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OEDRO reviews page is where we share real reviews from our customers. Whether you want to give us your vote of confidence or provide some constructive opinion, we’re very interested in hearing what you have to say.

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  1. Grayson
    Durability for daily use
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    No frills but they protect my carpets like they should. No major issues to report after using daily for over 4 months.
  2. Seraphine
    Exceptional customer service
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    Even though they shipped the wrong items initially, I still believe they deserve a 4-star rating for their quick response and effective solutions to rectify the mistake.
  3. Azalea
    A bit large but we can fix that.
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    They did a good job of keeping the dirt and mud off the carpet, but the mats I got are a tad too large. You can always trim them to make them fit better.
  4. Wyatt
    Conquer rainy seasons with confidence
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    These floor mats are a game-changer, especially during the rainy season. The snap-in design holds them firmly in place, even when my kids come barreling into the car with muddy shoes. Last Sunday was a particularly rainy day when we got caught in a downpour. Afterward, I expected the floor mats to be a soggy mess, but to my surprise, they were completely dry, thanks to their waterproof nature.
  5. Serenity
    Quality you can rely on
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    I like buying stuff from Oedro because they are affordable and good quality. They work great in my car, so I will definitely recommend them.
  6. Nathaniel
    Complete coverage and easy installation
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    I am really pleased to see that they cover the entire area. It only took me around 20 minutes to put them in, although some spots rolled up a bit. I'm confident they'll lay better in a few days.
  7. Marigold
    Perfect thickness
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    They are beautifully constructed. The thickness is just right, and personally, I like the grooves. They make cleaning simple and easy.
  8. Micah
    Effortlessly clean and durable
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    When I first got these mats, to be honest, I was not too thrilled about the smell, so I left them outside for 2 days. Thankfully, the smell totally went away. I found that they looked sturdy and well-made. It only took me 10 minutes to install them. Cleaning the floor used to be a headache, especially with my sweetheart always dropping cookies in the car. Now, it is not a problem at all. They're easy to clean.
  9. Cassiopeia
    Not durable enough
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    After a few months of use, the edges started curling up. For the price I expect them to last longer without wear and tear.
  10. Lavender R.
    Affordable and highly effective
    Reviewed on Apr 16, 2024Verified Purchase
    After searching high and low for mats for my husband 2024 Kia Carnival, I finally snagged this set at a budget-friendly price. Lucky for us, they work like a charm. Just yesterday, my daughter spilled juice, but when I checked the carpet underneath, it was bone dry. Pretty satisfied with that!

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