side steps are solid and heavy.
Easy to install. Product fit perfectly. - Rating: - Larry Liebsch
I've owned these Silverado running boards for a while and they've been on my truck for 8 months, and they still look great....
Great product. Fast shipping - Rating: - Indiana
Great price, quality is pretty good.
Bling for your Chevy - Rating: - ky yaege
Look good. Very sturdy. Kids love them as steps. Installed both sides in under 45 min total by myself. Have recommended to friends.
Generally very good. - Rating: - dwlampila
Solid, sturdy and easy install. Heavier than I thought they would be. Was able to install by myself without help in my driveway. After I did passenger side install, on to my 2016 Chevy Silverado, in 45 minutes the drivers side went a little faster. Built very solid, I believe they would allow my Silverado to "slide off rocks" if I encountered the situation.
Looks good - Rating: - Leonard
Great running boards and easy to install, however I’m a 5 foot woman and broke one of the screws by tightening too much. Didn’t think that was possible on a car, but apparently so. Still, looks good and I’m happy with them.
Nerf bars are really nice looking and easy to install - Rating: - Elroy
Fast shipping, nerf bars are really nice looking and easy to install. These steps look great and the whole install took less than 45 minutes.
Great side steps - Rating: - Giles
Very nice side steps, easy install, price was outstanding
Great running boards - Rating: - Mang
The logistics are very fast, Very sturdy. Nice quality.
we love it! - Rating: - Alex Osorio
install btw 2. we are in love with the product
we love it! - Rating: - Alex Osorio
install btw 2. we are in love with the product
we love it! - Rating: - Alex Osorio
install btw 2. we are in love with the product
Look great and great quality - Rating: - lentax
I bought these for my 2018 JL, I installed them myself, they took 45 mins, it's easy to bolt the running boards on my JL and great fit my 2018 JL. They looks solid and sturdy. Worth the money.
Very easy to install - Rating: - Brenda B.
Quick delivery, Very easy to install,
Very Strong solid rails. The finish is durable - Rating: - Jerry Dela Cruz
Great for protecting the doors from dings. Looks really good on my Wrangler
Very simple to install. - Rating: - Carroll Family
The seller was very helpful. It took maybe 25 minutes to install, by myself.
Five Stars - Rating: - key_joes
Very sturdy, very easy to install, looks great!
Nice side steps - Rating: - Christopher Martino
The side steps fit for my 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 Door well. And it is very easy to install.
Excellent for the price. - Rating: - Eve S.
I bought it on Father's day. And it was installed well on my dad's new JL. When self tapping it will thread perfectly If you apply enough pressure to the bolt .
Perfect fit! - Rating: - Richard T.
Very heavy duty, thick wall tubing. I welded mine on and the JL steps ...
Heavy duty JL side steps - Rating: - hensleya1
Textured black color looks cool. The surface of Wrangler side steps gives a grip that helps against slipping even through when it is wet.
Five Stars. Iam very pleased. - Rating: - Kyle
Great look!
Simple & easy to install - Rating: - Derek
I love these JL Wrangler side steps. Fast shipping. Thanks.
Easy install on my 2015 JK - Rating: - scott murray
Heavy duty JL side steps/sliders. Great with the extra protection
Need 2 people to install - Rating: - micheal chad miller
It would be better with 2 people to install it. After all, you can not bench 70 pounds with one arm by yourself.
A Great Buy - Rating: - Darth Raven
The JL side steps were wrapped well when I received the package. Thank you.
Well worth the purchase. - Rating: - Tayt
The side steps are in good condition, but the box was damaged during bad shipping
Solid design, fits right up - Rating: - Mike
They look great on my 2019 Wrangler JL.
Good product - Rating: - Elvis E.
Good valie for the money. can be a little confusing. Overall a good product.
Good product - Rating: - Elvis E.
Good valie for the money. can be a little confusing. Overall a good product.
Beautiful running boards - Rating: - tonga77
These side steps look great on my truck; they are very easy to install and fit perfectly. The price is very good for the quality.
This is what I want, highly matched with my car - Rating: - David
This running boards are heavy-duty. They are exactly what I want, and the prices are great. Installation is easy. They are strong and strong.
Awesome just what I wanted. - Rating: - David
They are heavy duty. They look easy to install I just haven’t been able to make the time to do it yet. So I will update as soon as I install them. They are exactly what I wanted and the price point was great
Sturdy&fit truck well - Rating: - Adam Hathaway
Like the overall product. Instructions could have been better but when you place the main supports in the wrong position you figure out quickly that it won’t fit .
Mr - Rating: - Steve
Running boards are great! Easy to install. Have received many compliments. Fast shipping!
Fit my truck perfectly and was exactly what I ordered - Rating: - simone
I received exactly what I purchased and it was as super easy to install. I got it 3 days earlier than expected and a perfect fit for my truck!
Fits 2021 Ram 1500 4x4 good - Rating: - Eric H.
They fit well. I wished they fit a little tighter to the body but they still work and look good.
Nice looking rugged off-road side steps - Rating: - KCrook
asy to install! When you turn the short edge forward, everything is fine and the pedals align better with the truck door opening. Looks like a great off-road step.
Very Sturdy for 2020 Ram 1500 Crew Cab - Rating: - Belanger
They look great, sturdy, and come with great weight! The powder coating is smooth. Installation is fairly easy, brackets and bars are all one welded piece. These running boards meet my expectation.
Great product!! - Rating: - Donny
Great fit, looks great and sturdy as all hell. ONLY complaint is the instructions say you need a 16 & 13mm BUT you actually need a 15, 13 & 12mm to install.
Level up! - Rating: - Treelanceart
Easy install with one person, Sturdy attractive, and built to last.
Really good product - Rating: - XD
Pretty sturdy. Quite easy to install. Could be easier to have some pre assembled brackets.
Great deal. Looks good. - Rating: - Robert X.
I am satisfied with it. The 6'' side steps are exactly as described fitted with my 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab. Well-made, competitive price and high quality product. I am not an expert with much installation techniques, but I would say it's easy and smooth to install following the manual instructions step-by-step. The product is great, very sturdy, and the unique multi-layer slip-proof design looks promising for safety. Overall, I would highly recommend it.
Nice transformation to an other wise stock truck - Rating: - J
good-looking product very good-looking crinkle coating.
Would recommend - Rating: - Marco A.
Excellent product
2020 Tundra Easy install - Rating: - Travis
The package and parts were in great shape. Easy to install. Overall very easy to install and looks great.
Great price!! - Rating: - Eli
Super easy to install.
Good value, look cool and feel solid - Rating: - Smcdees
Easy to install did it in 45 minutes with only a little help holding the bars up. Good instructions with easy to understand instructions. Seems super sturdy and look good.
Easy to install and sturdy - Rating: - Eddie
Great value!
I love them! - Rating: - Mikey
I really love these black side steps on my 2016 Tundra Crewmax. They barely reduce clearance at all and the don’t stick out too far. They were easy to install as long as you run a thread tap tool through any rusty stock mounting holes. Really like the design and finish. Well built and sturdy. I wish oEdRo made more accessories for Tundras.
Easy installment and didn’t took hours to install - Rating: - Som M Gurung
It makes me step into my Toyota thunder way easily. Perfectly fit.
Great buy - Rating: - Christian Calderon
Love this product , perfect fit and looks great
Well made , would recommend - Rating: - AKportland
Well made and well packaged. Only benefit would be to label the brackets. Looks great on our lifted and blacked out 2019 Tundra Limited Crewmax.
Makes your truck pop with looks and function. - Rating: - Deborah Joy
Very heavy sturdy design and much nicer than the single tube design. All hardware accounted for, excellent packaging no damage.
wonderful running boards! - Rating: - Chris leeman
Easy to install! 6 bolts to attach brackets to the truck and then 6 to attach running boards to brackets. Great buy, thanks, honey!
Awesome! - Rating: - Chris leeman
Easy to install! 6 bolts to attach brackets to truck and then 6 to attach running boards to brackets. I love them more than I can tell you plus work awesome! Just put in my 2021 tundra st5 blacked out! Great buy, thanks honey!
Easy Install - Rating: - Freddy
Super fast and easy to install. *Pro-Tip: Lay out the pieces before installing to get a good visual. These nerf bars gave me exactly the rugged look I was going for. The foot steps are in the perfect location also. Highly recommend!
Good product - Rating: - Tyler
like a good quality product.
Great company - Rating: - Paul
I had to cancel my order, the day after placing in it, but found out it had already shipped on Fedex. After speaking with their customer service, they went out of their way to recall the shipment. The company is definitely worth a 5 star rating, for both customer service and fast delivery.
Step up! - Rating: - Renate Schuler
Absolutely perfect! I love the look! Functional and easy to install. Highly recommend!
It’s great - Rating: - Kenneth L.
Great running boards and easy to install. Only thing bad I have to say is that it leaves more of a gap for the mud to get spit up.
Heavy duty product - Rating: - Paul Hensley
Nice sturdy steps and easily installed. You can install by yourself but it would be easier with a helper.
Good product - Rating: - Tyler
like a good quality product.
A solid product! - Rating: - Konrad R. Murak
An awesome product! Easy install! Wife is happy!
Easy Installation. - Rating: - Martin Ross
Nice product, really enhances my 2019 Toyota 4 door Yacoma
The thickness is really good - Rating: - Quang-Minh Nguyen
Look really good on my truck.
Nice Side Steps. - Rating: - Grizz
I have had these on my truck for just over a year and I loved them
Looks great! Perfect fit on my 2018 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab. - Rating: - Amber Sostman
This product is awsome! Perfectly fit on my 2018 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab and looks great. I love this stylish design and it helps me enter the truck much more easily. I would highly recommend this product!
great product - Rating: - Justin
Pretty easy to install. Look nice Instructions weren’t the best, didn’t need them but they no sense.
Great value and looks awesome. - Rating: - Steven
I was able to install these in 2 and a half hours and I have the mechanical aptitude of an artichoke. Once I figured out the 1st side the other side was a breeze.
Better and larger than expected - Rating: - Matt
These came on time and were easy to install on the truck.
Look great, work just fine - Rating: - ling ling
These look awesome. Function wise they are fantastic.
Sturdy - Rating: - K
I have had these on for roughly a month. They are amazing!
Great buy at an affordable price - Rating: - Daniel
This item is extremely easy to install, it’s pretty durable .
Wife loves these - Rating: - Pat M.
I'm the wife and I love these.
Perfect fit - Rating: - Heather
Love the step's perfect length and width easy to install. But no bright spot.
Great height. - Rating: - Ama
Nice fit, easy install, and really nice function. My wife was a bit short to get into our gmc. Now she can step up and in with ease. Very happy.
Nice, quick and easy to install - Rating: - Jose Marcano
Im very happy with this purchase! It was quick and easy to install! Good quality and excellent price!
Well made running boards, easy install. - Rating: - Dreamergirl96
They were really easy to install and look great!
Disappointed - Rating: - Sam
No issues with delivery and no damage to packaging. Upon opening box and pulling off bubble wrap both boards looked as if the had been dragged over something sharp as they had deep gouges and paint missing. All of the mounts are bent. Very cheaply made. Buy something else.
Make sure garage doors wide enough - Rating: - Derrick mckenzie
Very easy to install
Helps get in and out plus looks great - Rating: - olibo
Easy to install, fit perfectly and looks great.
Mounts right up - Rating: - Gary A Byerley
Easy to install and sharpened up the truck
Easy to install - Rating: - Peppermint
Very easy to install. They look nice too.
Easy easy install. - Rating: - Ronald P. Waranowicz
Low profile great side dent protection in parking lots.
Great buy - Rating: - Ralph Sveda
Easy installation
Absolutely Perfect! - Rating: - Tom Wood
This resolved my issue with my new truck, hard for my wife to gain access and this made it easier. Product is very strong and looks great!
terrific product - Rating: - yittidee
Shipped easy and arrived a day early.
Easy to assemble. - Rating: - Steve Mayer
Easy to assemble.
Blown away - Rating: - Nicholas
When i got these I really was blown away. They look they have were really great. Put them together i no time and the look they have are AMAZING
Recommended! - Rating: - Ella
it looks on my truck and seems sturdy.
Mmm hmm very nice! - Rating: - Tanner
Crazy easy to install. Basic tools needed. Extremely sturdy due to the center mounting bracket. No drilling needed.
Five Stars - Rating: - Jonathan B.
Perfect fit on my car.
looks very good - Rating: - tuna tai
Great product and looks very good. Really nice running boards! Actually makes my Tundra look better. They are very modern and strong and I would recommend to everyone.
looks very good - Rating: - tuna tai
Great product and looks very good. Really nice running boards ! Actually makes my Tundra look better. They are very modern and strong and I would recommend to everyone.
Amazing product! - Rating: - JohnL
Great product for the price! Looks oem very easy to install highly recommended
Worth the money - Rating: - Alex
The product is great for what it costs
Highly recommend - Rating: - KEN
Installed in less than 30 min. Very sturdy and look nice!
Highly Recommended! - Rating: - Charlie X.
I installed it on my 2018 Silverado1500, and I'd like to say it's pretty easy and fast. Really like how it looks on my truck and seems sturdy. Good product for the money!
Great running boards - Rating: - Rick W.
Super easy to install
Very easy install!! - Rating: - Jeremy Wilhelm
Love these running boards. I have a back injury, really helps getting in and out of my truck. Very little flex as I 220 lbs. Very easy install about 30 minutes.
Muy comoda para ingresar al truk , exelente amplitud para sostenerce. - Rating: - Agustin.....
De mi agrado , gracias
Great Fit - Rating: - Dave
The installation was very easy and they look great on the truck!
Fits my 2017 Jeep - Rating: - Angel
Love these running boards!
Heavy - Rating: - MMIller
Nice Product seems better than the pictures, would recommend to friends.
Already love them! - Rating: - Ashley
Got our boards about 3 weeks after we purchased them. The daughter and I already love them! Mom win for sure! Highly recommend!
Great Replacement Side Steps - Rating: - Robert S Heimann
Super easy to install. Packaged really well and the powder coating was flawless. Super solid and good look on the Jeep.
Obsessed with these! - Rating: - Stacy C.
Obsessed with these! The middle one is perfect for when it snows so I can reach the top of my jeep and push it all off! Easy to install and exactly what I needed!
Perfect Jeep steps - Rating: - Southern girl
These are perfect height to get in and out easily. Sturdy, well made, no slip when wet!
Looks great - Rating: - Jane Clark
Two strong men are installed. But they are doing the job I want them to do, so all is well in the world.
Great quality! - Rating: - jbonham
Packaged really well so everything was in good condition. Easy install and great quality! Love it on my jeep, it really makes a difference in the look!
Very well constructed. Unique artistry. - Rating: - Spencer Baker
SOLID packaging EASY install (10min each side) SOLID design Stylish
Amazing products - Rating: - Travis
Amazing product. Shipped fast and got here with no damage. Craftsmanship of these side steps are excellent. Definitely would purchase from this company again. A+++
owner - Rating: - Roger
These running boards/nerf bars fit perfect. I used a small floor jack to install same. Install took about 30 min. per side. My only dislike at all is the fact that when wet they are a bit slippery. Non skid tape will fix that.
Strongly recommend these. - Rating: - Rohin Bepat
I didn’t receive any instruction manual in the package but after looking at the mounting points on the car against the brackets on the steps it all became crystal clear. I installed these on a 2021 JEEP WRANGLER WILLY. Really nice look and very sturdy.
Mr - Rating: - John Maue
Wow, I can not believe the excellence of quality, packing and product! around an hour to install and fit flawlessly!
Love these running boards. Easy to install and look great. - Rating: - JZ
Very sturdy. Installation was a breeze. Put one of the smaller side screws in on one far end and then lift the other. Then put in the rest of the side screws and hand tighten. Then you can put in the 3 larger ones.
Awesome - Rating: - Alex
Just fix those to my jeep. Incredibly easy to install even if you are alone. Looks fantastic and sturdy. Entirely satisfied.
Quality Runners - Rating: - jessischma
Came well packaged to prevent damage. Quality steel with painted coating. Easily installs with 6 bolts each side in factory holes.
Great product Bad instructions - Rating: - charles watson
They look great on my truck and they feel very sturdy. The only reason I can't give these 5 stars is that their description is not clear.
Looks great - Rating: - Nicole
They were easy to install but the instructions could be a little easier to understand. Overall look and feel is great.
Looks great - Rating: - Nicole
They were easy to install but the instructions could be a little easier to understand. Overall look and feel is great.
Love it - Rating: - arie wabeke
As mentioned, I love the running boards.
Very good quality - Rating: - Bryce E. Hauch
The only real gripe I would have about these are the lack of any kind of non-skid on the rails which I had to add myself. The red step plate gets VERY slippery when wet with snow or rain. Other than that I'm satisfied with my purchase.
Easy on and look great - Rating: - mrhot
I love them!
Awesome - Rating: - LBrochu
I ended up having to buy J-nuts to complete this, but got them installed. Instructions are pretty straightforward. Love how they look!
Took 30 mins to install - Rating: - Yomhara Ybarra
Very easy to install and very strong love my side steps
Mr - Rating: - James Hooke
Great product and makes it easier for my wife to get in.
Hooke - Rating: - James
Looks great and enough of a drop that my wife can easily get in.y Jeep has a 2inch lift with 35's.
Good side steps - Rating: - Butch McCormick
Its great fit out of the box. Less than 45 minutes to remove the original slide rails and install new steps. My wife loves them. They definitely give the JL Rubicon a better look.
OEDRO side Steps - Rating: - Butch McCormick
Oct 29, 22 Saw these steps at the Williston Florida jeep event 2 weeks ago. I ordered and a few days later. The steps are just perfect for my JL Rubicon. Thank you.
Running boards wrangler JL - Rating: - Patti Church
Purchased March 2021 and put them on. They were wonderful.
Mr - Rating: - Bill Glock
Outstanding company to do business with…I was not happy with a section of the powder coating and they immediately shipped a replacement. I did paint the red sidestep to coincide with the Jeep’s paint. The steps are sturdy and project a great image.
Cook - Rating: - Travis
Installed on my 2020 Jeep Willys fit perfect looks nice
Perfect fit my Jeep! - Rating: - willynicejeep
These running boards go well with my car.
2018 JL Rubi - Rating: - DJ
Look real nice, just hoping they have other color options in the detachable step plate. The red is a lot brighter than the factory red outlining on my sting gray rubicon.
Jeep - Rating: - John Eric Schwan
Look Great
I loved the product - Rating: - cristian r soria
Nice product and easy to install
Worth the money, great investment - Rating: - Vivian Barrera
Installed in less than an hour. Great material. Well worth the money. Enough space to stop on without worrying. Bought so my elderly mom could step comfortably. Update after 2 months. Still an awesome product!
recent purchaser - Rating: - Kevo55
As advertised. Easy install. Sturdy. Good quality on finish. Suggest you check out YouTube videos prior to install. Some supplied hardware did not size to instructions. My hardware kit did not have lock washers so I used Loctite as suggested in one install video. Good product. Would buy again.
Running boards - Rating: - Del Rey
First set sent was incomplete. Called Customer Service left message and also send an email. Both were promptly replied to. New and complete set was delivered within days. Great product. Instructions were also emailed. Installation just took time. Its not complicated. I did it by myself and with a pair of jacks to hold up the running boards. They fit my truck perfectly and look great.
Fit to a chevy colorado 2019 - Rating: - giovanny
Is an excellent product and easy to install fit also to a chevy colorado 2019.
Great Jeep Running Boards - Rating: - Mickey D
when I picked up the box I knew I had made the right choice. They are very sturdy, I'm sure will replace the rock glides, and look great at the same time. EASY to install. I did it by myself in an hour.
Easy to install - Rating: - Magius96
Looks great, and allows my 5-year-old to climb in by himself. This was easy to install, just use something to prop it up near the Jeep.
Good Products - Rating: - John
Give my car a new look
Very sturdy! - Rating: - Franc835
Value for money. Installation is easy. This is a stable installation, no need to tighten these bolts forcibly. Very satisfied and satisfied with the installation. Beautiful and practical product.
Love it! - packaging however needs to be addressed - Rating: - pj
Love my new side steps - The packaging however, was not done very well an the steps arrived scratched up on the ends. luckily i was working with black rubberizing so it was easy to touch up, but if I wasn't... I would have been pissed!
Wonderfull - Rating: - Jeannieces
This running boards is very good, very suitable for my car
2012 Ram 1500 Sport - Rating: - Edwin
Easy to install. The instructions that came with it were terrible, but a quick YouTube video and off we went. Very sturdy we like that there is 3 supports vs the standard 2 and looks great
Good value - Rating: - Jason Gifford
Installed easily and looks great!
price and ease of installation - Rating: - Julio Rodriguez
Instructions were easy to follow, the price was right on and they look great on my truck.
Mustang headlights - Rating: - DeShon Harris
They look great on my mustang.
Great looking and sturdy!! - Rating: - CSM-H
I have had many of these "hitch protectors". And this by far is the nicest one yet. Great looking, locks in with key and lock nuts. should last a very long time.
Is good - Rating: - Osnay quintanal
Fit perfect in my truck.
Would definitely recommend!!! - Rating: - L.S
Got these for my 2020 Trailboss, the combination of silver and black, the color looks great! Just installed it today. Took about 30 mins each side and they hold me fine.. a good price too!! So far, it's perfect on my truck.
Great product - Rating: - Javier Garcia
Love the manner in which it looks on the Silverado particularly on the shade of goes with it. Exceptionally simple to introduce. Great product value for the money would recommend it 100%.
Great product. And delivery - Rating: - Willie
The product is great. Fit perfect onto my truck.
Not hard to install. - Rating: - John velez
I very much like the style and they are very sturdy and they look very good on my truck and told me they weren’t super hard to install. I would definitely recommend them to friends.
Great running boards for the price - Rating: - Denise Spencer
This running board is very suitable for our F350 two-row truck. They look great, and we can easily install them. Thank you so much OEDRO for the perfect delivery.
Nice Shipping - Rating: - frank marko
My product is intact, thanks to OEDRO for perfect delivery.
Great running boards. - Rating: - Matthew Mazzeo
Even better than I hoped for! The bars themselves are solid and secure on the truck - feel like solid steel they are legit and the coating looks and feels thick and durable. Fit my 2021 GMC Sierra perfectly.
Happy for this running boards - Rating: - Matthew Mazzeo
Very easy to install, every hole can be aligned, very good quality, recommended!
Great Nerf Bars, Easy Install, Excellent Price! - Rating: - Michael
I could not be happier with this purchase. The nerf bars were easy to install, they look great on my Ford F150, and the price was very reasonable. There was a slight delay in getting here, but traveling cross country in a COVID-affected world, I still didn't have to wait long. I would highly recommend these.
Mr. - Rating: - Pager Smith
I heard good things about this product
Great product - Rating: - Rjohn Greco
Strong and great for both on and off-road. Looks sharp on my 2021 Tacoma!
Great Running Boards - Rating: - shawn pittman
Very sturdy product- great value for the money. Weight capacity of 550 lbs.
hester - Rating: - karlton
these running boards were easy to install, feel very sturdy, and contribute to the Jeep's rugged disposition.
Looks great on my 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S - Rating: - dpw
This Wrangler JL fits the side steps just like previous JL models and fits perfectly. I was able to install both sides in over an hour. The product is beautifully packaged, sturdy, and has nice lines on a Jeep.
Great value in sturdy boards - Rating: - Michael OBrien
I'm very pleased with these boards. They feel sturdy and include everything needed to install them. I like that the tubs have end caps to prevent mud and snow from packing them and rusting them from the inside out.
Beautiful running boards - Rating: - JG
Super easy install. You definitely want an impact gun to get them good and tight. Really look sharp!
Good Quality Running Boards - Rating: - Michael T. Kunka
These dodge running boards are of excellent quality. Very pleased with how they look.
Perfect - Rating: - Hilmer
Easy installation
I'll recommend to anyone with a Tacoma 2018 - Rating: - Mario Alvarado
Easy to install and great looking. unique design.
Great looking and easy to install - Rating: - Kyle J Potter
The product is packaged very well...all the hardware provided is flawless and easy to assemble, with a 200-pound person on them, very stable and not loose...very good value for money product ! !
Good kit, everything lined up. - Rating: - Nick
Good quality. The bolts are arranged in a row, which is very easy to install, and it is still very strong to step on. everything is fine.
Very suitable for my car - Rating: - Guillermo Salcido
The packaging was intact when the product was received. Installation is also very simple, very suitable for my Silverado. A brand new look.
Very satisfied with the product - Rating: - angel rivera
Satisfied with the quality and easy to install.
I definitely recommend OEDRO - Rating: - Aaron
Running boards are great for their price, and they work very well on my car. This company also is true to its warranty! Once the parts are cracked and they will send a replacement right away!
Good quality side steps! - Rating: - Matt T.
It looks great, it looks great, and after the installation, my car has a new look.
Great sturdy running boards - Rating: - Arthur T.
I truly partake in the running sheets they are extremely solid they are exceptionally solid I weigh around 300 pounds so each of the 300 pounds in addition to and alittle bit more went on top and they dealt with like a champ and I do suggest this item.
Great product - Rating: - Beata Palasiewicz
Value for your money!!
love my jeep more - Rating: - Littlefoot 13
Perfect fit! ! Very easy to install. Well packaged, there is some damage to the outer box (related to the weight of the package) that did not damage the product. Honestly, I think it's excellent value for money.
Fit, value, & product exceeded my expectations. - Rating: - Darren J Lane
I already love the look of my jeep with these on! Super easy to install.
Easy diy - Rating: - ciara
Already in love with the look of my Jeep! Super easy to install. The only tools required are 10 and 13 wrenches. Spent less than an hour in my driveway. Can't wait to paint the red plate pink.
Amazing running boards - Rating: - Byron
These running boards are amazing. I bought these mainly because there was a step in the middle if my truck could be used to clean the top. Once they were installed, even the garage I took them to was amazed at them. Highly recommend to anyone with a truck.
Great side steps - Rating: - jamie
I love it. Installation is simple.
Great side steps! - Rating: - Robert Collins
Looks great and was easy to install.
It's perfect for the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado - Rating: - Adolfo R
Easy to install 2 man job to make it easier for the installation
2022 chevy 1500 - Rating: - Daniel
I love them
5 stars - Rating: - Quentin
I need something sturdy/sturdy to drop a few inches and stick out the door. These hit all the marks. It didn't take too long to install and the wife and kids can now crawl in without getting dirty.
Easy install - Rating: - Jeff
I really love my new running boards! They look so much better then the stock ones did. Also love the way they help hide the ugly DEF tank more!!!
Bolted right on - Rating: - robert c fowler
Easy to install on my 2018 Chevy Silverado
Great design. Easy install. Great ground clearance. - Rating: - Joseph jauregui
Great running boards. I have zero complaints. Easy installation. One person can handle it. But it would be easier and faster with two people. Simple yet elegant design. No plastics to get eaten up by the sun. No rubber. Great, great, great price. Buy these for your Bronco! Do it!
Bronco owner - Rating: - Bryan Anderson
If you have rock rails you will have to remove them to install the running boards. No info in the details tell you that and the red bronco pic you see as one of the sales pics has rock rails with the running boards installed. Not possible.
Heavy Duty - Rating: - Jomani
Installation can be a bit challenging if you haven't installed it before - watch one of the many videos on YouTube. Everything fits perfectly. very sturdy. I'm a big guy and these steps are not flexible at all. Very satisfied with these, would definitely recommend.
Awesome - Rating: - jorge l
It looks great on my truck and makes it a whole lot easier to get in and out of the vehicle.
Easy to install - Rating: - Robert Linsky
Very solid.
Nice so far - Rating: - Ella
Easy to install did it in 2 hours by myself. No complaints so far.
Superb running boards - Rating: - Ken Lunde
I installed these running boards onto a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. Installation was easy, and with the help of a plastic stool, I was able to do it by myself in less than 2 hours. The dual height is great, offering easy access to the front and rear of the cab, and easy access to the roof. These are great!
Oedro running boards - Rating: - Paul Thorade
I don't see how anyone could have any complaints about these running boards. They have great welds, a good finish, and are heavy duty. I will definitely recommend Oedro Running Boards to all my friends who have trucks.
Great product, reasonable price - Rating: - luis zepeda
Easy installation, easy-to-follow instructions, and a great fit
Great fit and look! - Rating: - Colleen
They've only been on for less than a month but I love the look and they were easy to install!!
Awesome! - Rating: - Alicia Nowell
The description is spot on! The quality is great! Received a lot of good reviews! If I can afford another truck or gas during this inflationary period, would definitely buy it again.
Retired Engineer - Rating: - Joel Telfer
Ordered the Oedro 6" running boards for my 2022 Silverado Trail Boss on Monday and it was delivered on Thursday on the same week. The packaging was excellent. The installation was relatively easy. All the bolt holes lined up perfectly. I am exceedingly pleased with these step running boards
Nice so far - Rating: - Robert Linsky
Very solid. Easy to install did it in 2 hours by myself. No complaints so far.
I love it - Rating: - johnson
Absolutely love them. They match my bumper.
I love it very easy to install - Rating: - John
I was able to install it by myself with a 5 gallon bucket I cut it so that it would hold one side. The bolt holes lineup perfectly with the Jeep no drilling is needed. I will buy another one for my gladiator
Excellent Product - Rating: - steven
Excellent product, and it fits my Colorado 2022 perfectly, I recommend this product.
Good side steps - Rating: - yee vue
I love this running board, it fits my car perfectly.
Details - Rating: - Jeff
Steps arrived nicely packaged and on time! The directions were easy and all hardware was present. Easy install, good looking steps that feel solid when you step on them. One complaint, black steps, black brackets and silver bolts and washers. Go the extra step and include black bolts and washers.
Love these - Rating: - Gho$t
They fit a 2022 Ram Power Wagon. Install was pretty straight forward and they are very sturdy. Don’t waste your time shopping for anything else. These are the ones.
Great sturdy runningboards - Rating: - Herrera
I really like the running boards, they are very strong and durable, I recommend this product.
Amazing and Easy Installation - Rating: - Jason Caldwell
Great look and STURDY!