How to Clean Your Ram 1500 running boards?

Running boards are an essential accessory, especially in taller vehicles like Ram 1500. They're flat metallic boards located at the foot of a vehicle's door on either side. Running boards have two major functions. Their primary function is to make stepping into your Ram 1500 easier. They also keep your vehicle clean by trapping any dust, dirt, or debris under your feet. Your high-quality Ram 1500 running boards also protect your vehicle's doors in the parking lots. Having running boards for Ram 1500 prevents you from falling when you enter or exit the vehicle. 

Running boards are a mandatory accessory if you’re an extreme off-roader. They protect your vehicle doors against destructive things on off-roads, like nails, debris, or stones. They serve as a doormat where you and your passengers can wipe dirt off their feet before entering the Ram 1500. Most of the high-quality running boards for Dodge Ram 1500 are made of steel material. However, running boards made of rubber, plastic, and fiberglass are also available in the market. 

This article serves as a step-by-step guide to cleaning your Ram 1500 running boards. However, it's important to take a look at different types of running boards first.


What are the different types of running boards?

Based on the style, running boards have three main types:


  • Plank Running Boards

As the name implies, plank running boards are flat metallic pieces that run the length of your vehicle's doors on either side. They offer comprehensive protection for your vehicle doors, trim, and panels against road debris and dust. As they're wide and long, You and your passengers can easily enter or exit the vehicle through them. Most of the running boards for Dodge Ram 1500 are planks. 

  • Side Steps

As the name implies, side steps are small metallic steps that help you easily enter or exit your vehicle. They don't run the entire length of your vehicle's doors, and that's why they don't offer comprehensive protection in the parking lot. Side steps are lightweight running boards and are only used for stepping purposes. 

  • Nerf Bars


Nerf bars are running boards made of cylindrical metallic bars and are mostly used for stepping purposes. They don't offer comprehensive protection against road debris but help mitigate parking lot risks. Nerf bars running boards for Ram 1500 are common. 


How to Clean Your Ram 1500 running boards

Here’s the step-by-step process to clean your Ram 1500 running boards:

Step – 1: In the first step, clean off any loosely accumulated dirt using a cleaner or a mopping cloth. You can also use a strong stream of water for this purpose. It's important to note here that you mustn't use any harsh chemical cleaners in this process as they can damage the paint layer or material of the running boards. 

Step – 2: As the loosely accumulated dirt is removed, you will move toward cleaning tightly accumulated dirt and debris. For this purpose, take a bucket filled with water and mix a good-quality vehicle wash in it. Don't use dishwashing soap, as it can damage the paint layer. 

Step – 3: Now, take a clean sponge, dip it in the bucket and apply the solution to the running boards from front to back. During this process, keep rinsing the sponge to ensure that dirt can't accumulate on it. You mustn't use an ordinary sponge for this purpose as it is strongly susceptible to wear and tears during the cleaning process. High-quality sponges are available in the market that can easily maintain their shape even after several cleaning sessions. 

Step – 4: Use a strong water stream to rinse the running boards. The water stream will remove all dirt and debris from the running boards along with the vehicle wash solution. 

Step – 5: Take a terry cloth or some sort of dry towel to dry off the running boards. You mustn't use paper towels for this purpose as they can cast scratches on the surface of running boards. 

Step – 6: Once the running boards are dried off properly, you will apply a coat of wax on their surface by using a wax applicator. The wax coat enhances the scratch resistance of running boards and builds a protective layer on them against rust. 

Step – 7: Use a clean terry cloth to wipe off any extra wax on the surface of running boards and keep the cloth turning during this process to prevent any wax accumulation on it. Once this process is completed, your running boards are ready to use.