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We protect our customers' benefits by striving to provide you with an 100% satisfactory shopping experience. In case of any quality-related problems during the warranty period, you can contact us for a replacement.

Step1. Contact our support team.

Our custom service team stands by for 7/24 to help you. Please tell us your product problems and send us pictures to this email address: service@oedro.com

2. Ship it back.

We will offer an address for you to ship your products back to our warehouse. Please understand that you need to pay in advance for the delivery.

Step3-1. Get your refund.

We have specialized engineers to test the products. If we make sure the products have a quality problem, and if you don't want this product, we shall refund all the money you have paid (including product price and shipping costs).

Step3-2. Or get your replacement.

If we make sure the products have a quality problem, and if you want a replacement of this product, your shipping costs will be refunded. Then we will ship a new product to you.

Step3-3. About problems of everyday wear.

If a severe problems are caused by every day wear, we can still deliver you a new and flawless product at no cost from you. Then the warranty ends. No matter how long you have used the product, as long as it is within our warranty period, you are entitled to a replacement when the problem has affected your actual use. OEDRO strives to make our customers 100% satisfied with the best products. Our products are manufactured to last for as long as you keep your vehicles.