How to install running boards on 2019 ram 1500?

How to install the 2019 ram 1500 running boards? Actually, installing 2019 ram 1500 running boards is a simple process, although you may want to your friend help you out when your running boards are heavy. Whatever aftermarket running boards, nerf bars, or side step, they all come with detailed instructions on how to install them so that you can make sense at once and finish all the jobs in a short time.

The detailed 2019 ram running boards installation video

The following 2 videos will explain in detail how to install 2019 ram running boards.If you have always worried about installation before, you can do it in a happy mood from now on.

How long does it take to install 2019 ram running boards on a truck?

It won't take too long, and 1-2 hours is enough for one person.

What’s the best 2019 ram running boards manufacturer?

OEDRO specializes in Dodge ram running boards for a long time. It features an extruded aluminum structure that is strong and corrosion-resistant. Anti-rust powder coating can effectively prevent dust and give your truck a new look all the time. Also, zoning canals and blind tracks to prevent skidding and stagnant water.

The full details of OEDRO 2019-2020 ram running boards



What’s the price of OEDRO 2019-2020 Dodge ram 1500 running boards?

The least expensive basic running boards run from $100 to $300. Those that support heavier weight or have added traction can cost up to $500. If you pay someone to install them for you, that will add another $50 to $150. The highest-priced running boards might need to connect to the vehicle's electrical system. However, the price of  OEDRO 2019-2020 Dodge ram 1500 running boards is $219.99, and you can install it by yourself, which means you only spend $219.99 to get one high quality running boards with 2 years warranty and 30 days return. Also, this Dodge ram running boards can are compatible with vehicle made in 2019 and 2020 at the same time.

Do OEDRO Dodge ram running boards affect gas mileage?

Yes, it can improve fuel efficiency.If you drive a large vehicle, fuel economy is at the top of your priority list. OEDRO 2019-2022 Dodge ram running boards can greatly help you to save money!