When it comes to aftermarket accessories for your truck, one of the first things drivers typically look for is a tonneau cover, which is essentially a truck bed cover. While the decision to purchase a truck bed cover may be an easy one, selecting the right type can be challenging. That's because there are a variety of tonneau covers, from hard covers to soft ones, rolling covers to folding covers. In this post, we decided to compare two of the more popular types of covers: soft roll up covers and tri fold covers. Here's an in-depth look at each of these two styles.


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Winter is here. Is your truck ready? It's important to prepare your truck for winter weather to protect your safety, protect your truck, and keep your costs down through proactive maintenance...

13 Things You Need to Do for Your Truck in the Winter

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There are obviously a lot of decisions to make when you’re purchasing a new vehicle, especially when that vehicle is a pickup truck. What kind of trim do you want? How much towing capacity will you need? Four door or two door? Do you need an extended cab? Like we said, there are a lot of important decisions you’ll need to make. However, one additional decision that shouldn’t be an afterthought is the tonneau cover you choose to protect your truck bed.

hard tonneau cover vs soft tonneau cover

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Choosing a right tonneau cover for your truck can be a hard process. Tonneau covers come in various styles made from different materials. They may be made from vinyl, cloth, fiberglass, plastic or aluminum.

tips you must know when choosing right tonneau cover

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Just because your car literally depreciates the minute you drive it off the dealer's lot doesn't mean that you should neglect caring for and maintaining it.

make your car look new again

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