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OEDRO Community Guidelines

OEDRO's mission is to bring customers a pleasant and relaxing auto parts shopping experience and upgrade your vehicle with our superior automotive parts and keep it running best in the next level. This is why we have always adhered to the customer-oriented principle, and work hard to align our actions with that purpose.

Your sincere opinions are the driving force for us to keep moving forward, and also provide a basis for other community members to shop on our auto parts online store.

Whether it’s a comment or sharing some personal experience, it is an important source for us to strengthen community management. To build a trustworthy community, we hope you can follow the guidelines below.

Be relevant and honest

The content you submit must be relevant and based on your real shopping experience. We resist people who post some radical, untrue remarks. Honesty is the most precious, for people want to hear real voices. Misleading, harmful, hateful, or violent content is unacceptable.

Be respectful

Be tolerant towards perspectives that go against your point of view. Try to communicate with courtesy, and respect the privacy and personal information of other members. A welcoming and inspiring community is favored by everyone!

Be helpful

The more details about car parts you provide, the more helpful it will be. The details can include the style, color, size, and quality of our products. Your comprehensive and authentic reviews can help other customers choose suitable car parts with full fitment.

OEDRO focus on excellent quality and dedicated service for years so as to bring you the best auto parts. Thanks for writing reviews for our community and supporting us. We will take great efforts to help you upgrade your car while enjoying the best driving experience!