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OEDRO reviews page is where we share real reviews from our customers. Whether you want to give us your vote of confidence or provide some constructive opinion, we’re very interested in hearing what you have to say.

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  1. Joe
    Good Product
    Reviewed on Jan 19, 2022Verified Purchase
    Very fast installation look great
  2. J. Roughton
    Heavy duty, very unique looking!
    Reviewed on Jan 18, 2022Verified Purchase
    Mounted right up. I have 35x12 tires and was concerned the tire may hit the new bumper. It mounted right up with no issues.
  3. Cody Sedei
    nice cover
    Reviewed on Jan 14, 2022Verified Purchase
    Super easy to install and fits 2019 Colorado perfectly.
  4. Jake_b
    excellent products
    Reviewed on Jan 13, 2022Verified Purchase
    The packing was excellent, the product was in perfect condition, and they fit like a factory. I am very pleased with this purchase. If you are looking at other higher-priced brands you should take a serious look at them.
  5. Mike Quigley
    worked for me
    Reviewed on Jan 13, 2022Verified Purchase
    The headlights were easy to install on my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500. Makes the truck look new.
  6. Nia K.
    Rugged look
    Reviewed on Jan 13, 2022Verified Purchase
    Easily installed. Perfect fit. Makes my taco look a lot sturdier. Love it.
  7. Richard
    Super bright and water resistant
    Reviewed on Jan 12, 2022Verified Purchase
    I bought this because it was the brightest one I could find. I can easily see 200 yards past where my high beams stop at night. Several major storms and a few cars wash and there are no signs of water getting in. I’ll definitely buy another one for my next vehicle...
  8. Anonymous
    Fits Well
    Reviewed on Jan 12, 2022Verified Purchase
    I purchased these mats for my 2021 RAV4 XLE. They fit like a glove. They seem to be sturdy, easy to install/remove, and easy to clean.
  9. Jill Hund
    Works just fine so far
    Reviewed on Jan 12, 2022Verified Purchase
    Works great. But the wiring is not long enough for a pontoon boat... a great product.
  10. Matthew Mazzeo
    Great running boards.
    Reviewed on Jan 12, 2022Verified Purchase
    Even better than I hoped for! The bars themselves are solid and secure on the truck - feel like solid steel they are legit and the coating looks and feels thick and durable. Fit my 2021 GMC Sierra perfectly.

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